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85 Mins. / Bangali (EST) / 2016



The Saints of Sin is a lyrical journey of emotion and experiences of Seven and a Half Bengali women spread all over the globe between Nairobi to New York to New Delhi and Bombay.


Built on intimate conversations recorded over three years, the film explores the lives of Debbie, Runa, Srila, Gopi, Shreya, Swati, Paro and Pradipta, where each of them acknowledges her propensity towards one of the Sins and speaks of her negotiations with it.


The women recount their stories with searing honesty and talk about their struggle against entrenched patriarchal notions, family expectation and the pressures of their own conscience socialized over centuries. By meeting their sin, they found the chance to form new forms of affection and adventure and are no longer prisoners of their memories or mistakes.


While the women and their conversations change mood, from witty to soulful to introspective to confessional to just banter, the film keeps linking them with characters and nuances from SINS, Jewish Mythology, Indian literature and history.


The conversations are bound together by eight beautiful songs, sung by Bangladeshi singers Anusheh Anadil, Armeen Musa, Nashid Kamal and Aanon Siddiqua. The film also features a song by Bangladesh’s only all-woman choir, The Ghaashphoring Choir. These songs enrich and embellish the context of the conversations adding to the soul and subtext.


The conversations and songs make The Saints of Sin an engaging journey into the lives of Eight self-confessed Sinners.


Director           :         Aniruddha Sen

Producer         :         Suparna Chaterjee