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Weirder still, the parts of this person's story we've been able to verify do check out. Another member, a destitute 75-year-old woman, was assured she would be taken care of the rest of her life and guaranteed protection in the next world, after handing over thousands of dollars of jewels and cash. By Dustin Naef Top image: Oceanides, Gustave Dore (1860-1869). 26 The Purpose of Life on Earth and other Planets (Saint Germain, Vol.5 Unveiled Mysteries), How 107 Ascended Beings gained their ascension (Vol.1 Ascended Masters and Their Retreats), Subjects, Vol.3 Man His Origin, History and Destiny The earlier St. Germain was in his 40's, black-haired and clean-shaven. What is the origin of the legend of the Christed Son who was born of a virgin on December 25th? Summary. Guy Ballard, founder of the "I AM" Activity, claimed that he met Saint Germain on Mount Shasta in California in August 1930, and that this initiated his "training" and experiences with other Ascended Masters in various parts of the world. To research the gathered texts, separating the new manuscripts into subjects and re-publishing these as textbooks. Read the Books (free E-Books) A bubbling mineral spring located along the Upper Sacramento River, south of Mount Shasta.. Undaunted, hundreds of chanting supporters filled the streets outside the courthouse during their trials. So Godfr met Saint Germain in Mount Shasta in the second . We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there existcountless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts thathave yet to be discovered and explained. Spiritual Healing in the New Age, Messages of the Seven Archangels (Vol.9 The Angelic Kingdom) Top image: Oceanides, Gustave Dore (1860-1869). [8] The group founded a community in France in 1956 and is now located in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The Chilling Mystery of the Octavius Ghost Ship, Film Footage Provides Intimate View of HMS Gloucester Shipwreck, Top 8 Legendary Parties - Iconic Celebrations in Ancient History, The Spanish Inquisition: The Truth Behind the Black Legend (Part II), The Spanish Inquisition: The Truth behind the Dark Legend (Part I), Bloodthirsty Buddhists: The Sohei Warrior Monks of Feudal Japan, Dizzying Inca Rope Bridges Were Grass-Made Marvels of Engineering, Two Centuries Of Naval Espionage In Europe, Egyptologists Reveal a Lost Chamber in the Great Pyramid With Cosmic Rays, Sacred Marvels: 17 Cathedrals That Will Take Your Breath Away, In Pictures, Medieval Sea Monster Was Likely a Whale, New Research Reveals, What is Shambhala? From historical and personal reports, he has been at various times . Current Stock: SKU: 7451 Category: Card Type: Greeting Size: 5.25 x 7.75 inch Details: with envelope. During his climb he claimed to have encountered a majestic figure, God-like in appearance, clad in jeweled robes, eyes sparkling with light and love. His new master, whom he later identified--inexplicably--as St. Germain, tapped him on the shoulder and offered him a cup filled with pure electronic essence, he said. I held steadfastly to a great dominant desire from Within -, to see, to hear, and to know, infallibly, the Truth of Life. These giants were represented by the Wa- As Greek mythology goes, the universe was once a big soup of nothingness. Over the centuries, countless secret quests and lonely pilgrimages have been made in search of a lands legendary healing waters, and its redolent fountains of youth. This way the original vision of the Ascended Beings for the Bridge to Freedom was re-discovered and included in the goals and purposes of the AMTF. Folklore and Mythology of Sacred Waters. About the Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters, the "Mighty I AM Presence", the Violet Flame, Decreeing, the Ascension and much more. Saint Germain Foundation's revenue is $0 - 1M Similar Companies Gateway 2000 7565 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, California, United States Crutchfield 1 Crutchfield Park, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States Benjamin W Boilard Engraving - Crowds of old and infirm people arrive at the fountain of youth to pay an aristocrat for the privilege to drink from the rejuvenating waters; to the left are a group of youthful people dancing and singing, rejuvenated by the healing water. No other community on the face of the globe has given rise to half as many mystic, philosophical, psychological, occult, consciousness-raising, therapeutic and alternative creeds as 20th century L.A. And, among them all, none was quite as entertaining or as, well, Los Angeles-like as the I AM movement. The Sorceress, Jan van de Velde II (1626). Over the years, their numbers dwindled, and today a tiny remnant of the sect lingers in the shadow of Shasta, their own holy mountain. Several annual conclaves are held at their 12-story " I AM Temple " at 176 West Washington Street in downtown Chicago. How the first pyramids were built We invite you to learn moreabout this Ascended Master Instruction. Shasta Springs, early historical photograph published in 1895. Saint Germain Foundation Metaphysical Non Profit Organizations Saint Germain Foundation Visit Website 1120 Stonehedge Dr. Schaumburg, IL 60194-1323 (530) 235-2994 Welcome New Members! Thegoal of Ancient Origins is to highlight recent archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations of science, archaeology, mythology, religion and history around the globe. More. https:www.ascendedmaster.orgMr. There are now 26 volumes in English and 24 volumes in German. . The Saint Germain Foundation is an organization with a worldwide membership of over five thousand people that began when the group's founder, Guy W. Ballard, claimed to have had an encounter with the "Ascended Master" Saint Germain on the slopes of Mt. What did Disney actually lose from its Florida battle with DeSantis? Welcome to Beloved Saint Germain's "I AM" School in Mount Shasta, California. Then, two things happened: either Chaos or Gaia created the universe as we know it, or Ouranos and Tethys gave birth to the first beings. [1] There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Denver, Colorado. Shasta to Thun, Switzerland was necessary to copy just ONE book. [6] It is recognized by the Theosophical Society and the Great White Brotherhood.[7]. The defense said the nations safety depended on Guy Ballards divine power and influence. Ballard served in the U.S. Army in World War I, and then became a mining engineer.Both Edna and Guy studied Theosophy and the occult extensively. Gary R. Varner (2010). Siskiyou County Document Title. 5. Shasta Summer Conference here! Shasta in 1930. Troika was passionate about animals and loved her dogs. If spirituality had a primal soup, it certainly must have been located somewhere within Los Angeles city limits. The springs were venerated as an abode of good spirits and were also known as a source of powerful healing, where one would enjoy a long life and good health by drinking and bathing in the pool beneath the waterfall. To summarize, the goal to save and re-publish the original texts of the Bridge to Freedom in the format of textbooks has been successfully accomplished through the efforts of a very small number of volunteers. The pageant was originally created, produced and directed by Edna Ballard, who with her husband Guy, established the Saint Germain Foundation. Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. Therefore, in 1980 the AMTF was founded with the goal to gather all of the discourses, compose them in own words and to re-publish them. Therefore, based on its accomplishments, the AMTF can rightfully claim to be the successor of the Bridge to Freedom. Actions speak louder than words. Saint Germain Foundation in Mount Shasta, reviews by real people. If you wish to participate in this important endeavor, please contact Werner Schroeder at And yet, not only does it completely track with our private (and stoned) speculation, it ties into many of the other stories we've covered as well. The True Source on the "Mighty I AM Presence," the Violet Flame and The Law of Life. S/S MCCLOUD AVE OPPSITE JEFFERSON DR Notice of Determination. The Seven Initiations necessary to gain the ascension The Saint Germain Foundation and Press today serves "I AM" Students all over the world and performs Pageants for residents and visitors alike in Mt. Saint Germain continue . This was Pearl Dorris, a former assistant to Godfre Ray King (author of Unveiled Mysteries). It was said that the native people made regular visits to these fountains, and lived remarkably long and vigorous lives, and that a frail old man, if he bathed or drank from one of the fountains, could become so completely restored that he could resume all his manly exercises, take a new wife and beget children again. Woodcut: Hans Sebald Beham - Fountain of Youth and Bathhouse (1536). Saint Germain Foundation. TOC & Copyright Embodied as: Guy Warren Ballard (July 28, 1878 - December 29, 1939) Messenger for the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood during the 1930's through December 1939. It's absolutely insane and under any other circumstance would be disregarded entirely. There are hundreds of "I AM" Temples and Sanctuaries located in most principal cities of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and locations in India, Latin America and Africa, where members come together every week to decree for the benefit of mankind. In 1939, the sect suffered a tiny setback when the immortal Ballard discarded the body that bound him to the physical universe and set off to his next phase of spiritual exploration. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Mt. His theology basically had two symbols, wealth and energy, and demanded that members abstain from tobacco, liquor and sex, which tended to divert the divine energy.. The members of this ensemble are from Mount Shasta, California, having Native American and European roots. Collecting the messages of the Ascended Host, as given through Mr. Ballard, of about 7000 pages. Worldwide, the religious group had over one million members in 1940, but it began to decline after Ballard's death. . The Great White Brotherhood is the name given by various 19th and early 20th century occultists and Theosophists to a supernatural communion of enlightened spiritual teachers. When Roots Go to Pot, Its Time to Repot Plant : Transplanting: How to recognize when plants are root-bound. Saint Germain revealed many things which have been held in secret, and sacredly guarded for many centuries. She was a successful business woman who lived her passion and her truth. ", It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.. My experiences were the results of applying the knowledge Saint Germain had previously revealed in Unveiled Mysteries., The purpose of this Book is to reveal to the individual the whereabouts of his own Divine Self, God, the "Mighty I AM Presence," that all who desire may return to their Source, receive their Eternal Inheritance, and feel once again their Divine Self Respect., In the various Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood which we visited, I was shown the Tremendous Work They do for mankind through Their Messengers who are sent into the outer world., May the Great Love, Light and Happiness of the Ascended Masters flood the Being and world of everyone who reads this Book! In a time of great desperation, the Count Saint Germain was a beacon of religious toleration, a teacher of a higher spiritual path, and the prime mover towards individual liberty and responsibility. He had been hired by The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England to prospect for gold, and discovered a cave which sloped downward for 11 miles. What on Earth is happening here? Yeats famously said that an old man is but a paltry thing; a tattered coat hanging upon a stick. Every human being uses energy and substance waking and sleeping. A live presentation of various scenes from this year's Pageant of "I AM COME! Though it was disputed for many years, there is conclusive evidence that Neanderthals bred with modern humans (Homo sapiens). Before Guy W. Ballard, a paperhanger, stock salesman, mining engineer and promoter, arrived in Los Angeles from Chicago with his wife, Edna, a part-time medium, he took a short journey to Mt. St. Germain sought Ballard and others to bring messages of the Masters to people because a new age was about to begin (Ballard 1934). Shasta: "For more than 70 years, the 'I AM' COME! AtAncient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. Godfre Ray King . Our Organization is the guardianand protectorof the authentic"I AM" Teaching, theSacred Knowledge given to mankind by the Ascended Master Saint Germainthrough the Messengers Mr. and Mrs.Ballard. According to Ballard, St. Germain had purified himself and became a member of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which controls the lives of individuals and the universe. Vali Aviation Mountain Medics, Inc Siskiyou Shasta Pro LLC Anytime Music Mobile Dj Heart of Mount Shasta Ramshaw's Boutique Velvet Elephant According to Ballard, St. Germain had purified himself and became a member of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which controls the lives of individuals and the universe. In the age before medical science developed, eternal life and longevity was often sought through the medium of the occult sciences, and mythic legends which hinted of the existence of rejuvenatory natural springs. Add to Cart This process took several years to complete. ", Livestream Special Video Event - Central Time. Nefer Say Nefer - Was Nefertiti Buried in the Valley of the Queens? You can clip a small part of any file to share, add to playlist, and Broadcast Policies. Were no more obliged to return the money or pay her bills than any ministers would be, Edna Ballard said angrily. True adventures on the path to enlightenment and self-mastery under the guidance of Saint Germain. John Carleton (Principal) at Saint Germain Foundation. What is the web address (URL) for Saint Germain Foundation? Were theonlyPop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives. How an encounter with Saint Germain on Mount Shasta in 1930 created a worldwide movement.Listen to the full podcast - Talking NorCal:YouTube: Active NorCal:YouTube: Active NorCal:Active NorCal is the premiere online destination for Northern California outdoor content including sports, destinations, news, activities and history. Then, under Saint Germain's guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in 1935 and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain (as well as with other Ascended Masters) and . Empowered by the divine messenger, Ballard raced to Los Angeles--where else?--to form a religion based on Gods identification of himself as I AM--a sort of Readers Digest condensed version of the Hebrew deitys proclamation: I am who I am., Under the pen name Godfre Ray King, Ballard shared his experiences--for a fee--in Unveiled Mysteries, which sold like hot cakes for the then-hefty sum of $2.50 a copy. But recently we came upon a series of videos posted by someone who claims to have been initiated into the Saint Germain Foundation and who corroborates all of our most paranoid and private speculation. 1985111718 Lead Agency. I am sure you are familiar with his legend which states that he was born in a manger surrounded by shepherds, about Mount Shasta: Mystery Mountain and Sacred Destination, about Mount Shasta: Spirits and Danger on a Sacred California Mountain, about Legends of Mount Shasta: The Abode of the Devil Part 4 Investigating the Castle Crags Petroglyphs, about Legends of Mount Shasta: The Abode of the Devil Part 3 Prehistoric Traditions of Giants and Mysterious Beings, Part Two, about Legends of Mount Shasta: The Abode of the Devil Part 3 Prehistoric Traditions of Giants and Mysterious Beings, Part One, about Legends of Mount Shasta: The Abode of the Devil Part 2 Castle Crags: Fortress of Giants, Mother and Child Reunion Of Thetis And Achilles, Seductive Sirens of Greek Mythology and How Heroes Resisted Them, Celestial Goddess Selene: The Ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon, Pegasus of Greek Mythology: Majestic Winged Horse of Mount Olympus, Dreams of Human-Powered Flight: Daedalus and the Story of Icarus. The Saint Germain Foundation owns hundreds of perfectly manicured properties in extremely desirable locations, does no active recruiting, and is just generally incredibly creepy. Well, we're back here again: the I AM Activity, Saint Germain, Mt Shasta, interdimensional vampires, Nazis, mind control, you know, that old chestnut. ThisInstructionisthe trueandfull understanding of the inner Laws of Life that govern our existence:why we exist, our purpose in life, why things happen, andthe actual knowledge of how we can change and reshapeour own world;and, on an even greater level of existence howwe can actively help and serve mankind, and make a difference. Directions. Mount Shasta $3.25. Yet, if he searches in in old topographical authorities, he will find that the little well has ever been an important feature of the district; that century after century it has been unforgotten; and, with diligence he may perhaps trace it to some incident in the life of a Saint, dead more than 1200 years ago, whose name it bears., Castle Rock Well, photograph copyright Dustin Naef. Prosecutors declined to produce rebuttal witnesses. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. The belief in supernatural powers latent in bodies of sacred waterstheir curatives, rites, charms, and the lore of water-worship picked up from elders living near themhas been a preoccupation of wise men and women of every religious faith throughout history. It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.. Ancient Origins 2013 - 2023Disclaimer- Terms of Publication - Privacy Policy & Cookies - Advertising Policy -Submissions - We Give Back - Contact us. St Germain Foundation. Compare. [5] Also present in New Zealand, the St. Germain Foundation is considered by writer Robert S. Ellwood as a religious group with theosophical and esoteric roots. [11],,, Parliamentary Commission on Cults in France,, "Rapport fait au nom de la Commission d'enqute sur les sectes , Home Page of the Saint Germain Foundation, Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, EDNA ANNE processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Release 1 of the Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, GUY WARREN processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Release 2 of the Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, GUY WARREN processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),, This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 16:05. 1104 McCloud Ave Mount Shasta CA 96067. And the fountain of youth also became enmeshed in the explorations of the conquistador, Juan Ponce de Leon, who may have also accompanied Columbus in his 1493 voyage to the New World, and was himself rumored to have discovered the fountain in Florida in 1513, after hearing about mysterious local legends. The traditions of ancient religions and water cults gave birth to a vast expression of folklore, spirits, deities, and occult beliefs which are intimately connected to bodies of water; it is still widely believed that occult forces are concentrated in places where waters bubble up from the depths of the earth, which become mirror-like windows and portals where one might glimpse something of another reality, separated from us by only the thinnest of barriers. Along with the accounts of glittering rivers lined with gold which seduced miners, there were also tales about healing waters and springs which were consistent with other legends from other lands. The doctrines of the organization are based on teachings and wisdom received by Guy Ballard in 1930. On August 16, 1930 he first climbed on Mount Shasta, the place where he . The Registered Agent on file for this company is Troika Saint Germain and is located at 404 N Mount Shasta Blvd #7, Mount Shasta, CA 96067. As the love offerings rolled in from lectures, records, jewelry, photographs of the cults beloved messenger, special electrical devices equipped with colored lights called Flame in Action, and cold cream, the Ballards secured radio time and use of the Shrine Auditorium. Saint Germain's 12-Week "Lecture and Music Series" - June-Sept. 2008. 76 - The Saint Germain Foundation II. Many of these natural springs are still in existence today, and they contain different spiritual and mineral characteristics. 859 posts. In 2007 the goal was accomplished to arrange the original text of 13000 pages into different subjects and to publish the result in both English and German. Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. It will give you a ringside seat to observe one of the strangest movements to captivate the minds and hearts of Americans. St Germain Pr Publication date January 1, 2003 Dimensions 9.25 x 1 x 7.25 inches ISBN-10 1878891995 ISBN-13 978-1878891990 See all details Product details Publisher : St Germain Pr (January 1, 2003) Language : English Hardcover : 434 pages ISBN-10 : 1878891995 ISBN-13 : 978-1878891990 Shasta (California) as a backdrop. Master Instruction was brought forth to the World through our Beloved Mr. G. W. Ballard, who met the Ascended Master Saint Germain on Mount Shasta, California in 1932. The Saint Germain Foundation owns hundreds of perfectly manicured properties in extremely desirable locations, does no active recruiting, and is just generally incredibly creepy. A year after what skeptics insisted on calling his death, the I AM movement almost--but not quite--dissolved, when guru Edna, her son Donald and eight others from the inner circle were indicted on 18 counts of fraud for collecting about $3 million from followers. There are also Group Meetings on various continents, as well as Introductory Classes and Musicals. top of page. It's a situation fertile for wild speculation and paranoia. Mossbrae Falls located south of Mount Shasta is a Native American sacred site whose waters attributed health and long life to those who drank from them.. The Story Behind St. Germain on Mt. [7] Brown had been hired by the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England to prospect for gold and discovered a cave which sloped downward for 11 miles (18 km). Is there a primary contact for Saint Germain Foundation? Sell, buy or rent Mt. According to a legend, J. C. Brown was a British prospector who discovered a lost underground city beneath Mount Shasta in 1904. Two trials later, Edna Ballard and her son were convicted of mail fraud. I held steadfastly to a great dominant desire from Within -, to see, to hear, and to know, infallibly,the Truth of Life. The poet Y.B. Saint Germain on Prophecy, pg 33. Ruins of an old spring hidden in the wilderness around Mount Shasta, California. He successfully combined elements of his mythology from Frederick Spencer Oliver, Theosophy, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, and Hindu Swamis to appeal to followers. The physical appearance of St. Germain on Mount Shasta was considerably different than the St. Germain of the 18th century. The Protective Pillar of Light and help from Archangel Michael, Subjects, Vol.11 21 Essential Lessons Part 2 Mr. Cassiere, at one time, had lived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. Dustin Naef (2016). The Official Instagram Account Of The Saint Germain Foundation. After returning from the East, the Ascended Master known as Saint Germain, initiator of the Aquarian Age, materialized before him in Muir Woods, near San Francisco, and told him to go to Mount Shasta where he would meet the teacher. MT. According to an I AM Foundation magazine, the purpose of the radiation was behavior modification designed to "consume and purify the vorticies . ", - Beloved Lotus, Messenger of Saint Germain, Godfrs remarkable Experiences with Dunsmuir, CA 96025. The Open Door through which every human being on Earth can see God face to face,the Chart represents the form of each ones own Individualized Presence of God . Shasta is a sacred spot for "I AM" followers. Today, the I AM Foundation is based at Mt. Saint Germain on Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is not the tallest or most beautiful mountain in the Cascade Range; but it is the most legendary. There are also "I AM" Musicals that are free for listening over the web at Quick Shop Volume 05 - "I AM" Adorations & Affirmations, "I AM" Decrees $30.00 . 2017 Ascended Masters Bless Australia 1120 Stonehedge Drive Schaumburg IL 60194 United States of America A Blazing Weapon: Unraveling the Mystery of Greek Fire, The Evidence is Cut in Stone: A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt. ( CC BY 4.0 ). After an appeal, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the conviction, but later on a rehearing reversed that decision on the grounds that women were excluded from the jury. We overseeand ministerto the "I AM" Activity community in America and throughout the world. How the Concept of Reincarnation was removed from the Bible Saint Germain Foundation. Saint Germain Foundation. [10] Among the splinter groups of the Saint Germain Foundation, there have been The Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse and the Church Universal and Triumphant. LEARN MORE Read Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and "I AM" Discourses. the second group of experiences which I was privileged to have, through the Love and Assistance of the Beloved Master Saint Germain. Shasta in 1904. It was built by the Saint Germain Foundation in honor of its founder Guy W. Ballard. Saint Germain Foundation "I Am" Temple, Seattle, Washington. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us.

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