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Yes, 30.5"! Serial #B5270, .280 Ross, 30 1/2" barrel with an excellent bright bore. Despite their faults, Ross rifles always had a reputation for fine accuracy. A flashlight helped considerably, but a flashlight-free demonstration appears in one of a series of YouTube videos called Forgotten Weapons, hosted by Canadian Ian McCollum, which I eventually ran across while doing Ross research on the Internet. The fit and finish on the commercial was very high quality. Ross M10 303 British . One of these was a poorly designed bolt lock that enabled the bolt to fall right out of the rifle. Colt Python .357 Magnum 6rd $1499.00. Value is all over the place for these rare HG marked Ross rifles. . Hughes responded to Alderson's criticism by accusing Alderson of ignorance and copied the letter to many officers in the corps. Pre-war sporting rifle. The average diameter across the lands was .3036 inch, but the average diameter across the grooves was .3103, a little smaller than the .311 inch of .303 British bullets. This led to the design of the .280 Ross. Then, he used screw threads on the lugs outside which are locking into the matching threaded receiver. I will ship it fully "Insured/Declared Value" via UPS Ground. 5,800 weapons were so converted from late 1909 to mid 1910. You can confirm whether the bolt head is locking by looking inside the receiver ring as the bolt handle is shoved forward. The stock on my M-10 has been sanded smooth, and a no-name ventilated, white-line recoil pad added. NEW. Bayonet & Scabbard. "18"" lever action rifle with a Gold PVD receiver, Blued barrel, adjustable irons, 15RD capacity, &, a wooden stock. Originally it would have had a longer barrel, and a longer stock reaching up almost to the end, with a second barrel band securing that front end of the stock to the barrel. [17], Model 1907 and 1905/1910 Match Target Rifle These very important single-shot rifles (two rifles are known to exist) are bearing special feature that would make the M1910 so different; the threaded locking lugs and receiver. RIAC believes that this website is accessible to the widest possible audience pursuant to the guidelines of the Americans with Disability Act. Selection of fire formed brass available. Information. Reports suggest few of donated rifles were militarily effective due to insufficient ammunition supplies.[19]. Here Are Three Examples Of Indian Made Unfullered Bayonets To Fit The SMLE Rifle. If it ends up right in front of the bolt body, the locking lugs end up behind the locking recesses, and the rifle can still be fired, at least sometimes. Despite knowing my 1910s riveted bolt was assembled correctly, I initially fired the rifle with its stock firmly wedged in a weighted cardboard box, pulling the trigger with 25 yards of nylon rope. Reference :Flayderman 5J-052. In spite of the bolt scare, they are strong rifles. meaning general purpose). Shiny bright excellent bore. When discussing Ross rifles, which model designation is used often depends on whether the rifle is a military or sporting version or the whims of the person doing the discussing. I then placed the rifle firmly on the bags with the front sight at the 100-yard target, then gently adjusted the flip-up ladder aperture sight to approximately the same place. The rifle will have full wood configuration and the barrel will be the original in 30.5 inches or the carbine in 26.5 inches. Dont know squat about value but you sure got a bunch of nice levers there. ross rifle , model: m10 sporter , caliber: 303 br , straight pull bolt, blade front and peep rear sight marked hwc (cooey), bore is fair, one piece sporterized hardwood stock with a crack at the tang, and crack at left side of forend, has sling swivels and canvas sling, steel butt plate, barrel and magazine have been painted black, shows some handling marks , stock # 9913 , serial # n/a . Thanks. Posts: 16. The bolt shows a Canadian armory pin installed to prevent the bolt being stripped in the field and reassembled incorrectly . [16][17], The problems with the Ross in combat were that it was really a sporting design of rifle asked to do the work of a military rifle under trench warfare conditions. The bolt runs very slickly and precisely when clean and oiled, but the system probably did not help in mud and snow. 1902. . After negative reports regarding the rifle were published through the Ottawa Citizen, it became increasingly clear that his own claims before the House of Commons that all the faults of the rifle had been cured were patently false, and Hughes' defence of the rifle could no longer be supported by the Prime Minister. The serial number and year of manufacture are also on the butt. I have recently discovered a Ross Rifle Company M10 that apparently belonged to my father or grandfather and would like some more information. The first few hundred were fitted with the full-length folding Sight, Ross Mk I. This design, called MK II**, was a transitional step between Mk II and Mk III actions. The 30 1/2" barrel shows a bright, very good shootable bore. Ross Rifle Forum > Commerical Sporter Discussion > Sporters > M10 Value. The full stock of the rifle was retained, and the barrel projected only 2 inches past the forestock. The bolt was far sturdier and had multi-thread locking lugs. The checkering and markings are mostly crisp, and the action and scope function excellently. There are currently no customer product questions on this lot. Following was Model R, which was a plain looking rifle, no checkering, in .303 British only. Oops! DO NOT FIRE one of these rifles without having it examined by . / Patented". Bid: Shipping: $45.00 Accepted Payment Methods: Returns: No Returns Description: ROSS RIFLE COMPANY .M-10 MARK III CANADA .303 CALIBER 1916 REAR SIGTH FLIPS UP FOR LONG RANGE Any information concerning this rifle and perhaps its value would be greatly appreciated! Years ago I owned both a military M10 .303 and a commercial m10 in 280 Ross. In production since 1899, the Model 10 is a six-shot, .38 Special, double-action revolver with fixed sights. In the 1930s Stalin approved aid shipments to the Spanish Civil War Republicans, disposals actually, of American Winchester Muskets, German Mauser 98s, British Lee Enfields, Austrian Mannlichers, and several French types. Canadians retained the Ross even as additional contingents arrived in France. 375 US$471/438. I looked for two years before I dropped the hammer. The bolt has long slots milled along the bottom edge that fit into rails in the bottom of the action. View sold price and similar items: Four Rifles -A) Gardone Model 940-XIX Bolt Action Rifle with Folding Bayonet B) WWI Ross Model M-10 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet C) Berthier-Mannlicher Model 1907/15 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet D) Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 Straight Pull Bolt from Rock Island Auction Company on Invalid date CST. The first time the firing pin never marked the primer and a second attempt only left a very light indent. A forum community dedicated to all firearm owners and enthusiasts. I see a couple of military acceptance stamps in the pictures. LSB#: 210122RF41. In fact, one Internet reference, originally published in a print magazine in 1942, states the open sight was regulated for 600 yards, which matches closely with the 25-yard trajectory as calculated on Sierras Infinity computer program with the companys 180-grain ProHunter spitzer. Login with username, password and session length. The Sight, Ross Mk II was retained, however. Year of Manufacture: 1914-1916 (page 61 of Joe Puleo's book, Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World). Phone: 5877775607. Hughes also made accusations that Canadian officers were induced to produce adverse reports on the rifle. Sellers declare the item's customs value and must comply with customs declaration laws. For what it's worth, the gun is registered. [citation needed], The shortcomings of the rifle were made apparent before the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915. [1], Development of this weapon began in the spring of 1908, and the planned designation was Rifle, Ross Mk III. Auteur de l'article Par ; Date de l'article houses to rent red house farm, gosforth; snyder funeral home sunbury, ohio obituaries . I have included pictures of any identifying marks in the hope someone will be able to provide more information, such as history of the weapon, explanation of the markings, manufacturing info and possible monetary value. [9] The rifle became an element in political issues within Canada and between Canada and the British. SKU: N8460 Categories: Firearms, New Arrivals, Non-Restricted, Rifle, Type of Gun, Used Firearm, Used Non-Restricted. The Ross Rifle Mk III is a Military variation of the Ross Rifle M-10. CONDITION: PARTS GUN, THIS ITEM IS SOLD FOR PARTS USE ONLY. I'm pretty sure that your Ross is not a commercial but a cut military. The operating principle of the straight-pull bolt action comprises a bolt "sleeve" to which the bolt lever or handle is attached. On Nov. 17, 1917, an agreement was reached for the purchase of 20,000 Mark II Ross rifles from the Canadian government, complete with bayonets, scabbards, slings and oil bottles for $12.50 each. thanks for the imput guys, just wish she was US made. In recent years, some models have become quite collectible. III. ross rifle m10 value. - Free Online Library", Ross Bayonets at, Small Arms of WWI Primer 014: Canadian Ross Rifle Mark III, "CEFs Ross Rifle Fiasco, Responsible For Countless Of Casualties Fact or Myth! Some 26,000 were converted from 1910 to 1912. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the position of any institution or other individual unless specifically stated. The front band had a bayonet lug. ross rifle m10 value . It has a bayonet lug and the strap my be original. The top of the receiver is marked "ROSS RIFLE CO. / CANADA / M-10 / PATENTED". 2023 Rock Island Auction Company. However, as a sporting rifle, the Ross became quite popular after the war. Year of Manufacture: 1914-1916 (page 61 of Joe Puleo's book, Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World). As a result, Britain refused to license the manufacture of Lee-Enfield .303s in Canada. [1], For all practical purposes, the Mk III was an entirely new design. After the initial experiments I slugged the four-groove bore, measuring the slug with a Starrett digital micrometer. Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, "Myth and Reality of the Ross MkIII Rifle", "Ross Mark III Rifle: German Army (captured)", "Latvijas armijas artilrija 1919.-1940.g. .. 5.2x power scope with 1 1/2" eye relief c/w Leather Carrying Case (Mfg in 1915 by M.J. Wilson & Sons - Ottawa) (Click PIC to Enlarge) (Click PIC to Enlarge) On 12 June 1915, the 1st Canadian Division replaced all its Ross rifles with Enfields. These were cheaper than the Lewis guns then in use. The magazine cut-off release was inside the front of the trigger guard, and depressing it would disengage the cut-off. The barrel is marked 8060 on the left side. 1 Guide for Military Firearms Values! US SPRINGFIELD ARMORY M1A SERIAL 251075 BARREL LENGTH TO END OF FLASH HIDER 24" OVERALL WOOD AND METAL NEAR MINT BORE LIKE NEW. Bore has strong rifling with minor frosting. Military versions were used by Canadian forces including snipers and others were converted into Huot Automatic Rifles (machine guns). This was an early one--it has a Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) issue stamp on the stock. Tom took two rifles, one a Lee-Enfield he restocked himself, using 180-grain Partitions. While using a simpler mechanism, it was still a straight-pull action. I take the Savage accuracy myth with a spoonful of salt, therefore. Deer Stalking-Pattern Rifle. 273, August 2011.). Post Date: May 07 . You may download material from this site for your own personal use only, Winchesters, Lugers, Smith and Wesson, Colts, Antique Guns, Modern Guns, Firearms, Swords, Ammunition, Militaria. They were completed in the early summer of 1910, then all 4,000 were immediately converted into the Rifle, Ross Mk II3*. The safety was similar to the earlier model's, but the slider was more solid and inside the bolt handle, moved by pushing a round button on the back of the bolt handle. (The .303 British: Handloading a Cordite Cartridge with Modern Powders appeared in Handloader No. Ross rifles and the .280 Ross cartridge thus became inseparable in the public mind. oss with Warner & Swasey Model of 1913 Musket Sight in Canadian Army training in the early 1940s. Rifle, Ross Mk III became Rifle, Long, Ross Mk III. All were converted from Rifle, Ross Mk II with Sight, Ross Mk III or the later Rifle, Ross Mk II4*. Left is unfired SA 303. . Ross Military Rifles were replaced by Enfield Rifles in 1916. If yours is cut, as it appears to be maybe, then it wouldn't be as desirable for a restrorer. This was done so they could more easily endure the stress of constant bayonet practice. the barrel is all marked with the kings pattent and all and the reciever has the serial number but no markings for modle on the tang and no cal on the barrel or brass under carage. Some measuring and calculating indicated the front sight needed to be about .2 inch higher in order for my handload to land near point of aim at 25 yards. The right target was shot at 25 yards to see how well the new front sight worked, and the target at left was shot at 100 yards. [citation needed] The Ross rifle was modified to correct these faults and became the Mark II Ross (Model 05 (1905)). Ross Rifle Co. Chambeered for the 280 Ross cartridge, the Model 10 has an exceptionally robust action and is considered by many to be the finest offering by the Ross Rifle Company. I have recently discovered a Ross Rifle Company M10 that apparently belonged to my father or grandfather and would like some more information. Phillips, Roger F., Dupuis, Franois J., and Chadwick, John A., Scarlata, Paul, "The Canadian Ross Striaght-Pull Military Rifles" in, Schreier, Konrad F. Jr., "The Redoubtable Ross Rifle" in, Stent, H. V., "Sir Charles Ross Controversial Rifles and Cartridges" in, Stetzer, Tim, "The Canadian Ross Mk II" in, Tantum, William H., "Sniper Rifles of World War 1" in, Whelen, Townsend, "Notes on the Ross Rifle" in, This page was last edited on 25 February 2023, at 19:45. ROSS RIFLE , MODEL: M10 MKIII , CALIBER: 303 BR , BORE IS FAIR, SOME WEAR, SOME SHINE. Then some of the Canadian owned Warner & Swasey scopes were fitted to No. This Ross Rifle Company M-1910 has been sporterized with the stock having issues in several areas including a crack on the left side of the receiver, however the metal and the action are in good condi, "The Ross Model 1910 straight-pull bolt action sporting rifle in .280 Ross was manufactured from 1910-1915. Bid Not Accepted! [1], The last of the shorter (28 inch barrel) Mk II line would be produced using the "Sight, Sutherland Mk I" and simplified rear hand-guard of the Mk II**. Before any were delivered, the sight was replaced with a shorter version graduated to 2,200 yards rather than 2,500 yards. The Ross Mk.II (or "model 1905") rifle was highly successful in target shooting before World War I, but the close chamber . I have a Ross Rifle made by the Ross Rifle Co., in Quebec. I have included pictures of any identifying marks in the hope someone will be able to provide more information, such as history of the weapon, explanation of the markings, manufacturing info and possible monetary value. M10. A total of 10,500 were manufactured. (Canadian Expeditionary Force) on . Military versions were used by Canadian forces including snipers and others were converted into Huot Automatic Rifles (machine guns). ACTION: STRAIGHT BOLT RIFLE. Excellent. Ross M10, 303 caliber rifle. Hand. Designed by Sir. Make: Ross Rifle Company, Canada. As I previously mentioned I'm afraid getting the Ross book was going to be costly. As for the safety, yes, they have a history of firing with an unlocked bolt. [11], After the First World War, the British Empire supplied several models of .303 cal rifles, including Rosses to Estonia, Latvia and White Russian anti-communist forces. Rifle, Ross Mk I and Rifle, Ross Mk I* became Rifle, G.P. peergraded assignment activity present evaluation findings how long after taking paxlovid will i test negative for covid; literotica tattoo bdsm boston university salary grade 45; mountain high lift tickets costco beaded kumihimo bracelet tutorial; event id 1030 group policy the username or password is incorrect which of the following scenarios are true for campaign management features in . Many weapons would have this replaced with the Sight, Ross Mk II, a curved sliding "Lange Vizier" type. Action works properly. However, a total of around 600,000 Ross rifles were built, but around 420,000 were chambered for the .303 British military round. The 30 1/2" barrel shows a bright, very good shootable bore. Caliber. However, at the inspector's request, the weapons were delivered fitted with the Sight, Ross Mk II. for an example with a checkered history. Caliber. Years ago I owned both a military M10 .303 and a commercial m10 in 280 Ross. Rifle, Ross Mk II with Sight, Ross Mk II and Rifle, Ross Mk II* became Rifle, Cadet, Ross. I've lost track of the market and am wondering about current fair market value in this country for M10's in NRA very good to fine condition. McCollum decided to repeat the experiment but a new cartridge refused to fire twice. This was due to the ability to assemble the complicated bolt incorrectly. You are here: Home. I (P-14) rifles and used in battle in Italy in 1943-44. In 1911, the shorter variants were replaced by the longer Rifle, Ross Mk II** as standard Canadian issue. 2 x 10 Round magazines included. Eligible for FREE shipping *. By the time it was ready to be produced in numbers, an even more radical design change was in the works to become the Mk III, and this model was designated Rifle, Ross Mk II** instead. Thi, Rossi-braztech R92 Carbine Lever Action Rifle 357 Mag 923572093, Ross Model 1905 1910 Match Target Rifle, ROSS .303 BRITISH STRAIGHT-PULL MODEL 1905 MARK II** CIVILIAN TARGET RIFLE- SERIAL #5000- NEAT BSA VERNIER APERTURE SIGHT- 30 1/2" Bbl.- ABOUT 1912, "Ross M1910 Sporting Rifle .280 Ross (R31038). III with a 30.5-inch barrel or one of the few home guard models with shorter barrels used in both Canada and England? I've also checked Gun Parts and some of the usual suspects for this rear sight. Any person who attends an Auction and/or submits a Bid at an Auction held or organised by . In 1918, Rifle, G.P. A number of the original 500 were re-purposed as training rifles and fitted with longer front barrel bands as used on later production Rifle, Ross Mk II. The Model 10 (1910) was a completely new design, made to correct the shortcomings of the 1905. All stocks are made from Canadian Black Walnut. Rifle has been set up for pig hunting and is un fired since new. They were subjected to extensive trials, but the war ended before they entered service. Barrel measures 21" and has an original looking crown. 1As offered in .303 several years ago. The Ross rifles and equipment being delivered by Catalina 210/P captained by Flying Officer Tim Healy.[1][20]. As presented for inspection, the carbines used the shorter version of the Sight, Ross Mk I. Ross M-10 .280 Ross (R28957) Ross M-10 .280 Ross (R28957) Category Search; Colt Guns; Winchesters; Modern Handguns; Rifles; Shotguns; Class III . Models listed are a sampling of the many different variations. I have recently discovered a Ross Rifle Company M10 that apparently belonged to my father or grandfather and would like some more information. SN: 17508, JMD Oval Tag: 6627, Condition: Very Good, >> FFL IS REQUIRED << This item is part of the auction: J.M. The effect was to undermine confidence in Alderson and the rifle. 1 mod 73 2 mod 92 and 2 94s. 21 " Sights / Optics: This rifle is mounted with raised fixed post front sight and an elevator leaf . Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. ive wanted one all my life and never found one i could afford. The rifle is marked to the 16th Battalion C.E.F. anybody ever have anything to do with one of these? IIIs. In 1911, the Rifle, Ross Mk II** became the standard Canadian issue, and production began. The bolt shows a Canadian armory pin installed to prevent the bolt being stripped in the field and reassembled incorrectly . This is a gun sight hood for a Parker Hale models 1000-1100-1200 and Midland 2100-2600-2700-2800. The bolt-stop plunger was replaced by a flag lever with three positions (cut-off enabled, bolt release, cut-off disabled). Upon arriving home, however, some tiny pits showed up in my Gradient Lens borescope. GS026607B Sheffield, North East Published 2 Years ago Details Category Rifles Subcategory Straight Pull Condition Used Sale type Trade Make Ross Rifle Co Calibre .303 Model M10 Mk3 Certificate Firearm - Section 1 Orientation Right Handed Gun Status Activated Recommended Usage Various It incorporated the 30.5 inch barrel and flag safety of the Mk II**, taking that re-design much further. Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun. One was listed at $2295 for a long time on CGN and firearmscanada. Sir Charles Ross, Bart., a Scottish nobleman, soldier, inventor and entrepreneurial businessman, offered his newly designed straight-pull rifle as a replacement. The most noticeable change was the replacement of the side-mounted magazine cut-off control and trigger-guard mounted cut-off release with a single hook shaped control inside the front trigger guard that performed both functions. 1 (208) 602-6027;; Products search. Post Date: May 07 . pollard funeral home okc. Reports suggest few of donated rifles were militarily effective due to insufficient ammunition supplies. FIND A DEALER. 34, serial #HG12584, includes bayonet. The U.S. used some Ross rifles as drill rifles in WWI, but I am not sure they actually used them a firing rifles. Not bad for a century-old rifle and a mature shooter with open sights! [16], Model 1910 (Mk III) was made with a totally different bolt head; instead of having the solid bolt lugs travel in a vertical position and lock in a horizontal position, like for the Mk II and Mk II** (see illustration), Ross turned it 90 degrees so it travels in a horizontal position and locks vertically. As the buyer, you should be aware of possible: . They not only landed very close to point of aim but grouped into .38 inch, which extrapolates to 1.52 inch at 100 yards. Value is all over the place for these rare HG marked Ross rifles. Charles Ross and through some alleged back room dealings the Ross was adopted by the Canadian Army. Must have either the 26 or 30 inch barrel. The Ross rifle is a straight-pull bolt action rifle chambered in .303 British that was produced in Canada from 1903 until 1918. The action screws enter in different directions, the front from the bottom and the rear from the top. The transition from Ross sporting models to Ross military rifles was an easy one. [16][17], Early 1900, he brought out the Model 1900 Sporter, still made in Bennett's factory. M10 Value on: January 03, 2014, 10:26:35 PM Is anyone aware of recent M10 sporter sales in Canada and the values involved? It's in excellent condition, without rust. The rifle is marked to the 16th Battalion C.E.F. Some 66,590 were produced. Ross was well connected in Canadian society and eventually landed his first contract in 1903 for 12,000 Mark I Ross rifles. This presentation sporting rifle made from a Ross M-10 has all original wood and metal work and it's straight pull cocking and firing actions work perfectly.

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