isaac hale father of emma smith

Treadwell sobbed when he couldnt find the money, claiming it was stolen by an accomplice in robbery.6 The travel party likely paid little attention to the bridge that had Martin Lanes tollgate on the other side, as they followed the bend in the river veering right at the turn onto Oquago Roada road described by travelers as a narrow, rut-filled, tree-root- bound path running west between Oquago Mountain and the north bank of the Susquehanna River. Hale also bought an additional 40 1/2 acres of land from Caleb and Sarah Carmalt for $101.00 but did not record the deed until he sold it years later to a son-in-law, Michael Morse.234The Carmalt addition was a section of land attached to the eastern edge of the Hale property above the land of Ezekiel and William Travis. He was born March 21, 1763, in New Haven, Connecticut, to Diantha Ward and Reuben Hale. 42. While the Spanish had discovered or appropriated gold and silver mines in Peru and other places in South America, the British had not been as successful, and so they turned to the more common way of getting goldtaking it from others. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. A Heart Full of Love and Faith: The Prophets Letters to His Family, in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith (Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2007), 23847. 17. rose gold diamond bracelet mens; Since nothing was entered in the column for mills while the column for occupation only recorded single men (these were non-property holders who were included under a head tax), these columns were dropped the following year and industrial sites (sawmills) were specifically listed as a line item in future tax assessments. There are a large number of headstones made by Coffin Man in the region, and Nancy Mess has identified him as J. W. Stewart of Coventryville, New York. hmrc tax refund cheque. Colbert,Journal of the Travels of William Colbert,January 15, 1793. So far, however, it has not been possible to identify a specific carver, Nancy Lynn Mess, Cemetery Historian, Ithaca, New York, Personal communication to author, March 6, 2015. . No products in the cart. The competing congregations produced tension. Staker and Jensen, David Hales Store Ledger: New Details about Joseph and Emma Smith, the Hale Family, and the Book of Mormon.. If you retire into the grove. He was a Farmer. During this period, the government approved a plan to build new twenty-foot wide roads to replace meandering trails and increase access to the area. boonie bears monster plan; lowest temperature in pensacola, fl; glencoe high school basketball The author wrote, Meantime Deacon Stowell purchased a farm at Susquehanna and moved his family there from Afton. 312. Thou hast grieved for the hardness of the hearts of thy fathers house, and thou hast longed for their salvation. [23 December 180530 August 1834], Agreement with Isaac Hale, 6 April Joseph courted Emma Hale while she lived in her parents home, and he hoped to marry her in its parlor, as was custom in the valley. Lord help me to be prepared to go to rest when thou shalt remove me hence.285 The next day the oldest of Isaac and Elizabeth Hales daughters, Phebe, died. Seba Smiths novel about life on the Susquehanna,Way Down East; or, Portraits of Yankee Life,(New York: H. W. Derby, 1857), included an entire chapter detailing the horrors of this tragedy. She was the same age as Oliver Cowderys older brother Warren and could name some of the individuals involved with the Rodsmen but was uncertain of Cowdery family involvement. Against the wishes of Emma's father, Emma and Joseph married on January 18, 1827. He may have also visited his father, Reuben Hale, or older brother, Reuben Hale Jr., both veterans of the recent war, or with his sisters Naomi and Antha (Diantha) Hale. Colbert, Journal of the Travels of William Colbert.. Ten days before her death she became quite uncomfortable. The Reverend Elam Potter had grown up in the same villages as the Hale family, and he was an ardent abolitionist. 256. 216. Diantha Ward was the mother of Isaac Hale. . A little over a month after Isaac Hale arranged to purchase his land, a change in county government gave the Hale family a larger political voice. While there was not a single Elect Lady among the Methodists who could prophesy and reveal the will of God, many of the women among the Shouting Methodists found themselves in the woods seeking inspiration as they reminded the young they should be retiring to the grove for a solitary walk, or private devotion.185 They saw themselves as saints in the tradition of early Christianity, and their hymns encouraged them to pray, asking to see the power of God manifested.186 To reinforce this effort, they sang Ye saints, who love the Lords dear name, Who love to worship at his feet . 51. If so, it served as school, church, and residence for a period.256. [citation needed] As she had in Kirtland, Emma Smith lead "the work of boarding and clothing the men engaged in building [the Nauvoo temple]". Ausburn Towner,Our County and Its People: A History of the Valley and County of Chemung, From the Closing Years of the Eighteenth Century(Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co., Publishers, 1892), 466; and Hamilton Child,Gazetteer and Business Directory of Chemung and Schuyler Counties, N.Y. for 18681869(Syracuse: Journal Office, 1868), 107. Kirk and McQuinn, personal communications to author, July and August 2014. Joseph Smiths 13 1/2 acres were rounded for tax purposes to 13 acres of improved land just south of the Morse property. Not everyone in the Hale family participated in the search for silver, however, as Isaacs brother-in-law Nathaniel Lewis seems to have separated his family from these efforts. Considered by many as very handsome, though the only standard to which she aspired, was to be calledgoodlooking. Abel, Scraps of History, April 12, 1867, David H. Smith Documents and Reference, CCA. Elizabeth Wasson moved with her husband to nearby Colesville in late 1829. 90. Richard BEST died 2 May 1867 aged 48 years. Wilkinson,Annals of Binghamton, 10708. Dubois and Pike,Centennial of Susquehanna County, 73. 229. John Travas (also spelled Traves and Travis), a neighbor of the Hales, had a 15 x 30 foot home valued at $16, which was likely the value of a single story structure. But her placement of the ruins on the Westfall property is supported by early sources.268The map Blackman described marking the town suggests it was a small settlement and it was likely affiliated with the larger community at Oquago to the norththe connection between the two places may explain the name of Oquago Mountain. One historian argued that unsatisfied greed, hurt pride, and infectious hatred motivated Isaac Hale. 1, p. 212, microfilm 1,287,076, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL. [13][b] The couple moved to the home of Smith's parents on the edge of Manchester Township, near Palmyra. Thou shalt be blessed with understanding, and have power to instruct thy sex, teach thy family righteousness, and thy little ones the way of life, and the holy angels shall watch over thee and thou shalt be saved in the kingdom of God, even so, Amen., Copyright 2023 The Joseph Smith Jr and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society, Joseph Smith Jr and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society 2023, Short Biographies of Joseph, Emma, and their family. 79. After contesting the 1828 assessment, Isaac was taxed for 63 acres of unimproved land and 28 acres of improved land, consisting of two acres of first rate land that included a kitchen garden and large work area around his house, 16 acres of second rate land along the river that included a pasture for his sheep, and ten acres of third rate land between his home and the mountain that included an orchard just north of his home, wetlands north of the orchard of little agricultural use except for as afee area for pigs, and sugar maple trees in the rocky, ascending portions to the north. Near the end of that year, an assessor appraised the Hale family 15 x 30 foot log home as worth $26.133 The tax assessment noted they lived on a 150 acre farm owned by Charles Francis, using either an alternate name for Tench or that of an as yet unidentified son.134 Isaacs brother-in-law Nathaniel Lewiss family was also listed as occupying 100 acres of Charles Franciss farmland just west of the Hale family that included a 15 x 28 foot log home and a log stable of unspecified size.135 Francis paid the tax for the land, not Isaac Hale or Nathaniel Lewis. The Lord will have respect to thy cries, and by his judgments he will cause some of them to see their folly and repent of their sins; but it will be by affliction that they will be saved. The best candidate for a residence for the treasure diggers is the Isaac and Elizabeth Hale log home. As the play begins Isaac has agreed to house several treasure hunters for an old neighbor, Josiah Stowell, who is digging for a Spanish silver mine. Husband of Elizabeth (Lewis) Hale married 20 Sep 1790 in Wells, VT. Descendants. As a native of Cape Cod and a South Sea man, born to Mary and Gershom Lewis in Gilford, Connecticut, Nathaniel Lewis grew up in shipping and worked for a time as a sailor.63 He also lived on the Connecticut coast within view of Gardiners Island where Captain William Kidd purportedly buried stolen silver before moving to Block Island to negotiate his surrender for piracy. George Peck(New York: Nelson and Phillips, 1873), 68; Trial Notes of Scribe A. Peck also referred to Isaac as old Brother Hale, George Peck,Early Methodism within the Bounds of the Old Genesee Conference from 1788 to 1828(New York: Carlton and Porter, 1860), 256. After the Buck difficulty, instead of nearly all the families being pious, not but two or three were to be found entitled to that sacred epithet.175 The community still gathered for social interaction on the Sabbath, but they held their Sunday meetings in the local log schoolhouse and read from Thomas Paines Age of Reasoninstead of the Bible. Paul,History of Wells,3334. Trial Notes, Scribe A and Trial Notes, Scribe B.. 296. J. Joseph and Emma in a home nearby while he translated most of the Book of Mormon with Oliver Cowdery serving as scribe. This Presbyterian Tarble family remained friends with the Hales, Blackman,History of Susquehanna County,120. 81. Providence knows bestHe sends to you whatever He wants you to have, and youve got to take it and make the best of it.174. The sons likely visited their fathers grave at some later point and replaced the original Hale and Lewis marker since a nicely carved 1820s headstone with a weeping willow and well-carved lettering now marks the grave.165, A religious transformation in the Hale family followed the death of Tim Pickering; and a transformation in the Hale home and land followed their religious transformation. George Peck,Wyoming: Its History, Stirring Incidents, and Romantic Adventures(New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1858), 193. But her father would not suffer us to be married at his house, Joseph noted. Some historians have emphasized Isaac Hales adversarial relationship with Joseph Smith, and others have suggested there may have initially been a more cooperative relationship between the two. She later wrote in an interview with her son, Joseph Smith III: "In writing for your father I frequently wrote day after day, often sitting at the table close by him, he sitting with his face buried in his hat, with the stone in it, and dictating hour after hour with nothing between us. Emma and Joseph met when he boarded at her fathers inn while working in the area. 244. John Comfort, letter to Silas Comfort, Harmony, September 25, 1847. Personalities in the Doctrine and Covenants. Upham,Life of Timothy Pickering,118. The village post office officially changed the name of the village from Hopbottom to Waterford in 1823 but in 1825 it changed again to Brooklyn although locals continued for many years to refer to it as Hopbottom. Bidamon moved into the Mansion House[18] and became stepfather to Emma's children. Isaac Hale, son of Reuben Hale & Diantha Ward, was born Mar. Disagreements erupted between Emma and Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, over the extent to which both the Smith family and the Church had a right to properties in Josephs name and were liable for his debts. Nine months after Robert Rose purchased much of the valley, Isaac Hale paid him one dollar on November 29, 1809, for 90 acres of land and agreed to a mortgage of $340.92 for the remaining sum. Emma publicly condemned polygamy and denied any involvement by her husband. After Joseph and Emma Hale Smiths marriage, they returned to the neighborhood that became for them a significant place in their familys timeline. They seem to have thought of it. Daniel Buck settled his young family in the middle of the Susquehanna Valley at Painted Rock, a site later known as Red Rock, because Native American inhabitants had used red paint to depict various figures, apparently turning the site into a ritual setting or sacred location.104 This was also the location of the Indian burying-ground in the area.105 The land at Painted Rock was not good farmland and before the railroad came through the area it consisted largely of a picturesque blend of massive freestanding rock formations and steep cliffs. 29. Vermont war hero Ethan Allen, who helped create Vermont from New York and New Hampshire, had agreed in late 1785 to travel there the following spring with a detachment of Green Mountain boys and create a new state from the land.28 Although Allen never followed through, Hale may have become caught up in this Vermont enthusiasm. See Emily Blackman, Susquehanna County, 1090. A later reminiscence ties the name Harmony to Henry Drinker Jr.s land agent John Hilborn. The use of witch hazel rods accompanied many families in their move to Vermont. . Since Rose came to evaluate the valley as an investment, he would have contacted some of the settlers on the land he planned to buy. isaac hale father of emma smith. Her service in the Relief Society, however, achieved much more than benevolent work. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. He recorded the place and text of each sermon presumably so he wouldnt repeat a sermon in the same location. As early as 1779 these trees bore the marks of great age.38 It was here at those trees that some of Sullivans soldiers gathered to plan their raids on the nearby villages near traces of an Indian village on the north side of the river where Josiah Stowells workmen would later look for a lost silver mine east of what would become the Hale property.39 The rest of the valley had small campsites built along the trail hidden from view for use by hunting or trapping parties making their way through there.40. This meant Joseph was under the necessity of taking her elsewhere.18 Not long after Joseph married Emma, however, the two lived briefly in the home as Joseph began his work and prepared to move into his own home. George Peck covered the sermon book he used in the Hale home with gold and blue wallpaper left over from someones recent construction. Quaker John Hilborn was the best educated man in the valley. Elizabeth Hale connected herself to the Methodists early and may have been the one Hiel Lewis had heard about, confusing the details, but Isaac remained distant.190, Frederic Stier and Timothy Lee first arrived in the Susquehanna Valley in 1805 and found most of their success there in 1806.191 When Stier and Lee brought Methodism it resulted in a general revival of religion which swept along that portion of the Susquehanna Valley as the popular movement replaced Bucks Congregationalism.192 Lee did not list any Hales among his converts, but missing names in the records was not unusual as most individuals caught up in local revivals were not numbered among the short list of convertsparticularly if they were already baptized.193. Chaffee,History of the Wyoming Conference, 37. History Department. Elizabeth delivered her last child, Reuben, on September 18, 1810. It is also possible he drew from the general folk culture of New England and learned how to use a rod to receive revelation elsewhere. He eventually studied at Harvard like his father, became a member of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences in 1827, was elected a member of the American Philosophical Society in 1828, and became a leading American naturalist. Several decades later, in 1825 Isaacs sons Jesse and Ward bought the Traves sawmill, and the illiterate John and Mercy Travis both signing their X for the transaction.143 Some of the millers, sawyers and workmen of these mills were among the earliest converts to Mormonism.144. The family moved to a new Latter Day Saint settlement in Illinois which Joseph named "Nauvoo". Joseph Smiths death on June27, 1844, created tremendous upheaval for Emma. McCune, Personalities in the Doctrine and Covenants, 49. Land speculators there aggressively promoted property along the Susquehanna River, advertising as far away as Germany seeking young, ambitious settlers to buy their land. Lorenzo D. Wasson, letter to David Hale (Independence, P. O., Washington Co., Pennsylvania), February 1841, Nauvoo, Illinois, CHL. If anyone was engaged in it [the Rodsmens treasure digging activities], it must have been the old gentleman, Oliver Cowderys father, she surmised. In 1834, Isaac Hale, who was the father-in-law of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, swore a legal affidavit against Joseph saying that Joseph was involved in trea. The following year, when Isaac Hale and John Hilborn were assessors, the Hale sugar house was dropped from the assessment and Isaac was taxed for 300 pounds of sugarsignificantly more than any other individual in the township. He recorded the purchase agreement with Isaac Hale in the county deed book on January 2, 1810, without noting when the payment or payments for the property fell due, or if Hale would pay the debt as a single lump sum or in regular installments over an extended period.236The latter option was more likely since the Hale family only paid one dollar down and built a new, large frame home at about the same time. But Lewis clearly increased his ties to the movement shortly after the Pickering death. Davids brother Jesse Hale moved across the river to a new home downstream by his sawmill, and in 1825 Jesse paid a tax for both of his homes as occupied structures. Pickering grew up in and returned to die in the 1651 Pickering house in Salem, Massachusetts, which remained the oldest home in the United States continuously occupied by one family until the end of the 20th century. Their log home was continuously taxed as a residence for many more years as others lived there, but the family did not build a foundation for the home when it was moved and allowed it to slowly decay. The newlyweds then settled six miles north of Litchfield in Goshen, Connecticut, where their first child was born November 19 or 20, 1767.71 They named her Elizabeth Lewis. Isaac Hale mentioned his log house in trial testimony recorded verbatim by two of the three judges presiding at the trial of Jason Treadwell. Smith, by the aid of his magic stone, ascertained that many years before a band of robbers had buried a box of treasure in certain flat lands on the deacons farm. Joe Smiths Youthful Days. He immediately commenced paying his addresses to her.17 Emmas parents saw in her the same example of grace, refinement, and gentility they hoped their home could give. 41. Lorenzo Saunders, interview by William H. Kelly, September 17, 1884, E. L. Kelley Papers, Community of Christ Library and Archives, Independence, Missouri, hereafter CCA, cited in Dan Vogel, William D. Purple Reminiscence, April 28, 1877,Early Mormon Documents, 5 vols. Wilkinson,Annals of Binghamton,35. Isaac Hale remembered of Joseph, his appearance at this time, was that of a careless young mannot very well educated, and very saucy and insolent to his father.302. Hartley later collected and recounted in great detail rules for correspondence during courting. While the name of the local Justice of the Peace is sometimes spelled Zacheriah Tarbell, his name is most frequently spelled Zachariah Tarble.This was the spelling used by Zachariah while he lived in Chenango County. Their father, Isaac, spent his time in the backwoods and had no known formal education. Joseph and Isaac Hale, Emma's father, had a tumultuous relationship due to Emma and Joseph eloping, Joseph's treasure digging, and Isaac's frustration with Joseph constantly borrowing. A photograph of the map is in the authors possession. They also developed a close relationship and identification with local Native Americans, perhaps in part because of Daniel Bucks knowledge of their language and culture. isaac hale father of emma smith; richard liles drummer the impact of recruitment and selection on employee performance pdf 0919405830; can i eat bananas while taking metronidazole 0. isaac hale father of emma smith. When a mine was accidentally discovered in 1985 in the same hills where Stiles thought it was located, theNew York Timesdescribed it as one of the richest concentrations of gold in North America.60 What was thought to be idle gossip gathered by Stiles apparently was based on accurate information corrupted in the retelling. Nancy F. Glass was asked specifically to respond to accusations Oliver Cowdery had been involved in the group. In a small area were the basement was not expanded, few artifacts were found, which suggests that the original log home had a wooden floor made of hewn timbers or hand sawn lumber. He then returned to Palmyra, and soon after, Alva, agreeable to the arrangement, went up and returned with Smith and his family. The Saints Herald(April 9, 1935): 465. If it was twelve years before his Rodsmen were organized into a congregation then he was excluded about 1788 or a little earlier. A proper young lady or gentleman was to write to a slight acquaintance in the third person, was not to write in a frank, friendly style, and was not to keep letters confidential from his or her parents.303 Emma likely showed her father Josephs courting letters, and Isaac Hales evaluation of his abilities was likely similar to that of Emma, who noted, Joseph Smith . 283. The familys struggles became marked during the winter of 17991800 when a severe winter hit the county and blanketed it in deep snow from November until May. 36. 11. The Smiths lived in the homestead until 1843, when a much larger house, known as the "Mansion House" was built across the street. 33. Understanding the physical setting of the Hale farm and its mansion,helps us to not only better place the events of 1825-1830 Mormonism within their physical and cultural setting, but also enlarges our appreciation of the Isaac and Elizabeth Hale family. We will do it, said Hail; we will fix the stones, so that Charles, when grown up, if he should come this way, may find the spot where his fathers body was laid. These words were uttered with so much affection and respect for the deceased as showed how greatly your brother was beloved.163 Colonel Pickering wrote to his son Henry, Mr. 315. John RATHBORN died 12 May 1836 aged 87 years. Blackman,History of Susquehanna County,136. Thomas Smith died 2 April 1885 aged 64 years. The slave Sylvia Dubois, who worked in the tavern at the other end of the Susquehanna Valley in what became Great Bend Township, often served great numbers of hunters and drovers who came to the tavern from 18031806. Their correspondence reveals not only their difficult circumstances but their commitment to each other. . Methodism became popular in the Susquehanna region in the early 1800s, and Emma began attending with her mother at the age of seven. Although Mr. Hale was remembered as a stiff old Methodist, and .

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