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Early on, drug stores mixed the flavored syrups and carbonated water with bitter tasting drugs and claimed they were cure-alls for everything from the common cold to pneumonia. It was introduced in 1924 by Chero-Cola/Union Bottle Works and founded by Claud A. Nehi Strawberry Soda (2 L) Delivery or Pickup Near Me. ROSARY ROOT BEER SYRUP DISPENSER. The first two digits stand for the year, and the last two digits stand for the day of the year. Other early messages were created to influence people to buy soda by the case to generate more sales. Old Dr Pepper Bottle (1 - 40 of 74 results) Price ($) Shipping Dr. Pepper 12oz. ZIPPS CHERRI-O FOLLOWED THE O SOFT DRINK TREND! While Coca-Cola is the leader of the old time soda advertisers, other companies withcollectible interest are Pepsi-Cola, Vess, Whistle, Smile, 7-Up, Howdy, Royal Crown, Canada Dry, Kist, Hires, Dr. Pepper, Nehi, NuGrape, Grapette Soda, Squirt, Royal Crown, Orange Crush, Orange Squeeze, A & W, Boweys Root Beer, Dads Root Beer, Barqs and some smaller soda companies such as Stoecker, Henry Luebbe, Phos- Ferrene and others. Circa 1920. Wagner's Deco ACL Soda Bottle Chica. The can may also have dents or other imperfections. You are responsible Dietitian/Telemedicine Consent to Treat Form, UNIQUE TASTE: Dr Pepper is the uniquely satisfying beverage whether you enjoy the original or any of the varieties like Dr Pepper Cherry, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda and Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, ALL DAY REFRESHMENT: Enjoy a Dr Pepper at all game day occasions, or really any day! Syrup manufacturers such as Ward made the famous syrups for Orange Crush, Lemon Crush and Lime Crush. While Dr Pepper is safe to drink past its expiration date, the flavor of the drink will change over time. These are a few examples of high quality, restored square top machines. Vendo 56 Dr. Pepper Reproduction Clock. If you are unsure whether or not a Dr Pepper can has been damaged, it is always best to err on the side of caution and throw it away. Pickup. With shipping from Bellevue, Wash.,. Drinking Pedialyte or Gatorade Pedialyte has a cult following for its alleged hangover-busting abilities, and while it may reduce symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and dehydration Show More. Hundreds upon hundreds of colas, pops and soft drinks have . You can change your preferences any time in your Privacy Settings. Description. By 2012, the Dublin Bottling Works was the countrys tiniest bottler and also the most unusual. 4.76 ( 801) View All Reviews. Show Less. Must be 16 years or older to subscribe. ITS SQUARE WAS ALL THAT WAS NEEDED TO BE SAID APPARENTLY! Established in 1885 in Waco, TX, Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States. The Kroger Co. The drink has some of the best-added flavours, and hence many suggest that this fact can help people to regain taste and other perceptions related to it. This seller has what appears to be five cans of Surge from 1998, although only three confirmed in the old livery, and all three are being sold at $99.99. Ca. A: Each time you submit proof of your qualifying purchase of promoted Dr Pepper products to the program, you will earn points. Description. The oldest Dr. Pepper bottles are often priced at $500 to $1,000. Related Sodas from Dr. Pepper: Dr. Pepper (16 oz) Dr . Restoration Process. Its not your ordinary soda and its definitely not a cola. The name "Dr. Pepper" was first used commercially in 1885. Our Coke machine restoration parts are all top quality and the majority of them are made in the USA. First created over 130 years ago in Waco, Texas, by a pharmacist to serve at his drugstore counter, it's officially the nation's oldest major soft drink. Any value please? We can not guarantee its completeness or reliability so please use caution. Continue to the Merch Store. What a rip off! The numbers stand for the day of the month that the can was made. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (The Dallas Morning News) In 1981, drinking Dr Pepper cans meant a shot at making money. the delicious smooth cream soda taste and unique blend of 23 flavors will have your taste buds thanking us. It is a non-alcoholic drink. From 1830 1870, adding an extra piece of hot glass to the top after the bottle was out of its mold created the lips of the bottles. The price quoted is correct. 1960s. Related Read: What is an intuitive reading? The drink was first introduced in 1885 by pharmacist Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas. The first way to tell if a Dr Pepper can has been damaged is by looking at the can itself. For example, A = January, B = February, and so on. Lighted Sign Many Dr Pepper cans have a sell-by date stamped on the bottom of the can. Dr Pepper collector cans have returned for a limited time only in Summer 2022 to celebrate the June 10 release of Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment's Jurassic World Dominion, the bold, timely and breathtaking new adventure that marks the epic conclusion to the Jurassic era. 6. Denver, Colorado Description 1940s. This was half a year before the first Coca-Cola was poured in May of 1886. Answered in 9 hours by: 3/28/2021. A red banner across the center of the clock features the slogan "Drink Dr. Pepper." On the clock, the numbers are blue, with the exception of 2, 4, and 10. Although you can enjoy the unique flavor all on its own, you can also pair it with food. Dr Pepper is a carbonated soft drink that is marketed as having a unique flavor. (20% off), Sale Price 3.73 2005 can't seem to find out a lot about this bottle, block lettering, the . It is now possible to open a Dr Pepper bottle and reseal it without leaving any evidence of tampering. Finally, if the contents of the bottle look or taste strange, that could be an indication that someone has added something to the drink. That's all there is to reading expiration dates on Dr Pepper cans! Circa 1900. Others are interested in the variety of soda advertising that was found in the old general grocery stores, diners and service stations. Door pushes were mostly made out of tin or porcelain. Observe the base of the bottle for the mold code. WATCH: Dr Pepper Texas Sheet Cake In fact, we could maybe use a kick of caffeine right about now. There are usually two lines of code, one near the top and one near the bottom. In 1880, Charles Alderton, of Waco, Texas, came up with this brilliant drink that we all lovingly know as Dr. Pepper. Never used piece is crisp, bright and like new (near mint) w/ working thermometer. These trays were not large enough to serve soda or other beverages. The Southwestern Soda Fountain Company of Dallas moved to Waco in 1907 into the new facility that included both syrup and bottling production. This crescent-shaped beach is hugged by lava rock cliffs and lush, green tropical trees and shrubs. The Can Code is made up of numbers and letters. Intro Property Turkey. Here are the qualifying products you can buy to earn rewards, and their point values: All Dr Pepper products (i.e. These dispensers are highly sought after soda collectibles because they are hard to find. By the end of the decade, Dr Pepper was available from coast to coast., A terrific 1975 D Magazine profile of Woodrow Wilson Foots Clements, the executive who took Dr Pepper national, chronicles Coca-Colas response to the upstarts growth. HAPPY SHOPPING! Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalised recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. We asked an actual Dr. Pepper if there's any truth to that. Patrons originally referred to the drink as a Waco, but Aldertons boss, Wade Morrison, thought the elixir needed a catchier name. I've never seen a bottle like this. The sell-by date is typically stamped on the bottom of the can. 2004 1. Lighted Sign, Jim Kowalski //--> You'll need 100 points to unlock the FANtastic Chocolate Dr Pepper. 1972 10 Fl Oz White & Red Vintage Green Bottle Dr Pepper. (Yes, even including Coca-Cola .) Feb 20 No Comments old dr pepper bottle value Estimate $200-400 The absence of a condition. old dr pepper bottle. = 10 Points per product Glass Bottle Night Light GlassBottleGuy (505) $24.99 FREE shipping Vintage 6 1/2 Ozs Dr Pepper Bottle 1940s, Old Clear Glass Dr Pepper Bottle, Bottled in Poplar Bluff MO, Good For Life, 10 2 and 4, Item 203 SunshineandWonder (7) $20.00 Metal Sign This is especially true for products like Dr Pepper, which is a carbonated beverage. Operated by HALO. Circa 1920. A co-worker of mine found a 6 1/2 ounce Dr.Pepper bottle during a community clean-up. Share this conversation. Help us close this case. The ads found some traction in the South, but as youve probably noticed, warm Dr Pepper didnt become a holiday staple. I dont think it was meant to compete with Dr Pepper - as far as I know Coke just felt there was a market for this kind of soft drink. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as how the drink is stored and how old it is. Photographed here is a beautiful tin tip tray from the Saratoga Springs N.Y. area for their Star brand of spring water. There are a few ways that you can tell if a Dr Pepper can has been damaged and is no longer safe to drink. There are a few ways to tell if a can of Dr Pepper has gone bad. Width: Can: $5.98: Dr. Pepper Diet: 24 x 12 oz. 3.73, 4.14 Calorie breakdown: 0% fat, 100% carbs, 0% protein. Learn more. we believe Keurig Dr Pepper stock is close to its fair value. 27.5" Wide Plus TODAY's SELECTED Old Drpepper for Sale, BEST OFFERS, Auctions, Appraisals, FREE Sales Advice, FREE Sale Prices, Values, Wish list and more. . Established in 1885 in Waco, TX, Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States. The company adopted a rebranding in 1958 as it seemed impossible to run business with the current design. costs $1.79 and $1.99, varying with different stores. A Dr Pepper soft drink was first served in Waco, Texas, in 1885 and was marketed nationally in 1904. 3.2 White Peppercorns. Sale Price 11.82 Original Price 15.70 If you can't feel any pressure, that means the can is most likely empty. In the 70s Foots Clements told multiple journalists that he would have three or four hot Dr Peppers in the morning and a half-dozen cold bottles every afternoon., SimonQ, Flickr //CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, Six years ago, Oklahoma manuscript collector Bill Waters paid $200 for an old store ledger at a Texas antique shop. Add your knowledge below. Vine dr pepper 10 2 4 clear gl dr pepper soda 5 l bottles 6 pack antique bottles gl jars recycled vine dr pepper 10 2 4 vine 1970s dr pepper oval logo. 21.5" Deep. The brand now finds itself in a position of growth driven by a strong marketing push, expanding availability and a consumer preference for flavor. who wins student body president riverdale. Nice, clean, and bright face with just some interior soiling. The drink is also available in a number of different flavors, including regular, diet, and cherry. Add. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Not only does this herbal drink tastes good but also helps the body balance out and remove toxins. TREADWELL WHISKIES SIGN CLAIMS TO BE THE BEST WHISKEY EVER! Soda bottles also had other engravings or logos to differentiate their brand. A later style Coca Cola signface, but this Vendo 63 still has a bottle serving rack. Research the worth of your items without sending photos or descriptions . Authorities identified the deceased as 31-year-old Cashay Henderson. Available while supplies last. The hardest to find wooden soda crates and carrying cases are the smaller regional brands and are considered valuable. You may also experience headaches, dizziness, and increased heart rate. The smaller trays were intended to return a customers change or be used for patrons tips for the servers. The Keurig Dr Pepper Group's soft . However, it is always best to use your best judgement when it comes to food safety. I find this sign interesting as the brand claims to be a wine flavored drink, but does not designate itself as a soft drink, although it clearly was based on other advertising of the era. Expiration dates on Dr Pepper cans generally indicate the last day that the product will be at its best quality. $15. nutritional, or proper usage information than the information displayed on our website. Associate membership is not open to friends, members of your company, or family members not living at your home or mailing address. However, Dr Pepper cans are also stamped with a "Best By" date to give consumers an idea of how long the product will retain its flavor. Manufactured: Height: The article contains some classic sniping between the two brands, with a Coke spokesperson dismissing any resemblance by saying, I havent tasted Dr Pepper myself so I wouldnt know how similar Mr. PiBB is to it. Regular Dr Pepper Cans. (15% off). For example, a can with a date code of 12/5 would be November 25th, 2012. Pepper, Seven Up, A & W, Country Time, Sunkist and Canada Dry products throughout its service territory. 1918, TENN-COLA SODA DRINK TIP TRAY, Circa 1910, SARATOGA STAR SPRING WATER SERVING TRAY, N.Y. Circa 1910, Hoods Sarsaparilla 1904 Drink Litho Calendar, Lowell, MA, COCA-COLA SOFT DRINK SELF-FRAMED TIN SIGN. Copyright 2021 Bosa Wedding. However, if the drink is stored in a warm or humid environment, it should be consumed within two months of the expiration date. Dr Pepper is unique in that the logos and slogans that are used on merchandise changes completely almost every decade. Dr Pepper Art Deco Electric Reverse Glass, Dr. Pepper Replica Clock. So how long is Dr Pepper safe to drink? So, whether you enjoy the original or any of the varieties like Dr Pepper Cherry, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda or Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, youll get the satisfying flavor that only Dr Pepper can deliver straight to your taste buds. However, both the soda serving trays and tip trays proved to be great forms of advertising that are highly coveted collectibles today. CONTACT US FOR A FREE APPRAISAL OF YOUR ANTIQUE ADVERTISING COLLECTIBLES! Most door pushes were vertically rectangular and often had crimped edges on the ends of the sign and were designed to fit on a doorframe. Police say inside one unit, firefighters discovered a woman who had been shot to death. The production of Dr. Pepper and other beverages began in 1906 at this location, now known as The Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute. Find prices for Dr.pepper clock to help when appraising. You may also want to pour the Dr Pepper into a new container before drinking it, as the can could be deteriorating and may leach chemicals into the drink. anyone know what the value is on this one or where i can find more info on it? Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) over the last 10 years. *Personalization is subject to sponsor's discretion. 2.65 oz. Jay May 27, 2011 FIND 1000's of Antiques, Art, Vintage & RARE Collectables - each item pictured, described and with it's price guide. 1950's Dr. Pepper 12 oz. Overall. A red banner across the center of the clock features the slogan Drink Dr. Pepper. On the clock, the numbers are blue, with the exception of 2, 4, and 10. Now those last two are also about to disappear. Dr Pepper Cream Soda - 12pk/12 fl oz Cans Dr Pepper 576 SNAP EBT eligible $6.49 When purchased online Dr Pepper Cream Soda - 6pk/16.9 fl oz Bottles Dr Pepper 347 SNAP EBT eligible $3.99 When purchased online Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda - 20 fl oz Bottle Dr Pepper 218 SNAP EBT eligible $2.29 When purchased online Dr Pepper Soda - 20 fl oz Bottle Dr. Pepper may be more limited at restaurants but many do offer the beverage. Electric Dr. Pepper Lackner Light-Up Clock. Converted to vend cans. In 2009, an old ledger from Morrison's Old Corner Drug containing a formula for Dr Peppers Pepsin Bitters was discovered in a Texas antique store. It takes a can of Dr Pepper up to two years to expire. Anyone interested in gaining more information in the 10-2-4 Club is invited to contact: Tia Leos, Membership Director4040 North Central Expressway, Suite 600 Dallas, Texas 75204brizius@flash.netPhone (214) 520-5777. Allergen InfoContains Corn and Its Derivatives. The words and logos are NOT raised from the surface, but rather embossed into it. 2020 10.5 OZ Retro Slim Can. 1960s. Keurig Dr Pepper, Inc. engages in the production and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. Related Read: What is a fertility reading? Read our Cookie Policy. Create a Show & TellReport as inappropriate. 28.5" Wide The third way to tell if a can of Dr Pepper has expired is by the taste of the drink. This means that Dr Pepper is often safe to drink after the expiration date. An expired Dr Pepper can will usually have a duller appearance and the colors may not be as vibrant as they once were. Learn more in our Privacy Policy, Help Centre, and Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. 10 Weirdly Useful Things You Can Do with Banana Peels News: WATCH THIS INSTEAD . is gone after dr, has 10, 2, 4 on it, so i'm guessing around the 50's. If you don't have an account, create one here. The first generation of square top machine with a later Coca-Cola signface. TO CORRESPONDENTS The Lady Editor will be pleased to receive for publication in the Women's Realm items of social or personal news. image0.jpg image0.jpg image1.jpg image1.jpg. Most signs were placed inside or outside of the neighborhood grocery stores and by roadsides to help promote a particular brand. I guess Im going to stick to Cherry Bubly and give up the occasional Dr Pepper treats. Carbonation helps to preserve the drink and prevent it from going bad. Photoshoot: Two Images. 1981 AL 16 FL OZ (473 ML) Dr Pepper on red oval "Be A Pepper" Super Size on white rim Cuero Texas 77954. Check out these interesting ads related to "dr pepper vending machine". A metal cap was placed over the bottle, followed by a second metal disk that was adhesive-sealed to the neck of the bottle. . Related Read: Where to read killinstalkin? If you must drink Dr Pepper that has been stored in a hot car, be sure to check the can for signs of spoilage before consuming. Early bottles before 1860 can display a pontil mark that showed a rough area on the base or an open pontil that created a concave formation on the bottom. Most sources suggest that the revamped logo was easier to read without the punctuation, and Dr Pepper was reborn., A cold Dr Pepper can be heavenly on a hot day, but very few families gather around their Christmas trees for a frosty soda in December. Schedule or walk in today! $8.50 Usps Priority Mail Shipping. If the code is a number, it typically represents the Month; if it is a letter, it typically represents the day of the month. Antique advertising soda collectibles are some of the most sought-after advertising items today. Add your knowledge below. An expired Dr Pepper can will usually have a flat or stale taste. How to Find the Expiration Date of Dr Pepper Part 2 - The Next Fifty How do I read the Dr. Pepper expiration date? $17. A 2L Bottle for the same flavors also costs the same as $1.79 more or less. Vendo 56 In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that food products are safe to consume past the expiration date if they are properly stored. Dr Pepper KDP stock has increased from less than . This antique clock displays the Dr. Pepper brand. These numbers typically correspond to a certain production run and sometimes change from time to time. Door pushes were found in the early 1900s in the old neighborhood general stores where groceries were sold and one of the most popular advertisers on door pushes were soda pop companies. Dr Pepper & Cream Soda, you'll get the satisfying flavor that only Dr Pepper can deliver straight to your taste buds. The number on the right may indicate the last digits of the manufacturing date. If you consume expired soda, there is a chance that it could cause some unwanted health consequences. Now a can-serving machine. Also, if the metal disk is not positioned correctly on the bottle, that is another sign that the bottle has been tampered with. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Later on, soda ads were more simple and had just their name and logo, or shorter messages such as Drink Coca-Cola and Have a Pepsi. To do this, simply unscrew the can's lid and place your thumb over the opening. 1910s Emerson Drug. The letters "DDD" are usually used to indicate the month and day. Dr Pepper, 330ml : Amazon.in: Grocery & Gourmet Foods (41.92/100 ml) Grocery & Gourmet Foods Coffee, Tea & Beverages Juices Currently unavailable. Bottle Old Dr Pepper Bottle Value November 24, 2020 Dr pepper soda 5 l bottles 6 pack vine dr pepper bottle 10 2 4 good 26 dr pepper bottles 6 oz 1966 to 1968 vine dr pepper bottle ardmore ok t dr pepper soda 2 l bottle Vine Dr Pepper Bottle 6 Oz Grenade Style Village Antiques Llc Ruby Lane Collectors Spotlight Jay Kasper Dr Pepper Museum image0.jpg image0.jpg image1.jpg image1.jpg. Related Read: Where can I read blueycapsules? This dispenser features the popular Hires Boy image on it, with the denotation the soda Is luscious and pure. DR PEPPER "Good for Life" LIBBEY SODA FOUNTAIN GLASS Small 8-ounce $20.00 0 bids $6.50 shipping 8d 19h or Best Offer Advertising Dr. Pepper Beverages Soda Pop Bottle Glass 10 oz. The second way that codes appear on cans is by a mandatory number/letter that must be displayed even if the other information (i.e. Clipping from an "I'm A Pepper" advertisement published on July 3, 1981. The date stamped is June 2020, and it really tastes like it. For example, someone might open a Dr Pepper bottle, add a harmful substance to the contents, and then reseal the bottle. If you want to know if your Dr Pepper can is empty, there are a few ways you can tell. The first is by a code that looks like an expiration date and ranges from 01 to 09, with 2009 being the most recent year. Old Drpepper Price / Value Guide: Browse FREE Old Drpepper Price & Value Guide. Later, syrup manufactures no longer included drugs in the drinks but made strong health claims such as Marrowfoods syrup Makes Rich Red Blood.. Delivery * * * Stock Machines. Contact us with any questions, inquiries or requests you have relating to appraisals, events or information on Antique Advertising Collectibles. The clock is white, with a light green rim. Finally, a paper seal was placed over the disk. Red & White Lighted Sign, Jeff Gordon Design is gone after dr, has 10, 2, 4 on it, so i'm guessing around the 50's. For example, A = January, B = February, and so on. Soda tip trays are not as commonly found as the brewery tip trays. It was introduced nationally in the United States at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition as a new kind of soda pop, made with 23 flavors. This triple-sealing process made it very difficult for anyone to tamper with the contents of a Dr Pepper bottle without leaving evidence of their tampering. That style bottle was used from 1934-1950. . The . Related Read: Where to read goodnight punpun? The old wooden crates typically held a dozen or more bottles. Soda bottles differed by the style of the lip of the bottle and its base. Vendo 56 Can Machine If you are unsure if a Dr Pepper can has expired, it is always best to err on the side of caution and throw it out. Dr Pepper products are safe to consume after the expiration date, but the flavor may not be at its best. With its signature fizzy, sweet, cherry-cola zing, Dr Pepper has long been a Southern-favorite soda. Bottle: $2.74: Overview. - VENDiscuss Forum. Round Top Machines. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to tell. The first two digits stand for the year, and the last two digits stand for the day of the year. Vendo 56 After Eight wafer thin mints in their classic carton Any value please? Annual Convention and Swap Meet. Electric Dr. Pepper Telechron Light-Up Clock. Practicing exercise with this dr pepper mountain bike value enables you to have a significantly better physical appearance. About 40 cents, when bought the 12 pack, if full. $399 $4.99. Associate membership includes voting rights, and officer candidacy, but does not include receiving additional copies of the Lions Roar or any other official publications. Net Worth Interactive chart of historical net worth (market cap) for Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) over the last 10 years. $54.00 11 bids $19.00 shipping 9d 18h Vintage Dr Pepper juice tab soda pop can with Vanity bottom lid 10-2-4 $9.99 1 bid $5.95 shipping 6d 14h Vintage Original Green Metal Dr Pepper Chest Cooler Unrestored Soda Cooler $227.50 7 bids $61.44 shipping 13h 15m The Linger Longer, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor in Bennington, Kansas, has been collecting Dr Pepper antiques and memorabilia ( totaling more than 2,000 pieces to date) for years, including cans and bottles evidence of known imposters. For Sale: Old Dr Pepper Can., Condition: Used, Price: $2.99, Categories: Collectibles - Other $6.99 $11.50 shipping Rare Old 50s? Can: $5.98: Dr. Pepper: 6 x 16.9 oz. Featured is an excellent porcelain stoneware syrup dispenser from the Grape Smash Soda. Notations in the ledger referred to Morrisons Old Corner Drug Store, examples of Charles Andertons handwriting, and a curious recipe for D Peppers Pepsin Bitters mixed from mandrake root and syrup. 1930s Antique Advertising Soda Tin Trays. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Condition Is "used". The 10-2-4 Collectors Club is named for early company logos, some with drawings of clock faces, urging patrons to have a Dr Pepper at 10 AM followed by one each at 2 PM and 4 PM. Keurig Dr Pepper net worth as of February 10, 2023 is $49.97B. Crack a Pepper at dinner, lunch, or breakfast, PERFECT PAIRING: Pizza, burgers or rotisserie chicken, Dr Pepper is the perfect companion for every college football occasion, whether youre tailgating or home-gating, ORIGINAL FLAVOR: Established in 1885, Dr Pepper has delivered satisfying refreshment for 135 years, ALWAYS A TREAT: Rich, smooth and delicious every time, Dr Pepper packs a mouthful of flavor with every sip (youre welcome, taste buds). Check out our old dr pepper can selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. 16 & 19.9 OZ Cans. A classic square top Coca Cola machine, restored in the original design. Established in 1885 in Waco, TX, Dr Pepper is the oldest major soft drink in the United States. They say one man's trash is another's treasure, but that takes on a much more literal twist when it comes to finding certain cans of Coca Cola.

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