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Challenge his brain and keep him interested in life by teaching him tricks and providing him with puzzle toys that will reward him with kibble or treats when he learns how to manipulate them. If you see these images on other websites, they are stolen Required fields are marked *. The body of the Chartreux is considered primitive with a very sturdy torso with broad shoulders and a deep chest. 5 kittens to a good home, 120 ono / make an offer 2 black and grey This is reflected in the extensive checks and procedures we follow to ensure our partner breeders are professional, ethical, and passionate about kitten welfare. and sells Chartreux kittens. Oramor Burmese & Siamese provide you with companionship, unconditional love and affection! The reason that we can't keep her is: there is a Tomcat in our nebourhood and he sprays by the entrance door and makes Billie to wee and mark on our doormat. Australia's Ethical Pet Directory since 2014 Looking for Chartreux for sale in the USA by New York State? ", " highly recommend Out of stock PRICE ON DEMAND Female, Maya, Chartreux kitten for sale SOLD SORRY ! We like The Chartreux is a reasonably large cat that weighs between 7 and 16 pounds and stands 9 to 11 inches tall. Adoption fee is $90 Please call or text on Photos will be updated with new kittens as they come in. Contact Chanson Bleu Chartreux by: Email: Telephone: 603-763-5600 The Chartreux is sweet and quiet with a gentle, amenable nature. She is so very wonderful! Abyssinian Kittens American Bobtail Kitten We have been selling kittens as family pets since 2012 and also offer breeding All Breeding studs and Queens are DNA PKD TESTED and are all Negative. Our main goal is to support ethical breeders who ensure the welfare and health of the kittens and breeding cats by facilitating a hygienic environment, ample space to play, healthy nutrition, social interaction, and grooming. We recently moved and cant have pet.. We have a6 year old Orange Tabby available for adoption! She has a broad chest, a muscular neck, strong jaws, and a well developed muzzle. Moving house and sadly cant take her with us. We do check the background and work only with verified and reputable cat breeders near you. Our Maine Coon has been an amazing addition to our family and I couldnt have asked for a better experience! ", " I can not say enough good things about Mari and Purebred Kitties. Beautiful Chartreux Kittens We provide a 1-year genetic health guarantee with all the adoptions. However, their energy levels are not super high, so they have a good balance between activeness and relaxation. ", " I can not say enough good things about Mari and Purebred Kitties. Launceston, TAS, Tobias Cattery - Scottish Fold, Scottish Shorthair, British Shorthair Cat Breeder - Frankston, Victoria, Doklao Korats - Korat Breeder - Sydney, NSW, Burmese and Siamese Cat Breeder - Oramor - Maryborough, QLD, Ravera Ragdolls - Ragdoll Cat Breeder - Wollongong, NSW. Hes super friendly and very playful but knows when its time to quiet down. All trademarks are owned by Socit des Produits Nestl S.A., or used with permission. Microchip: $5 - $50. For example, they must take every Chartreux kitten for a health checkup with a licensed veterinarian before putting them up for sale. Health check California, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Domestic Shorthaired Cat, Florida Bonita Springs, British Longhair, Washington Mount Vernon, Seal point ragdoll/long hair British kittens kittens for sale. Of course, adopting is a cheaper option if you are lucky enough. Female tortoiseshell colour kitten needing a good home. You can buy kittens online from us with 100% safety. They also have a good level of independence and tend to be okay when left alone during the day. Contact us at When it comes to the costs of a cat or kitten, there's a wide range of prices for nearly every necessity you can think of. So let me know if youre interested ASAP! How can I help my Chartreux settle into my home? Are also individual wormed Due to their bone structure, these cats sometimes appear to be smiling. He needs to go to a home where he is the only pet and where there are no children. // -->