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1. Dollar City/ 2.Night Life/ 3. Note from the Crematorium



  1. Dollar City

(77Min/Tamil with English subtitle/2015)


In the export oriented garment industry of Tirupur, a city in South India, the consensus between workers, trade unions and factory owners to run the industry at any cost, manifests a notorious camaraderie, compromising on workers’ rights and environmental protection laws.


Tirupur aka Dollar City, well known for its thousands of export oriented garment hosiery units and millions of migrant workers symbolizes a development model where the state machinery, exporters, small and big entrepreneurs, commission agents, trade unionists and workers converge to prioritize export and to earn dollars by ignoring, marginalizing and eventually breaking the laws that protect environment and workers’ rights. 

The film provides an inside view of a successful economic system where there are connivance and consensus between the masters, mediators and the workers, where the ambitions and loyalties collapse, where the rights become a privilege, where duty becomes an opportunity and where one’s desperation is another’s prospect.

The fact that there has not been a workers’ strike in Tirupur in the past 20 years as proudly expressed by an exporter in the film can be seen a classical example for the Gramscian idea of manufacture of consent. 


  1. Night Life

(5min / English no dialogue/2008)


I sleep in the middle of the road even during the midnight. While the fast moving vehicles flood light on me, the people with selective blindness cannot notice me. This is my concrete bed and I cannot afford to turn towards either direction. But who is not insane anyway?


  1. Note from the Crematorium

(25 Min/Tamil with English subtitle/2005)


The film is an existential journey into the life and experiences of undertakers of Madurai central crematorium who despite facing untouchability and caste violence from the rest of the society because of the occupation, continue to look life with hope and wisdom.

Cremation is considered to be a holy ritual in India which involves the upper caste priests, the close ones of the deceased, the undertakers and of course the corpse. Although the cremation cannot take place without the active participation of the undertakers, the caste system in India does not give due respect and recognition to them. The central crematorium here in Madurai is run by the government where the workers are forced to work under inhuman conditions without salary, security and safe working environment. Apart from getting an occasional beating from the relatives of the deceased they are also abused and insulted regularly while doing the job.


Director                       :           Amudhan R.P.

Producer                      :           Raj Kajendra


Director Note:

1) Dollar City: Tirupur is a successful model which makes money, gives employment and creates wealth. I was always intrigued by consensus among the community to run the industry at any cost despite the destruction of environment and exploitation of workers. I thought Tirupur is a classic case study for hegemony operating without any force. Thus the film.


2) Night Life: I saw this girl sleeping on a divider on a highway in the middle of a night. There was so much traffic and light around her.  It provoked certain questions. Hence the film.


3) Notes from the Crematorium: When I went to a crematorium I saw dead bodies, fire, smoke, relatives and under takers / workers. I could also see caste. I also saw death. These two elements confused me. Thus the film.


The screening will be followed by a Q & A session with the Director.


Date & time
Friday, 4th August, 2017, 6.30 pm


RR III Theatre, 10th floor, phase 1 Building,
Films Division of India, Peddar Road, Mumbai


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