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Hiring of Transport for MIFF-2014

No.C-11014/1/2013-FC                                                                                       Dated the 21st October, 2013











Subject : Hiring of Transport for MIFF-2014.


Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India, is organizing the 13th Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films (MIFF-2014) from 3-9 February, 2014 at NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai.


2.         We shall be requiring Non AC / AC Cars/Tavera/Innova and Tempo Travellers with a capacity of 15 persons and Mini Luxury Coaches with a capacity of 20/25 persons on hire during the period between 01.02.2014 to 10.02.2014 and also few vehicles required during Nov., 2013 to Jan., 2014 for this International Event (Please see Annexure-I & II for details).  The vehicles will be used for official work as well as by the delegates and VIPs.


3.         The suppliers who are interested to provide the vehicles on hire and who fulfills the terms and conditions mentioned below may submit their bids with all enclosures.


4.             The terms and conditions are as under :-


1)       The bid should be on LETTER HEAD of the bidder.

2)       The bid should be in two bid system i.e. Technical bid as well as Financial bid.

3)       The Separate sealed covers for Technical bid and Financial bid should be submitted. Both these covers of Technical Bid and Financial Bid shall be put into an outer cover and sealed.

4)       Rates should be quoted for each vehicle separately as in the enclosed format only (Annexture-II). Non-submission of the rates in the prescribed format is liable to be rejected.  This may be submitted in Financial Bid only.

5)       Bidder should be recognized from the Department of Tourism, Govt. of India/ State Govt./ Any other Public Institution/ Body.

6)       The Bidder shall have experience of minimum period of 2 years for similar type of contract of supplying not less than One commercial vehicles/cars to Govt. organization or any large Public Sector Undertaking.

7)       The Bidder should own or on lease sufficient vehicles (minimum One) of model not older than year 2010 vehicles registered as commercial vehicles in their names or firm’s name for use as commercial vehicles. The proof of ownership or lease holding should be produced along with the qualifying Bid documents.

8)       The bidder shall furnish the particulars of past performance with supporting documents, Latest Income Tax Returns / Service Tax Returns may be attached.  A copy of partnership deed or articles / memorandum of association may be attached.  A valid and authentic certificate of Department of Tourisum, State Transport may also attached.

9)      The liability under relevant sections of Motor Vehicle Act 1968 and IPC causing death or permanent liability developed in the vehicle supplied by the contractor, the hiring authority has no responsibility of whatsoever and will not entertain any claim in this regard under the provision of the law.

10)  The engagement and employment of drivers and payment of wages to them as per existing provisions of various labour laws and regulations is the sole responsibility of the contractor and any breach of such laws or regulations shall be deemed to be breach of this contract.

11)  No sub-contracting is permissible.

12)  All the vehicles provided should be in perfect tip-top conditions in every aspect;

13)  Number of vehicles will be hired as per our day-to-day requirements;

14)  Garage to Films Division Office / Films Division Office to Garage each side 8 Km or actual distance whichever is less will be allowed;

15)  Garage to Films Division Office / Films Division Office to Garage each side 30 minutes or actual time whichever is less will be allowed;

16)  The rates quoted by you once accepted should be valid till 15.02.2014 and will not be changed for any reason under any circumstances, irrespective of revision of CNG/Petrol/Diesel rates;

17)  Replacement of vehicles, if required, must be made within one hour failing which bills for that particular vehicle for that particular day will not be considered for payment;

18)  The requirement of vehicle will be given at short notice, which will have to be taken care of by the transporter;

19)  Two personnels from the bidder should be present at the Films Division/Festival venue during the 2nd to 10th February, 2014;

20)  Log book of hired vehicle will have to be maintained by the Driver in the format given by the Films Division;

21)  Settlement of bills will be done only after four clear weeks after scrutinizing the bills submitted for final payment.

5 (a).    The price/rates should not be quoted/mentioned anywhere in the Technical bid at (Annexure-I).  The Technical bid will clearly be superscribed with “Technical bid for hiring of vehicles for MIFF-2014”. The Bid Inquiry letter No. and date may also be indicated.

5 (b).    The Financial Bid will contain the price schedule (Annexure-II) duly filled in and signed and contain all the commercial details of the bid along with tender number, date of opening, etc.

5 (c).    Both the above covers of Technical Bid and Financial Bid shall be put into an outer cover and sealed.  The outer cover should duly bear the bid number and date of closing/opening prominently underlined and should be addressed to The Director (MIFF) & Director General, Films Division, Mumbai.


6.    The bidder except those who are registered with the Central Purchasing Organization, National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) must enclose with their Technical Bid an Bid Security  of Rs.15,000/- in the form either cross Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt, Banker’s Cheque ( Pay Order) or bank Guarantee from any of the Commercial Bank drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Films Division, Mumbai” valid for a period of 45 days beyond the final bid validity period. The bid which is not accompanied by Bid Security will not be considered.  The Bid Security of unsuccessful Bids will be returned on finalization of Bid process.  The Bid Security of Successful Bidder will be returned on receipt of performance security deposit/bank guarantee.

7.         The Bid Security shall be forfeited by Films Division in the following events:-


i)   If Bid is withdrawn during validity period or any extension thereon.

ii)  If Bid is varied or modified in a manner not acceptable to this organization

during the validity period or any extension thereof

iii)  If a Bidder whose Bid has been accepted but fails to furnish the

performance security deposit/bank guarantee within 7 days of acceptance of Bid.

8.         The successful Bidder will have to furnish a performance Security Deposit of Rs.60,000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand only) in the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order or Fixed Deposit Receipt or Bank Guarantee from any commercial Bank drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, Films Division, Govt. of India, Mumbai” for executing the contract assigned to him within the 7days after receipt of assignment order and will be refunded to him on completion of job.  In case, if he fails to execute the job, the Performance Security Deposit shall be forfeited.


9.         The envelope duly sealed should be marked “BID FOR HIRING OF TRANSPORT FOR MIFF – 2014” and should be addressed to “The Director (MIFF) & Director General, Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, 24-Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai – 400 026, latest by 11.11.2013 till 1.00 P.M. The Bid shall be dropped in the drop box kept near the Main Entrance, 1st Phase Building, Films Division, Mumbai – 26.  The Technical Bids will be open on the same day at 3.00 p.m. in presence of the Bidders or their authorized representatives.  The Bids received after the due date and time shall not be considered.


10.       Bidders are requested to indicate the rates against type of vehicles in the enclosed list (Annexture-II).  The rates should be quoted both in figures and words.  There should not be overwriting and all corrections should be attested by full signatures.  Films Division will pay VAT, Service Tax, etc. as applicable for Govt. Department.  If VAT, Service Tax or any other tax are not indicated, it will be presumed that rates are inclusive of all the taxes and that no separate VAT, Service Tax or any other tax is payable. The Bidder has to indicate their PAN/Service Tax Registration No. etc.  The Bid submitted without quoting PAN No./Service Tax Registration No. etc., will not be considered.


11.       All rights to accept, reject, split any Bid without assigning any reason rests with the Director (MIFF) & Director General, Films Division, Govt. of India, Mumbai.


Yours faithfully,

( P.S.Bodas )

Asstt. Administrative Officer

 For Director (MIFF)/DG

Encls. :  As above.



Annexure – I


Format for Technical Bid


Sr.No. Type of vehicles

Approximate Quantity (*)

Type of vehicles offered by bidder



Non-AC Car


20 – 25  Nos.



Indigo /Swift Desire / Manza (AC)


10 – 15Nos.



Tavera / Innova (AC & Non-AC)


20 – 25 Nos.



Honda City/ Corolla (AC)


2 – 4 Nos.



Tempo Traveller (Non-AC & AC)

3 – 6 Nos.



Mini Bus (Non-AC)


3 – 5 Nos.



Big/Medium size Truck/ Tempo (Goods carrier)

1 – 2 Nos.



Mini Luxury Coach (AC)

2 – 4 Nos.



(* )       (Quantity of all the items specified in the bid is subject to change at the discretion of the Director (MIFF) / Director General, Films Division without any notice to the effect).


Note :-


  1. Copy of the RC, Insurance and Pollution Certificate of the vehicles offered should be enclosed.
  2. An undertaking to be given by the owner/bidder that the vehicle is not involved in any criminal case or police case of any kind.




Signature of authorized signatory




Format for Financial Bid

Name of the Firm / Company :-

VAT No. :-

PAN No. :-

Service Tax Registration No. :-

Make of the vehicles and their rates

Sr.No. Type of vehicle Seating capacity No. of vehicles which can provided Half day / 4 hrs. / 40 kms Full day rate per 8 hrs. / 80 kms. Rate for extra Hrs./ Per Hr. Rate for extra Kms. / Per Km.
1. Non-AC Car



2. Indigo /Swift Desire / Manza (AC)



3. Tavera / Innova (AC & Non-AC)





4. Honda City/ Corolla (AC)





5. Tempo Traveller (Non-AC & AC)



6. Mini Bus (Non-AC)



7. Big/Medium size Truck/Tempo (Goods carrier)




8. Mini Luxury Coach (AC)





Note :-


  1. All rates should be quoted inclusive of all taxes and liabilities.
  2. Comprehensive insurance will be required at the cost of the bidder for the vehicles taken on hire.
  3. The bidder will be responsible for maintenance of the vehicle and the cost thereof.

If the vehicle meets with any accident, the damage/repairs will be liability of the bidder.


Toll and parking charges will be paid by MIFF


Company’s Seal / Stamp

Signature of the company Owner /Partner