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: Muzahir Rahim
: Films Division
: Colour
: Hindi
: 1996
: 98
  • ₨100.00


Haria a coal miner and his other friends have a fatalistic attitude towards life. Their lives revolve only around the mine pets and their only other entertainment is the liquor den. They have one more occupation, producing children.
kamini had many dreams when she married Haria. One of her dreams was to leave the coal mines and to search for some other livelihood. She also wanted to educate her children. But Raju her eldest son is a thief who steals coal and is forever in trouble. Her dreams have fallen around her.
Into this basti comes a doctor, Vikram, wih an ideal. He tries approach the miners but finds a great amount of resistance to anything which has an official stamp. Before he can do much he is forced to leave the village as he is falsely accused of having an affair with Kamini.
kamini refuses to let him leave and gives him new strength. Vikram vows to convince the miners that they had to change their fatalistic attitude to life and to begin the life anew, to get out of the Chakravyuh they had thrust themselves into.