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My only revolver experience is my Ruger Blackhawk .45/.45LC and that trigger is not bad but its got to be at least 5lbs. Its been busy. Description: CIMARRON PISTOLERO .38SPL/.357, FS 4.75" NICKEL WALNUT. This is a modern reproduction makes an excellent addition to every shooter's collection. Head to any Cowboy Action Shooting match and youll undoubtedly find the guns from these giants of the industry very well represented. Manufacturer: Cimarron Model: Pistolero Accessories: Manual, Lock Action: Single Barrel Length: 4.75" Caliber: 45 Long Colt Capacity: 6 Frame Finish: Case Hardened Frame Material: Steel Front Sight: Wide Grips: Wood Related Items to Explore Cimarron Pistolero 357 Nickel Price: $614.00 Cimarron Pistolero 45 Colt Nickel Price: $614.00 JWT, is that a Randall? I currently only own double actions so Im curious. It features a nickel finished pre-war style frame and a 4.75" barrel. The Cimarron Pistolero holds true to this original character. Video Shows Kansas Senate Candidate Advocating Australian-Style Gun Confiscation, San Tan Tacticals New STT-15 Rifle in 6mm ARC, Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Model 317 Kit Gun .22LR Revolver, New From ShaloTek: P320 Compensated Slide, The 3 Most Important Handgun Shooting Stances to Learn. Grips for the Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patron Grizzly Paw New Model as well as the 1860 and 1872 Colt army made by Cimarron, Pietta and Uberti. The trigger shoe itself is small, thin, and curved, in the traditional form. This fear was put to rest, as CCI Large Pistol #300 primers are all that I have available for my reloads. Cimarron Thunderer and Lightning. Theres no revolver in history that has as many modifications and customizations than the Model P and its clones. Please send answer ASAP..Thanks. Ive been thinking about getting two. Let us help! Bargain priced. Holy shit. This is for traditional single actions without a transfer bar. Front Sights. All firearms are typically shipped via UPS or USPS Priority Mail. Boom could occur when not planned., And that could be lethal if it fell from a cowboys holster onto its hammer, even on hard-packed dirt or wood saloon floor . All products need to be in new and original manufacturer condition. To $1,226.79. This purchase comes with the Impact Guns Lifetime Warranty. -Caliber: .38 Special/.357 Magnum-Barrel: 4.75"-Case hardened old model frame, Nickeled Finish-One . Brass back strap rosewood grips, deep blue, real pretty gun. Ive been wanting a good single-action revolver for quite a while, and would love to have a levergun/revolver pair in .357 mag. I can see saving $200 over the Short Stroke SASS Pro with the lower hammer spur would spark interest in Single Action competition goodness! When I received this Cimarron it had a problem with the hammer catching on something as it dropped, plus I paid about $165 extra for the Old West finish (antiqued) and it arrived with a shiny to dull consistent gray finish. All groups were shot off a bagged rest and through a well-fouled bore. Im not sure what the hammer spring weight of the Pistoleer measures, but it is much less than my older Uberti Cattleman. Is it really a 1lb 9.2 oz trigger pull or is that a typo? Cimarron PPP45N Pistolero 45 Colt (LC) Caliber with 4.75" Barrel, 6rd Capacity Cylinder, Overall Nickel Finish Steel & Walnut Grip 1 Review MSRP: $650.99 | Your Price: $544.00 In stock Purchase Now Cimarron MP411 Uberti P 45LC 5.5 Revolver 2 Reviews MSRP: $642.99 | Your Price: $536.92 In stock Purchase Now Home All Guns & Firearms Pistols Revolvers 1 of 1 View Larger Images Cimarron Pistolero .45lc - Fs 4.75" Nickel Walnut Verified Member FFL Gold Member Riflenetics A+ (810) UPC Code:669278340166 Manufacturer:Kimber Item ID:KIMB3400016 Model:K6S DASA 3"" Revolver Description:Kimber K6S 357MAG REV DASA 3" Stainless Steel,, 6 Cylinder Ruger Wrangler, Single Action Only, Revolver, 22LR, 4.62" Barrel, Aluminum Alloy, Cerakote Finish, OD Green with Black Cylinder, Checkered Synthetic Grips, Internal Notch Rear Sight/ Blade Front Cimarron Ppp357n Pistolero 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 4.75" Nickel-Plated Steel Barrel, Cylinder & Frame, Wide Front Sight, Smooth Walnut Grip, Decrease Quantity of Cimarron Ppp357n Pistolero 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 4.75" Nickel-Plated Steel Barrel, Cylinder & Frame, Wide Front Sight, Smooth Walnut Grip, Increase Quantity of Cimarron Ppp357n Pistolero 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 4.75" Nickel-Plated Steel Barrel, Cylinder & Frame, Wide Front Sight, Smooth Walnut Grip, Cimarron Pp400 Frontier Pre-War 1896-1940 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 4.75" Blued Barrel & Cylinder, Wide Front Sight, Color Case Hardened Steel Frame, Walnut Grip, Cimarron Pp401 Frontier Pre-War 1896-1940 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 5.50" Blued Barrel & Cylinder, Wide Front Sight, Color Case Hardened Steel Frame, Walnut Grip, Cimarron Mp401 Model P Pre-War 1896-1940 38 Special/357 Mag 6Rd 5.50" Blued Barrel & Cylinder, Wide Front Sight, Color Case Hardened Steel Frame, Walnut Grip, Cimarron Ppp357 Pistolero Pre-War 1896-1940 38 Special 6Rd 4.75" Blued Barrel & Cylinder, Wide Front Sight, Color Case Hardened Steel Frame, Brass Backstop & Trigger Guard, Walnut Grip, Cimarron Ppp45n Pistolero 45 Colt (Lc) 6Rd 4.75" Nickel-Plated Steel Barrel, Cylinder & Frame, Wide Front Sight, Smooth Walnut Grip, Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun Single Action Folding Revolver .22 Wmr 5Rd Capacity 0.75" Barrel SWITCHGUN, Taylors & Company 550958 The Hickok Open-Top 38 Special 6Rd 3.50" Blued Barrel & Cylinder Color Case Hardened Steel Frame Walnut Army Size Grip, Cimarron Firearms Pistoleer .357/.38Sp FS 5.5" Blued/N.Backstrap Wal MP401B1401, Colt Mfg Pythonsp4wts Python 357 Mag Caliber With 4.25" Vent Rib Barrel, 6Rd Capacity Cylinder, Overall Semi-Bright Stainless Steel Finish & Walnut Target Grip PYTHON-SP4WTS, Heritage Barkeep 22Lr 3" Blk/Blk Laminate 6Rd, Her Rr22b6-Th 22Lr 6.50 6Rd Threaded Bbl, Cimarron Firearms 1890 Remington .38Sp/ .357 Magnum 5.5" Blued Walnut CA157, Heritage Manufacturing Barkep 22Lr 2Ply 6R Srp DE BK22B2-SCNGA, Taylor's & CO Uberti 1860 Army Long Cyl Conversion 45Lc 8, Rock Island Armory M200 .38 Special 6 Shot Revolver With 4.02In Barrel, Colt Mfg Pythonsp6wts Python 357 Mag Caliber With 6" Vent Rib Barrel, 6Rd Capacity Cylinder, Overall Semi-Bright Stainless Steel Finish & Walnut Target Grip PYTHON-SP6WTS, Heritage Mfg Rr22b6 Rough Rider 22 LR 6Rd Shot 6.50" Black Barrel, Cylinder & Frame, Cocobolo Grips, Smith & Wesson 10186 Performance Center Model 642 38 S&W Spl +P 5Rd 1.88" Stainless Steel Barrel, Fluted Cylinder, Matte Silver Aluminum Frame With Black Polymer With Integrated Wood Insert Grip SW 10186, Ruger Wrangler 22Lr 4.62" 6Rd Od/Blk 2008. Buy your Cimarron PPP357N Pistolero .38 SPL/.357 FS 4.75" Nickel online at Classic Firearms today! Out of stock. There are quite a few nice quality bikes available for about 600 bucks these days. Guns like the Pistoleer go a long way to solving that problem. Please have your FFL dealer fax their FFL to 636-475-7303 or email to I recently re-sprung a couple of Ruger Blackhawks with 17 lb. Pre War. Great for small, under-funded . No magazines over 10 rounds No Starter Pistols, No magazines over 10 rounds. Gives me hope for the future. The Single Action Army? You may be able to get this item at your store today. Delivery takes 3 to 4 working day. Each of our warehouses individually price their products and prices may vary by warehouse. Former gun slinger, current gun writer. Please note, when you select items to purchase from the same warehouse you will save on shipping charges. The black blued metal throughout the gun is polished to a shine, but not a mirror finish. If you dont like a SSA youve never seen a good American Western or read a little history. Cimarron Pistolero Pre War 4.75in .45LC Nickel. No. Im riding a 12 yo bike now. Caliber: Its one of my favorite firearms and probably the most used pistol I own. How do you like the wrangler? My next will be one of the convertible mag/22lr versions, and Im seriously considering a Mini-Master with the 4-inch barrel and target sights as plinking toy. Even downtown. All the screws are finished in a charcoal blue. CIMARRON PISTOLERO Nickel plated frame Nickel plated 6-shot cylinder & barrel 1873 single-action Pre-War frame revolver made by Pietta Restored better than new. Transfer fees may apply. Once shipped, your firearm will arrive at the FFL Dealer within 3-7 days business days. Ive owned Ruger and Colt single actions since I was 19 y.o.a. Address105 Winding Oak Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Classification: ITEM NUMBER: OZPPP45N. jwt, it was hard to see but and honest mistake. Even twenty years ago. Gun is brand new with box. Cimmaron will ship one to your favorite FFL, as long as you dont mind paying full retail. A single action revolver is the pinnacle of ballistic machinery..followed closely by a lever action rifle. The starting load I use in my New Original Henry and Uberti Cattleman Old Model is not appreciated in this particular gun. And Rugers work for me. It was so light and easy to cock that I was concerned that it would fail to ignite hard primers. I expect you have an affinity for things made in the Republic of Texas. I started with a Ruger Super Bearcat in 1973. Actual buyer must pickup from FFL dealer who will conduct the background check. Cimarron's Pistolero is great for small, under-funded revolutions. Any single action that does not employ a transfer bar should be loaded with the hammer on an empty chamber. NOTE: We make every effort to get your order shipped as fast as possible. The old school Rugers that were made prior to about 1975 followed the old Colt pattern and they were not safe to carry with 6. Free Shipping* Layaway Available $524.49 Cash discount Price $540.22 Retail Price Add to Cart Decent enough little gun. Rounds: Load one, skip one, load four is the cowboy way. There are so many out there. We will not charge your credit card until your product ships, except for certain special orders. The Peacemaker was 1973, no? All Rights Reserved. V NOTCH. Firearms are only available for purchase online. The 1873 colts do have a half cock safety that is quite effective that prevents the trigger from being pulled at all. I will never part with my Alchimista II .45; that extra grip length makes a world of difference. You may choose an FFL Dealer from our preferred listing or you may find a dealer in your area. I have a .45 Colt Berretta Stampede Marshall which is also made by Uberti but it has a transfer bar and a rebounding firing pin like a Ruger. Updated by michaelw 8 months ago. They certainly had a range of guns in their catalog in the 70s. I have both Pietta and Uberti, and the action on the Pietta is just a little bit smoother. A classic Keith style 255 gr. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. Not all of the states listed may have L.E.O. At the range, I spent my last box of Winchester white box for this review (you ungrateful cretins). The Posse Model has a small cut-around in the ejector housing that allows the ejector rod-head to pivot slightly to the side. I had to go back and look. beautiful Hand made Bone Elk Horn and Horn grips. (Incidentally the single action wheelgun is a favorite of new shooters I am breaking in. That means this gun has gotten a whole lot of dry fire practice, and not a whole lot of shooting. Cimarron Pistolero Pre War 4.75in .45LC Nickel. A few minutes with a Dremel polishing cylinder smoothed the edges out very nicely. It is the position in which the pistol is loaded. Although my hand is a little larger than it was in when I was 10. I would not purchase another firearm from them again unless I was able to see it first. You have entered an incorrect email address! Add to Cart. Make sure you add the Cimarron Pistolero to your Old West collection and take it for a spin on a cowboy-action shooting tournament! BLADE. Free guns are always nice though I could do without the flooding (or tornados or hurricanes or fires or any other form of Natural Disaster Delivery). Features white heat-treated steel. All items listed on our site are in stock. The reason you find it on the NAAs and some of the open-top percussion cap revolvers is because they both hit so high on the cylinder that you have a lot of space for the indent/pin, whereas with a centerfire revolver, youd be drilling at the very narrowest point of the gap between the chambers. Caliber: .45 Colt The front sight on this particular pistol measures .094 on my Browne and Sharp calipers, providing a good amount of light on either side of the rear sight while aiming. Box 275, McGregor, IA 52157, ~ Ring Us at 563-873-2387 or TOll Free at 866-259-9172. Boomstick Arms is also building me a pair of custom Single Six guns in . L.E.Os must provide both their credentials and a letterhead signed by their department's superior officer stating that the firearm will be used in the execution of the L.E.O's duties. Accuracy * * * * I really like the Single Six, the gun that built Ruger. Single Action Army My El Patron CMS had some drag on #2 cylinder (nice of Uberti to number them), a vigorous polishing with Maguires Mag wheel polish on a RamRodz q tip sorted it out. So early this year I sent it off to Bobby Tyler for the kitties titties. Buy a Cimarron Pistolero in 357Magnum 4.75 barrel,nickel finish. It features a nickel finished pre-war style frame and a 4 . Would love to see the finished result. Flat-proof tires like Gatorback or Continentals Armadillo gets you tires nearly puncture-proof. The .45 is one of my all time favorites. Firearms will ship separately from any additional items purchased on the same order with no additional shipping charges. My kids, relatives, visiting non-gun people, all of them love the experience of shooting that thing. It is chambered in 45LC and has a Poly-Ivory grip. Pre War. Caliber: Firearm transfer must be the actual transferee/buyer. Manufacturer Number: Based on what Ive seen from Cimarron and Uberti in the past, Im not surprised, but I am appreciative. It features a nickel frame, cylinder and barrel and smooth walnut grip.Action : SAOCaliber : 45 Colt (LC)Barrel Length : 4.75Capacity : 6rdHammer Style : ExposedGrips : WalnutSights : Wide FrontFrame Description : Nickel Steel SKU: 844234129935 UPC: BRAND: Cimarron Firearms Here is a great video by Dave Hickson on how to install grips, River Junction Trade Co, 312 Main Street, P.O. The FFL Dealer will usually charge a fee to conduct the transfer. According to Cimarrons press release and my email conversation with them, the Pistoleer is currently scheduled to be in two finishes and two calibers, but so far only this one 4 3/4 barrel length. To find a list of FFL Dealers in your area area CLICK HERE. The ejector nut is the new model half moon style as opposed to the larger full circle on the Old Model guns, which were more similar to the early Colt black powder cartridge frames. This ammunition you speak ofit sounds wonderful.. Central, That is a nice looking rig, isnt it? Shopping with us is absolutely safe - you never have to worry about credit card safety when shopping here 2023 Copyright, entire contents by CTD, Inc. Cheaper Than Dirt! Chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge. Continuing in that same style, youll find a charcoal blued base pin latch. We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. A floating firing pin, extended cylinder base pin, notched cylinder, or really anything else other than a transfer bar shouldnt be counted on prevent discharge on a dropped single action. Cimarron Pistolero PPP22LRN Single Action Rimfire Revolver Pre-War Frame.22 Long Rifle 4.75" Barrel 10 Rounds Walnut Grips Nickel Finish Weight 2.5 lbs" Federal law requires firearms to be shipped to FFL Dealers. Once you place the firearm in your cart and checkout you will receive a confirmation email that has your order number and further instructions. This is truly the golden age of bicycles for what you get for your money. I have a .357 gp100-7 that I would like to pair with a carbine in the same caliber. We normally will ship FedEx and US POSTAL. . We offer free FFL service for orders above $500. Cant tell if the handle is rosewood or micarta. Cimarron and Uberti have made a relatively inexpensive Old West revolver with good look. of Titegroup gets the bullet right on target, with a 1.6 average group. Yessir. it must be shipped to an FFL Dealer in your state. Cimarron Firearms' Doc Holliday combo is just your game. Single action revolver built on a Pre-War frame. Midwest Gun Works only recognizes City Police Officers, County Sheriff Deputies, and State Police (including Highway Patrol) as L.E.Os. Please contact us directly if you have any questions pertaining to transaction procedures or details concerning the Firearm being purchased. Cimarron Pistolero 22 LR, 4 3/4" Barrel, Nickel, Galco Single Action Outdoorsman 166 in Tan, Galco SAO STRONGSIDE/CROSSDRAW BELT HOLSTER Tan, RH, Galco 1880 Crossdraw Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, 4.75", Tan, Left Hand, Galco 1880 Crossdraw Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, 4.75", Tan, Right Hand, Galco 1880 Crossdraw Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, 5.5", Tan, Left Hand, Galco 1880 Strongside Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, 5.5", Tan, Left Hand, Galco 1880 Strongside Colt SAA, Ruger Vaquero, 5.5", Tan, Right Hand, Cimarron Pistolero 45 Colt, 4 3/4" Barrel, Nickel, Cimarron Plinkerton Model 22LR 4.75", Matte Black, Heritage Rough Rider, 22 LR, 4.75" Barrel, Tungsten, Polymer Grips, Fixed Sights, 6rd, Diamondback Sidekick .22 LR/.22 WMR, 4.5" Barrel, Checkered Grips, Black, 9rd, Cimarron MAN With NO Name SAA 5 1/2" .45 LC PW W/ Snake RH PW 45 Colt, Rock Island Baby Rock GI Standard CS Single 380 ACP 3.75" Barrel 7rd Mag, Ruger GP100 357 Mag Alloy Steel 4" Heavy Barrel 6rd Black Hogue Monogrip SS, Uberti 1873 Cattleman New Model Stallion 22LR 5.5 Brass, Smith & Wesson 66 357 Mag 4.25" Barrel, Glass Bead Finish, Adjustable Rear Sight, 6 Round, Cimaron Model P Junior Black Stallion Single Action Revolver 22LR/.22 Mag Dual Cylinder 4.75" Black Barrel Smooth Walnut Grip. It features a nickel frame, cylinder and barrel and smooth walnut grip. The only one I have now is the tiny NAA Mini-revolver, it has a hammer safety of a notch between cylinders. 12pm-6pm CST Mon This gun needs absolutely zero modification to shoot well at any match. Sights: Fixed. Orders with a $80 minimum purchase and within the continental United States. The PISTOLERO pistol features a barrel length of 4-3/4" and reflects the quality firearm craftsmanship expected from Cimarron. Fees can vary so check with the FFL Dealer ahead of time to request a quote on the fees associated with your firearm transfer. HOURS OF OPERATION There are thousands of FFL Dealers in the United States. The gun never failed in any way and showed no additional wear. This allows the base pin to be removed without removing the entire SIG 365-9-BXR3P 365 9MM OP RDY 2 10RD Mfg Item Num: 365-9-BXR3P Unit of measure: GN, Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, 21 White Mountain HWY Yessir. Classification: On this particular gun, the wood is flush on the left side of the gun where it meets the frame, but slightly proud on the right, maybe by half a millimeter. Pictures may not exactly represent this item. Ten of the handloads were GOEX FFFg black powder, the rest were smokeless powders to include Clay Dot, Unique, and Titegroup. Thats the sort of thing that gets passed around and read for years. The action is far better than I would expect at this price, and it looks nice to boot. One for each son. Subscribe to our email list and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events and more! Not a short stroke. The biggest barrier to entry is the cost of four guns. With several vintage cartridge revolvers I own, as well as that of my 1975 .357 Colt SAA, I can park the hammer on the cylinder, in the gap between two cartridges, so the firing-pin is not resting on any primer. I think maybe I identify with that little gun a bit. 125Gr JHPs go out of that thing at 2250 fps by my chrono. Colts were designed to be carried on the first cocking notch, which lifts the hammer away from the firing pin. The FFL Dealer is in business to make a profit and your internet purchase may be viewed as competition to their retail business. a couple years back and havent even gotten around to firing it yet! Ive had this gun for a little over a month, and in that time ammunition and reloading components havent gotten any easier to find. Certainly no later than 7th grade. There was a vertical slit in the hammer that is supposed to go over a pin in the cylinder slot to keep it from slipping off, but those pins are quite fragile. (EDIT Im *loving* my new NAA mini. Being single action only, this is pretty typical for this type of Colt pistol, whether Colt, Uberti or Pietta. For more information on purchasing a firearm please read our Firearm Purchasing Policy in the Important Information tab. Orders placed between Monday and Friday typically ship the same day if placed before 12PM EST. We will notify you when the product arrives back in stock. The only issue is primers. Delaware - no magazines greater than 17 rounds. After that, I didnt clean the gun in any way until all of the firing was done and it was time for photos. I expressed my displeasure about not getting something I had paid extra for never heard from them again. I love my black widow, enough that I cant decide if I want my next .22 to be a wrangler or a mini master. Cimarron Pistolero Nickel Finish 22 Long Rifle Revolver - Stainless/Silver, 4.75" Barrel, 6 Rounds, Wood Grips, 3-Dot Sights. Most shipments going to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped via USPS. Heavy piece of iron, but a reliable shooter. Since you mentioned both Single-Six and Marlin, thats my current .22lr old west set-up. Alaska and Hawaii residents - your order MUST ship 2nd day or faster. The crown is not ideal. Nothing fancy, but handy and it worked just fine. With the right round, it shoots great for any hunting or Cowboy Action Shooting. Sorry for any confusion. Mexican primer factory, Mexican primer factory, Mexican primer factory. The switch gun fits into your pocket and occupies about the same space as your cell Action: SAO Caliber: 38 Special Barrel Length: 3.50" Capacity: 6rd Safety: Exposed Grips: Walnut Army Size Sights: Blade Front, Fixed Rear Weight: 2.20 lbs Metal Finish: Color Case Hardened Steel ModelSeries: BarkeepCaliber: 22LRAction: Single ActionCapacity: 6Finish: BlueStock: PolymerBarrel Length: 2Overall Length: 8.125Features: Cedar Wood Box/ Engraved SS Flask, CIMARRON PISTOLEER .357/.38SP FS 5.5" BLUED/N.BACKSTRAP WAL. Please be sure to include your original order number and relevant contact information. Barrel: 4 3/4 shallow groove Cimarron pistolero.45lc fs 4.75" nickel walnut FEATURES -Caliber: .45 Long Colt -Barrel: 4.75" -Polished Nickel Finish -One piece walnut grip -6 round capacity -Weight: 41.4 oz More Items from White Rhino Arms More Noveske Rifleworks 5.5" 9mm Space Baby SBR (Tiger Eye Brown) Price $3,099.99 Qty: 1 Frame: Nickel. That round prints 5.4 groups, and lands 15 low of the point of aim at 25 yards. No sir, the Randall is a bit pedestrian compared to that knife. This is a simple, elegant pistol that is representative of the "hoglegs" and "smokewagons" that won the west!

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