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52 Min. 20 Sec./Digital/Col/Hinglish/2017


Flute, the most ancient musical instrument, is now in the safe hands of Pandit Ronu Majumdar.  For us, Indians, it’s a matter of great pride that he has emerged as the successor to the legendary exponents of this instrument.

Born in Varanasi, Pandit Ronu Majumdar exhibited great affinity towards flute in his childhood; which motivated his parents to take him to Mumbai for better training.  His mother fancied him as a future All India Radio Flute player and his father initiated him to folk music.

He had to endure grave hardships in his life’s journey. But his positive approach, sincerity and determination brought him great laurels the world over. Despite his stature, Ronu Majumdar’s philosophy towards life and simple way to live the life every moment proves that success doesn’t always go in the head of a gentleman. As he loves everyone, he is beloved by everyone. His softness, pleasant personality and unparallel Rewaz (practice) works like medicine to get relief from all tension created through materialistic ups and downs in life.

Director                       :           Viplab Majumder

Producer                     :           Films Division


Director’s Note:                      

The life story of Pt. Ronu Majumder  is not only interesting but also inspirational for the new generation. Talent is there in our country but the self motivation to brush up the talent and to reach the goal is possible only when someone has a hunger like that of him. He has an astonishing hunger to keep learning, to create new dimensions and to explore new ideas again and again.

The versatility of his performance is what makes it an unique one each time. Flute was generally played as a melodious instrument only. But he proved that Flute can create a crispy ambiance too. Not only melody, it has the versatility like any other Indian and foreign instruments. Time has proved that he has the ability to shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the great legacy of flute, with all it’s values, in the present era.

The screening will be followed by a Q & A session with the Director.


Date & time
Friday, 9th June, 2017, 6.30 pm


JB Hall, Films Division of India, Peddar Road


Screenings at FD Zone are free and open to all.

First come, first seated