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And this child just needs solid leadership from the very beginning, and not in violent educational moments in the style of Aries. Adventure is the Sagittarius mom or dad's middle name. They can get bored easily, so they love change. And no one will say that its boring next to them, especially when they are together! Ever likable and sociable, Aries children are natural leaders who love sports and competition. Add little boy energy to the Aries characteristic of being incredibly active and there is no rest for a weary mom. For instance, Im a Scorpio with a lot of Sagittarius in my chart. A Sagittarius may be a future scientist or explorer, so give him or her a name that honors that searching personality. The Sagittarius mum is always ready to answer any questions that the curious little Gemini has. Best advice, be clear and direct with your communication. Virgo (Mother) And Gemini (Child . With your Aries daughter being a tween (not a child but still not a teenager) shes going to start the defiant/independence behavior anyway. Mom will have to take extra care that she's more of a hands-on, stay-at-home mom and gently ease her Cancer child into unfamiliar situations. Mom wants to experience the physical word; her Scorpio child is more interested in what's hidden beneath the surface. The Cancer child is shy hence it is upon the Sagittarius mother to organize fun-filled events that will cheer him or her up. LOL. . Thats a lot of horns in one house! Hes right at the beginning of the Libra sign so he has traits of both. They always can cheer each other up. My husband and I are both Virgos. Oh dear I knew this little boy was going to be a handful lol Im a Scorpio and dads a Pisces so Im curious to see how our household will be.. funny thing is my brother is an Aries and they share the same birthdate so I wonder if theyll be similar in anyway. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. A Sagittarian mom's "pencil-it-in-now-and-see-how-we-feel-later" lifestyle won't cut it with a Virgo child. Two little mouse teeth Im breastfeeding and he enjoys biting me :S, Yeah, the temper oh the temper he gets so frustrated when things dont go as he wants, he just scream like a metal singer AARRRRRGHHHH!!! The Aries child seems to run with a star cluster for on-going booster power! Aries and Sagittarius are two fire signs that make for an explosive sexual combination. Sagittarius women are known for having great personalities. Aries is a very physical person. Maybe dub her the Official Cookie Contessa and let her decide what type of cookies will be on the family menu. A Sagittarius mom is a big believer in experiential learning and is not one to hinder her Aries child's freedom. Make sure everyone takes extra vitamins because with 2 Aries and Capricorn in one household, you all will need it! Always remember that fire is the element of passion. Let them eat the leftovers from last nights dinner and everyone will be happy. To get an in-depth understanding of our truest personality traits and characteristics, its important to take a look at your chart as a whole. I dont know the sex of the baby yet! LOL Just make sure theres lots of love to go around and it all should be OK! She does not hesitate - she acts. Doing so can help cultivate them a more productive coping mechanism to try in the future. Never forget that and all will be dandy! The more you model deep and passionate interest in the world, the more your little Sag will, too. Try to spend extra time with your sensitive Libra child. Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign: Astrologys Big Three, Thanks to the explosion of astrology online and in social media, many people are taking a deeper dive into their personal astrology. I wish you the best on your pregnancy! $1.99 for your first reading. Poor Libra, he might sometimes feel like hes trying to balance a bull fight! Born on Nov 22, so shes a Scorpio/Sag cusp ! Or draw inspiration from the world of science: Albert (Einstein), Isaac (Newton), Charles (Darwin), Stephen (Hawking), and Nikola (Tesla) are good inspiration. If that happens, mom should remember that like her, her Taurus child shares her love of the great outdoors and plan some mom and child excursions. Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius are likely to stand back and watch the fireworks. The Sun sizzles through your sector of children and creativity this month. Lol but of course I persisted through all of lifes challenges and came out better, so I hope they will do the same. Aries and Sagittarius . Your Aries daughter is not a conventional child, nor will she become a conformist adult. Just the facts. Of course, even a Sagittarian child needs some routine and structure in his life. Aries, who loves to encourage others to act, calls Sagittarius and sees that he has already fled. Neither of you is interested in spending long, lazy afternoons at home, and in this respect, you're a great match. 2023 LoveToKnow Media. You are right! Im a Capricorn and his daddy is a Pisces and we wanted to have an Aries baby, no other sign. As Bulls do, they just bravely weather storms by simply outlasting them. And, try not let the Virgos pick at the Sagittarius and Aries because both those signs have zero problem retaliating like warriors. Im a Leo mom with a Sagittarius hubby so this will be extremely interesting. Also, the key phrase doesnt match up. Shes surrounded by so much Earth and Fire it would be easy for her Water element to dry up. She will want them to make their own decisions, and in some cases, their own mistakes. We also have a 7 yr old Aquarius son. He will probably love playing the Knight banishing the evil dragon only after a very long and strenuous chase. In this way, she can give her Capricorn child something to work on, teach and guide her, and also have some one-on-one fun with her child while enjoying her diligent child's sense of accomplishment. Aries are, also, very innovative. A Libra child is an intelligent child who wants to learn and can learn a lot from his Sagittarius mom. A Sagittarius Mom and a Gemini child seem to be made for one another. Last year your ruler Jupiter entered your . A Sagittarius parent only needs to remember that theyre in charge, and rules are good for their Gemini kids. The Aries daughter always wants independence from a young age. She's not as optimistic as mom and worries about trifles, while mom has faith that everything will work out just fine, so there's no need to sweat the small stuff. These kids will have a fantastic work ethic, and will thrive on structure, and are very good with money. We are just having a very hard time. Aries likes the enthusiasm of Sagittarius and his cheerful, straightforward nature. A Sagittarius teen is very intelligent, but may bristle under the rules and structure of school, and may not see the point of doing homework. Sagittarians are particularly cheery and known for their positive outlook. Never a dull moment with him lol. If your heart is set on a Sagittarian man, you're in for a challenge. The Aries baby is really teaching us all about what life and love is about. A Sagittarius teen is a great role model for younger kids, and a position as a camp counselor can give them the independence they need while being a mentor. The Pisces mother is likely to encourage her children to study often so that they can get into a good college. Theres just something in the Aries mind that knows how to put people together in such a way so that her team is the best (thanks, of course, to her guidance). This child is as open and carefree as his mother, just as she is impatient and also a fan of adventures. A sensitive Pisces child needs lots of emotional support, reassurance, and guidance, which at times can be a tall order for a Sagittarian mom, who more naturally gives her kids the freedom to learn experientially. We just had a baby girl in March (Pieces) and she definitely seems to fit that description. But he does not like very much the straightforward, rude notes of Sagittarius Although, when they are not referring to him, but to someone else, its even funny! Mom must teach and guide her reckless Aries child to slow down a bit to consider the consequences before he takes action. This pair can be intense and dynamic. We also have bad tempers. Aries child is a leader by nature compared to Gemini mother who prefers to take it slow. This is same for my hubby and I, except the opposite. We all have a mix of Zodiac Signs that influence our life path and personality so check it out. Content provided on is intended for entertainment, infotainment purposes only and should not be taken as advice. They truly do want to understand your thinking and once they grasp the particulars youll get far more collaboration from them. A Sagittarian child learns best by exploring the boundaries of his world and taking risks. This is especially true in teen years. My aries have very good hearts. Not only will they be the best. Sagittarius, of course, is smart enough, but he does not want to be forced to choose what was not part of his plans. Aries and Sagittarius will certainly get under Virgos skin and vice versa. This is all so interesting! Please excuse some of my grammatical errors, using a phone that doesnt show the whole screen limits my ability to proofread. The Aquarius mother wants the Aries child to be distinguished by thoughtfulness and justice. A Leo child's high-energy, happy smiling nature, and love of adventure will be a joy to a Sagittarian mom. My almost one year old is an Aries and my 5 year old boy is an Aquarius. Scorpio kids have feelings that run deep, and Scorpio kids can get offended if they think their Sagittarius parent is minimizing their feelings. Natives are advised to Talk to astrologers. This year, Saubhagya Yoga, Shobhan Yoga and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga are going to be made on Rangabhari Ekadashi, which will be directly seen on Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. Well, heres the thing about Sagittariuss and Leos- they love adventure just as much as Aries so you, daddy Leo and baby Aries are peas in a pod and will have many great escapades together! Its important a Sagittarius teen finds their own interests and passions, and support them by giving them the time and space to do what they wish to do. I know that this thread is old but was hoping for some insight I have a 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter they are both Aries and are complete opposites which I always thought was weird. Also, when your daughter is with you make sure she stays busy. Learn about this zodiac sign's parenting challenges and strengths. Pairing Capricorn and Gemini is like pairing up Yoda with Tinker Bell. Both of you are blessed with boundless energy, but you express it in different ways. Sagittarius kids will love this Newberry Medal winning book about acceptance, tolerance, and never taking no for an answer. Your lives will be extremely interesting! These two are good for each other as the Sagittarius mother motivates her child while the child is proud of the mother. And, if I read this correctly, you have 4 Aries girls? As soon as an Aries baby can move theyll reach out for every part of their environment, wanting to experience it to the fullest. LOL. But if that initial burst of passion turns into a lifelong partnership and a family, only good kids can come of it. Do not endeavor to tell an Aries what to think or do. My eyes are wide open reading the Aries description! My son is incredibly smart and has boss mentality. Sagittarius mother - Capricorn child Photo credit: Astrology Zone A Capricorn child will learn from their Sagittarius mother how to enjoy life rather than just focus on accomplishments. I will say our little taurus has been a blessing and has helped the older kids mature better and have greater patience. This is not surprising when you consider that Mars rules the Aries personality. You can click to visit her site Family photo shoots. However, mom does have a "live and let live" attitude about others, even her kids. Thats a LOT of horns all in one house! But in the second half of the year, there may be problems regarding health, business, love life, work, and many more. This can be a great pair, but their blunt honesty can sometimes result in hurt feelings. House Aries and Sagittarius can be filled with unfinished drawings, unfinished cardboard locks and not completely assembled cars - all these cases were abandoned as soon as attention was attracted by something new. These signs connect on an intellectual levelstumped by a situation? This complements the Aquarius daughter who is just as ambitious and fun loving. Aries children certainly have a flair for the dramatic your living room will become a stage for numerous stories and performances. What this means for the Aries parent is that finding healthy outlets for your sons competitive nature can take the battle out of the home. So far Im in love with her personality and cant wait to see the adventure that awaits us! They Are Natural Leaders. They are excited to have children and determined to give their children the best life that they possibly can. On the other hand, a Cancer child is all about mom, and a Sagittarian mom can be an inspiration for a shy Cancer child. A Sagittarius mom will have to make some sacrifices to meet the needs of a Cancer child. Daddy is a Finnish man, Pisces sun and Sagittarius moon and Im a Chilean Capricorn with a Pisces moon and Sagittarius ascendant. Wow, wow, WOW! It has helped a lot these past few months. The father wants the Sagittarius to achieve a lot and be as persistent and prosperous as he is. Same here! Hi, I loved reading this And, in general, its wonderful - that there is a mother who loves life no less than her child! . Both adventurous, Pisces and Sagittarius child-parent pairs love planning adventures and can even make a trip to the grocery store special. I actually feel sometimes that he is more like a Taurus child, and feel a connection of similar personalities with him. And shes doing so well! The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Kelly Barnhill. She is ready to pay little Sagittarius for some work in the house: let him know that money does not fall from the sky and that they need to be earned. As they get older, small ritualscatchphrases, notes slipped under their doortake on more meaning. Im pregnant with an Aries due date. This is the parent who can stay up nights cleaning up the house with one hand and rocking a colicky baby to sleep with . Both adventurous and curious, this can be a good pair, but Sag parents should be aware that their little Libra can be sensitive, and may take off the cuff comments to heart. New Delhi, India. Aries kids tend to get into trouble when they have nothing to focus on or accomplish. The Aries baby would fancy the fact that the Capricorn parent would always take care of them responsibly. As the first zodiac sign Aries is born with all the traits of leadership. Despite this childs fiery nature, they like to learn. Scorpio Mother Traits: Qualities and Personalities of Scorpio Mothers, Capricorn Mother Traits: Qualities and Personalities of Capricorn Mothers. Anymore our Aries boy is very very trying always lieing, and very sneaky. Her kids are in for a fun and educational ride along. Mom is anything but a homebody; a Cancer child prefers to stay at home.

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