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A Life In Dance Pandit Uday Shankar

A Life in Dance: Pandit Udayshankar

51 Min. 43 Sec./Digital/Col/English/ dated 06.07.2016



This Documentary on the life and works of Uday Shankar, could better perhaps better be called a docu feature.
It traces the life of an artist whose training began primarily as a Painter, but who in the gradual course of events, and after the multiple and varied influences in his life became renowned for his dance and had the world under his feet!

It is the story of a man whose artistic identity was never steady-moving between painting, dance, performance that included magic and cinematography.

It is the tale of the desperate human spirit trying to express itself through various mediums, forever being led by passion.
The treatment of the documentary is non-linear and the director move freely between the present and the past. It progress in the form of a monologue, mostly autobiographical in nature.


Director           :         Dishari Chakraborty

Producer         :         Films Division