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Films Division is engaged in the production of documentaries and news magazines for publicity of various Central Government programmes as well as films of topical interest including art and culture. The news magazines and documentaries are supplied to various theatres throughout the country for mandatory exhibition. Films Division also caters to the needs of the Directorate of Field Publicity.

Over the last 63 years, Films Division has been motivating the broadest spectrum of the Indian public with a view to enlisting their active participation in nation building activities. The aims and objectives of the Division, focused on national perspectives, are to educate and motivate the people in the implementation of national programmes and to project the image of the land and the heritage of the country to Indian and foreign audiences. The Division also aims at fostering the growth of the documentary film movement, which is of immense significance to India in the field of information, communication and integration.

The organisation of the Films Division is broadly divided into three wings, viz. Production, Distribution and Administration..