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The Face Behind the Mask

The Face Behind the Mask

53 Mins 11 Sec / Col /Hindi & Oriya (English Subtitle)/ 2015


Weaving between past and present, performances and daily routine, the film focuses on the life and struggle of Shashadhar Acharya, the fifth generation of a family of traditional Chhau dancers of Seraikella. Chhau derives its name from “Chavani” meaning cantonment, as it originated from the King’s barracks.

Masks are an integral part of Chhau, leading the performer through a series of meditative experiences, and allowing the dancer to become one with the character.

How does Shashadhar relate to the tradition he was born into? What meaning does it have for him at this stage in his life?


Director           :         Nirmal Chander

Producer         :         Films Division