replacing running rigging on a sailboat

Redoing the running rigging on a cruising sailboat involves measuring, measuring and measuring. The Out Haul can be simply a single line the pulls the foot of the sail toward the free end of the boom or the Out Haul can consist of an elaborate arrangement of blocks. A Bonnier LLC Company. Did you know that rope halyards are easier to handle and significantly lighter than wire halyards. 9034 GD Marsum Theres no reason good quality rigging shouldnt last up to 20 years or so if it is well maintained and any problems that arise are sorted right away. Another factor in your DIY decision-making process is simple: peace of mind. Replacement of the rigging components is more frequent and based on inspection. [advertisement]. The easiest place to work on your rig is on the ground. Standing rigging supports your boat's mast. A smaller loop is a makeshift chainplate attachment you can attach it to a neighboring chainplate and attach the stay to it. Its common to choose to fit lighter swaged terminals at the top of a stay or shroud and mechanical ones at the bottom, where swaged terminals are more vulnerable to corrosion. How much does a used sail cost? Dont forget the turnbuckles and chain plates. Sun wear and constant use will wear down the sails and rigging even more. Do you hire a pro or go it alone? A forum community dedicated to Sailing enthusiasts. If you're on a budget, you can maintain your boat reasonably well for just $1,000 / year. Whether youre buying a used sailboat thats new to you or youve owned your boat for decades, the standing rigging is what keeps the mast in place, and thus requires particular attention. Its imported and sold through distributors like Alps Wire Rope. I push the boat hard whenever conditions allow and am always a bit leery of its old rigging. Check and make sure the sheaves run freely, that the bearings are not worn oval and that the retaining pins are secure. If you replace the rigging preventively, you should never experience the failure I did. Use a low stretch Dacron such as Sta-Set-X for halyards. splicing any of these high tech lines is not for the faint hearted. Chafe occurs when line rubs against a sharp or rough surface. JavaScript is disabled. Inexpensive, double-braid Dacron is a fine choice for furling lines on most boats shorter than 40 feet. Would you replace this? In other words, if your boat already has rod rigging, with all of the end fittings to terminate the rods both on deck and in or on the mast, then sticking with rod will ultimately be less expensive than making the switch to wire. The cost to replace standing rigging obviously varies from boat to boat. Ensure you keep hold of the standing end so it doesn't disappear to the top of the mast. Labor total: $1,000 on average The masthead is a good place to start, and while youre at it, its worth looking closely at the mast as well as the rigging, to see if any corrosion, cracks or weld defects are evident. You mean all together don't you? Usually the owner's manual gives you the specifications of all the running and standing rigging. The latter is very important, as its a common cause of weakness, so wherever possible ensure stainless steel fittings are insulated from an aluminum mast. It is comprised of fixed lines, wires, or rods that are designed to support each mast or bowsprit on sailing vessels. Contact us If in doubt, get a professional opinion. This is a very serious problem for the average sailor. However, larger boats of 30 feet and up will cost considerably more. The first decision is whether to tackle the job with the mast up or down. 1. Both are located in the U.K., and the products are distributed in the U.S. through vendors like Hayn, West Marine, Defender, and local chandleries and riggers. So here are some tips and things to look for so that you can replace your running rigging before it breaks. First, its easier to fix in remote places and on your own. I used the Sta-Set solid color line to easily identify the lines. Inevitably. Its when the leeward side starts flopping around that youre asking for trouble., Stainless steel has a finite number of cycles essentially, movements, whether fore and aft or side to side. Youll need about 500 feet for an average 30 footer. As I have done a fair amount of club racing, my personal preference would be to use any of the above products for everything except the halyards and then go for a lighter, low stretch, high tech product such as New England Ropes T-900 for the halyards and get the eye splices done professionally. Keep your sailboats mast securely in place by carefully inspecting all of your spars components and replacing parts before you have a breakdown. If in doubt, get your deck buddy to rig temporary stays using the halyards and check each stayone at a timewith it slackened off. It's a good idea to replace wire running rigging with high-modulus rope, but the reality is that in most cases we can't because many masts that were designed for wire have sheaves that are: Grooved for wire. I use a 3D model and some diagrams. Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. The only thing we can really do is regularly inspect lines to look for wear. They aren't even worn enough to require end-for ending yet. Down Haul. Tensioning them will be done later in the rigging sequence. Since each one is 34' and then add another 6-10 to be safe? If line is properly taken care of, it can last many decades. Regardless of how it happened, the integrity of the line has been compromised and it needs to be replaced. I dont want be a scaremonger, but standing rigging has so many possible failure points that regular inspections should really be part of every pre-cruise integrity check. For instance, the Rigging Company makes a spare-stay kit that can accommodate either wire or rod rigging repairs, Cockerill says. I won't go into detail, but I have written an in-depth article about the cost of new sails (opens in new tab). When we talk about sailboat rigging, we mean all the wires, ropes and lines that support the rig and control the sails. A boat in the water is in constant motion and the rigging experiences constant micro shock loads even when sitting in the slip. I can only assume this is due to the risk of rocking the hull off its jackstands. Its always advisable to unstep the mast every few years to check it over thoroughly at ground level, so this is an obvious time to consider replacing the shrouds and stays, particularly if the forestay is to be replaced, as removing the furler without damaging it can be a tricky task. 0 Its one of the most important features on a sailboat, but many owners put standing rigging at the back of their minds when it comes time to do their pre-season safety checks. Read more about the cost of replacing risers and manifolds here. You must log in or register to reply here. Sampson Ropes make a double braid dacron called XLS, New England Ropes make a similar product called Sta-Set and Yale Ropes product is called Vizzion. As you can see, most of these costs are longterm recurring maintenance costs. Some boaters don't shrink wrap in the winter because of it. This could be a marine eye, a marine fork, a T-head or a J-hook, among others. Before long this will create slack in the rig, generating bends and stresses elsewhere. One part of sailboats and yachts that must be inspected, maintained, or even replaced when necessary is the standing rigging. With very slippery high tech line it is also possible to pull the knot through itself, and with an extra slippery line such as Yale Light its even possible to pull an eye splice out.. Start by digging out the bosuns chair and finding a trusted (and hopefully fit) buddy to help you. Most people starting out will get a smaller size boat and use it for day trips and weekend trips. We replaced the line AND the sheave box to ensure that the new halyard wont chafe. In this article, we'll break down the average prices of different sailboats by type, age, condition, and size. That said, some sailors prefer wire over rod for a number of reasons. Assuming you have decided to replace the rigging wire as well as a number of other components, the first decision is whether to do it with the mast up or down. Now would also be a good time to change those old cotter pins and circlip rings as well. Write the diameter near the hole with sharpie. Ground tackle is a complete system, including the anchor itself, the rode (chain, rope, or some combination thereof, read more, French builder Dufour Yachts has rolled out another new design bringing their line to eight models from 32 to 61 feet. But if you want the good stuff, need more fire extinguishers, plan on spending more like $600. The golden rule has always been never to work on a rig with the boat out of the water. Their solidworks simulations revealed the rigging was on the lighter side. The mechanical terminals most commonly used by DIY riggers are Sta-Lok and Norseman terminals. It's a really helpful post (with a formula) if you want to know what to expect. The running rigging consists of all the lines, sheets, and so on that is used to haul and operate the sails. USCG safety regulations require you to replace safety gear regularly. ImproveSailing is compensated for referring traffic and business to this companies. Cleat the halyard and pull it to the tape mark on one side . FWIW, I just replaced all my running rigging on my 30' with 3/8" Sta-Set for thr halyards and 3/8" XLE for topping lift and downhaul, the halyard were wire-rope but now all rope. ImproveSailing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to One of the most common areas of rig failure is where the shrouds terminateboth at the mast tang or socket fitting and the wire terminal, toggle or T-ball. Best Price Opti Running Rigging Sheets Halyard Line Sailboat Kit 100% Original + FREE Delivery discount activity, US $174 sail ties Lower Spirit Halyard 1 ea and shock cords One of the best ways to improve an aging Opti is to overhaul and replace all the running rigging Upper Spirit Halyard 1 ea, Free shipping on all orders . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. These products sell from $1.00 to $2.50 per foot. Your engine will wear out faster, and you'll need more incidental repairs as well. That's a broad range, but if you know what you need for your boat, then you can get a better idea of the cost. It was this mistakefailing to untie the read more, After four long months poised to spring into action at the first sign of the right weather window, Spindrift has announced that its record-breaking circumnavigation attempt wont be possible this year. Enough tape to cover a cotter pin suffices; otherwise, leave the metal open to the air. These carry a good deal of compression load, so check their roots for damage and make sure the spreaders arent bent in any waythey should exactly bisect the angle of the shroud. A swaged fitting is a terminus thats attached using a machine called a swager. Few places on the planet have such a devoted, diverse, and downright joyful yacht racing season as the island read more, Ive never laughed so hard as I have on some of my charters, but its typically only funny after the fact. Just a FYI. However, they generally cost more than a swaged fitting; Herman says while Hi-MODs newer mechanical fittings are definitely more user-friendly to assemble, theyre twice the cost of a swaged fitting. Some riggers will recommend swaged fittings for the mast end of the rigging and mechanical fittings at the deck level: Corrosion is less prevalent at the top of the mast, and you can more easily and regularly inspect mechanical fittings at deck level, where theyre frequently subjected to salt water. For docklines a 27 ft. boat would use 1/2" nylon: 25' bow, 15' stern, and 20' spring. Spreader tips that are covered can often encourage and hide corrosion as they can trap water and reduce air flow over stainless steel fittings, causing them to corrode. A good set of rigging is of great importance in order to ensure navigation without causing any damage. I think another factor to consider is how much of the "life time" of the rigging was spent with the boat in the water and the mast up. All you need is two blocks (pulley attachments) attached forward on both sides, ideally near the toerail, and enough line to run from the boom attachment up to the blocks on each side and then back to the cockpit. First the desired end fitting is chosen (left), and the fitting is slid onto the end of the wire (center). Rigging is a significant part of building a model ship. This line is double braided polyester, so the cover is responsible for carrying up to 30% of the load. There is no hard and fast rule for when to replace your running rigging. Yes, doing it yourself will theoretically save money. I cant understand why they wanted 75 feet for the main as I still have 25-30 feet even when the main sheet is eased all the way. In most cases, you'll only have to replace your running rigging every 5-10 years, but it will cost you $5,000 on average. I'll agree that most of the kinks were created during stepping or prepping for storage. About us If you want to go for super low stretch halyards look at Spectra but the stretch isnt much more for a lot more bucks. Re-rigging To re-mouse the halyards, flake out the halyard, attach the working end to the mousing line that comes from the masthead, and check they are secure, before pulling back through. Good quality cruising sails will need to be replaced every 10 years or so. What is the average sailboat maintenance cost? Make Wire cutting Jig. [1] 2. As a basic rule, the replacement of the standing rig should be done every 10 years, except for multihulls or regattas, and rod or composite fiber rigging. Most of my clients say to me without any prompting, This is one area I feel should be done by a professional, Madden says. Sailboat Rigging. Too narrow for equivalent ropeshould be 10% wider than the diameter of the rope. Yes, its unlikely youll suffer a massive failure during normal coastal cruising, but it is good practice to spend a little time looking carefully at each element of your rig at least once a month, or before a cruise lasting more than a few daysparticularly if heavy weather is expected. A standard 15HP or 20HP outboard gas engine will cost you about $5,000 - $6,000 and needs replacing every 20 years or so. How exactly do you determine how much line you need for a given size sailboat? In the US, Sampson, New England Ropes and Yale all make a double braid dacron line very suitable for almost all the running rigging on an older sailboat. Barnacles can slice through your boat's bellow! Buy some light line and run it as you would your sheets and halyards and measure that. Now, let's return to the original proposition, which was a complete replacementon three different cost levelsof basic running rigging for a 32 sloop. You should have the boat itself (the hull), the dagger board, the rudder and tiller, your mainsheet, both mast pieces, boom, boom bang and sail in one place. Does that mean that replacement time for those is longer? A third visual indicator are cracks in swaged fittings, some of the most common end fittings for wire. The warm trade winds in the West Indies were calling; time to go sailing. If you own a bluewater cruiser, your maintenance cost will go up a lot. 26' Bermuda Sloop rig will cost you about $1,000 - $2,500. we have provided rigging services and have specialized in running rigging. The Down Haul consists of a line attached to the mast end of the boom. Running rigging The running rigging consists of all the lines, sheets, and so on that is used to haul and operate the sails. Lets say you ripped a tang out of the mast; you can use a Dyneema loop to create another attachment point. Clean and lubricate them, then refasten them, and remember to mouse them with new galvanized wire and tape over the ends to avoid chafe. Keep the tension equal on each side by counting the turns on each turnbuckle. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. ImproveSailing is compensated for referring traffic and business to this companies. All this small hardware needs to be replaced every 20-30 years and will amount to about $1,500. I've read that the inner stays rarely snap. PACESHIP PY26 Sailboat details on Stainless steel needs oxygen to prevent crevice corrosion, so dont overdo it with tape (left); enough to cover the cotter pin will suffice (center). There are some question as to whether or not you should replace your turnbuckles along with the wire. We're the first and last stop for parts and accessories. If you live on a boat in a location where it falls below freezing temperature (good luck!). Sticking to the 10-year rule, Madden says, means that for the most part, any corrosion or failure points will be eliminated with a re-rig. I have got quotes for sails for my 40' boat and they range from $8k for a jib and a main and I replaced the standing rigging on my boat. Three strand is referable and less expensive than braid for dock and anchor lines also a lot easier to splice. That said, it is perfectly possible, though somewhat tedious, to change shrouds and stays in pairs with the mast up by using halyards and intermediate tackles to support it. Any line that you have to handle such as jib sheets, halyards and mainsheet should be about half inch (12mm) diameter for a good grip, and jib sheets and mainsheets should be one of the softer feel products. So youve determined your sailboats standing rigging needs work. So how often should standing rigging be replaced? Add winches and UV rays and the wear and tear can be significant so it's important to use a quality line. I live in Friesland, The Netherlands, which is famous for its great lakes and lots of sailing opportunities. The reason it is a scheduled item is that a visual inspection prolly won't detect defects. On top of that, maintaining your boat properly is critical. Opti Running Rigging Sheets Halyard Line Sailboat Kit. The owner didnt adjust the rigging to compensate for the stretch for several seasons. Connect the halyard to the head of the sail, here we are looping the halyard back over its plastic stopper to lock it in place. The standing rigging consists of wires supporting the mast on a sailboat and reinforcing the spars from the force of the sails when sailing. We're looking for writers! I'll also inquire about upgrading to one size up. Some of these might not apply to your situation. With the tension off its a lot easier to waggle the terminal around and check closely for cracks, wear, distortion or corrosion. Replacing Running Rigging on an Older Sailboat If you're thinking of buying a used sailboat it's probable that your final selection will be a boat that is a few years old - and the halyards, mainsheet, backstay, jibsheets and other running rigging will probably look a little old, dirty and frayed. Then the swager is used to compress the fitting so tightly that the wires merge into a solid piece of stainless steel and cant pull out (right). When I thought about it this way, it seemed easy to give ourselves 20 years of confidence for our Lake Erie boat, rather than take the risk of waiting. If the baseplates, for example, are leaking, water will penetrate the deck, making the surrounding deck core mushy and weak (if a core exists) and possibly compromising supporting bulkheads and structures belowdecks. Running rigging varies between vessels that are rigged fore and aft and those that are square-rigged. This halyard has minor chafe right now, but the chafe is acute and has an identifiable source. It sounds to me that the question is when, not if you will go for new rigging. The total maintenance cost on a tight budget can get as low as $275 per year, or $23 per month. Average installation and setup takes around 30 hours (at $105 per hour), which would add another $3,105 to the bill, bumping the cost to re-rig up to $8,010 for an average re-rig. Take a look at your mast stepparticularly if your mast is keel-stepped, as bilge water can cause serious corrosion at the foot of the mast. . The total maintenance cost for a liveaboard will average around $1,550 per year or $129 per month. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. The boat owner or previous rigger had clearly replaced the old line without looking for the source of the chafe. Now is a good time to install all new cotter pins or rings to leave no doubt as to the integrity of your connections. Running Rigging & Cordage to Order . Fisheries Supply is your premier supplier of sailing and rigging rope from top brands like Samson, Marlow, Robline and New England Rope. When the rig is tuned the wires are stretched. Low-cost tension gauges are now available and are a useful addition to your cruising toolbox anyway. That cost me $10k. Shes the director of media relations at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, and she and her family continue to pine and plan for the day they can return to the cruising life. And if you get a young, strong, enthusiastic gorilla on a halyard winch, he could pull the headboard out of the sail, damage the sheave at the masthead or pull the turning block at the base of the mast out of the deck. Technical support for boat owners and maintenance yards servicing Sabre sail and motor yachts | Sabre Yachts Technical Support Contacts in Sabre's After Sales Service Department may be reached by calling 207-655-3831 or by filling in the contact form. They weigh less and take up less room. The Netherlands For each diameter of rigging wire your boat requires drill a hole that size near the corner of the block. But not just any kind of sailing. The average price of used sailboats is $111,000, ranging from $19,000 to $518,000. This way you wont risk deforming the mast or pulling a fitting out of line. The biggest problem with rigging and older sailboat with high-tech lines to control the sails is that the lines are too strong for the boat. You could be setting yourself up for some serious problems, as well a spending a lot of unnecessary money into the bargain. [advertisement] Take this opportunity to check out your spars as well. I'm on Lake Michigan. Inspect any integral reefing sheaves or bearing wear or UV degradation. Whether you want to replace aging and questionable rigging, be able to handle a wider range of weather conditions, or add sail trimming upgrades for more speed and better pointing to windward, this ebook will show you . Installing the new standing rigging is simple for a trailer sailor after the mast is unstepped. Improve Sailing 14.8K subscribers In part 3 of our series on sailboat parts, we dive into two types of rigging: standing rigging and running rigging. Overall condition is good with some kinks here and there. But Cockerill says it quickly becomes evident whether an owner feels comfortable enough to do the work. First, check for cracks (usually longitudinal), particularly if the terminal looks misshapen or the stay is misaligned in any way. Swaging is a strong and durable way to attach end fittings to wire rigging. Copyright 2023 Theres such a safety margin in rigging. Perhaps a rogue cotter pin sticking out of a turnbuckle. Although rod rigging is more common on racing boats, many well-known cruising-boat builders, such as Valiant, Bristol, J/Boats and Hinckley, have rod-rigged models. The final price depends on two things - what type of engine you have, and how hard it is to get to the starter. This line wont last long in these conditions. Note wire and pin diameters and measure the wires as accurately as possible between pin centers with the rig fully tensioned. Riggers say the question of whether to rig with wire or rod is usually fairly easily answered: Run what you brung.

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