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186 Mahoenui Valley Rd, Coatesville Sold June 30 Bought for $32.5 million CV $23.55 million 226000 sqm site 12 bedrooms 9 bathrooms Better known as the Dotcom mansion, this sprawling 22.6ha estate . In an exclusive interview with the Weekend Herald Anna Mowbray said the trio were excited about their new home but the purchase of such an extravagant property went against their usual no-frills approach. Sat. Checkout with Genoapay. 13 Burwood Cres, RemueraSold March 10 Bought for $18 million CV $11 million 1586sqm site. The company now has more than 8000 people working for Zuru and making Zuru products worldwide. Overlooking Judges Bay it gives a family a quiet place to call home within the otherwise busy hubbub of the central city suburb. 4 followers. These values are determined by your location, property type and number of bedrooms - based on the 4 properties . 4 BE. A settlement was eventually reached between Frazis and the then owner, James Kirkpatrick, Real Housewives' star Gilda Kirkpatrick's former husband. "There may have been one of us who also fell in love with the giraffe, Gizzy," Mowbray said. 10 posts in the discussion. Directory of services close to Mahoenui Valley Road: shops, restaurants, leisure and sports facilities, hospitals, gas stations and other places of interest. 136 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Auckland favorite_border Track mail_outline Get in touch . We've got 24 properties in Coatesville from $700 for your search: lifestyle coatesville | Mitula Homes. 26 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Albany, 0793 is a Lifestyle property built in 1950 with 0 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces. Dug into the cliff, its open windows face out to the see to give its occupants picturesque views over the Auckland harbour. 2023 CompaniesNZ | Privacy | Terms of Use | Contact Us. Dm se nachz na pozemku o rozloze 22,6 ha (56 akr). Telephone Number. Siin on 12 makuuhuonetta. 4 bedrooms . 92 Paritai DrOrakeiSold November 8 Bought for $10 million CV $8.2 million 1434sqm site 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms. It has 12 bedrooms. This is the perfect family home with endless storage, four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and two separate dining and . Mowbray siblings Nick, Anna and Mat are the new owners of 186 Mahoenui Valley Road - previously known . Closed. Bunch-o-Balloons - It fills 100 water balloons in one minute and shipped 30 million units in 2016. Photo / Supplied. Its proud new owners are Kiwi siblings and founders of toy company Zuru, which makes Bunch-o-Balloons and Robofish. By using our site, and not disabling cookies in your browser, you consent to this. The purchasers were the Mowbray siblings (Nick, Anna and Mat) who are joint owners of the toy company ZURU. Are you responsible for Dotcom Mansion? M 12 lonic. Company name Appointed to role Company Incorporated Company Address ; HATS HOLDINGS PROPERTIES LIMITED: 22 May 2002 : 15 May 2002 : Level 3, Cst Nexia Centre, 22 Amersham Way, Manukau City NEW ZEALAND . It is one of the country's most expensive houses. Coatesville Settlers Hall. This site uses cookies. Richard Lee BRADLEY is from Coatesville in NEW ZEALAND and is, or was, associated with the company: HATS HOLDINGS PROPERTIES LIMITED. Number: 64274981198 Latest Events. Host. What if this was sold today in Coatesville? It took the better half of 2015, but this contemporary chateau finally sold - albeit at $13 million less than what it was expected to sell for. Its grounds include a large pool, tidy gardens and neatly paved pathways. View Photos (22) For sale 136 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Auckland. New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE). It was up for tender with agency Barfoot and Thompson when it caught the attention of the Mowbrays, who flew home to view it. Where To Buy Pilates Mat Hong Kong Mat, Anna and Nick Mowbray are all in their early 30s. The options are endless - live in the gorgeous open plan home with four bedrooms (3 that are enormous) three bathrooms including the master ensuite. Goodall said there had been a growth in recent years of high-end properties. Properties and real estate for sale in Coatesville, Auckland. Coatesville, Auckland Region . 6.5K views, 148 likes, 51 loves, 65 comments, 19 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Coatesville market: Next Event ~ Sunday 2nd October 2022 10am-2pm. Get directions. Described as a perfect fusion between its historic past and modern transformation, it sold for $9.1 million, almost double its CV of $5million in March this year. Listed 4 months ago 5 Waymau Lane, Coatesville Land plus BC - Present all offers! Sanders Rd, Paremoremo, Coatesville . PhD in Structural Engineering (2013 - 2017). Company Appointments . Richard Lee BRADLEY is from Coatesville in NEW ZEALAND and is, or was, a director or shareholder of a New Zealand company. 186 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Albany, 0793 is a Lifestyle property built in 2007 with 0 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 10 parking spaces. Dm se nachz na 186 Mahoenui Valley Road v Coatesville, 30 minut severn od Aucklandu. The top 10 sales in the country this year went for a combined total of $148.1million - $47.23m above their collective capital value. Coatesville Settlers Hall - Event setup 3. The Mowbrays, vichni v jejich ranch 30. letech v t dob, zaplatili NZ $ 32,5 milionu za dm a pejmenovali jej Mahoenui Valley. The figures showed sales in the latter half of the year more than doubled the combined sales value of $65million seen in the first half of 2016. 523 Coatesville - Riverhead Highway , Coatesville . All pages copyright 2023 Precision Real Estate, website by, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/738e7e787ce9ecd20632ffdfda3ba3354ddc4438.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/e4c8fece4670cec2bbc9f05748ddefcf248da1c5.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/2f70bd552381b471cc317ded2aea97eb2e031f76.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/5d57757f8acccf37c693d46d3ac796fea0b50d97.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/3afb8f85638ab0141fbd2efc000862a49dc2d4b7.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/787cbb450b89294f7d063cf4455aea4f1f1dcfc4.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/a799d866c1ce45f6e030aa3bf5465258e39f5a8a.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/94e802f8b740fd2b6412d707e948ed57c117ccbe.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/3924e8c2494d23d45905be525a15f72ca39650a4.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/de781122d7e782b7f8a9db59170bfd339915f29a.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/f3436abc9f5017f58548de8deef4c6305e3c0a20.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/49ab31ca8d28e5c73662d1fc4e87acd38d896e04.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/dd87801b3302aaf96024e528f6f354ef6d95b23b.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/4f5f3bee7a92842e45f4d4cad73baadb3869b680.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/f7d129b00a74a15d21745da0579d3a1599583384.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/1dbbac1c4a05716bbfb9ad8dd1ce8e8c256bf107.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/7e50d451b54505a1e354bcaa0bd826022455cc0f.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/377b5b3584907325371efbc6b4021a9cbd6f7546.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/625cb6ec1dd2316476132baa5515de08b1469800.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/fc6c35e8d7028d720793e1fca232857a65d0aa3a.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/51e2d62c616f48070941e6e766a2ac826c022016.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/caabdd4230a15568916728336ad5c2d895cb5f20.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/3bc352f83d9388d096fcadd3e76e261cab36ccff.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/f096bd7c590e7795173e1573408567d38dfed67a.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/2527f060cb05f8f632b802ebbad5e6e70ee23880.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/b3fb4a32aa522b5e3721e9b72ea33013728f026d.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/eaf9a7a52cab33a9e4ee460baebc2bc1f24d0c1a.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/835eb9b2cc0d7e934c4e969d89232f3a8d66c5f9.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/22f096c32d475aaa3b02d98b3e417539bee70822.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/35ea5cba975087a3dc50811b61582b411f8823ab.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/2f36f0d15f843d61e0d24eca24f65d803bac098f.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/bbf81db0efa3c68715357276d23fbea085d34377.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/a5912f6827495aad556d731ab99e087f9b837fd5.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/c1b856cc867a75163f89beb4038f8d5d41e15266.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/26b602b188a18c74e7cad2f3d2c9b0836cca72c2.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/9d5ce68b030783cbcac6b08bec602a9b425f3f4d.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/323bc9b5118a00dc97120b2f594b3235baad782f.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/3274d62e6d7fc22c4a3d6d1dc7d101b2493826f9.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/7b7d43985385386fedda4e813d33d2f93f835d3c.jpeg, https://nz-assets.open2view.io/property_photo_tour/1600/279655/f7e5231aea0a3ffb6f6d03b123827f50ec82082b.jpeg. An absolute gem, and rare to find, it also offers subdivision potential (with transferable title and conditional on Council consents) on a road notable for multi-million dollar dwellings on luxury lifestyle . from This desirable property represents an opportunity to create your ultimate lifestyle estate. K dispozici jsou ti bazny, z nich jeden je kryt bazn olympijsk dlky . 2023 Vimeo.com, Inc. All rights reserved. Talo on 22,6 hehtaarin (56 hehtaarin) tontilla. It has 12 bedrooms. 11 - 20 32WS Riverhead School (250) Cobblers Lane from Newton Road to the End 160 C/W No footpath from school to It sold earlier this year for $11million, almost double its CV of $5.8 million. | 152 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville | 1350738 | X Close. Coatesville School provides a basis for high quality learning through a challenging . . . Coatesville Settlers Hall. In third place, was a Remuera architectural gem on Burwood Crescent, which had taken top spot in the early part of the year, until the larger estates pushed it further down the list. Contact details . Farhad Dashti, PhD Senior Structural R&D Engineer ZURU TECH Email farhad@zuru.tech Address: ZURU TECH, 186 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville 0793, Auckland, New Zealand The trio paid $32.5 million for the property in June. "It's certainly very grand and this went a little against our ethos but we decided to take the plunge anyway," she said. The house is located at 186 Mahoenui Valley Road in Coatesville, one hour north of Auckland. Reminiscent of Cape Cod and Huka Lodge designs, this is the complete package of Lifestyle, Location, and everything you could hope for when dreaming of life in the country. 15 Arney Rd Remuera Auckland Sold March 31 Bought for $9.1 million CV $5 million1522sqm 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms. Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom rented the house from 2010 for NZ$1 million per year. Emergency services were alerted to the fire just before 6.30am at a residential property on Mahoenui Valley Road. Wed. Closed. The Mowbrays, all in their early 30s at the time, paid NZ$32.5 million for the house and renamed it Mahoenui Valley. Stable/barn. 2 Garaging. "It is a slice of New Zealand we are keen to keep in one piece.". An incredible seven-bedroom family compound set upon 3.07 perfectly level hectares (7.6 acres), the estate is comprised of a 488sqm residence of predominantly . It is one of the country's most expensive houses. 2.27ha Lifestyle Section Negotiation. PDX. Certified Classical Pilates Instructor specializing in custom tailored sessions including: In Home Privates, Group. M 12 lonic. This site uses cookies. The house is on 22.6 hectares (56 acres) of land. The house was built in 2006[1] in Coatesville for Richard Bradley,[2] who is known for owning the company "Chrisco" that sells Christmas hampers in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 186 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville. Police said two people were located deceased inside the property. The house is on 22.6 hectares (56 acres) of land. 121 likes. Paremoremo Scenic Reserve. "I'm already planning a big family Christmas, and a few other family related events have been lined up for the property so it'll be very well loved and utilised," Mowbray said. Property profile for 186 Sunnyside Rd, Coatesville, Auckland. . 232 Mahoenui Valley Road, Orewa, Coatesville, 0793, NZ Telephone Numbers. Listing ID 1350738. Organization for Engineering Order of Building, Iran: Certified expertise in structural design and supervision of construction methods for buildings. Friends and family were excited and incredibly proud to hear of their new purchase. Its simple but striking architecture has earnt it a number of accolades over the years, including one that saw it top the NBR list of the 100 best New Zealand homes in 2001. 11 Clifton Rd, Hauraki Sold April 19 Bought for $22 millionCV $16.5 million4022 sqm site 5 bedrooms 9 bathrooms 8 carparks. Nevertheless the infamous luxury estate wasn't snapped up straight away - it took some weeks before it was finally sold for less than the $35 million it was expected to go for in June. 4 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville. Coatesville. They are currently at the scene and will be carrying out a scene examination. In 2014, the property had a rateable value of NZ$23.55 million. Sale price range. "They taught us the value of money and made us work hard for everything but also set us up with values and morals.". Ridge Road; O'Brien Road; Coatesville-Riverhead Highway; OSM Tags. For more info please see our privacy policy. 66 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville. Talo sijaitsee osoitteessa 186 Mahoenui Valley Road Coatesvilless, 30 minuuttia Aucklandista pohjoiseen. Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Rodney, Auckland. Nearby sales, Mortgage loans, Council records, School zones, and more. Zmek se stal znmm dky policejn razii na Dotcomu proveden 20. ledna 2012; mdim bylo zpstupnno mnoho videozznam, kter ukazuj, jak policie pistla s helikoptrami, aby zatkla Dotcoma a nkter jeho obchodn partnery. Inspire employees with compelling live and on-demand video experiences. COATESVILLE. Name Address ; David Murray HEMPLEMAN: 455 Coatesville Hwy, Rd 3, Coatesville, 0793 NEW ZEALAND : Trent Antony BRAY: 31 Robinson Road, Coatesville, 0793 NEW ZEALAND : Richard Wallace HERBERT: 271 Glenmore Road, Rd 3, Coatesville, 0793 NEW ZEALAND . The house is located at 186 Mahoenui Valley Road in Coatesville, one hour north of Auckland. Map of Mahoenui Valley Road, Rodney. FEATURE HOME: Coatesville. 4 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville 027 432 3317 thecoatesvillehall@gmail.com Up to 100 people. Send Inquiry. Sat 11 Feb 2023 6:00pm On 1 June 2021, 186 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville, Albany, 0793 had a . Tsum Tsum - More than 7 million Tsum Tsum Squishies have been sold throughout the UK and their popularity is growing in Australia and New Zealand. COATESVILLE Lifestyle Pinnacle 11 MAHOENUI VALLEY ROAD From the moment you drive through the gates at 11 Mahoenui Valley Road, it's evident that this property is something truly special. Home > Auckland > Coatesville. The cause of the fire is being investigated. 186 mahoenui valley road, coatesvillebest air quality cities in arizona 27 avril 2022. Zuru has just been named Walmart USA's Vendor of the quarter which Mowbray said was a huge honour. The mansion would also serve as a New Zealand retreat for key staff members at Zuru who would be welcomed to the property "on an annual basis to revitalise". This impressive property has an instant impact as you drive in the entrance with dark timber . Closed. 0.87 ha land area Details . The resource consent for a 386m2 upmarket home has been lodged, But bring your designs / plans and we can discuss all options further. Provide C/W 2.2m wide. Javascript must be enabled for this website to work properly! Sun. Price by negotiation . 152 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville 152 Mahoenui Valley Road, Coatesville By Negotiation By Negotiation. . OPINION: And what about your partner's student loan. 186 mahoenui valley road, coatesvillealuminum upright bass for sale 16 avril 2022; 186 mahoenui valley road, coatesvillewooden postcard postage 24 mars 2022; In 2014, the property had a rateable value of NZ$23.55 million. 3 Bed. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . homes.co.nz, the home of property. The whole family felt very fortunate they were able to purchase such a special property and it was only possible because of the success of Zuru. Description. 6 - 10 31WS Coatesville School Mahoenui Valley Rd from Coatesville Riverhead Highway to Bridge (70 km/h sign) 700 C/W C/W $135k No Footpath. This white clad mansion hit the headlines back in 2011, when the then-Westpac head, George Frazis, was taken to the Tenancy Tribunal for allegedly breaking the lease at what was the city's reportedly most expensive suburb.

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