american catholic surnames

#792 DURHAM Habitational surname for a family from Durham, U.K. literally meaning by the hill. For people using this system, Icelandic surnames are not solely predicated on family names, but on the first name of the father or mother of the child. #624 COMBS LIves near a small valley (cumb). #620 HUYNH Korean surname meaning bright or yellow. #671 HARRELL Nickname for someone with a good head of thick hair. #455 FISCHER Fisherman. #597 DECKER Occupational surname for a thatcher or roofer. #781 BARR From the great hill. #526 KRAMER Occupational surname for a merchant or shopkeeper. #105 SULLIVAN Irish surname from descendant of Sileabhn (Little Dark Eyes) #756 MERRITT Habitational surname for a family who came from Merriott in Somerset, UK. #432 STEVENSON Son of Steven. Meaning near the water channel, strait. #390 (73,522) Of Anglo-Norman French origin, this patronymic means "son of Gerald.". However, they eventually began using their given names as surnames after failing to fend off American colonizers in the 20th century. #99 FOSTER Occupational surname, a contraction of Forester. #918 PHAN Vietnamese surname of unknown meaning. #520 ESCOBAR Habitational surname for someone who lived in or near a place overgrown with broom (a shrub with long, thin green stems). Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., seen here on Aug. 3, pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday on how many informants the FBI has in Catholic churches. #124 MORENO Brown-skinned. #952 FAULKNER Occupational surname for a falconer or someone who trained hawks/falcons. #1 SMITH A smith is a craftsman, and was used for as an occupational title for many different crafts. Did you find your last name on any of these lists? While Michael Houlihan's name sounds Irish and although he may have come from Dublin in the Irish Republic, that doesn't mean necessarily he's Catholic or even that his ancestors were predominantly Catholic. #543 OWEN Lives by the yew tree, or person who appears youthful. #442 GARNER Contraction of Gardener or occupational surname for someone who was in charge of the storehouse (granary). The Most Common American Last Names That Start With M. One of the most common surnames beginning with the letter M is Miller. #378 MANN Strong, manly. #909 FRY Born free. #985 JARVIS From the given name Gervase meaning spear or spear/valley. Literally means From the rich hill or mount. Edouard #189 NICHOLS Family of Nicholas. #540 ZAMORA Family from the ancient city of Zamora in North West Spain. #484 INGRAM People from England. #243 WHEELER Occupational surname for a person who made wagon wheels. #815 LEBLANC French surname for someone who was pale or had very blond hair. #905 CORREA Occupational surname for someone who made or sold leather straps. #754 NOLAN From the Gaelic surname ONullain, meaning son or descendent of the Kings herald. #235 GEORGE Family of George (Farmer). Hear ye! #387 CERVANTES From old Spanish meaning servant or the word ciervo, meaning stag or a womans man. #125 WEST From the West. #449 ADKINS Family or son of Adam. Andrysiak This patronymic polish surname refers to 'Son of Andrzej.' #847 MICHAEL Who is like god? #5 JONES From the family of Jon/John. #890 DUNLAP From the fort by the muddy place. #730 MOSLEY Habitational surname for a family that came from any number of towns named Mosley in the U.K. #282 WANG Chinese surname meaning king. Might go back to meaning campers on the river Legra. Mac or O' anything, usually Catholic, but may be Scottish and therefore Protestant. #777 PRUITT From the Old French proux meaning valiant or brave one. #701 BRENNAN From the Irish surname O Braonin, meaning descendant of Braonn. Literally means raindrop or drop of moisture. #661 FOLEY From the old Gaelic surname, OFoghladha, meaning Descendant of the pirate. #459 MONTOYA From the hills and valleys. Hardened meaning battled in war. #803 CALHOUN Variant of the Scottish surname, Colquhoun, meaning nook or corner. #913 LUGO Habitational surname for families from the town of Lugo in Galicia, Spain. If you are curious about your own name, visit Family Name Search to discover the meanings and origins of last names. #303 BREWER Occupational surname for a brewer (beer or ale maker). #392 KLEIN Small. #829 NOBLE From nobility. #863 FELIX Originally a term of endearment, meant happy one. #789 PALACIOS Spanish surname for someone who lived in a palace or worked in a palace. 2 bed 2 bath 1408 sqft. #109 HENDERSON Son of Hendrick/Hendry. #567 COCHRAN Scottish surname for a family who lived near the lowlands of Cochrane. Charles is an interesting surname recorded in a wide range of spellings, including Carl, Carlo, Carlos, Carletti, Karlowicz, and De Carlo. Perhaps to describe a person who is steadfast or stubborn. #562 TREVINO Lives in a house on a boundary, or where boundaries meet. #493 CAMACHO Twisted or disfigured. Agostinho It originated from the Portuguese surname Augustine, derived from the Latin word "augere," meaning "to increase." Saint Augustine of Hippo was a significant early Christian theologian who has spread evangelism across continents. #425 CHAN Chinese surname literally meaning field or plain. #940 AVALOS Spanish habitational surname for someone from balos, Spain. The Surname Rodriguez: Its Meaning and Origin, Meaning and Origin of the Surname THOMPSON, The Meaning and Origin of the Last Name 'Morales', Meaning and Origin for the Surname "Cook", The Origin and Meaning of the Last Name, "Long", PALMER Surname Meaning and Family History, Certificate in Genealogical Research, Boston University. #617 MONROE Scottish clan name possibly meaning Man from the river Roe referring to an Irish place name. 15. Here are the top 100 names as ranked by the 2010 Census. #496 PERSON Son of Per/Peter. #518 CONNER An occupational surname for an inspector of weights and measures. #862 BENTLEY From the clearing overgrown with bent-grass. #181 WARREN Lives near a warren/animal enclosure. From the latin ramus meaning branch. When the researchers asked the couples to explain why they chose the last names they did, lesbian and gay couples spoke far longer on those topics than did the heterosexual couples, Patterson told me. But these ripple effects through history and immigration status have led to the country we have today and the last names that you, your friends and family, and your acquaintances are known by. Moore 21. $3,500/mo. #2 JOHNSON Son of John. #223 PERKINS Son of Peter. #840 RANDOLPH Shield Wolf. "Catholic Last Name Popularity, Meaning and Origin". #314 BARRETT Warlike person, quarrelsome. Literally Priests Town. #198 KELLEY Irish surname meaning bright headed or red-headed. #603 MELENDEZ Visigoth surname meaning Entire Gift. #795 ODONNELL Family of Donnell/Donald. #745 SOLOMON Peaceful one, from the Hebrew Shalom. #912 BENTON From the town with the bent grass. #938 SHEPPARD Occupational surname for a shepherd. #858 MEDRANO Abundance. Unusually for Irish names, the "O" prefix has held strong, with more O'Connors than Connors in both Ireland and America. All dimensions are approximate. Retrieved from #328 BECK Leaves by the stream. Anthony has researched court cases in which couples battle over who has the right to pass down the surname to their kids. #130 GIBSON Son of Gilbert (nicknamed Gib). #394 FUENTES Fountains. #867 HANNA From the Gaelic Ohannaigh, meaning descendant of Annach literally meaning iniquity. #809 ELLISON Son of Ellis/Elias/Elijah. #363 LEON Lion-like. #814 SELLERS Occupational surname for someone who was a merchant/seller. #569 NASH From the place near the ash tree. Although it currently means the religious leader of the Catholic church, it was a title used for clergy of any rank. #757 MURILLO Lives near a boundary or wall. cauldrons). Sephardim fanned out fro Iberia to all parts of the known world: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, the New World, Central and . #254 DOMINGUEZ Son of Domingo #345 SCHWARTZ Person of dark or swarthy complexion. #204 HANSEN Son of Hans. #596 WHITAKER From the white field or from the wheat field. #910 DELAROSA From the family of Rose, or from an area where wild roses grew. Infoplease is a reference and learning site, combining the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas and several almanacs loaded with facts. #733 STEPHENSON Son of Stephen. O'Sullivan 4. As an example of the extent of the post-war migration, the population of St. Mary's County decreased from 15,444 to 12,794 between the years 1790 and 1810. Mallinson thinks that is partly because of inertia. #32 YOUNG Meaning the younger. Surname given to a son of a man, when they had the same name. Literally means black. #602 WILCOX Son of William. #144 WOODS Family who lived in or near the woods. #886 SAMPSON The sun. #763 BARAJAS Habitational surname for a family from any number of villages of that name. #734 SNOW Descriptive surname for someone with very pale skin or light blonde hair. #892 DUFFY From the Gaelic surname Mac Dhubhshith meaning son of the peaceful black one. We've got you covered with our map collection. #414 GRIFFITH Leader with a strong Grip. #163 SILVA Portuguese surname meaning by the woods or forest. #340 CARRILLO Spanish surname, literally means cheek. From cart/wagon, so it may be occupational. Hernndez Grande, who had moved to the U.S. from Spain at the age of 8, panicked. Surnames could also come from places a hint that a name comes from a place might be the endings -field, -ford, -brook, or -wood, for example. #762 CORDOVA Habitational surname for a family from the ancient city of Crdoba, Spain. #350 WALTERS Family of Walter. #84 WOOD Lives in or near the woods. 0.00%, or 0 total occurrences, were "Non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaskan Native". #374 WOLFE Wolf or Wolf-like. #682 CALLAHAN From the Gaelic surname O Ceallachain. #155 BURNS Lives by the stream. #945 JARAMILLO Spanish Habitatonal surname for someone from the south of Castilla, Spain, literally referring to a jaramago tree. #499 FRANK Person from France. #927 DODSON Son of Dodd. #778 KENT From Kent, England or literally from the coast. #208 BRADLEY From the broad meadow. #375 WARNER Guard. #305 HOLLAND From the Netherlands/Holland. #55 DIAZ Son of Diego Three decades later, it was about 20 percent. #321 STANLEY Lives near the stone clearing. Literally means Son of bringer of wisdom. Murphy 2. (Watt was a nickname for Walter) Literally means valley of the hare. Kentucky was populated largely by settlers from Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. #114 SIMMONS Family of Simon. Wassa was a feminine Anglo-Saxon given name. #397 SIMON One who harkens. Literally means fern-covered clearing. #942 WALLER Either a habitational surname for someone who lived near a stone wall, or occupational for someone who built walls/was a mason. #2 JOHNSON - Son of John. #138 CASTRO Portuguese/Spanish surname meaning Castle. Black Creoles of Louisiana. Surnames also changed over time: A person named Hilton, for instance, might take up the last name Potter after beginning their vocation in ceramics. #72 BAILEY Occupational surname for a bailiff. #216 LANE Irish surname from OLaighin, meaning the descendant of Laighean. #659 DICKERSON Son of Richard. #880 MAYER Occupational surname for a mayor of a village or town. For Catholics, Lent 2023 is a time to act against antisemitism. 17. #837 ENRIQUEZ Son of Enrique. Carbo. #451 GOODMAN Man of god, or landowner. #551 CAIN Hebrew name meaning acquired. #410 ROBBINS Family of Robin. Catholic Baby Names. #690 SAVAGE Nickname surname for someone who was wild. #359 DELEON Family of Leon. #581 SHORT Nickname for a short person. Surnames, also known as family names, were first used during medieval times and usually referred to a person's occupation (i.e. #961 OCONNELL Descendant of Conaill. When two people with double-barrel last names have children, they each pass down the first of their two last names. Ireland,limerick image by AGITA LEIMANE from, Ireland,limerick image by AGITA LEIMANE from, Copyright 2023 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. The look and structure of the American family has transformed to include more queer couples, more unmarried couples, and more racially diverse couples, all of whom seem less attached to patrilineal surnames. The United States has long been a melting pot for various cultures from across the globe. Also new to the list is the Asian surname Leeranked at number 22 in the countryindicating a rise in the Asian American population. #261 VEGA From the plain, meadow. #73 REED Red person with reddish complexion. Northern Ireland occupies only about a sixth of the island in the Northeast corner. #722 McCLAIN Scottish clan name, originally Mac Gille Eathain, meaning son of the servant of Saint John. #286 LUCAS From Lucania, Italy. #830 SPEARS Occupational surname for a keeper of the Watch, which was an early form of a police officer. Other banal, structural factors have stymied more varied approaches to surnaming. #967 SCHMITT German occupational surname for a smith/metalworker. #156 CRAWFORD By the river/ford crossing #429 SERRANO Lives near a mountain ridge or collection of hills. #140 OWENS Son of Owen. #419 PACHECO Noble one, or person from France. #177 ROSE Lives near the roses. #145 WASHINGTON From the area belonging to Wassas people. #731 McCLURE From the Gaelic surname MIlluidhir, which literally translates as Son of Ordars follower. Infoplease is part of the Sandbox Learning family of educational and reference sites for parents, teachers and students. 2022 Sandbox Networks Inc. All rights reserved. #298 LUNA From one of the towns named Luna in Spain. #971 COMPTON From the valley farm. Variation of Suarez. Though few studies on the topic have been conducted, evidence suggests that in almost every American family with a mom and a dad, children receive their fathers last name. "Top 100 Most Common Last Names in the United States." #264 OLIVER Elf Army Or a form of the Irish/Celtic name Conchobhair, meaning Descendant of the Hound/Desire possibly meaning wolf lover. #313 JOSEPH He will add. #322 HOPKINS From the family of Hob (nickname for Robert). #358 HOLT Lives by or near the woodlands. #40 FLORES Son of Floro. #279 GARRETT Family of Gerald. #444 BURGESS Free man of a fortified town. #846 PENNINGTON From the town with a livestock enclosure. Here are the top 1000 last names (surnames) in the United States, according to the most recent U.S. census. #14 WILSON Son of William. Today, maternal and paternal influences can exist alongside hyphens and double-barrels and other assorted conventions. Literally means oak. #143 McDONALD Son/family of Donald Literally means Little Valencia and Valencia means bravery, strength. Gharibian - The meaning of this Armenian patronymic name is "son of Gharib." "Gharib" is a Turkish word that means "stranger" or "impoverished person.". 92.00%, or 92 total occurrences, were "Non-Hispanic Black Only". #480 FARMER Occupational surname for a person who worked a farm. #186 GARZA The heron bird. With over 30 billion (seriously!) There are a few names that could be either - Katherine, Thomas, Anderson - so you go to schools. #941 BOOKER Occupational surname for someone who bound, wrote, or sold books. #26 SANCHEZ Son of Sancho. #251 FRANKLIN Free man. #246 BURKE From the burg (town) of the castle. Given to a young person who was excitable or energetic. #772 LEACH Either an occupational surname for someone who worked with leaches (like a doctor) o from the word loecc/loch meaning water or lake for someone who lived near one. #97 LONG Surname from a nickname for someone who was tall. About a year before Christine Mallinson gave birth to her first child, she and her husband agreed that all of their children would take her last name. #458 DELACRUZ Literally translates to of the cross. #782 DAVID Beloved. the second son, after the mother's father. #158 SIMPSON Son of Simon. Here are the facts and trivia that people are buzzing about. #160 HUNTER Occupational surname for an animal hunter/trapper. #741 BLACKWELL Lives near the black stream. #439 McGEE Gaelic surname meaning Son of Aodh, meaning fire. #430 FITZGERALD Son of Gerald. #87 GRAY From a nickname for someone with gray hair or house. #56 PARKER Occupational surname for someone worked as a park keeper or game keeper. O'Connell 26. #977 PROCTOR Occupational surname for a proctor/manager/attorney. #67 GUTIERREZ Son of Gutierre. As such, it should come as no surprise that the U.S. statistics for last names are influenced greatly by the number and ethnicity of the immigrants who have joined the ranks of Americans. #281 FULLER Occupational surname for someone who washed cloth in the clothmaking process. #225 JOHNSTON From Johns town. #986 DICKSON Son of Richard. #102 JENKINS Son of John. order . From Smith to Sullivan, Sanders to Myers, and Reyes to Roberts, read on for the most popular family names found across the United States! #600 ZUNIGA From the town of Estuniga, Spain. Grain, wood, etc. Few scholars argue that passing down a fathers last name is wrong for any given family, but the aggregate statistics point to an enduring patriarchal culture. #111 GONZALES Son/Family of Gonzalo. #96 MYERS Occupational surname for a Mayor. Doyle 13. Originally from the Latin Aurelianus, which referred to the farm or estate of Aurelius. #169 HUNT Hunter. #344 SHELTON From the ledge/enclosure. #6 GARCIA Of unknown meaning. Liiterally means opposite. Catholic schools are proud part of the fabric of American education and civil society. #272 HOWELL Anglicized form of the Welsh Hywel, meaning eminent. #409 DENNIS Family of Dennis. #558 BAUTISTA Baptist or baptized. #137 FORD Lives by a shallow place in the river. #242 NUEZ Son of Nuo #821 LIVINGSTON From the town founded by Leving (given name). #101 POWELL Son of Hywell. From the old English beste meaning beast. #8 DAVIS Son of David. #719 WILKERSON Kin or son of William. Black Creole culture in southern Louisiana derives from contact and synthesis in the region over nearly three centuries between African slaves, French and Spanish colonists, gens libres de couleur (free people of color), Cajuns . From the Gaelic buth, meaning house, and Chanain meaning of the canon. Burke 30. #205 PETERS Family o Peter. #561 LAMB Occupational surname for a herder of sheep. #964 SPENCE Occupational surname for someone in charge of a pantry/goods in an estate. 1408 Sqft. #213 ARMSTRONG Literally means strong man. The last name Helguson, for instance, means son of Helga, referring to a mothers first name; many other Icelanders have surnames that reflect the first name of their father. Means valor, courage. #472 ZHANG Chinese surname meaning archer. #100 JIMENEZ Son of Jim/James. #229 CONTRERAS From the town of Contreras, Spain. #293 PADILLA Place name, literally means saucepan or little pot. Common Surnames in the United States 1990 - Behind the Name Common Surnames in the United States Home Common Surnames Information from the U.S. Census Bureau. #618 ANTHONY Unknown meaning. Literally means prominent. #959 MADDOX From the ancient Welsh male name Matoc meaning good fortune. #608 DAVENPORT Habitational surname of families from Davenport in Cheshire, UK. 434k Noah is predicted to be the #2 boy name, 5.2m John is predicted to be the #23 boy name, 2.6m Joseph is predicted to be the #24 boy name, 1.6m Matthew is predicted to be the #34 boy name, and 287k Luke is predicted to be . #860 McMILLAN From the Gaelic surname Macghillemhaoil, meaning son of the monks servant. It's not only the U.S. that's a melting pot. Check ourencyclopedia for a gloss on thousands of topics from biographies to the table of elements. Mallinson knew that their choice was not a popular one for heterosexual American couplesshes a professor of sociolinguistics and gender and womens studies at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, and wrote a 2017 paper that, in part, analyzes patrilineal surname conventions. #545 LANG Nickname for a person who was tall. Garcia leapfrogged from number 18 to number eight, while Rodriguez went up from 22 to nine. #11 HERNANDEZ Son of Hernando. In fact, data from a Census Bureau study reveals that the number of Hispanic surnames in the top 25 doubled between 1990 and 2000. #709 TANNER Occupational surname for someone who tanned hides. #969 LEAL Loyal one. #573 SHAH Persian surname meaning king. Courteous. #324 BARNETT From the place near the clearing (burned place). #188 FERGUSON Son of Fergus. #152 WEBB Occupational surname from the name webber, meaning weaver. (S), or less than 100 total occurrences, were "Non-Hispanic White Only". #796 STEIN Family of Stephen. #201 ARNOLD Power of the Eagle. #68 ORTIZ Son of Orti #784 MARIN Family of Marino or lives near the sea. Walsh 5. #467 TATE Cheerful person. #262 BISHOP Occupational surname for a bishop. #339 GREGORY Possibly from Gregorian monks, literally means watchful, awake. #333 AYALA Lives near the hillside or pasture. Data from the 2010 Censustells a different story. #946 KRUEGER German occupational surname for someone who made or sold glass/pottery kruog, or ran an inn krug. #238 ESTRADA Literally means street or way Straight, married couples in the U.S. still almost always give kids the fathers last name. #241 GREENE Lives in or near a green area. If you know your Italian ancestors' traditional naming patterns, you can use the names of bambini to guess the parents' and grandparents' identities: the first son was named after the father's father. #27 CLARK Occupational surname for a clerk. #991 HENDRIX Family of Heinrich. In the U.S., patrilineal surnames have long been the normin 1881, a New York court said that the common law among all English speaking people demanded that wives give up their last name. It didnt match my green card, she told me. #628 BRADFORD From the broad or big ford. Alberto 2 Bd, 2 Ba. #174 BLACK Person who is darker in complexion. #308 PEARSON Son of Piers. #304 MAY Family of Matthew. #869 RUSH From the place with reeds or occupational surname for someone who worked with reeds. #634 WILKINSON Son of William. Plenty of womenand men, for that mattermight choose not to give their last name to their kids if its bundled up in familial trauma. #565 BEIL From the German bil meaning axe. #233 SANDOVAL From Sandoval, Spain. Audie Murphy (1925-1971), American war hero and actor; Austin J. Murphy (born 1927), Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania; . #16 THOMAS Son of Thomas. #80 RICHARDSON Son of Richard. #906 BLEVINS Welsh surname from the word Blaid meaning wolf. #113 VASQUEZ Son of Vasco. #976 HESTER Either lives by the beech tree, or an occupational surname for a herald/town crier. From Ceallaigh. #289 PARK Korean surname, meaning gourd. Dunne 28. #132 TRAN Vietnamese surname meaning old, ancient. #173 WAGNER Occupational surname for a wagon maker. #389 ERICKSON Son of Eric. #219 ALVARADO From the white land. Literally means dark or swarthy person (from Moor). #773 MEADOWS Lives in or near the meadow. #908 CLEMENTS Family of Clement. #82 BROOKS Family who lived by or near a brook (creek). If you find a surname in the list that is of interest to you, send a query to: Eileen Swanberg(<== Click HERE) about that surname, along with the Member number (s) from the search results. #372 BUSH Lives near the bush or thicket. #131 ELLIS Son or Famiy of Elijah/Elias #935 MOYER From the ancient Gaelic surname Mac an Mhaoir meaning steward, assistant, right-hand man. #422 QUINN An Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname O Cuinn, meaning counsel. #199 SPENCER Occupational surname for a butler or steward of a manor. Popular Indian Christian Surnames Or Last Names 1. #759 SALGADO Galician and Portuguese nickname surname for someone who was witty or wry, from the word salgado meaning salty. #594 MORROW From the row of cottages on the moor. #838 HICKMAN Occupational surname for a servant of a man called Hick. #393 SALINAS Lives in a large building or fortress. #752 SHANNON From the Gaelic OSionain, an occupational surname for someone who worked with straw. Despite a history of troubled relations between the two countries going back centuries, persons do intermarry and so, in those areas of the Irish Republic closest to Northern Ireland, it's harder to tell from the last name whether the family is Catholic or Protestant. #713 WILEY Habitational surname for families who came from a number of towns in the U.K. named Wiley. #873 BERNAL Spanish surname meaning son of Baruch. Feminine variations include Charlotte, Carla, Carlotta, and Caroline. It means "bright or fair," and its variations are Claire and Clara. Baby names are an important cultural tradition across the world, and have been for thousands of years. #845 REILLY Gaelic name from OReilly, meaning son or descendent of Raghailligh. #494 STRICKLAND From the cow pasture. #874 NAVA Habitational surname from many towns named Nava in Spain, literally meaning treeless plateau. In this article we'll look at the origin and meaning of the surname Catholic and how popular it is in the United States. #560 SHAFFER German occupational surname for someone who was a household manager or steward. As they opt for an array of surnames, hyphenated or otherwise, they might shift the countrys norms too. Jennifer is widely regarded as the leading expert on popular baby name trends and the naming process, serving as the authoritative source on the subject for national and international media. #960 VO Vietnamese surname meaning fighter/soldier. #776 WHITEHEAD Descriptional surname for someone with white or very light blonde hair. Advertisement. 2. #695 PONCE Derived from the name Pontius, from the Greek pontos meaning ocean. Some states, such as Louisiana, maintain policies that enforce patrilineal surnaming as a default when the father is known and supports the children, unless both partners agree otherwise. #349 DURAN Literally means durable, hard. We appreciate your support! #641 VINCENT Conqueror. #571 PETERSEN Son of Peter. #310 CORTZ Person with manners. #848 CONRAD Brave counsel. #768 LESTER From Leicester, U.K. or the county town of Leicestershire. #765 ROSAS Habitational surname for someone who lived near roses, or occupational surname for someone who was a florist or grew roses. #936 LIM Chinese surname meaning forest. (Double-barrel surnames can also retain patrilineal lineages of their own; Spain required that the fathers last name be listed firstand therefore be the next name that gets passed downuntil the laws started to change in 2000.) #691 HO Chinese surname with several meanings, descriptive of a chin waddle or characteristic long-lasting. #771 KERR From the word kjarr, meaning wet ground covered with brush. #126 COLE From the word coal indicating a coal miner or possibly someone with darker skin. The FamilySearch Library has digitized records for the years 1594 to 1924 from the main Cathedral in St. Augustine, indexes, and various transcripts. #301 DAVIDSON Son of David. #38 NGUYEN Someone who played a stringed instrument, similar to a lute. Many of these followed earlier St. Mary's County pioneers to Kentucky, especially to Nelson and ., #390 REEVES Occupational surname meaning sheriff or local official. #356 VAUGHN From the Welsh fychan meaning small, little What Kinds of Clothes Do They Wear in Ireland? #663 MATHEWS Family of Matthew. Cases of women passing their name to their children nearly evaporated by the turn of the 19th century. #6 GARCIA - Of unknown meaning. #456 HUANG Chinese surname that means bright or yellow. #550 BARRERA Family that lived near muddy area or ground of clay. #384 McCARTHY Form of the Gaelic Mac Carthaigh meaning son of Carthach (loving).

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