louisville mayor race 2022 results

Lazaro Gamio } margin: 0; .panel-body { For years, a powerful few have advanced THEIR vision & profits at the expense of OUR quality of life and rights. Nov. 8, 2022, The early vote in Arizona has been strong for Democrat Mark Kelly, but we expect a good portion of the in-person and late-counted mail vote to favor Blake Masters. Tony Evers won a second term as governor of Wisconsin, giving Democrats a foothold in a critical presidential battleground. Maggie Astor Louisville mayoral candidates eagerly await election results as polls open Dalton Godbey Nov 8, 2022 Updated Nov 8, 2022 The polls close at 6 p.m. eastern time. overflow-x: scroll; Races to watch include those in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 22nd Congressional Districts, as well as the contest for governor. background-color: grey; Gov. 100% remote. Succeeding Dieruf as mayor of Jeffersontown is Carol Pike, who defeated a fellow Jeffersontown City Council member, Ray "Chubby Ray" Perkins, in Tuesday's election and will become the first woman to lead the suburban municipality. text-align: center; Individual showings of Senate winners varied widely. , Adrian Fontes, a Democrat, defeated Mark Finchem, a G.O.P. , Kathy Hochul, New Yorks first female governor, beat Rep. Lee Zeldin in the states closest race in decades. WebLouisville mayor: Craig Greenberg wins Louisville hasn't had a new mayor in 12 years. .question-scroll-container { .votebox-covid-disclaimer { .results_text { } Chris Deluzio, Democrat, wins U.S. House seat to represent Pennsylvanias 17th Congressional District. padding-right: 20px !important; padding-bottom: 5px; Nov. 9, 2022, John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate, won by a smaller margin than Josh Shapiro, the Democratic candidate for governor. For Louisville's Nov. 9, 2022, Alaska has competitive races for both the Senate and the House, neither of which is a straightforward Democrat-versus-Republican affair. Check out the 2022 North Carolina results for the Senate, House of Representatives and Governor. Ballotpedia features 395,557 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. .votebox-scroll-container { Ballotpedia invites candidates to participate in its annual survey. text-align: center; State officials say that counting all of the votes may take several days. .answers-container { @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley), Bill Dieruf is the republican nominee for mayor in Louisville. z-index:1; In 2003, Louisville and Jefferson County merged, making Louisville cover the whole county. Nov. 10, 2022, Support for the abortion proposal was stronger than support for reelected Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, in 76 of the states 83 counties. margin-top: 1em; , Eric Sorensen, Democrat, wins U.S. House seat to represent Illinoiss 17th Congressional District. font-weight: 300; } Cities | .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper .image-candidate-thumbnail { font-size: 12px; .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { As more candidates entered the race, Greenberg remained ahead of the pack in both fundraising and endorsements. Louisville is the county seat of Jefferson County. Democrats will gain a seat in the new Congress, retaining the power to advance the presidents agenda and his judicial and cabinet picks. Maggie Astor For the open Senate seat in Ohio, J.D. .votebox { }, 100); ), "One of the learnings from my faith is 'Tikkun olam,' which translates to 'repair the world,'" Greenberg told The Courier Journal earlier this year. 2022 Kentucky Mayor Louisville Democratic Primary Results Election Date: May. height: 50px; width: 100%; Ballotpedia asks all federal, state, and local candidates to complete a survey and share what motivates them on political and personal levels. Public policy. More tax dollars will be shifted to LMPD to prevent crime. , In Nevadas race for governor, Joe Lombardo, a Trump-backed sheriff, beat Gov. font-size: 12px !important; } She will be one of the nations first openly lesbian governors. Get live estimates for Senate and House control with our real-time election forecast, which analyzes the results so far to show who is on track to win. Noah Grimes won election in the general election for Jefferson County Commission District A on November 8, 2022. .inner_percentage.Democratic { Tammy Hawkins } Download it here, A voter casts a ballot in Tuesday's primary elections. The polls just closed in Montana, Utah and parts of Nevada, Idaho and Oregon. The following candidates ran in the Democratic primary for Mayor of Louisville on May 17, 2022. } WebLouisville will get the same result regardless. Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. text-align: left; .votebox-covid-disclaimer { .inner_percentage.Democratic { } margin-right: 12px; Polls are open until 6 p.m. local time in Kentucky. Sherlena Watkins, Jack Andrews border-radius: 50%; .votebox { Lazaro Gamio Nate Cohn He is ineligible to run due to term limits. , Senator Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada won a second term, beating Adam Laxalt, a Trump acolyte, and dealing a blow to Republicans. Federal courts | Democrats also won the Governors office, State Senate, and appear poised to take the State Assembly, and voters affirmed abortion rights in the state. overflow-y: hidden; margin-bottom: 0px; Nov. 9, 2022, Democrats and Republicans each need to win three more competitive Senate seats to win control of the chamber (in addition to the races they are expected to win most easily). Lazaro Gamio padding-top: 3px; background-color: #6db24f; margin: 0px 10px; Albert Sun Ameerah Granger (disqualified appeared on ballot) Both interviews can be seen above. .votebox_legend .non_result_row { Nov. 8, 2022, Gov. font-style: italic; Follow along after polls close. Voters in Kentucky will decide whether to approve an amendment that would reject abortion rights in the State Constitution. border-radius: 0 0 7px 7px; In these midterms, New York is an unexpected battleground. The Associated Press has not called New Yorks race for governor but Gov. Fischer said in a tweet late Tuesday that he looked "forward to working with him to ensure a smooth transition.". Gary M. Gibson advanced from the Republican primary for Jefferson County Coroner. U.S. Congress | Heres the state of the closest races: Most of the vote reporting so far is early, and Democrats are expected to win those votes by a large margin. What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office? font-size: 20px; max-width: 600px; Maggie Astor width: 100% vertical-align: middle; Dieruf was the frontrunner throughout the campaign, out raising his three opponents by more than $350,000. background-color: #f9d334; $(".collapse-all").on('click', () => { background-color: green; , George Santos, Republican, wins U.S. House seat to represent New Yorks Third Congressional District. .inner_percentage { } The filing deadline for this election was originally scheduled for January 7, 2022, but was moved to January 25 due to redistricting. Public Safety, Affordable Housing, Universal Pre-K, Cleaning up the city. .non_result_row { } The Times estimates the share of votes reported and the number of remaining votes, based on historic turnout data and reporting from results providers. top: -5px; Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, wins re-election to the U.S. Senate. But Dieruf said Tuesday night that he doesnt believe his party label will hurt his chances. bottom: 2px } .indicate_scroll { Ray Barker Vance won Ohio handily even as almost every part of the state voted more for Democrats than they did in 2020. } , The Hillbilly Elegy author and Republican J.D. The first batch of results have come in from the Jefferson County Clerks Office. Editor's Note: Spectrum News 1 interviewed both Bill Dieruf and Craig Greenberg on Wed., May 18. } Nate Cohn margin: 8px auto; padding-bottom: 8px; Incumbent Democratic mayor Greg Fischer is term-limited and cannot seek reelection to a fourth term in office. , Brad Raffensperger, Republican, is re-elected as Georgias secretary of state. padding-bottom: 5px; 2023 www.courier-journal.com. The section below shows responses from candidates in this race who completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey. State and local courts | } Nov. 10, 2022, More than 200,000 Georgia voters cast ballots for Brian Kemp, Republican candidate for governor, but did not vote for Herschel Walker in the Senate race. overflow: hidden; The next regular City election will be in November 2023. Incumbent Queenie Averette defeated David Whitlock in the general election for Jefferson County Executive on November 8, 2022. Andrew Owen Sorry, this video is not available, please check back later. } overflow-x: auto;

 }, Did not make the ballot: Louisville's last eight mayors  		width: 100% 	.mw-content-ltr td.votebox-results-cell--text,  } 	.results_row { 17, 2022 | Updated 12:19 PM EDT May. Other campaign pledges from Greenberg, who previously served on the University of Louisville Board of Trustees and on other nonprofit boards, include building 15,000 affordable housing units during his first term, creating new development and businesses that foster "walkable, bikeable, livable, green and safe neighborhoods" and working on improving historically neglected parks. 	.votebox_bp_logo { 		text-align: center; I have worked in Frankfort  so I am best suited to work with everybody come Jan. 1 as the Mayor of Louisville..  Incumbent Colleen Younger  advanced  from the  Democratic primary for Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator. Seven other third-party candidates received anywhere from a few hundred to a little over 1,600 votes, according to the clerk's office. In this form of municipal government, the city council serves as the city's primary legislative body and the mayor serves as the city's chief executive. 		font-size: 12px; Eight counties that voted Yes on the proposal also voted for the Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon. 			width: 350px; Mandela Barnes, and there is a close contest for governor.  Maggie Astor  Alicia Parlapiano 		font-weight: 200; 	.election_results_text { 		font-weight: 300; Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, and Joe Lombardo, the Las Vegas-area sheriff who was endorsed by Donald Trump. The city of Louisville, Kentucky, held a general election for mayor on November 8, 2022. What we expect this year 	.votebox-results-cell--check { align-items:center; .image-candidate-thumbnail { A primary was scheduled for May 17, 2022. 		font-size: 12px;         Nov. 8, 2022, In Washington State, Senator Patty Murray is facing a strong Republican challenge, though she remains favored to win. 	} Ballot measures, Who represents me? The mayor is Democrat Greg Fischer.  		position: relative; LOUISVILLE, Ky.  Republican Bill Dieruf and Democrat Craig Greenberg cruised to victory in their respective primaries Tuesday and will square off in a November  Republicans have flipped four House seats in New York, two districts on Long Island and two in the Hudson Valley. display: none; 		display: inline; There were no incumbents in this race. 	} 	.race_header.green { 	}         Nov. 8, 2022, Senator Raphael Warnock is out with an early lead in Georgia, but it could all be just a mirage. Now, businessman and Democrat Craig Greenberg will take over. .image-candidate-thumbnail { 	} 2022 Kentucky Mayor Louisville Election Results Election Date: Nov. 8, 2022 | Updated 4:06 PM EST Nov. 10, 2022 Mayor - Louisville 100% Reporting View all  	.indicate_scroll { 		letter-spacing: .04em; , Gov. 	.mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { 		height: 22px; 		max-width: 75px; The interviews are back-to-back in their entirety. Dont expect quick results in either race; officials in Alaska wont finish counting absentee ballots for about two weeks.  , Where Senate Candidates Outperformed Biden and Trump. 	} One of the biggest slates on  Kentucky state legislative special elections, 2022, United States Senate election in Kentucky, 2022, Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District election, 2022, Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District election, 2022, Kentucky's 4th Congressional District election, 2022, Kentucky House of Representatives elections, 2022, Kentucky intermediate appellate court elections, 2022, Kentucky Constitutional Amendment 1, Changes to Legislative Session End Dates and Special Sessions Measure (2022), Kentucky Constitutional Amendment 2, No Right to Abortion in Constitution Amendment (2022), Jefferson County Public Schools, Kentucky, elections (2022), https://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=City_elections_in_Louisville,_Kentucky_(2022)&oldid=9057055, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, United States city council elections, 2022, Conflicts in school board elections, 2021-2022, Special Congressional elections (2023-2024), 2022 Congressional Competitiveness Report, State Executive Competitiveness Report, 2022, State Legislative Competitiveness Report, 2022, Partisanship in 2022 United States local elections. 		padding-top: 8px; 		background-color: #dac113; 	} 	} 		background-color: #6db24f; This story has been updated. 		font-style: italic; Republicans would need just two tossup seats beyond what they are favored to win. Louisville, Kentucky election results:Find out the latest outcomes here. 	} Greenberg, 49, will take office in January, succeeding Mayor Greg Fischer, a fellow Democrat who was limited by law from serving a fourth term. 		left: 0; Your guide to the midterm results, from Times reporters, Democrats held onto or gained trifectas in a number of states and fended off Republican supermajorities in others. Fox News is home to all North Carolina midterm elections  

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