china lake underground base

I display the plaque in my current office to this very day. Ft. AT & T maintains an underground facility at Fairview, KS.52. The area is desolate and the nearest populated area is an hour and a half drive to Lancaster for shopping, dining, or anything else for that matter. [20]Its in the zone of silence. So first you have to get on the military base, number one. Pine Bluff, Ark. There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations which make some people sick and cause headaches in others. See #15 above). Fig. The vast majority of them are built to be self-contained and to house a certain amount of people, anywhere from 10, 20 to 100 years, and sustain them. China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station Chaplain . . 14. 3150 N 1100 1948 W, saucer base below, intelligence training above, mind-control incl. OREGON90. The Los Alamos area underground facility . This event may not seem much, but it was very impressive to see at the time. There are many things in that area that are classified to this day, but there are a few things I can talk about what without landing in prison. And, of course, you have the tunnel-boring machines. NEW HAMPSHIRE71-73. China Lake Naval Weapons base. The purpose is the testing of various UFOs and other secret aircraft like the Aurora and Stealth. This bypassed having to convert to digital format on tape and dumped the data directly into a format that the data reduction programs could work with. Green Valley6. They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the 1940s. All these places are located in very remote areas in the desert. And then they build within it. 348 N 117 48 W20. Bull Run, north side of Bull Run Reservoir area near Mt. Darwin, CA, 4 miles dues west of Darwin 17. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The most amazing thing I remember about the experience is we could not hear the B-2 over the F-16s. The Tomahawk was instantly shredded, but its pieces kept flying along its original trajectory. The facility farthest east, about 20 miles inland in the wilderness near Hwy 42, has been shut down. The pods can go over 700 MPH. And then a lot of times, they would just drill really deep holes, put in charges of high plastiques, things that detonate at well over 32,000 feet per second, that just turn the rock to dust, no matter how hard it is, and then they excavate it. The worst of the federal prisoners are placed in this underground prison which has 7,100 cells which are filled with about 2,700 federal inmates. . NEW YORK85. The NOD Deep Underground Installation has numerous levels to it. This DUM sits on China Lake's NWC's land, and may have been built in the '60s. A newly-developed rocket on a launching ramp at the Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake, Calif., Feb. 12, 1949. Now, with all that is happening, we are left to ponder the real possibility that Putin unleashed a doomsday weapon upon the Western United States as magma flows, resulting from the deep underground earthquake attack on China Lake are making their way west . The US Government has been involved covertly in the creation of an army of loyal, brainwashed soldiers of the future. The glass would then crack and burst open like a banana peel across many many miles. Has a saucer base.26. It is a government research installation used in bacteriological warfare. Carlsbad Cavern area (now destroyed), 32 25.0N 1040 14.0W -old relics of saucer base left.76-78. Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB, and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.47. As you pass through Hawthorne, you can see signs which read 'Naval Undersea Warfare Center'. Adirondack Mountains (near Elizabethtown)86. Some are under UTEP in El Paso, TX. This is a U.S. alien research/ diagnostic facility and UFO base. . Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. One is Station A the other Station B. They were brought there to test new technologies and were to be returned to that ship after its maintenance was complete. & ? And then up in recent times, they have more recent, next-gen type of explosive devices, that when detonated, leave a lot more desirable, almost spherical hole in the rock, that also has almost no radiation.[2], A lot of underground bases are built under Indian reservations. WEST VIRGINIA103. Hillsong Uniteds Taya Smith Explains New Hairstyle - Its all about the BUZZ! Manzano Mtn, near Albuquerque, known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex, Airforce, 3,000-acre base within the Kirtland AFB/Sandia National Labs complex, guarded by 4 lethal rings of fences, use unknown, suspected UFO base. In the Bat/Dry/Dead Man/ Howell cluster of caves- reported saucer base62. I think these human incubators will become a thing someday. I find it amazing that so many Americans, Scandanavians, and Western Europeans refuse to believe that there are millions of UNISF and UNMNTF Troops in America. The aircraft tracked time, speed, INS (Inertial Navigation System), weapon release data, and TPSI (Time and Space Position Information), amongst other things. White Sulphur Springs, under the Greenbriar Hotel, a mini-city large enough for 800 people equipped with its own crematorium, if there are any other purposes other than listening to U.S. microwave communication it is unknown by this author. Take China Lake Blvd all the . Alamosa, 37 28.1 N 10552.2W W- reported saucer base37. The formation banked to the north and turned back around south and then did a touch and go on the runway while the F-16s stayed airborne a few feet above it. COLORADO 36. Satellite image of Aug. 18, 2020, appears to show a Chinese submarine using an underground base on Hainan Island on the South China Sea. Angel Peak- reported saucer base. [14], Pine Gap is located in Australias Northern Territory; to locals it is nothing more than a satellite ground station which is jointly operated by the Americans and Aussies. It's literally a dry lake, meaning that just a few feet beneath th. China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station Legal Services/JAG. The military simply guards these facilities. This area was very active in the 1970s. Another underground facility may also exist in the area, FEMA & possibly NSA, the facility may be 10 levels deep, purpose unknown.56. I got to be there one time when they were executing a test. I think not. Los Angeles, On Hwy 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. There is Dulce Base, in New Mexico. But since this was already on the base, inside another base thats there . Another remote location with some interesting characters. Your email address will not be published. Book Cliffs, CO, 39 40 . 90 via Nucla. Deep Springs, CA, 3722 N 117 59.3 W. saucer base A track runs through the middle of the eerie underground facility. Two types of trams. White Sands, 3222.8N 10628.8W, a major hub for research, tied in with Dulce & NORAD, HO for NASA /military shuttle flights, radiation research ctr. Serves as a UFO base, biological experiments, production center for small-grey drones. Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape. Under the Partnerships For Peace Program PFPP set up by President Bill Clinton in early 1993, thousands of troops a month have been coming into America. Deep Springs, CA, 3722 N 117 59.3 W. saucer base. Army officials confirmed to that there is an approved plan to dedicate $572 million to . There base here.104. I was to be located at a building next to the airfield on the base where you had to have special clearance to even get through the gate. The map shows an underground base and a tunnel going into it at a place called 29 palms. I was in Henderson on May 3-4, 1988 on one of my Death . I am in the back seat of a stranger's 4x4, crossing a missile test range in the Mojave Desert. Some people said it was a hoax, but there is an opening for an underground base system that submarines use off the coast of California that was, I believe, caught on a satellite image. Coos Bay area has had three separate but coordinating underground facilities built for UFOs. , MESA (Missile Engagement Simulation Arena). These aircraft lift off from multiple military bases and aerospace contract facilities from Air Force Plant 42, Edwards Air Force Base and the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. They travel at a speed that excels the speed of sound. They can lower your heartbeat with Deep Sleep Delta Waves, induce a static shock, then reprogram, Via a Brain-Computer link. 360 19 N 929W W. Installation purpose not known.13. Henderson, Nevada - Naval Base This one's interesting. They were cordoned off with red tape and there were air force guards on each corner with their M-16s poised and ready if someone decided they wanted to do some sort of nefarious deed! Its large enough for nuclear submarines to travel in a subterranean cavern system. With this job function, I had to get a clearance to just be in sensitive areas which took very little time. Warrington Training Ctr. Very . 35 20 118 4035. SRI, the U.S. Navy, and NAWS China Lake did R&D work on undersea facilities. One of the Programmers was dressed similar to a Catholic Priest. reserve, 140,000 sq. This is the Unholy 6 base of the Orions. As the weapon systems were being developed to take out deep, underground military bases, the deeper they went, and the more sophisticated they became. Kennecotts mine (reported to be owned by the World Bank) in the Salt Lake City area is serviced by Union Pacific, which is reported connected to the Mormon Church. Some have been destroyed. The range guys asked me if I wanted to go downrange on their ATVs with them to pick up the bombs. directly under Argus Peak. These connections have been exposed in other writings by this author. COLORADO . When we entered the hanger, we were greeted up close in person by these magnificent pieces of technology. It was very interesting to see the typewriter style buttons and ancient controls in the A-6. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. The book also provides an inside look at Point Mugu, California, a DoD . The next place on the map where an underground base is, is the Chocolate Mts. When it did run, the whole valley knew because the rumble from the rocket sled was amazingly loud and echoed everywhere. Fort Irwin, CA, 3520'N 1168'W W. saucer base. All of this information has been researched, and it has taken much effort to fit it together properly. Straight said the military relied on intelligence prepared by Marcella Crandall . The tram system travels all over. Its also located North of the lakebed way out in the desert. You may not be Claude Davis, but you can make use of his procedures and techniques toincrease your chances of survival! Theres one that there was a lot of speculation about. In this map it is listed as NAWS China Lake: THE CHINA LAKE WHISTLEBLOWER. Here's why I call bullshit. NORAD installation has 1278 miles of road underground.40. China Lake Potential Underground Entrance. Sugar Grove, the Navys Strategic Intelligence Services microwave communications. Plattsburgh (near Canada and St. Albans) AFB, 4940N 7333 W- two saucer bases in this area. High-level intelligence groups operate in the area also. Trona, CA, 35 45.5 N 1 7722.6 W several miles northwest of Trona, directly under Argus Peak. TEXAS94. NAWS China Lake began with the establishment of the Naval Ordnance Test Station at China Lake in 1943 and has since expanded in support of Department of Defense and Navy research, development, testing, and evaluation mission for air warfare systems. China Lake "The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night." The weight of the person is put on a computer I.D. saucer base. This range is very unique and from time to time the Air Force buys some range time and flies tests of their aircraft there. Christians, Gun Owners, Veterans, Tea Partiers, Homeschoolers, etc., Are The Targets In The New World Order, Friedrich Nietzsche Chapter 19: XI The New IdolThe Cruel And Corrupt Essence Of The State. (Carlsbad Cavern which had underground activity, which is reported discontinued, and another base to east of Carlsbad.). These Fascist criminals parade as our friends and leaders, while stripping away democratic rights that will be replaced with a Corporatist and Fascist dictatorship, unless people, and especially Americans, wake up now. See #15 above). This is where they tested guns like the 16-inch Mark 7 and Mark 8 that were taken directly off battleships and shipped to China Lake for various testing. Maynard, 42 26.0 N 71 27.0 W FEMA, regional center, Wackenhut is here too. This highway leads right to the front gate of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. The secrecy that has surrounded the site has shielded it both from public scrutiny and official reassessment. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center. In the vicinity of Hardy and Cherokee Village. He said the military rescued 400 kids that were underground where they were being held until their traffickers received an order (like one would order pizza). Fort Collins- base for Gray aliens41. The three master plan areas are: South Range, a half-million acre range poised to accommodate new missions; the Armitage Airfield; and the central laboratory and base support "town center" district, Mainsite. [6], Some bases are in such remote locations that they do not need guards present. Experiments were done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station ID/CAC Card Processing. WYOMING: Riverton, Wyoming Function unknown Tunnels to Salt Lake, Utah Denver, Colorado. One day something happened that would alter the course of the career path I was currently on into another deal altogether. That highway depends on electric motors [for trucks, cars and buses] for the paved roads, and it is for limited travel. There is another style of transit for freight and for passengers that is for rapid travel. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil., Wilcock, David. An AFB is also nearby. Unacknowledged: An Expose Of The Worlds Greatest Secret. A&M Publishing LLC. Ada, 3446.4 N 9640.7W W, underground saucer base, this base does human cloning, and it is FEMAs most sensitive base.89. Required fields are marked *. After four of those runs, he was out of bombs and left. Bothell, 4745.7N 12212.2w W, FEMA, regional center, activity unknown. And then the pressure of the ocean creates an even tighter seal from the way its engineered. At one point I had discovered collisions with the 1553 bus data that was being recorded on an aircraft. There are over 3000 real-time video cameras throughout the complex at high-security locations (entrances and exits). Gaia. MARYLAND53. Answer (1 of 8): This is one of those really stupid QAnon conspiracy theories. The Continuity of Government facility intended since 1962 to house the United States Congress, code-named Casper, is located on the grounds of the prestigious Greenbrier resort. Thomasville, 30 50.2 N 8358.9 W, FEMA, regional center, they train groups in Search and Destroy missions for when Martial Law is imposed. Here are the locations of Deep Underground Military Bases in America: ARIZONA1. . Though the Army and Marine Corps want troops ready to go underground, not every base has the facilities. View all posts by lance goodall. Another Underground Base and Saucer Craft Area. Red River Arsenal, TX- reported saucer base. Before we go on, remember that the China Lake base is close to Edwards and Nellis, both notorious for their underground cities such as the infamous Area 51. #childernrescued #chinalakenavalbase1000 childern were rescuedfrom cages at china lake naval base on july 12, 2019..the patriots rescued the set off b. and underground, underwater submarine base.[2]. [13]One can neurologically interface with the shuttle through metallic plates where the hands go and through two ports in the back of the seat. These attached disks glow and change color. Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake was undergoing recovery efforts on July 7 following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which occurred near NAWSCL and the city of Ridgecrest, Calif., July 5 after a 6 . This complex tracks thousands of satellites, missiles, submarines, and UFOs. Companies such as Parsons have been involved in constructing undersea facilities. It goes to Australia. What we got was far better. On Wed. Oct. 16 2019 an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at the California China Lake Military facility were rescued by Navy Seals and US Marines. PCs were getting faster with larger internal hard drives, more memory, writable CD ROMs, and of course faster CPUs. In total, its two ranges and main site cover . Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. And there are underwater bases. Named the Yulin Naval Base or in Chinese: , it can hold a signicant portion of China's Naval assets. A nuclear powered drill it used to dig underground. That experience went from being really cool to terrifying within seconds when I spotted the Tomahawk. This makes repair much easier. 17. It Just Goes Deeper & Deeper (Neutralized with underground burn out . Klamath Falls, ORsince Sept. 95 this has been a base for many NWO groups including the Air National Guard, FEMA, CIA, FBI, Spetznaz, and Page 306 MOSAP training base. There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshires hills (according to reports). [2]According to Emery Smith, these are located in New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. China like has been claimed to house a multi-leveled underground base, connected via tunnel systems to Edwards Airforce Base and Area 51. Grand Wash Cliffs, on the western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must be reached via Highway 93 and then unpaved roads. One of the technicians out there who happened to be a good friend of my father in law (He worked on the base for 30 years) took me out to see a live fire for a reward after I finished working on their PC. so youre going through two different types of security. Session 8, Question 29. WASHINGTON, D.C.102. The canopies were closed and there were technicians in white suits and covered shoes working and walking on them in various places. Kinsleyan underground UFO base. After its awesome touch and go, the aircraft ascended and headed back to Edwards. there are people that walk into buildings that take elevators that are service elevators that the rest of the public dont know about. Also, biological work is done, including the biological raising of small greys. ft. bunker is being built near Manzano Base.81. One eye- witness, went to level 17 (via an elevator) and stated that he believes that deeper levels exist. which for lack of time I will not describe. [6]They have their own inertial field.[8]. Dulce, N.M., 36 56.0N 10659.8W,South of Dulce, in the area of the Jicarilla Indian Reservation, another facility is east of the Dulce facility several miles. Timothy Holmseth is the only reporter authorized to report original content for the PPTF. WASHINGTON101. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. I immediately took to fiddling around on the VAX mainframe in my spare time, learning the system and programming various little batch commands to run minor things. This DUMB sits on China Lake's NWC's land, built in the '60s *(Neutralized with primary China Lake facility. Other complex portals are found on military bases. [6], According to Emery Smith, underground bases are owned by corporations or unknown entities. [5], In addition to military bases, there are underground cities built exclusively for the elite and their families. Sandia Mountains NE of Albuquerque -reported saucer base83. I was trying to raise a young family with three kids and was struggling. Basically, this Underground Base is 8 cities on top of each other! There is the Deep Underground Military Base underneath Denver International Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels. Though there was low observable weapon testing at the time, the Navy didnt have any stealth aircraft in testing. Articles may contain affiliate links which enable us to share in the revenue of any purchases made. Vaults have extensive amounts of documents that are not indexed. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by the demonic beings are Papoose Range and Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases. I guess the original type of nuclear explosions to blast out cavities that would vitrify a lot of the rock . In America alone, there are over 120 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases, and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers. Many of these soldiers are stationed in the Deep Underground Military Bases like the one under Denver International Airport. When it happens, it will be too late to stop it. Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work were reported so that no one group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. The underground facility is 88.3 square miles deep. The range tapes were often generated by mobile laser tracking stations that had to be calibrated against objects of known distance prior to the tests. [15], The underground facility at China Lake is big enough that with the right equipment, it looks like a city of 500,000 people at night.[16], There is a small base underneath Mountanair, NM. The airfield is north of town as are the many ranges. Armed guards patrol constantly and in addition to weight-sensitive areas there (are) hand print and eye print stations. When that thing shot it was amazingly loud and concussive even while cocooned in the bunker. This was a very proud moment for me to be able to participate in helping with the Gulf War effort and we as a group were recognized for our participation by the Navy Department Heads. Before long I had purchased one for home and spent every night banging away at it learning everything I could. Because this contract was for the entire installation I gained access to just about every area when I got hired. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the U.S.A. has them. The bunker is beneath the West Virginia wing, which includes a complete medical clinic. Construction of the facility, which began in 1959, required 2.5 years and 50,000 tons of concrete. This DUM sits on China Lake's NWC's land, and may have been built in the '60s. In 2019 Straight told me he possessed Secret Service clearance to view videos of VP Mike Pence raping a little boy. The main site for aircraft testing and evaluation for the Air Force on the west coast is located at Edwards Air Force base about an hour and a half away from China Lake. There are underground bases and facilities all over the place in cities all around us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But thats when we were really learning. Constructed in 1995, the government and politicians were hell-bent on building this airport despite it ending up vastly over budget. There are bases that are underwater, on the surface of the ocean floor, and there are also subterranean bases below the ocean floor. Although the hotel says it gives tours of the 112,000 square area daily, the installation still stands at the ready, its operators still working undercover at the hotel. Wilcock, David. These rings form buttresses which stop the lenticular cracks from forming. I grew up at China Lake Naval Weapons Center and worked there for years, but . Suitland, MD- Classified archives of U.S. Govt. It literally could erupt at any time with one of the next small and very frequent earthquakes. the china lake naval base at Ridgecrest in the California desert. The Rock-Site concept also bore much in common with NASA's designs for underground moon bases. 34 13.4 N 9201.0W to 3430 N 92 30W. A great asset when doctors and hospitals wont be availableany more given the current situation. Its a type of concrete that is the foundation. directly under Argus Peak. And these areas, too, they dont have, like, parking lots in front of them or anything like that. Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley, ID.Wackenhut of the Illuminati run a model prison for the NWO. The radar system had an optical layout on it, so you could actually see what the radar was pointed at. A male Monarch victim remembered "A large hanger building at China Lake with a concrete floor and row after row of cages suspended from the ceiling filled the large building. NORAD also controls many Monarch slaves who have ALEX, JANUS, ALEXUS end time callback programming. For some reason, they didnt think it was a good idea for me to be driving around on the range when there was live fire targeted on whatever they decided was going to die that day. Kern River, CA the hollowed-out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield- reported saucer base25. FAX phone number for Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake MWR Child Development Center. Working at the airfield and doing data reduction work was great, but I didnt make a whole lot of money. China Lake, mind control and weapons research 16. It was amazing. In the times of no internet and nothing else to do there were very limited entertainment opportunities other than partying or riding dirt bikes. It was that quiet and they were that loud. two sites: one on Rt. [27], Looking for news worthy topics, in both the Politcal, Social, and The Religious arenas. Super Hornet flying over Armitage Field which lies at the center of NAWS China Lake.. A-6Es about to get loaded up with Mk20s during Operation Desert Storm.. Armitage Field may be the center of NAWS China Lake but the range facilities span for miles in multiple directions. . the Taos area underground facility. However, the roads are often speed limited to 45 and even 25 in some areas in the strangest places where there is absolutely nothing. "Underground bases trafficking children and running the Chemtrails in California were destroyed . . directly under Argus Peak. . Visitors to the deeper levels report humans kept in glass cylinders, plus many other strange things. Later in the week, the F-117s could be seen flying in various places on the ranges. Kirtland AFB, NM, Sandia National Lab80. 108. Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries or mining operations. . Boulder, COThe headquarters for EMC, a type of Electra-magnetic mind control that is being broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, and to control slaves.39. SE of Kingman, AZ7. I really think they where underground detonations for. Theyve done that and created several submarine bases. 42.Benicia. COLORADO. Edwards Air Force Base, in the area where Diamond Cr. George Air Force Base, CA saucer base21. The Primary Underground facilities in New Mexico consist of 3 enormous underground bases in: 75. Learn how your comment data is processed. It dropped down in the valley along with a chase F/A-18 and started heading towards the bunker with us in it. Chinas October Surprise. Wisdom Teachings. 348 N 117 48 W. 20. There appears to be a site in Nevada at Tonopah, Area 51 at Groom Lake, and a place designated as COG AFB. While there is no mention of known underground bases in Tennessee on the following list below, I did find three underground bases in Tennessee. Chocolate Mountains, California Tunnels to: Fort Irwin, California. Theres only a small percentage, globally, that are a part of this underground network. An underground concentration camp exists here. for posting. Straight knew about the 2,100 kids being moved by U.S. Marines and told Holmseth about it in October of 2019. there are some that are only for specific types of projects, because its so compartmentalized, theyll make a whole underground base just for one project. 2023 Coercion Code - "Dark Times are upon us". Here, is the device that powers the transfer of atoms.Level 6 Level 6 is privately called Nightmare Hall. Blue Ridge Summit, near Ft. Ritchie, known as Raven Rock or Site R, Army, major electronic nerve center, 650 ft. below the surface with about 350 staff and over a 716-acre area. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland, Area 51, The Area, the Spot, Red Square, Sally Corridor, Watertown Strip. Grand Mesa- Orion saucer base42.

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