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Tender for Outsourcing Services for Cleaning & Sweeping work of Films Division, Mumbai.

No.D-11015/ 3 /2013-Genl.I
Films Division
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
Government of India

24-Dr.G.Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai-26
Dated the 30th October,2013


Subject:- Tender for Outsourcing Services for Cleaning & Sweeping work of Films
Division, Mumbai


The Director General, Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India, 24-Dr.G.Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai-26 on behalf of the President of India invites sealed Tenders for outsourcing services for sweeping and cleaning of 2 buildings at 24-Dr.G.Deshaumkh Marg, Mumbai-26. The approx. area of both the buildings to be swept & cleaned is as under :-

Actual area to be swept / cleaned for Phase I & Phase II Buildings :-

(A) Area of Phase I Bldg. comprising of 10 floors from Basement :- 4600 sq mtr
to 10th floor Inclusive of terrace (Exclusive of 8th floor)

(B) Area of Phase II Bldg comprising of 10 floors from Basement :- 4719 sq mtr
to 8th floor Inclusive of terrace
Total area to be swept & cleaned for Ph.I & II Bldgs. :- 9319 sq mtrs.

(C ) The number of persons to be employed is the discretion of the bidder.

The terms and conditions are given below:-

1. Schedule of work is shown below:-
a. In the morning from 8 am to 10 am workers/sweepers will first clean all the rooms followed by corridors, verandas and entrance etc. All the floors assigned to the firm are to be swept, cleaned and mopped to remove any stains.
b. Thereafter the toilets & bathrooms are to be cleaned from 10am to 12pm i.e (before lunch),from 2.00pm to 4.00pm (post lunch) and 17:00 – 19:00 hours every day by using standard cleaning materials which will be provided by contractor at their cost. The toilets should be locked in the evening & keys given at the gate to the chowkidar on duty.
c. The persons deputed by contractor should clean the windows and remove the spider nets and dust in the rooms of Officers and Sections in a planned manner i.e. fix schedule for each floor (as per contract and this is to be done once in 15days). Also they have to clean and sweep the rear side stair case of both the buildings (Phase I & II Buildings ) daily.
d. The terraces of both the buildings are to be swept and cleaned once in 15 days.
e. It should be ensured that on all the floors, dustbins are to be kept near the bathroom after disposing the garbage ,in a cleaned condition every day.
f. Contractor will depute persons for attending the work of cleaning, sweeping of bathrooms and toilets etc on 10th floor phase – I building during the shows in Re-.Recording Threatre-III on every Friday/Saturday before the show and till the show ends.

2. All the sliding Windows, Ordinary Windows are to be cleaned once in a month.

3. All the material for sweeping and cleaning including stain removers, phenyl, soap etc are to be supplied by the contractor. The material regularly used should be of standard quality (Branded item). All the Rooms/ Passages/ Staircase/ Toilets are to be swept & cleaned before 09.30 a.m. on all working days. On weekend, Re-Recording Theatre-III and Guest Houses are to be cleaned as well as their toilets/bathrooms.

4. The offer by the tenderer shall be deemed valid for 90 days from the opening of the tender and no tenderer can withdraw or revoke his offer or revise his quoted rates within the said period of 90 days under any circumstances within or beyond the control of himself.

5. No advance payment will ordinarily be made by the Films Division. The payment will be arranged by E-payment on presentation of the pre-receipted bill in triplicate on monthly or quarterly basis. TDS as per Income Tax Rules will be deducted from the payment.

6. The bidders may inspect the actual area of the rooms, passages, toilets, etc. on any working day ( i.e. Monday to Friday) between 11.00 a.m. and 4.00p.m..

7. The Bidder should have PAN / Service Tax Number issued by concerned Govt. authorities. Also they should comply with Labour Laws and should have the Govt. schemes like PF/ESI etc. The same must be indicated while submitting the Tender.

8. The Bidder shall deposit Bid Security of Rs.5000/- ( Rs. Five Thousand only) in the form of Pay Order or Fixed Deposit Receipt or Bank Guarantee drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, Films Division, Mumbai. The Bid Security will be returned to the Bidder within 30 days of the opening of the tenders. The bid received without the Bid Security will not be considered.

9. The successful Bidder will have to submit a Performance Bid Security of an amount of 5% of the total contract charges. The Performance Security should be valid for one year. The Performance Bid Security will be paid back / returned after satisfactory completion of the contract period.

11.The Bid Security shall be forfeited by the Films Division in the following Events.

1) If tender is withdrawn during validity period or any extension thereof.
2) If Tender is varied or modified in a manner not acceptable to this
organization during the validity period or any extension thereof.
3) If a Tenderer whose tender has been accepted but fails to furnish the
Performance Security deposit/performance Bank Guarantee within 14 days
of acceptance of the tender.

12 There should not be overwriting in the tenders and all corrections in the rate
should be attested by full signature by the Bidder. The department shall not
be responsible for delay, loss or non- receipt of tender.

13. The original copy of the bid should be enclosed in a double cover. The inside cover should be sealed . The outer cover also to be sealed and superscribed as “ Tender for Outsourcing Services for Cleaning and Sweeping of Films Division Premises” and should be addressed to the Director General, Films Division, 24-Dr.G.Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai-26.

14. The sealed Tender/Quotation should be dropped in the tender box kept near the entrance near chowki in 1st Phase Building of Films Division upto 1.00 pm on _20.11.2013 . The Tender/Quotation received after the prescribed date and time will not be considered. The Tenders/bids will be opened on the same date i.e. 20.11.2013 at 3.00pm in Films Division, 24-Dr.G.D.Marg, Mumbai-400026 in the presence of the representative of the bidder present if any.

15. The contractor/ bidder will not engage any Child Labour for the said work. The payment etc. to Labourers will be paid by contractor/bidder directly. No payment or any compensation will be paid by Films Division to any labourer engaged by contractor/bidder. The bidder should adhere to the labour laws in force.

16 Director General, Films Division reserves the right to accept or reject any or
all bids without assigning any reason thereof.

Yours faithfully,

( A.Subramanian)
Asstt. Administrative Officer
for Director General