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None of these are possible, or only possible with exploits (working with exploiters can get you banned from trading), so it is not worth doing anyways. Yet you have to hate on something. hey! They have mostly a distinct difference in appearance depending which avatar bundle you use, though some items look similar with the variant. my friend worked really hard to get it :(. Visuals of where the value will be in the infobox: If a 'value' is anywhere else on the page, assume it is FAKE. Do not check their friends list for evidence - people can easily unfriend their friends temporarily to pull it off, so this is not an easy way to check if the players are actually related or not. I have been hacked they stole my winter19 halo, my lucky21,my spring21,my cmbr ring,my mcn, my sets my accesories everything is gone. Ever experienced data loss? Royale High Customer Support @RH_Report 43m We have also seen alarming amount of people getting their accounts hacked by said sellers, and selling stolen items to unsuspecting buyers. So then I got a large train rose dress, and I said she could try it on, as long as she gives me all her items. [16], Builds for what became the Intergalactic Trading Hub were teased as early as March 3, 2020.[17]. ! Sep 21, 2019. I got my Royale High Trading Hub account banned from trading for "exploiting" I have never ever done exploiting in my experience of royale high before and i have no idea why it banned me for no exact reason why. She gave me items and she put on the dress. For worth, there is no official way to determine this, so use value as a guideline. . Trade Royale High Items on Traderie, a peer to peer marketplace for Royale High players. Very Fast Delivery / Response 100%. How to avoid this scam: Don't trade away items if someone's claiming they will do something to it to improve it and give it back. my username is linamohammed2009. This feature did not persist at release. A community where you can create threads dedicated to trading on the Roblox game, Royale High. - The new update will have new content (not just a new halo/new stories!) Spilling Dat Tea: Outfit Hacks: Challenges: Roleplays: #ImaGamerSquad Medias! Twitter: Discord: Roblox Profile: Roblox Group: How I Edit My Videos! Players were given random amounts of items, all permitted to be traded at the time, and 100,000 diamonds to spend in the shop or also use in trading. Some parts of these sets are obtained outside of purchasing them, but not all. Then what made me mad, is she left and Unfriended me. Yes.Everyone else is the issue. Very few players have successfully completed a worthwhile paperclip challenge, as it was popularized by influencers that will get fans that are willing to take losses to help the influencer, and therefore are able to complete the challenge easily. (losing items) Ever wondered how to get your missing diamonds or items back? I went see what happenned, and a girl start saying that she will give free halos if someone trade her any good accs. I trade her and offer my cozy gloves, but she said she will offer the halo after. How to report a bug. Hopefully this is helpful! If someone asks you to give them something for free, don't give them anything, no matter the reason. Van someone explain how I report a bug,this really needs fixing. A rare bug could occur where the temporary test data in the testing place could be merged with a player's data in the actual game, resulting in being given random items for free, possibly including rare items and duplicates. Ran into a scammer and I need to report what do I do? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The girls username who did it is XxSmol_FryDoggosxX and my username is belleandruby. ", and if both sides accept, a green notification will pop up, saying "Trade Success!". ., This is a list of common scams involving trading in Royale High and their elements, as to be used to know how to recognize and avoid being scammed in a trade. We did the trade, but before I can even talk, she left the game, with my cozy glovesI was very sad and I also started cry. 6020 Miles Avenue Huntington Park, California 90255 Phone (323) 826 - 2300 | Fax (323) 583 - 0463 When wearing an item that the player owns multiple copies of, the item will not disappear unless all copies are traded away. I want to see this stop 0 replies 2 retweets 5 likes Individual items in sets are sold separately, and some have toggles depending on the item in use. Values will always be in this location if there is one. Royale High Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Are they constantly changing up the trade? On the second round, they will theme the round to that the highest value or worth item wins the raffle, which will have players give up high value items. Adoption Records See if the page has been edited recently in its history (see: how to check page history), particularly to add a value or worth. Paste the script into your script application. Auction Book for Delinquent Properties 142. I hope this helps <3. 0. . Scamming, exploiting, and bugs, including those related to trading, can be reported on the OFFICIAL Royale High report form at (requires a Google account) or emailing just found out these existed, use them if you ever get scammed/exploited, or anything else. Sex Offender List Were cool. After they send a trade, the other person has 30 seconds to accept, otherwise, the request will expire. I think I found a glitch/bug? [10], Mentions of various backend and data issues being fixed in preparation for trading were given by multiple developers across the rest of 2019.[11]. I went see what happenned, and a girl start saying that she will give free halos if someone trade her any good accs. She is the brains behind the design and builds the games. They can probably check your recent trading activity. Please use this link to report any scammers or exploiters you come across. The report form on twitter is down. Do not participate in cross-trading. A category containing all sets can be found at Category:Item sets. Never trade something that you don't want back, and expect that you will not get it back. Someone acting suspicious? Free shipping. It will bump you to the back of the queue each time you do! How to avoid this scam: Double check with the shop price in-game. Two-Factor Authentication should be enabled on the Roblox account. Developers or moderators of any end of the trade also cannot moderate cross trades and therefore have little basis to revert the trade when it is reported. Players that live in South Korea or The Netherlands cannot trade or access the Intergalactic Trading Hub due to laws that prohibit or heavily restrict trading in video games. Sets that are always sold in the shop year round. (some parts obtained from gifting), (Sold October 1 to November 15) Write a letter to: Huntington Park Police Department, Attn: Office of the Chief of Police, 6542 Miles Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255. Assume that whatever you trade to someone else, you will never get back. Recently, our amazing Launcelot made something to help Barbie and us, players, he made a google formulary where we can report issues that include scamming, exploiting and bugs, my other post about it was made before Launce made this, and we don't want to keep pressuring Barbie right? The Royale High developers have stated that they do not consider it a "scam", but be warned that most people coming to you in the intent to do the challenge are trying to scam you in some form, especially if they want something of massive difference in value. Trading was temporarily enabled in Royale High on April 13, 2019[4] - this was for testing, and shortly reverted due to causing data loss problems and numerous other inventory data bugs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, (some parts obtained from chest rewards), (Rewarded from New Years 2021 & New Years 2022 events), (Sold November 1 to January 31) Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Royale High is a school-themed roleplay/hangout and dress-up Roblox game owned by callmehbob. Two-Factor Authentication should be enabled on the Roblox account. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! 20 comments. 3. This also can includes purchasing or selling commissions for diamond or item payment. Do not send more than one support ticket unless necessary (and related to the currently active ticket). Press J to jump to the feed. Maps Set pieces with differences per body can be swapped by changing the body bundle used. Royale High Wiki is UNOFFICIAL and never has "worths". Unless it includes necessary information!" "Trick" scams refer to someone offering to take an item or diamonds to use a supposed trick, glitch, or exploit on or with it and give back the result. There is a 30 second timer on the "accept" button. After the host receives all the items from raffle participants, they will leave the game without giving any of the items to other players. Halloween Halo 2020 for Royale High! Arrest Records I ask her and she said that its true, and that I will have a free halo. Alternatively, avoid auctions entirely. I hope this helps you get it 100k back . Brand New. Bc its my first time Im seeing this, how long does it take to get your stuff back, because i really want to get the new set but i got scammed 100k, I dont really know. Use common sense. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. niceuuuu! Trading is a gameplay feature added to Royale High on March 23, 2020. So please whenever you can please get my account unbanned!! There is also a 10 second cooldown for changing diamond amount or removing an item from the offer. Royale High Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. LauncelotHandsome (co-owner) provides the following reason to not send more than one support ticket:[1], "Important note! This e-mail can be used for the following issues:, Appealing bans or suspensions from Royale High, Applicable videos, screenshots (videos are better), The device you are on (PC, Mobile, Tablet), Dev console screenshots (F9 if on PC + scroll down OR see various log wall visible on the map for most realms). Auctions often lead to unnecessary overpays. It is suggested to check trades multiple times before they are accepted, as all intended trades are final. If you trade the cozy mittens, my offer are 20k diamonds or some accs. Being involved in exploiting will result in bans from the game, from trading, or have the player's inventory wiped. --- Thank you to these wonderful artists! They are usually sold in the shop together, either permanently or during a certain season. Hello everyone, this is Esther and I have some information for all of the people who got scammed! The report form is closed?

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