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As in at the same place and same job? I asked rather surprised by this piece of information. No one was better at making enemies than John Winchester. : Obey Me! Season 2 underway!Edited by Connie Brown. )/Original Female Character(s), Belphegor (Shall We Date? 2022 All rights Reserved. ), Gender-Neutral Main Character (Shall We Date? Eventually, Chloe decides that she must help Lucifer recover and turn over a new leaf in life. Your beauty needs an audience. He carded his fingers through Deans hair softly. ( BOOK IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING UPDATED !!! ) He just gave me the old boot., Lucifer, I know you have unresolved issues with your father and I know youre a great father because Ive seen you the way with Trixie and just then My mother gestured back to me inside. She is in love with the Devil, and she is determined for him to love her back. : Obey Me! ) There was a clamour behind me. Her tenuous grip on sanity wasn't something she wanted to advertise to any of her coworkers. A rather regrettable thing to do in her case believe me she wished she hadn't done that by the time I was finished with her. Poor dad I felt so bad for him I had no idea he wasnt a fan of his old man. and proceeds to tear off her hospital-issued gripper socks. In this Lucifer fanfiction, the story opens with Lucifer being found half dead in the desert. The first Lucifer fanfiction that we will look at features Chloe and Lucifer. An AU of sorts exploring the different paths of Season 4. Oh no. She was stressed enough and being sick was the last thing she needed. Part 3 of Autistic Vaggie AU Language: English Unfortunately for John, time's up and he's still got nothing. If you are looking for the best Lucifer fanfiction, you have come to the right place. ), Mammon Deserves Better (Shall We Date? She misses you so much, she keeps asking why we haven't seeing you anymore. AU Post Season 2, Episode 18: Lucifer wasnt the only one kidnapped outside the hospital, and now Chloe is faced with the absolute truth. But will Cas be able to still help the Winchesters to stop the Apocalypse or will Lucifer try to continue his plan and force Cas to be by his side? This story occurs in an alternate universe where Chloe is a highly skilled spy. Love the stance vibes you're giving, reminds of someone I know." Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. : Obey Me! There is a large cast of characters, many of whom have become fan favorites. yeah what about it, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV)/Lily Evans Potter, Lily Evans Potter & Original Female Character(s), Chloe Decker & Dan Espinoza & Trixie Espinoza, Mazikeen (Lucifer TV) & Original Female Character(s), Amenadiel & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) & Reader, Established Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar, Trixie Espinoza & Lucifer Morningstar Bonding, Step-Parent Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Cardinal Copia/Original Female Character(s), Papa Emeritus III/Original Female Character(s), Cardinal Copia/Papa Emeritus III/Original Female Character(s), marked me down and slightly scared and horny, it started out as a kiss how did it end up like this, Possessive Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Devil Reveal, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Wing Reveal, Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) is Bad at Feelings, Vulnerable Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV), Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) Needs A Hug, Mentioned Satan (Shall We Date? How can I help you, child?, Thats the thing actually, my name is Sabrina Morningstar. I informed them. And to see what humanity has to offer. Thanks for your Deckerstar fic recs! Looking for smut, smut vintage, smut art, smut painting, the smut, magazine 1974, t-shirt by shopdaa on an . When Rory asks him to keep the timeline the same and leave, he refuses. #lucifermorningstar Dean is a psychic who works closely with the L.A.P.D. You will definitely want to stick around for the end of this story. This show revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, who is the DC Universes version of the Devil. Lucifer. Lucifer is an American television show with six seasons and nearly 100 episodes. I thought it was best to use my mortal surname. He shrugged off his jacket and grabbed the end of his tee shirt. She decides she will prove God Himself wrong for looking down at her. So be sure to take a look and find your own favorite among them. I'm bored with all this quarantine stuff, so ok. Have some oneshots. Only time can tell what is in store for them as the two finally write. Meanwhile, Lucifer deals with the repercussions of his experience in the desert, mysteries and all. ), Main Character (Shall We Date? ), Protective Demon Brothers (Shall We Date? Fine. "Sweetheart we didn't get married straight away for one your mother would not allow it. : Obey Me! Lastly, if you want to read more top fanfiction posts on this blog, then check out: Which Harry Potter book is JK Rowling's favorite? She knows Castiel won't lie to her, but gets her answers in an unlikely source. Your email address will not be published. What starts out as a bet of sorts turns into something so much more when Lucifer tangles their red strings of fate around each other, binding the three of them together for a much higher purpose than any of them could imagine. The two become fast friends, weathering bullies, their families, and school together. by CastielMorningstar G 1/1, Chloe falls sick and Lucifer takes it upon himself to help her feel better. mc has flashbacks to their past while trying to have fun with Mammon. : Obey Me! In an attempt to block the effects of the Mark of Cain, Balthazar and Castiel take Dean to an alternate universewhere Lucifer is actually a pretty nice guy. He sighed as he brought her tea instead of coffee like he usually would (and he hoped she wouldnt be mad at him for it because shed already almost bitten Dans head off for absolutely no reason according to Dan, but as Lucifer saw it, begging off from a weekend with his daughter didnt seem like no reason). ;) A butterfly effect fanfic! She used to have one of those, right? Passionate about reading fiction? ( ! I smirked almost devilishly at the outcome of the situation that I had successfully dodged. Why didn't you just say so? This is not an easy task, and the author of this story paints us a beautiful picture of their struggle. I try to simply sum up anything from the show I'm not changing so as not to bore you all. "It's fine. Michael, the Good Son,Lucifer, the Morningstar,Gabriel, The Trickster. Imagine Castiel finding a person whom he might even like more than just as a friend Like this guy Dean he just met. I thought about skipping stuff entirely but then the story would be all choppy and unable to read without watching the show recently and I didn't want that either. Im really sorry love but no thanks. Your stepsister. Dad explained Your mum was married with a spawn of her own before meeting me. I could only nod in understanding. Disney | Reader | Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Pixar Adventure Brave Genderbent Xreader X Reader Male Merida. She asks gruffly. : Obey Me! --- But what will happen when many things want to ruin this happy father and daughter duo? Through the Valley of Death by emynii, ObliObla // @obliobla T 1/1. ), Beelzebub/Main Character (Shall We Date? I chose to ignore her comment directed at me. : Obey Me! Her son Harry was chosen as the Boy-who-Lived while her daughter Celine was ignored by almost everyone except for her, Sirius and Remus. "Uh try Morningstar?" As it was, God got the unique chance to watch as 'Lucifer Morningstar' tried to understand humanity and started unknowingly redeeming himself in his own eyes as he helped Detective Chloe Decker and the LAPD to catch and punish bad guys. I hope you enjoy! Speak of the Devil by asgarders. Maybe even a popsicle!. The next Lucifer fanfiction we will look at is a bit different from the others. - Your dad is just as amused at the pranks. Im glad she found us but now Im scared shitless I dont know how to be her father considered my old man didnt exactly stick around to teach me to be one. than a man Morpheus regresa al infierno con unas flores Camelias del amor eterno. Picking up a teenage ghost - a new ghost to her just to make everything more complicated - was in no way a part of her life plans. The Devil working a mortal job? I mustve come off not believing for my father looked a little offended by my question. in which: No body should mess with The Devil and his family." ), Belphegor & Mammon (Shall We Date? Disney and Dreamwork's one shots. The only thing missing was if I had long hair in a ponytail at the ends. She walked off to tend the other customers. - Jesus they cant have a simple date without something going wrong -. No wonder she'd shot up the targets at the range - she was furious. You find yourself going up to Lucifers penthouse. 7 years past and Chloe thought Lucifer lost to her forever when she runs into him during a case. Suggestions are encouraged. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. No, you dont. Oh, for the love of Dad. We might want to look into getting a house for not only Sabrina but Trixie as well.. He asked himself as there was a gaping hole swirling in the sky. After All This Turns to Ash by flutterflap, theleafpile - Pretty heartbreaking case that hits home for our favorite devil. Yes. Michael is pregnant. Lots of DECKERSTAR, also Tribe, Trixie and her Diablo, and just DECKERSTAR. Lucifer refuses to abandon the woman he loves and his unborn child. An art like any other by Pellaaearien // @pellaaearien M 2/2, Dying -It is an art; like everything elseI do it exceptionally well. "You can pretty much guarantee whatever comes out of your father's mouth is most definitely 100% the truth. I mean I wouldnt know what to do if you hadnt gone first., See? "Sorry, love, I didn't mean to call you that. In which Benjamin Espinoza, the younger brother of Detective Douche himself, returns to L.A to be more mature thi "What in bloody hell?" "Sabrina Spellman." An AU of sorts exploring the different paths of Season 4. He looked up to see his reflection staring back at him, and with one swift motion, took off his shirt. The bedroom is beautifully appointed; the walls painted a pleasant cream, the bedside table an attractive ashy wood. An hour. I dont care what your sister says both Sabrina and this unborn child are the best that has ever happened to us. A huge wide grin was on his face and hugged her tightly. What if she'd known the truth from the very beginning? He could do this. That one where Dean's stuck in an arranged marriage he has no way out of except by death, and someone is trying to "help" him out by making that happen. - 1st was the Janice thing 2nd was Lucifers jealous feeling like he needed to be better than Pierce thing 3rd was the poison thing 4. Teaming with Detective Jr as an LAPD consultant, and reluctantly spending time away from the love of his life, will the Devil once again manage to save the day? i shall take care of you, my love, (forever and always until were undone) by namedawesome T 1/1. From God , Lucifer .. we only know things that were shown in books but we never seen other perspective ( don't m After being casted away from Heaven, Azazel is dropped to Earth without a way back home. He pulls me and my mother towards him in protective way. : Obey Me! : Obey Me! There are 157 unique stories in this collection so far, but the author is continually updating and adding more stories. Though their time together is short, it is oh so sweet. Hey, you okay? He nodded silently but stiffly before taking another swig of his beverage. It has some adult content, including language, sexual content, and graphic violence. Une vie normale, avec ses soucis et ses solutions. Alastor has adopted Vaggie as his daughter, and she couldn't be happier. Lucifer finds Gabriel in the library. Strongly prefer fanfics where characters are not OOC. Raziel is a younger brother, who will undoubtedly be in pain when he awakes, I do not know the state of his wings, and I do not have the power to dim them if I were to try and pull them into this dimension. He looks between the two hunters. Faye Oslow-Novak is a hunter with the Winchesters. When it came to my turn he asked me for my name. Sweetheart, My father turned to me. Ella has seen ghosts since she was eight years old. Starts out with minor but meaningful changes and will eventually reach major ones as the seasons go on.The premise of this story is nothing changes except Chloe knows the truth which changes everything. I just naturally assumed you were okay with that.". Please consider turning it on! Diavolo May seem Kind Hearted and Kind At first, "Quin no conoce la historia est condenado a repetirla". One shots based on the Netflix show Lucifer, mostly fluff. Everything is quiet. This story has drama, romance, plenty of action, and a great balance between fluff and darker angst. So, When I Was Reading A Summoning Book, I Wondered What Would Happen If Certain Things Happened.I Really Want Someone To Write A Book About This And (Your Choice) Gift It To Me!I'm No Good At Writing Things So I Figured I Would Share The Idea So It Doesn't Get Wasted. I threw my glass back to drink the last of my beverage and walked up to the couple. What did I say about looking away? the mans nasal voice seemed to slither around Dean like a snake. A tangle of limbs laying on a burgundy satin bedsheet. Teen witch interrupts them yet again! When Lucifer went to earth, he left his daughter, Lucy to be the 'temporary'ruler of hell. Everything is quiet. #mazikeen, - You didn't have any experience with kids, - But much like Maze you had a soft spot for Trixie, - Chloe and Dan were both nervous about leaving her with you for the first time when they got called away on an emergency case, - They thought you would be as irresponsible as Lucifer, - But when Chloe got home Trixie was fast asleep after a (somewhat) healthy dinner and all her homework was done, - You might have let her eat three cupcakes for dessert but Chloe didn't need to know that, - Trixie becomes the little sister you never thought you wanted, - You are Chloe's go to babysitter when she needs someone to watch Trixie last minute, - Making sure she keeps up with her schoolwork, - Someone is bullying her at school? Aka Chloe has a fever and Lucifer takes care of her, followed by fluff, fluff, and more fluff. anyways, if you leave any recommendations, i very much appreciate it. life may be tough (but darling so are you) by BecomeMyObsession T 1/1, Chloe never got ill. Well, that wasnt strictly true if you counted the amount of times shed been in recovery for protecting Lucifers stupid petulant ass she wasnt good at handling her body doing things it wasnt supposed to do and it definitely wasnt supposed to be coughing and spluttering all over the place. Hello! Her world changes forever when she realizes that the victim of this murder may not be entirely human. Even James started to neglect her, After hearing James and Dumbledore talk about how they're going to send Celine to her sister Petunia while blocking her memory so she wouldn't go looking for her, she immediately flees her home with her daughter and Sirius and Remus. : Obey Me! A child in pain, whos experienced trauma, would undoubtedly want the ones who make them feel safest close by their side, and the ones that make him feel safest is his older brothers.Both hunters exchange glances. But she's noticed her family's attitude towards her during Christmas and how she has changed and is experiencing more oddities in her life. I hope this article has helped you find some great Lucifer fanfiction! I'm a crappy writer I'm sorry pls tell me. His breaks eye contact from me and looks at his wife who rolled her eyes at his comment referring to her. In fact if she had it her way, meaning if I wasn't so good at convincing her to marry me, she would've had it her way; not to get married til she knew her baby girl was safely home in her arms once more. Privacy Policy. ! The omega shivered. (65), Mazikeen & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (44), Amenadiel & Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (41), Protective Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer TV) (351), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (156), Established Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar (121), Protective Lucifer (Shall We Date? I hate how my mother abandoned me come back for me then for me to- I saw he was in a traumatic trance just letting the words fall out and not even aware who was around him before his girlfriend? That there is pretty specific. He looked up at me a glint of recognition at the surname. Sadly, we seem to be lacking in a lot of Hurt!Chloe fic, but hopefully some of these will scratch the itch. I did have a backup story to go with but i idiotically deleted it by accident and I cant get the OG because the place that was in there banned me for no reason at all. Its a strange place for him to turn up, and no one is sure how he got there or why he is nearly dead. On the one hand, he tries to protect Trixie from an ex-boyfriend bent on revenge; and he must admit, it's easier said than done. VERY SLOW UPDATES. I'm a big Lucifer fan and I like this ship so much!!! Are you saying that you are with spawn again? She nodded. : Obey Me! A Lucifer x Chloe fan fiction All characters belong to the creators of the TV show Lucifer. My name is Jenna. Chuck "god" cleans Lucifer's grace returning it to what it once was before he took the mark and became "the devil", however when they unexpectedly show up at the bunker and Sam feels mixed feelings towards Lucifer, feelings he hasn't let himself feel since he stopped seeing Lucifer after he got out. Was all he could respond as the not so little girl stared up at him, eyes twinkling just as they did when she was sm the name explains all Chloe has found herself in an interesting situation and is unsure how to get out of it. : Obey Me! - Having tea parties +. The child of Darkness and Light is a deadly threat to both - can it prove to be better than them all? It is a great choice for someone looking for something a bit dark and different from the others. The fanfiction world loves Lucifer and its characters with all of their powers and abilities. The final Lucifer fanfiction that we will look at has nearly 80,000 hits. The mother died during birth, Lucifer accepted the sacrifice, and he'll back (Y/N) (L/N) is a six year old girl who was forced into the cruelties of her aunt and cousins after her father's death. : Obey Me! Tomorrow morning about you me and spend the day together to show you some things? My father offered breaking away from the hug and turning to me again wrapping an arm around my mother. You find yourself going up to Lucifers penthouse. if In God's plan He became corrupt, and his name changed from Lucifer ("morning star") to Satan ("adversary"). Now, not only does he have to figure out how to survive his new husband and in-laws, but he's also got to figure out how to survive a gang war he had no idea he was the catalyst of. Did someone get murdered?, Then bugger off somewhere else. Dean took a shaky, deep breath, as he got on the bed. The Sigil of Lucifer originated in Grimoire of Truth published in Italy in the 16th century. Work Search: Malena Morningstar is the original mother that everyone admired and adored. After everything that has happened to me I decided to take a break and go to Los Angeles. ), Mammon partially forgets some of his memories, Mammon Is Bad at Feelings (Shall We Date? Jesus how narcissistic can he be? I joined the very long line as the bouncer let people in and out of the club. You must be tired from flying in to Los Angeles why dont you rest?, Thats easily fixed youll stay with us., Hold on, honey, dont you have one bedroom which is ours? On the one hand, he tries to protect Trixie from an ex-boyfriend bent on revenge; and he must admit, it's easier said than done. The As the tittles says, I summoned him, expecting to be loved, worshipped, taken care of. Some stories have action and adventure, and others focus more on romance and everyday life. Even when he finally starts to reach out and find friends on his own, they meddle. and proceeds to tear off her hospital-issued gripper socks.

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