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No.D-21014/18/2012-S Dated the 1st Nov., 2013.



The Director General, Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, 24-Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai – 400 026 invites sealed bids from reputed firms/suppliers in two bid system i.e. Technical and Financial Bid from suppliers for Procurement of Digi Cabi for Films Division, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. The details of the Digi Cabi may please be seen at Annexure-I.

Total 5 Nos. of Digi Cabi are required out of which two are to be delivered at Films Division, Mumbai and one each at Regional Production Centre of Films Division at Bangalore, New Delhi and Kolkata.
For details please visit our Official Website www.filmsdivision.org

2. The firms/suppliers/proprietors interested to supply the requisite Digi Cabi as mentioned in Annexure-I, can visit Films Division for clarification/specification, on any working day viz. Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (except holidays) in the office of Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, 24-Dr. Gopalrao Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai – 400 026. The details of this bid notice including specifications of the Digi Cabi are available on the official website of Films Division i.e. www.filmsdivision.org

3. The bid should consist of the following documents:
i) Profile of the company along with copies of PAN, TIN and VAT Certificates.
ii) Earnest Money in the specified format
iii) A sealed cover superscribed “Technical Bid” containing detailed technical specifications of the product offered in the specified format (Annexure-I) along with any other brochure, catalogues, documents etc. BUT NOT CONTAINING ANY PRICE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PRODUCTS OFFERED.

iv) A sealed cover superscribed “Financial Bid” containing the price schedule (Annexure-II) duly filled in with all commercial details of the bid along with bid No., bid opening date etc.

4. All the above documents should be self attested by an authorized signatory of the bidder and should be on the letter head of the bidder. All the above items should be placed in a cover superscribed “Bid for procurement of Digi Cabi for Films Division, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore”. The outer cover should bear the bid number and date of closing/opening prominently underlined along with the address of this office but should not bear any information about the bidder or any identifiable mark on the outside.

5. The bid addressed to The Director General, Films Division, Mumbai should be dropped in drop box kept near the entrance of 1st Phase Building, Films Division, 24-Dr.G. Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai-400 026 up to 1.00 P.M. on 21.11.2013. All outstation bids, if sent by post, should be sent under registered cover. This Organization will not be responsible for the loss of bid or for delay in postal transit. Bidders are advised in their own interest to ensure that their offer reaches this office well before the closing date and time of the bid as the offers received after the closing date and time of the bid will not be considered. The bids (Technical Bids) will be opened at 3.00 P.M. on the closing date in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who may be present.

6. The bidder except those who are registered with the Central Purchasing Organization, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) must enclose with their Technical Bid an Earnest Money ( Bid Security) for Rs.5,000/- in the form of either cross Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, Banker’s Cheque ( Pay Order) or Bank Guarantee from any of the Commercial Bank drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Films Division, Mumbai” valid for a period of 45 days beyond the final bid validity period. The Bid which is not accompanied by Earnest Money will not be considered.

7. The Earnest Money (Bid Security) may be forfeited by Films Division in the following events :-
i) If bid is withdrawn during validity period or any extension thereon.
ii) If bid is varied or modified in a manner not acceptable to this organization during the validity period or any extension thereof.
iii) If a bidder whose bid has been accepted but fails to furnish the performance security deposit, performance bank guarantee within 30 days of acceptance of bid.

8. The Earnest Money (Bid Security) of unsuccessful bidders will be returned on finalisation of bid. The Earnest Money of successful bidder will be returned on receipt of performance security deposit/bank guarantee.

9. All leviable taxes/duties, including Sales Tax, Value Added Tax and Service Tax etc., if any may be mentioned separately. If these details are not indicated, it will be assumed that the rate is inclusive of all the taxes excluding Octroi.

10. At the first instance the Technical bids will be opened by the Department and the same will be evaluated by the Competent Committee or Authority. The bidder may be required to arrange a demonstration/presentation of the products offered. At the second stage, Financial bids of only the technically acceptable offers will be opened for evaluation and ranking before awarding the contract.
11. The successful bidder will furnish a performance Security Deposit at the rate of 5% of the total value in the form of Demand Draft/ Pay Order or Fixed Deposit Receipt or Bank guarantee from any commercial Bank drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Films Division, Mumbai” within 30 days of the receipt of supply order. The Performance Security Deposit will remain with the Films Division, till the warranty period of the Digi Cabi is covered.
12. The successful bidder will be required to supply the Digi Cabi within 2 weeks of the placement of order and carry out its installation immediately at site.
13. There shall be no negotiations in general. Even in exceptional circumstances, negotiations will be carried out only with the lowest evaluated responsive bidder.
14. The full and final payment will be made/released only after the installation of Digi Cabi at site. No advance payment will be made under any circumstances.
15. The firm should offer a minimum warranty period for 12 months for the above mentioned Digi Cabi or manufacturer’s warranty which ever is more.
16. Right to accept, reject, split the entire Bid or any part thereof without assigning any reason rests with the Director General, Films Division, Mumbai and his decision in this regard is final and binding.
17. Income Tax or any other taxes will be deducted from the bill at source as per Government orders.
18. Any disputes arising out of the bid notice, process and finalization of this bid shall be subject to jurisdiction of the High Court of Mumbai.
19. The payment will be made through ECS on submission of mandatory form available with Films Division.

Yours faithfully,

( A. Subramanian )
Asstt. Administrative Officer
for Director General
Encls. : As above.

Annexure – I

Format for Technical Bid
Specification of Digi Cabi

Sr.No. Specification of Goods Quantity Specification offered by bidder

Digi Cabi – 200 Ltrs. Dehumidifier for Photography equipment, lenes –
DHC 200/Singapore
Outside Dimension : H 1165mm x W 505mm x D 430mm,
Inside Dimension : Door 1 : H535, W 502, D 355, Door 2 : H 560, W 502, D 355, having transparent glass door, inside humidity and temperature digital display on the front, low power consumption (apprx. 5 watt)

5 Nos.

(* ) (Quantity of all the items specified in the bid is subject to change at the discretion of the Director General, Films Division without any notice to the effect).

Signature of authorized signatory

Format for Financial Bid

Name of the company/firm/Individual___________________________________
VAT /Service Tax Registration No.______________________________________
PAN Number__________________________________________

Sr.No. Item Specification/Model No. Per Unit cost Taxes, if any Total Cost
1. Digi Cabi – 200 Litrs. Dehumidifier for Photography equipment, lenses

Films Division is exempted from payment of Octroi Duty and necessary certificate will be issued, if required.

Company Rubber Stamp/Seal
Of the firm/Company with date

Signature of authorized signatory