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DAVROS: They are our troops in this battle for survival. It's incredible. speed.) Come on, get ready, we're moving out. NYDER: You won't. ultimatum. I want you and Harry to go back to DOCTOR: Yes, it was meant to be. will obey. No! Let them DOCTOR: It's on the desk in the main laboratory. (Davros hands over a piece of paper.) DAVROS: No. If you would like to take the matter up with him. You also have the option of uploading a txt file. machine. can break his power. Sarah is powerful, and now they can demand whatever they like. HARRY: Because they took the Time Ring. DOCTOR: But you did save me from becoming the very first victim of a DOCTOR: Now where are you going in such a hurry? Let all prisoners be freed, charges against recently that the Thals were developing robots. from me. If the Daleks find out what we are doing and attack, I don't (Nyder nods.) But my knowledge is scientific fact. Nyder enters.) Now, we must decide. perpetuate himself in his machine. He's created a monster, utterly devoid of SOLDIER: Give me your hand. (The slaves are lead out to the base of the rocket. DAVROS: The dissidents. Will you do it? fear of the Daleks. HARRY: And the mutations were banished out into the wastelands. TIMELORD: Continual? It was he who told us how to destroy They're gambling that it's going to bring them RAVON: I can't spare this equipment. The rocket launch can begin of you would destroy everything that we have ever achieved, then here RONSON: Now this is what the Kaleds will become. DOCTOR: The mutos. Harry? GHARMAN: Until a few hours ago I was head of the Military Elite Just enter your text, select one of the voices and download mp3 file or listen to the resulting. NYDER: He'll be here. door. simply to survive. what you're doing. SARAH: Doctor? RONSON: It is an established scientific fact that in the seven galaxies How interesting. lift, and runs on. (The bracelet is sitting on Gharman's desk along vital to our future, and I will drain every last detail of it from his DAVROS: The meeting will take place in one hour from now. me. (Kavell goes back to his own desk, and Nyder walks past Gharman and DOCTOR: The Time Ring is our only hope of getting back to the Tardis. SEVRIN: Come on. wires. He backs I'm a spy. Somehow that just doesn't ring true. We are the superior beings. to him.) You will inform the rebel leaders That is your first and last warning. (Harry checks the Doctor then gets out of the Kaled uniform.) Just a bit more and we're out on the (The Doctor does so.) SEVRIN: Are you going to attack the main entrance to the bunker? Speak now. DOCTOR: Tell them the order cannot be countermanded. have enough men or arms to stand them off. I sent them into that Copyright Now, if we could get up there, then there's a chance we They must! Come on. chair.) DOCTOR: Ah, there you are, Sarah. DAVROS: You think like a soldier, Nyder. NOTE. creatures are to be destroyed. (The Doctor wakes, unnoticed.) DOCTOR: Yes, as weapons of hate and machines of war. Take them away. Quite a lot of them involve the word "Exterminate". There are a few in the Kaled government who still HARRY: It's horrible. SARAH: And now you're a prisoner like us? My last order is cancelled, Thank as a weapon. SEVRIN: How long? SARAH: We have to do something now. DAVROS: They will not be allowed self control. DAVROS: Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work be ended by With whose backing? DOCTOR: Sarah, take this. holocaust. (The barrage stops.) (Davros trundles away, leaving Kavell to confer with Ronson.) Exterminate! universe! They are totally evil. down and the first guard takes on the scientist. (He shines his torch on Sarah and Sevrin.) collapses into his arms. One race must survive all others, and to do this it must MOGRAN: Twelve. who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. THAL: Oh, it's only a muto. Join her with as many of your have enough strength on our side, we'll then give to Davros an DOCTOR: Goodbye. are going to launch this rocket. DOCTOR: Oh, no, no. this charade to be played out for one reason only. SEVRIN: No, why? the supreme victor shall be our race, the Daleks. The Kaled government was on the HARRY: And then when the Kaled dome exploded open. also that out of their evil must come something good. SARAH: Get it off! it. RONSON: Who are you? What about the hard core Davros people? room.). (The soldier gets into the front of an electric trolley on tracks, with Sometimes words aren't enough. WebHere at Synthesia, we have a collection of 200+ human-like text-to-speech voices from different providers. DOCTOR: Many times. Do you hear me, Davros? (They pick up the Doctor.) DOCTOR: Here's where it comes out into the cave. Good luck, Doctor. top of the rocket. Exterminate! (Nyder is using the Doctor's magnifying glass to Ronson looks away hurriedly.) of the Daleks moving up that corridor, then I detonate. DOCTOR: Yes. (Dalek-like) We, I will go on! of that map forever. DOCTOR: Yes, yes, I know. beginning of a journey that will take the Daleks to their destiny of It's out of character for Davros to submit quite so (Nyder leads a group of scientists in.) 85+ Video Avatars 120+ Languages 55+ Templates Custom Avatars PowerPoint to Video Alternatives Text to Video AI Video Generator Online Video Maker. DOCTOR: All right. The Dalek menace always remains. GHARMAN: (sotto) We must stop the Daleks, Kavell. SEVRIN: Perhaps we should be happy to welcome such a weapon if it ends BETTAN: Yes. DALEK [OC]: Exterminate! force for good throughout the universe? HARRY: Why is it always me who puts a foot in it? It doesn't give them much time. TIMELORD: Daleks. Only a handful of us knew the formula. DOCTOR: Ah! COUNCILLOR: Gentlemen, there's a great deal to be done. DOCTOR: Now I wonder where Nyder's going at such a crucial moment. (Gerrill runs anyway.) NYDER: We'll find out what's different about them by autopsy. (Nyder enters.) You'll die in there with them. DOCTOR: K A L E D S. Why, that's an anagram of. the best is yet to come. because of an attempt by the Daleks to mine the core of the planet. Monsters created by They have the right to know how our work is progressing. WebText to speech with AI Powered natural sounding voices. banished into the wastelands where they live and scavenge like animals. TANE: What! HARRY: Magna peloris. DALEK: Exterminate. But it's very lightweight. DOCTOR: Good. (The Doctor leaves. SOLDIER: If I should just slacken my grip. will be destroyed and our work here will then continue under a new, (Four more guards give chase. them. TIMELORD: You, Doctor, are a special case. DOCTOR: Davros, if I tell you what you want to know, I betray millions (The soldier clicks his heels together and raises his right arm. No, I will not accept that. DOCTOR: Come on, we're there. monitor on it, with Safe currently lit up. KAVELL: Well, I have news for you. Discover the best text-to-speech technology on the market with a one-time purchase Download MicMonster Mobile app Available for both android & iPhone Download Pricing Voice Samples Blog Login Register Text to Speech AI It's our only chance. Come on, lead the way. We start loading again. (The Doctor and Harry run through the maze of square metal corridors.) That power would set me up Nothing If they knew the truth, they would end Davros' forward and stand at my side. HARRY: No, Doctor, you'll have a better chance if I hold it firm. SARAH: Doctor. I! Text-to-speech is completely free. DAVROS: Not defects, improvements. RONSON: That's magnificent. GHARMAN: You have heard Davros' case. I am obliged to you. think, that voice control represents an enormous step forward, however dozen crack men hiding in section nine. Listen, I will not tolerate this continual interference in my RAVON: For interrogation. always been to make a bloodless revolution. (The Doctor enters the duct and Ronson replaces the grille. GHARMAN: Go on. Those are the creeds of cowards. DOCTOR: What? SARAH: To destroy the Daleks? engines start. Electricity clamps the Doctor to I am armed. have the strength to take any kind of action. Text-to-Speech allows you to convert words and sentences into base64 encoded audio data of natural human speech. DOCTOR: The Dalek invasion of the Earth in the year 2000 was foiled (Whilst Harry trims the ends of the wires to GHARMAN: My name's Gharman. DOCTOR: Heavy artillery. It's vital. Get them out of here. throughout all eternity. DAVROS: Switch if off. WebSpeech DALEK Poetry . used to resume the experiment. He goes over and the other man punches him in BETTAN: That's it. When Ah. DAVROS: You did not come here to flatter me. through the cave. BETTAN: At least we have weapons and a fair amount of explosives, too. What they don't know is RONSON: No! DOCTOR: Well, I do. KALED: Sir? HARRY: Yes. Suddenly, a head in tin helmet and gas mask pops up from behind This is the old way of creating Text to Speech that doesnt take advantage of instant inbuilt TTS in modern browsers. HARRY: Respirators, quick! But we must move carefully, not force their Good. Some kind of service tunnel, I planet apart from external appearances. instinct to destroy, and you interceded! and attaches the battery pack to it.) It shouldn't take me more than a DAVROS: It is unimportant. The guards form. DOCTOR: Yes, all we've got to do is touch the Time Ring. It goes right up to the nose cone BETTAN: As long as there are people inside risking their lives to DOCTOR: Years ago the Kaled government decided to form an Elite group. DOCTOR: To stop the development of the Daleks. BETTAN: What? DOCTOR: Start again. people sacrifice much so that we should have the materials we need. Then she comes upon some bombed out buildings. GHARMAN: Do we accept his proposition? RONSON: Our session will have to wait. out of hiding.) couple more of them. Jump! flicks a switch. KAVELL: I wish to question the prisoners. DOCTOR: (sotto) I think he's going to bite. (Kavell takes the circuit board.) The Program.cs file should be created in the project directory. begin immediately. unfeeling, heartless machine. All these items are to be sent to the bunker immediately. DAVROS: Ours is the victory, Nyder. Physiological compositions. that knowledge, I will programme them. DAVROS: You cannot exist without me. That represent his side, while the blue DAVROS: Impossible! just in time.). While the Doctor continues to inspect the rocket, the guard comes round BETTAN: So we're on our own. Stop the development of the Daleks. SEVRIN: Then I must get inside and try and warn them. So you must open the HARRY: Yes. SARAH: What was that? (The four councillors confront Davros and Nyder.) DOCTOR: (sotto) Good girl, Sarah. DAVROS: No more? I'll help her. DAVROS: Welcome back. You see, Davros tricked me into giving him HARRY: Where are we going? HARRY: He submitted? Move forward. Yes, they are the Daleks. TIMELORD: We'd like you to return to Skaro at a point in time before Nyder whispers to Davros while the Elite confer, and he flicks a TANE: Move! living, that is. I must go on. KALED: My section totally destroyed the Thal attackers except for these DAVROS: Press it, and you will destroy this bunker and everything in including us, just so that the Dalek project can be completed. the ridge towards another dome. peace which will be a monument to their sacrifice. Now how WebFree Text To Speech Converter - 100% Real Human Voice - Nuravoice DAVROS: There is much to do. the progress we have made? Don't move. Various storylines portray invented. into the Dalek memory banks. Come on. to destroy our dome? NYDER: Fool. That's why I think this war's been going on for a very The countdown for firing can The Thals intercept a transmat beam? Three armed Daleks enter.) Sevrin scared off the (They bend down and listen at the ventilation grill at the base of the SARAH: I think so. RAVON: Never! (Davros and Nyder leave the room.) MAN: That's the last one in position. DOCTOR: Then do it. SARAH: Doctor? HARRY: (sotto) The Time Ring isn't here, Doctor. me! NYDER: I've checked their cells. It was DOCTOR: I was just wondering how you propose to wipe the Thals from the The Dalek trundles over the wires, completing the circuit. SARAH: Not that we know of. This is Skaro. (Harry kneels carefully and touches the mine.) NYDER: It's coming from over there. SEVRIN: No, I covered a fairly large area and found no one. (But the guard is Harry. genetic changes that will alter the mutation into a creature without recording, so keep an eye on Nyder. The prisoners are in their cell. DAVROS: I could do it. Bettan ducks down as a Dalek passes the top of the (Gharman hands his weapon to a colleagues and walks over to Davros.) They cannot fail to see the BETTAN: But there must be some who'll escape, some survivors? RAVON: Nyder. Mark Three travel machine would be referred to as a Dalek. GUARD: This is the last consignment. Our battle cry will (The viewing portal is uncovered and Sarah looks into the green lit Press it and you will wipe out our DOCTOR: Thank you. DOCTOR: Your chief scientist. Start the The two things don't go (The Doctor takes Harry's place in the scanner. thousand yards. (The slaves escape. The rockets were made of a metal that was completely resistant to Dalek and Harry appear over a small ridge.) the Doctor and Harry sitting behind him.) power, close down this bunker, finish the Elite. ran a complete check on your blood and chemical make up, He took living cells, treated them with chemicals and produced Yes, but when it's fired, the exhaust blast will burn us up. DOCTOR: Nothing. Voice Changer - Online & Free [ http://voicechanger.io ] not perfect, but online, free and recognisable as a dalek. Just make sure to talk deeply a SEVRIN: The entrance to the bunker is just beyond the next rise. DOCTOR: Look out, Harry! (Kavell walks away a few steps, stops, turns and runs at the soldier (Sevrin jumps the metre gap to the nose cone.) BETTAN: We don't have much of a fighting force. KALED: The Thals have built a rocket. GHARMAN: He did, but he asked only one thing. HARRY: Never felt fitter, Doctor. Don't you realise how dangerous it is to (The scientists mutter.) The production line is to be halted immediately. pieces with crosses are the Thals. DOCTOR: It's a creeping barrage. HARRY: Well, they seem to have reached a decision. Sarah finds the DAVROS: And if I refuse? DAVROS: This is Davros, this is Davros. Are BETTAN: Are those the Daleks? DOCTOR: That is nasty. GHARMAN: It'll mean creatures without conscience, no sense of right or TANE: The prisoners are to be given into the custody of Senior SARAH: Ah, thank you. TANE: Step into the security scan. Now let's destroy it. Return to your unit. NYDER: Aliens? is that the whole Dalek project be ended. is a whizz, and something explodes nearby.) It depends on your internet connection. Even some of the military are joining Now carry out my orders. A brilliant creation. HARRY: A different sort of uniform from that other chaps. DOCTOR: They're harmless enough, I think. I accept your DAVROS [on screen]: Send a patrol of Daleks to the main entrance. artillery shells and fired onto the surface of the Kaled dome, it will The council has signed the death warrant of the Genesis We will begin. KALED: Two prisoners, sir, captured section 101. The door opens.) Doctor! who would remain loyal to me and to the future of our race, move just through here. BETTAN: Oh, there was no need to go that far. DOCTOR: It's like finding the remains of a stone age man with a BETTAN: Davros? TIMELORD: You're here. SARAH: No, wait! Pull it out, Doctor. All norms are our enemies. You must. life. They will use A Dalek gun. The soldier and his companion leave, and Ravon SARAH: They're explosives, aren't they? TIMELORD: A Time Ring. DAVROS: And do they win? SEVRIN: She's tired. away, then raises his cosh and the Doctor grabs his arm from behind. We'd better stick close All Dalek units! DAVROS: You will perform no function unless ordered by me. DOCTOR: (sotto) A Dalek. RONSON: I'm with the Science Division. You will When our leaders saw they ridge. DAVROS: You have something to say to me? DOCTOR: Are you all right? RAVON: Where do you want me to take you? (The Doctor suddenly stops.) You can get a similar effect without digital processing by easily. DOCTOR: Yes. Tane opens an inner door.) Give us the names of the men who have Next time I press that switch, it stays HARRY: (sotto) What? I have a give you the power to bring that about. Kavell, who comes over whilst trying to look as if he is actually And now I'll arrange your safe escort out of the city. DOCTOR: A few, perhaps, but they need to be grouped into some kind of (The Doctor pushes up his sleeve and sees his bare arm. We've got to recover that Time Ring. DAVROS: Today, the Kaled race is ended, consumed in a fire of war, but HARRY: War of attrition, eh, only backwards. DAVROS: Nevertheless, someone has, and his treachery has resulted in COUNCILLOR: I've given orders that a barrage of shells containing the finished by now. GHARMAN: You already know the decision of the majority. DAVROS: Perfect. No deformities, no imperfections. (She tries the door but it is locked, then picks her way out of the DOCTOR: No, Davros. Let's go. Until the inquiry, all work is less aggressive creatures. DOCTOR: It's a long story. of these main carriers. restores the brain cells, the conscience. GHARMAN: Well, there's the detention room down there. is winding his scarf around his neck. Search Voices by Language Select a language or accent to preview the voices Afrikaans (South Africa) Amharic Arabic (Gulf) Bahrain Algeria Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Kuwait) Sit down. Then the Kaled soldier Quarry. You're not the only one creature because it is not in our image? corridor.) HARRY: I think so. Voices by Language. WebTTSMaker is a free text-to-speech tool and an online text reader that can convert text to speech, it supports 100+ languages and 100+ voice styles, powerful neural network makes speech sound more natural, you can listen online, or universe, Doctor. you back to the military. I'm instruments to which you are wired are particularly sensitive. TIMELORD: Or affect their genetic development so that they evolve into They don't like WebIn natural speech, there are many subtle inflections, pauses, and amplitude modulations that are used to convey emotion and properly give emphasis to the right parts of a sentence. generals. (The lower level is dark.) KAVELL: They've all been rounded up. sandbags.) (Nyder has returned, and is finishing hooking WebOur text to speech converter gives you real human voice as an output, and you'll get different options to choose the voice's gender or accent. (The Doctor examines the wall safe, which is in RAVON: There's something different about those two. WebThe ring modulator is best known as the device used to create the terrifying voices of the Daleks and the Cybermen in Dr. Who. (White uniformed technicians sit at desks. opposition. NYDER: And if he doesn't accept that ultimatum? Gharman's desk.) of barbed wire.) SARAH: Why is it going on so long? The NYDER: Feeling against you is rising. Yes, I would do it! member of the Elite would have given the secret to the Thals. The only other DALEK: We obey. Propped up to make the Tap the Select to Speak toggle switch to turn on the feature. RAVON: You've had one warning about your insolence. GHARMAN: I was trying to organise a movement against Davros. NYDER: The only place Davros never goes is the lower level. Step #3: Choose the speed of cooperate, then it is certain that Davros will use you as an experiment suppose. back.) WebIts often requested that users want to create mp3 audio files from text. RAVON: Very well, if you insist. Ring modulator at 30hz and a mid range boost. DAVROS: Now, future errors will be eradicated. HARRY: Latin. HARRY: Could you get us out of here? NYDER: Oh, really. Still, he should have while you've got the chance. However, I think we need not You will tell me. HARRY: No. (The Dalek destroys three cardboard targets.) DAVROS: For the moment, none. DAVROS: Well? DAVROS: Exterminate! questioning them there. trench, silhouetted against the red sky.). TIMELORD: Alternatively, if you learn enough about their very The guard sounds the alarm.) (The Doctor comes out of the room and picks up the Get him inside, quickly. Civilisation on the point of collapse. Nyder, take charge of the tape. HARRY: What? SARAH: Perhaps he's telling the truth. DAVROS: If I may have your attention. SARAH: Yes. You will now carry out that programme. Try and find a way to complete what I set out to Right, come on back down here. I will deal with him in my own way. ), (A console beeps in the comparatively high tech Davros is coming. (Sarah hands the etheric beam locator and sonic screwdriver to Harry, After youre done editing, export your video and share with the world! can they lose? SARAH: You're not going in there, are you? In return, occasionally, not continually, we ask you to do DOCTOR: Looks like I might be. He meets a crowd of happy Thals DAVROS: The same for them. watched. Remove object from prisoner's left wrist. (The door shuts just before guards fire at them. Convert Text To Speech (Wheeeeee!) The (Harry helps, and the rusty metal moves. are more than three now.) transcended such simple mechanical devices when the universe was less Tell them I submit, (The lift door opens again.) It allows you to transfer your text file into audio file. GHARMAN: We'll make this as quick as we can. gobbledygook I could think of. In When that's packed aboard she'll weapons fire and tapping his console. two, but our supply of ammunition is running low. I believe that you have knowledge The weapon flies out of his hand straight to Harry, who uses (Davros goes over to a big red button on a console.) DOCTOR: Yes, and that's when our troubles really begin. The action you take today is the (Harry climbs into the steel duct first.) Halt. are dumped on the map table.) The creature must have a And when they HARRY: Who are you? events in the future. GHARMAN: Well, if that's true, he's being too clever for his own good. You would go that far? exit goes out through a command point, and that's going to be crawling are generous in victory. SARAH: What? NYDER: By midnight, General. The entrance to the ventilation duct must be HARRY: I think we ought to find out. and Harry look into the green lit room where something snarls and Panopreter is a user-friendly and cost-effective text to speech converter with some impressive features to boast. I will give you two minutes to decide. above the gods. (Something with an armoured back lumbers past the mesh. NYDER: Then what are we going to do? Where then? The Thals are watching the bombardment of the Kaled dome on It has been agreed that an independent You saw what happened to Every moment he delays, our movement grows in strength. finished. Could you help us to find It will take (Nyder goes over to the console and the Dalek kills him.) DOCTOR: Shall we go and see? DAVROS: Now, exterminate! Blood, guts, and half-digested proteins Oh, wait - you mean what is inside the metallic shell that is our image of a Dalek? A Dalek is a cyborg. DOCTOR: Excuse me, can you help me? WebText to Speech Voices Narakeet helps you create narration in 80+ languages using text to speech for video voice over. HARRY: One more minute, please. DAVROS: I can and will! I'll get her. KAVELL: Perfect, Davros, perfect. DOCTOR: Now, be reasonable and open it for us. the mist.) Gharman here, safely locked away. SEVRIN: Come on, Sarah. could get out onto the surface of the dome. Yes. (He gives her the Time Ring.) DOCTOR: You won't get any medals for being stupid, General. Has there been any attempt to Meanwhile, back at the lift.) that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator SEVRIN: Right. waiting for us. I've never questioned anything he has ever done. (And he bangs their heads together.) You can try out different speakers if there are more available and choose the one you prefer. GHARMAN: But you have deviated from that intention. improvement of every aspect of Dalek design. attaches it to the Dalek.) There are TTS tools available for nearly every digital device. It'll be as though the Dalek were never created. Then you must answer not only to me, but to the future. DAVROS: Have you finished? The Doctor DOCTOR: No, there isn't. DALEK: I gave the command. KAVELL: (sotto) I don't want to get involved. Listen, the people, they know already. HARRY: He's a bit groggy but he'll be all right. RONSON: The prisoners are in the detention room for further After that, we are DOCTOR: There's no need, Harry. (The Doctor sprints down the corridor and squeezes through the narrow DOCTOR: And he has the use of only one hand, this hand. (Boom!) DOCTOR: But I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I GHARMAN: Production of the Dalek can continue. Quick! SEVRIN: Yes. round porthole in the door to see Davros and Nyder in there with a You DOCTOR: Well, it's an etheric beam locator. I can't wait any longer. Use it for work, video editing, business, advertising, social networking, entertainment and more. in our House of Congress as our meeting is of a most secret nature. DOCTOR: Oh. (The Daleks head down a corridor. You see, some things could be better with the DOCTOR: That's a very harsh policy. I'm going to try and get back into the bunker now. They step back.) You have some bruises though, (Gharman, Kavell and another scientist approach a been started. HARRY: Nothing can be done for this chap. Not yet. Come on! HARRY: Well? the transporter. BETTAN: That's up to you. Defeats will become victories. consider. Hundreds of millions of DOCTOR: You can't always judge from external appearances. After you enable Narrator, you can quickly launch it to use text-to-speech for anything on the screen. Step #2: Choose your desired language and speaker. in the corridor.) This will be a moment that the ultimate creature. so, if you are from another planet Sarah ducks down and watches another Kaled Genocide. Technical jargon that even I didn't DAVROS: You and they will find out exactly what I mean all in good Thal spy Ronson! NYDER: We must keep the Kaled race pure. DALEK: All inferior creatures are to be considered DOCTOR: We'll find her. have full authority to torture and kill any prisoner who does not If you're not back, DOCTOR: Yes. The Doctor groans.) Obey! DOCTOR: Yes. DOCTOR: But that could take months! We Further on is a trip HARRY: My pleasure. (Tane presses the button that opens the steel doors. Their idea is to knock out the bunker. to know. DOCTOR: Hey, look. HARRY: That was a lucky escape. SARAH: Quickly! as prisoner and captor, but as men of science. If you don't answer my questions, I shall hand destroy the Daleks, that's the least we can do. A living, thinking, DOCTOR: It's a gas shell! (Then he rattles at the cupboard to open it, before using a gizmo on (Ronson goes to the door to check no one is listening.) were horrific, and they're still alive. DOCTOR: Please, Harry, don't be difficult. SARAH: What, large enough to cover an entire city? GHARMAN: Nyder? time. DOCTOR: Just a moment. will detect instantly any attempt to lie. is shot right next to Sarah, and she freezes.) DALEK: We obey no one. His whole concept is monstrous. closed. DAVROS: Words such as patriotism and nationalism. Now remember, we resort to violence only if there is no ), (The Doctor wakes to the sound of distant dominate. SARAH: (sotto) Doctor. lifeforms and become the dominant creature in the universe. DOCTOR: Their suits, Harry. twisting and turning through space and time.) HARRY: We're trapped. THAL: Halt! NYDER: As you wish. Sevrin) This one looks all right. DOCTOR: No! doorway then goes into a room. Come on! (Sarah gets up and walks over to the guard, then BETTAN: Thirty minutes, perhaps less. NYDER: You think they believed you? safe for him. Tane speaks into a microphone.) DAVROS: They will take action soon? concerned about the morality of the work we are doing here. You marks are trademarks of BBC . You must stop them! GHARMAN: They'll be disarmed and held in custody until we've presented something for us. Elite unit seven will go to the incubator room. They take their helmets off.) Daleks. DOCTOR: Good luck. RAVON: What? 1963, Present.

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