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Brian Reindl, writer and producer of Greater, said he loved the opportunity to tell such an incredible story in his first-ever production. Burlsworth, 22, died 10 days after his selection on April 28, 1999, in a car crash in Arkansas. Tee came off the field and Billy told him, Hey man, dont put your helmet away. I promise you that ball seemed like it was there for 5 or 6 seconds.. Unfortunately, Brandon was tragically killed in a head-on automobile collision just 11 days after the draft. Among UT fans, his name is synonymous with the Arkansas fumble and what it meant to UTs 1998 season. ( Marty Burlsworth ) From left to right, Brandon Burlsworth, Grant Garrett and Russ Brown pose for a picture in 1997. Oh well, it was a great run. UT took over at the Hogs 43-yard line with just 1:43 left. Burlsworth was killed in a car accident near Alpena, Arkansas, on April 28, 1999, on . That was Brandons example He could have thought of himself as a big star, but he was guided by his faith and love for his family., The Link Network is a product of the Department of Communication at Harding University. The foundation, established in 1999, has several programs that serve children in Arkansas and around the country. He made himself into a player by just working harder than everyone else. Copyright 2023 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Said Burlsworth's position coach and lineman on the 1964 national champion Razorback team Mike Bender, "(He's) the best to play the offensive line in Arkansas history. There has never been one like Brandon, and there never will be again.". He said Ford wasn't enthused and even said Brandon would never earn a scholarship because he wasn't the type of player they were looking for. Tennessee is only one of a handful of SEC football states with legalized sports betting. The press conference will be streamed live. On the practice field, a dedicated and fully-focused Burlsworth did not remove his helmet or unbutton his chin strap. Burlsworth was killed in a car accident less than two weeks after he was drafted. It was a tough situation. The other producers couldnt guarantee just how accurate the depiction would be. I think about it all the time. The note arrived on the day Brandon died. brandon burlsworth car accident details, 47 Best Movies Images In 2019 Film Movie Movie Clock, 17 Best Divorce Board Images Divorce Divorce Lawyers This Or, 46 Best Inspiring People Images Looking Up Robyn Davidson, 14 Best Sports Images Arkansas Razorbacks Football Arkansas, 21 Best Elijah Oyefeso Pictures Images Elijah Pictures, 16 Best New Dvd S January 2017 Images Movie Tv New Movies, 26 3d Movie Prime Video Best Choice In 2020 Hd Movies Movies, 54 Best Christian Videos Streaming On Amazon Prime I Like Images. To be of the offensive line Brandon took a risk and walked on 1994! MB: We want them to know that bad things can and will happen. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. See production, box office & company info, Well-done and inspiring faith-based movie, Mike & Mike: Episode dated 23 August 2016. Brian Reindl, writer and producer of "Greater," said he loved the opportunity to tell such an incredible story in his first-ever production. Brandon sure left an indelible impression on me.". He inspires people. Brandon said, 'Yes, sir.' Hereof, what year did Brandon Burlsworth die? You take the ball and drive it and run almost the same play, sometimes right, sometimes left, but basically the same play and run it down their throat and win the game and dont leave hardly any time on the clock. Fifteen years. So sad, so much promise, such a terrific person. Harding School of Theology student Ben Hansen said the movie far exceeded his low expectations due to the quality of some Christian movies. More than. Personal Life & Death. That has to be the bittersweet part for Ratliff. Suddenly, the Vols had the ball in Arkansas territory with time to mount a more conventional drive. "I thought it would soften the blow because there was going to be a ceremony on opening day where our family would get a framed jersey," said Marty. "Brandon hadn't been around the NFL so as a close family, we were going to live it with him. His name was Brandon Burlsworth, and a new movie in theaters this weekend - Greater (PG) - tells the incredible story of the chubby kid who wasn't recruited by any big-name colleges out of high school but proceeded to walk on with the home-state Arkansas Razorbacks, earn a scholarship, and become an All-American offensive lineman. Eleven days after being drafted burlsworth was killed in a car accident near alpena arkansas on april 28 1999 on his way back to his hometown of harrison after a workout in fayetteville. Under the organizations umbrella, there are multiple programs. He died in a car crash on April 28, 1999, shortly after he was drafted by the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. Since 2010, the Burlsworth Trophy has been handed out to the best player in college football who started his career as a walk-on. After Brandon was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, the caring couple asked Barbara if they might give Brandon some new shirts and a set of luggage for his trip. He hosts an SEC radio show out of Chattanooga and covers the SEC for Saturday Down South. The storys been told a lot but it probably hasnt reached as many people as you think, he said. It was apparently a shocker to a few of the reviewers here, but Greater includes some Christian themes in it. However, he was killed in an automobile accident 11 days after the draft. . Brandon was a walk on turned All American at the University of Arkansas. "It would have been great to see Brandon play, but it wasn't God's plan. That wasn't the way it's supposed to be, and that's what you accept.". After Burslworths death, those close to him created the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation; according to the foundations website, the Christian organizations mission is to support the physical and spiritual needs of children, in particular those who have limited opportunities. I knew nothing of Brandons story, said Budman. 2 Alabama, SEC Women's Basketball Tournament action suspended due to weather delay, 2 SEC players named to late-season watch list for Oscar Robertson Player of the Year Trophy, Overrated? When (Greater producer and co-screenwriter) Brian Reindl came to us, we instantly felt a comfort level with him and his desire to tell Brandons story. Brandon had always dreamed of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but was considered too short and too fat to play Division I. Undeterred, Brandon took a big risk and walked on in 1994. . Known throughout Arkansas, Indianapolis was only getting to know Burlsworth. I kept thinking Someone needs to make a movie about this guy,' Reindl said. You sow a habit, you reap a character. Considering the medical issues, an NFL career wasnt likely in the works. I remember Al on the sideline screaming at us and telling us, We cant lose to Arkansas, Ratliff said. Scanlon will be the 14 th recipient of the award, the first being awarded in 2010 to Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt.. A 2-year letterman for the Razorbacks, Kevin . There were times when he was almost late to games because he would never turn a kid down for an autograph or anything.. As of the 2020 census the population stood at 128. The magazine did an extensive eight-page piece on him. Instead, the accident happened four days later, tearing holes in the hearts of everyone who knew Brandon. We have a saying in our family, said Marty Burlsworth. This is the life story of Brandon Burlsworth who is probably best known as a former offensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks from 1995 - 1999 (which is also the same time I went to the University of Arkansas). Brandon Burlsworth is perhaps the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Harding University in Florence students get Sladers Alaskan Dumpling Co. hosts birthday Students attend annual National Prayer Breakfast. Brandon was on his way home from the university of arkansas to pick up his mother and attend church when the accident happened 11. The foundation also runs football camps and presents several awards and scholarships. "We were in need of finding a guard to shore up the line. We were impressed with the "guy with the horned-rimmed glasses that looked like Drew Carey." know it would happen, but Brandon knew all his life that God had placed His hand upon him and that he would be nowhere without God. BURLSWORTH, 22, a third-round draft pick of the Indianapolis Colts on April 17, was driving on U.S. 412 when he became involved in . He is a great story about a guy who overcame huge obstacles through hard work, determination and perseverance. When his brother Marty sees how much he meant to the people of his hometown and how many have shown up for his funeral, he rebuffs The Farmer, deciding to celebrate Brandon's life and move on with his own. Brandon was Brandon Burlsworth, an All-American offensive guard who began his career at Arkansas as a walk-on and was known for his thick, black glasses. That wouldnt be the case. I dont want to tell them what to walk away with I want to inspire them through this story.. It became clear that this was a story that would resonate far beyond the state boundaries. I really felt like that game built character in our team because for the first time, we felt the feeling of defeat and that was a feeling we didnt want to have anymore.. After college he became a third-round pick of the Colts. "When Brandon showed up at the rookie camp, he was even better than I thought he'd be," said Mudd. Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Brandon was tragically killed in a car accident, crushing all who . Before I leave the remarkable legacy of Harrison's Brandon Burlsworth and the film of his life called Greater, now showing in nearly 400 theaters across America, I want to share a few back-story notes about the 22-year-old Razorback All-American who died in a tragic traffic accident on April 28, 1999. He was able to focus and achieve his primary goals that included earning a master's degree, making All-American and being drafted by an NFL team. Yet Ford agreed to let Brandon show up as a "preferred walk-on.". He was traveling to Harrison from Fayetteville to . This is an inspirational film, and I believe its a film you will want to see over and over again. The 22-year-old Burlsworth, who had been drafted by the Colts 11 days earlier after earning first-team All-America honors as a fifth-year senior, was involved in a head-on crash with a. Brandon Burlsworth, NFL player. We had never had a problem with anybody in the SEC but Florida. Ratliff replaced fellow defensive lineman Jeff Coleman, who was suffering from cramps on the sideline when Ratliffe made history. A UT win would mean the Vols national title hopes would stay alive. Every national championship team that ever played college football has to have a little luck sometime. The coach said he managed to get back to his feet, still surrounded by the team. Though Burlsworths story is not new, Budman felt that he should approach the story, with reporter Tom Rinaldi, as if every viewer was learning about it for the first time. You sow a character, you reap a destiny. Brandon was a guy who could have been from anywhere. 412 when he became involved in the crash with two tractor trailers officials said. Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas and Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson advanced Tuesday to a runoff election as they seek to become the Windy City's next mayor, putting an end to incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot's one-term tenure leading the city amid an unprecedented crime wave.. Who are the two candidates looking to come out on top in the April 4 runoff election? Brandon burlsworths first act as a wealthy nfl offensive tackle was going to be to buy himself a bigger. Arkansas needed 12 yards for the first down, but that wasnt even necessary. Your IP: The story of Brandon Burlsworth is one of the most amazing in football history. After his death, Burlsworth's #77 became only the second retired number in Razorback football history. At the combine, Burlsworth topped all linemen with a 4.88 40-yard dash. He bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times, weighed 308 pounds and measured a slight notch below 6-4. Brandon Burlsworth excelled in high school football, making All-Conference and All-State. This is incredible. Do it the Burls way: Have character. Brandon the officer told us had collided head on with a semi. Please enjoy the peak of my journalistic career. At Arkansas, the former Harrison High School player became a three-year starter and finished as an All-Southeastern Conference pick and on the Associated Press All-America second team. Actor Chris Severio as Brandon Burlsworth, wearing his trademark black-rimmed glasses. The Colts also announced all members of the team will have a special decal on their helmets in a tribute to Burlsworth. Sow with action, you reap a habit. His truck collided with an approaching 18-wheeler causing him to veer into his lane then he crashed with another tractor-trailer head-on. Although he never played a down in the NFL, he had impressed Mudd enough during mini-camp that. While you might not know his name, Brandon Burlsworth and his college football career deserve to be at the top of the list. INDIANAPOLIS By now, Brandon Burlsworth likely would be retired, probably a world champion and former Pro Bowler and, possibly, according to his brother, Marty, headed to Canton, Ohio. You like to see those kinds of things happen in sports. In this 1999 photo, the locker of Brandon Burlsworth is seen encased in glass in the locker room at the University of Arkansas. Departments offer new classes across campus, Student Association hosts first birthday bash. A&P Commission approves funding for robotics Campus Life introduces Cotton Candy Friday. Dave Hooker started covering Tennessee in 1998. This is a movie not just for football fans but for everyone. Q: I remember hearing how as a high school sophomore that Brandon didnt look anything like a future SEC player. I have a son right now that just turned 22. The NFL Combine begins next week in Indianapolis and will begin to bring more clarity to how teams around the league rate this year's group of draft-eligible quarterbacks. Im not sure what coach Nutt was thinking about, Ratliff said. Literally., Danielle Lerner (@danielle_lerner) August 29, 2019, @espn Amazing photo and article. Brandon Burlsworth death scene What was Brandon Burlsworth's death scene like? Certainly, football was immensely important to Brandon, but it was his character and the relationship he had with God that defined who Brandon Burlsworth really was. Casting Directors are now casting for the upcoming SAG feature film "Greater" filming in Arkansas. '"I told him how much it would mean to them to receive that message from him.". The lineman had returned from the Colts' weekend minicamp. Former Arkansas football player and Indianapolis Colts draft pick Brandon Burlsworth died Wednesday in a car crash while travelling to his home, state police said. The accident came less than two weeks after the Colts selected him and shortly after he had participated in the team's minicamp where coaches tabbed him as a potential starter at guard. About Saturday Down South | Ethics and Editorial Standards | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Other Conferences: Big Ten | ACC | Pac-12, "Billy Ratliff was right next to me. Freshmen bring people together with Bison El Puente celebrates National Hispanic Heritage University executes new check-in procedures for Harding students from Florida react to Harding students to participate in business ASI kicks off distinguished lecture series University centers Lectureship around Christ and Q&A with Lisa Williams, ambassador for University celebrates Williams inauguration, Songwriting contest ends in recording workshop. Burlsworth never got to join the Colts, though. Unfortunately, Brandon was tragically killed in a head-on automobile collision just 11 days after the draft." Im going to try jump the snap, get off the ball as quick as possible and Im going to put my hand straight on his chest and run him through the goalpost, Ratliff said recently when asked what he remembered about the play that would most define UTs national championship season. As spelled out in an ESPN college football video, Burlsworth was never the most athletic guy; during high school, he was slow, soft, and didnt see significant playing time until his junior year. Inspiring to watch his football and his story change others around him and his journey towards wholeness. "The common . Once his chance, though, Burlsworth seized his opportunity. Burlsworth's Arkansas jersey number 77 was retired by the Colts for Hall-of-Famer Jim Parker, but Burlsworth's memorial picture ran on page 77 of the Indianapolis media guide. A "BB" sticker inside the club logo was worn on the rear of helmets that season. There is some footage of the real Brandon after the last credits. Before I leave the remarkable legacy of Harrison's Brandon Burlsworth and the film of his life called Greater, now showing in nearly 400 theaters across America, I want to share a few back-story . There was only one problem. #biGTime #TogetherWeSwarm, Following a resignation for personal misconduct and an NCAA show-cause penalty, he finds a home at the conservative Christian school in Virginia. Throughout his football career, Brandon Burlsworth never let adversity stop him from achieving his goals. Brandon's family established an establishment in 1999 to respect him. He was made to do it. The Burlsworth Trophy has been awarded every year since 2010. I never lost my faith and that first night, after everyone had gone home, I grabbed my wife and my moms hand and we prayed. "I liked him so much that I used him as the barometer for the rest of the players I evaluated that year. At halftime of the team's season-opener against Buffalo, Colts owners Jim and Meg Irsay presented Burlsworth's family and Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles with checks for $5,000 each. Brandon was elected to the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2002 and the UA Letterman's Association Hall of Honor in 2004. The car accident happened on April 28, 1999, near Alpena when he was on his way back from his hometown of Harrison after a workout in Fayetteville. He didnt just lay the ball on the ground. Burlsworth died in a car accident on April 28, 1999, and his story of faith and conviction has been gaining recognition in recent years due to various programs and a new biopic called "Greater.". As a part of the program, the Colts will hire a Dungy Fellow for the offense and the defense. The Colts honored the Burlsworth family on opening day in 1999 with a framed jersey number 66. "Then I turned around and the next player I faced was Brandon. You can see through the movie that the way he lived his life and how his family reacted answers the question of what to do when these things happen.. Burlsworth was killed in a car accident less than two weeks after he was drafted. But Arkansas was the dream. They came to town to interview everyone and get photographs for the magazine. The Good Lord doesnt make things happen without a reason. After all, UT needed a pass interference penalty to beat Syracuse and were outgained by Florida but still beat the Gators. I asked Barbara about what her son's faith meant to him. In the world of sports, there are plenty of iconic underdog stories. During his junior and senior years, his work ethic and focus really kicked in. Carrolton (AP) - Former Arkansas offensive guard BRANDON BURLSWORTH died in a car crash as he headed home to Harrison from Fayetteville, officials said. A mother losing a child at that young age, it was tough. Brandon Burlsworth was the former All-American offensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks. In the book about Brandon's life, retired businessman Bud Walsh of Harrison is credited with advising Brandon's older brother Marty to contact Razorback Assistant Coach Harold Horton to hopefully become a walk-on. Brandon Burlsworth died from a car accident just eleven days after being drafted. "I sent one of those shirts to the funeral home and Brandon was buried in it," said Barbara. ET on ESPN from Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas. As UTs defense tried to hold on, quarterback Tee Martin and UT offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe were devising a drive in which theyd have very little time left if they got the ball back at all. She smiles when she sees the many thousands of children and others who've benefited enormously from the charitable Brandon Burlsworth Foundation and from his once having lived a blessed and honorable life among us. Think about how much it must have hurt Russell to keep this secret, and how much he's risking by coming out now while trying to revive his NFL career. Brandon Vaughn Burlsworth was born in Harrison, Arkansas, on September 20, 1976 to Leo Burlsworth and Barbara Burlsworth. He wanted to buy mom a nice house. #OvercomingTheOddsParalympian Scout Bassett embraces her story of scars, survival ESPN, Lillian Jackson (@diamondlil1016) August 29, 2019, Friends, I spent the day with Arsenals Gunnersaurus Rex. The play was unpredictable, right? 1. It was tough. I tell people all the time that if I was still in the game when that happened, we probably would have lost because I just didnt have it in the tank right then, Coleman said. Stoerner tried to balance himself with right hand. Among UT fans, his name is synonymous with the Arkansas fumble. The Harrison, Arkansas, native walked on and became a three-year starter, All-American and NFL Draft pick. In Anticipation Of UFC 285 On ESPN+ PPV Saturday, Four Experts Weighed In, ESPNs Renewal Of Three-Year Formula 1 Deal Is Off To A Roaring Start, Starting Five: NBA Today and NBA Countdowns Malika Andrews. Life itself, squeezed into 60 minutes in 100 yards. He went to Harrison High School and graduated from there. "I kept coming back to comparisons with Brandon. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. While Ratliffs NFL future was never a realistic option because of his myriad injuries, Burlsworth had an incredibly bright future ahead of him. After his rise to prominence at Arkansas, Brandon Burlsworth seemed poised to make the leap to the NFL. But there was a film made about it and there were a lot of articles about it. All-American ( 1998) 2 First-team All-SEC ( 1997, 1998) Arkansas Razorbacks No. . I love that, whether its as (a former) lineman or just a person that likes sports. That defined the Tennessee offense that year, Cutcliffe said. Our family chose to turn our grief into something that would make a difference and honor Brandon for the things he felt so strongly about. With the tragic way he died, how did you make sense of it all? That was one of those plays that had to happen. Our opponents are set! You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Mudd was among the club's personnel who knew Burlsworth the best. A week after the draft, others got a glimpse of the player who drew visible comparisons to TV's Drew Carey. "He always said there would be time for girls later, but he had things he needed to accomplish first," said his mother, Barbara Burlsworth, a Harrison Realtor. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing. Burlsworth died in a car accident on April 28, 1999, and his story of faith and conviction has been gaining recognition in recent years due to various programs and a new biopic called Greater.. If Arkansas could just run the clock and punt the ball deep, theyd likely upset the top-ranked Vols in Neyland Stadium. Two months after the accident, Harrison football coach Tommy Tice told Sports Illustrated, "You had to be careful what you told Brandon. Brandon believed whatever his coach, his mother and his preacher told him was right. When relatively healthy, Ratliff showed he had elite talent. Brandon Vaughn Burlsworth (September 20, 1976 - April 28, 1999) was an offensive lineman for the Arkansas Razorbacks football team from 1995 to 1998. Ratliff and Burlsworth will always be linked by the Arkansas fumble. You want to just tell the story as if no one had ever heard it before. ", "He literally kept his goal focused right behind his nose through his college career.". Burlsworth, whose heavy frame and thick, black-rimmed . "As time goes on, you deal with the hurt. That 'what ifs' never really go away," said Marty. "We're life-long Colts fans, always will be. They added that they hope the movie raises awareness for what they are trying to do with their foundation and helps make the Burlsworth name synonymous with strong character. One Hollywood keeps making movies about superheroes and people who arent heroes at all, but here is a real life hero that my kids can look up to.. He went to mini-camp, but was killed a few days . All rights reserved. "There are people in the organization we feel close to. I'm still asked by people in Harrison about the Colts, and I tell them about our close relationship to this day. Arkansas is impressed with the Colts, no doubt about that.". Aaron Burlsworth, Harding sophomore and nephew of Brandon Burlsworth, said his family wanted to make sure faith was directly involved in the film, as it was a huge part of Brandons life.

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