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Chief Producer, in exercise of powers directed under rule 13(2)of Delegation of financial Powers Rules hereby promulgate the hire charges for Studio located in FILMS DIVISION Complex.

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A. Hire charges of Studio per shift Rs. 10,000/-.

Note :

  1. 20% refundable Security Deposit against damages, if any, is payable by the hirer along with full booking amount by Pay Order/Draft taken on any national bank in advance.
  2. 50% of charges applicable g construction of costs.
  3. Hirers of Studio will be allowed a rebate of 10% in hire charges of equipment, if they hire Films Division’s equipment such as cameras, lights, video suit etc. These rates comes into effect from 1st April, 2000.


  1. No nailing, painting or set construction allowed within the building.
  2. Sticking with blue tag only is allowed on the walls.
  3. No fire sequence or blasting allowed inside or near the building.
  4. Hired equipment/materials should be returned in good condition. Otherwise full cost will be recovered in case of damage.
  5. All material should be brought in , with gate pass.
  6. All property / material brought in should be cleared on the last day. Otherwise additional charges will be levied.
  7. Films Division is not responsible for the safety of goods kept at the premises by the hirer.v
  8. Guests are not allowed inside the premises without Films Division’s permission.
  9. Peace, cleanliness and cordial atmosphere should be maintained in the premises.
  10. Chief Producer or his authorised staff reserves the right to enter upon the hired area for general checkup.
  11. All decisions regarding cost of damage, hiring / cancellation, rests with the Chief Producer and his decisions are final and binding.
  12. Shooting beyond 11 p.m. to 6.a.m. should be without disturbance to the neighbours.
  13. Hiring rates are subject to revision from time to time without prior intimation.
  14. Payments should be made by crossed Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, Films Division, Peddar Road, Mumbai – 26.
  15. An agreement on Rs.20 non-judicial stamp paper should be executed by the hirer in advance before starting the work.
  16. Hirer will be allowed to place property / material in position one night before starting of the booked period.
  17. No animals are allowed to be taken inside the Studio.