stihl chainsaw too much compression

. If your chainsaw doesnt automatically turn it off or you forget, the engine cuts off immediately. The other cause of your chainsaws high compression could be the stuck ignition rope. I would never put water in it! Posted December 27, 2017. That is what was told to me by the area distributor technician Check for side play in the crankshaft. If I drop start it I can pull it through 1 compression stroke. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Also try removing the spark plug and see how pull starter works, just trying to see if it could be binding in the recoil/starter assy or not. The chainsaw motor engine capacity can range from 30CC and 50CC to 150 CC. The chainsaw has grooves all around the outer edge of the guide bar, and the chain has teeth that run within the bar rail to keep the chain in place and moving straight. If it does maybe it is plugged. A cold engine will need the compression of 50-100 PSI whereas a hot engine will require compression above 150 PSI. Some of the contributing reasons include a full tank of oil, carbon buildup on the exhaust system, and malfunctioning spark plugs. "url": "", You are misunderstanding WHY water is put into carboned up engines. If anything prevents the right amount of fuel into the combustion chamber, the chainsaw wont start. Soaking in water will do nothing but rust things up . Your ignition rope must be intact properly with the pulley to work correctly. It is possible however to flood a two stroke which can cause the plug to fowl. If this does not fix the issue, it may be necessary to replace the whole starting rope system with another one. STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw (NEW) full pack $295.00 $59.00 shipping Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Motor Fast Free Shipping $75.00 Free shipping or Best Offer Stihl 16 inch bar + Chain for MS170 - MS251 3/8 Pitch .043 Gauge 55 drivers $79.75 $25.45 shipping Only 3 left Stihl MS170 Chainsaw motor OEM Fast/Free Shipping $85.00 Free shipping or Best Offer Your email address will not be published. I luv my 064. Too much carbon will do that, check the piston top and combustion chamber. The saw runs and starts great. In most cases, a buildup of carbon under the rings presses the rings against the cylinder, culminating in compression of the cylinder. You may also notice that the chain saw loses power during operation. When it comes to power tools, good maintenance, and proper use will maintain the functionality and lifespan of the tool regardless of whether it is an electric miter saw or a gas power chainsaw. Friction is usually the cause of a rope failing to draw when it should. It has barley been used, no carbon in muffler, still happens with muffler off, does not happen with sparkplug out. You will notice the compression less. Turn off the choke by pressing the control lever to activate the fast idle. You are misunderstanding WHY water is put into carboned up engines. The choke should be closed during a cold start to limit the air and increase the fuel in the engine to keep it running while it warms up. You can clean and mildly clogged carburetor but if it is too severe, replace it with one compatible with your chainsaw model. The end of the tester must protrude exact the same volume into the cylinder as the spark plug or the reading will be wrong. If you do not replace the starter spring on time, it will cause you to replace the whole starter assembly. The ideal pressure range of the Stihl chainsaw is between 90 and 110 psi. anthonyg_ma Original Author 16 years ago Canguy, thnks for the tips! It runs good after I get it started. If you still want to try and get carbon out of the saw either take it apart and clean it or use something along the lines of sea foam. I get it going now and its easier but its still a bear. Compression problems are usually due to an air leak in the engine, usually around the gaskets and seals of the crankshaft. It can be from something as simple as starting the chainsaw wrongly to more severe issues like a damaged carburetor. Dont substitute it with. Check the chain tension and adjust it if it is too loose or tight. The starter assembly often fails to rotate due to a weak connection between the pulley and the ignition rope. Activate the chain brake and then place the chainsaw on a flat, leveled surface. I'm an arborist by profession & a blogger by passion. You can check the compression by pulling the spark plug out and holding it in your hand. After initial pull on rope (which feels like vapor lock on cylinder), saw will start on second or third pull. Take off the side cover, bar and chain and see if there is any play in the clutch side of the crank. We have explained the most effective way to unflood a chainsaw engine below. I used to have a Homelite that would do that if I left gas in it. The carburetor is a significant part of the chainsaw. As stated it is with a hot engine so the water turns into steam in the cylinder and helps bust up the carbon. $20.00 shipping. If the starter spring is keep working correctly, it will retract the ignition rope. A smaller gap will cause a weak spark and poor ignition of the engine, while a wider gap will not bring out any spark. If the chainsaw still wont start, it is defective and requires a replacement. This article will help you fix the most commonly reported problems of a Stihl chainsaw. "image": { Would not be afraid to do it to a 4, 6, or V-8. in the. Find the low speed, high speed, and idle speed screws near the carburetor, start the engine and allow it to warm up. Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see Don't put water in the saw-ever. Wipe off any dirt and debris and check for any signs of damages. Remove the air filter cover and then slide off the rubber spark plug connector from the spark plug. let it idle over lunch, just made sure to not go too long between filling it with gas, while running of course. If the reading is below or above the required range, then your ignition coil requires changing. Maybe the piston is hitting it. To clean it, drain the fuel, spray some carburetor cleaner and loosen the residue with a small brush. To avoid flooding the chainsaw when cold starting, turn the control lever to half choke after the fourth pull and then turn the lever again to the open choke position immediately when the engine starts. Also try removing the spark plug and see how pull starter works, just trying to see if it could be binding in the recoil/starter assy or not. Press J to jump to the feed. By getting your pool ready for the winter, you can make sure it will be ready to use in the spring. Maybe take the plug out & pull the cord several times to blow out any excess fuel, then see how it pulls. Hope this helps. Hello D beatty, Here is a link for two stroke engine air cycle, Guido. Ron Cook. JavaScript is disabled. Remove the entire carburetor and clean it. Doesnt pull at all or just hard to pull. #1. That is what was told to me by the area distributor technician. Also try removing the spark plug and see how pull starter works, just trying to see if it could be binding in the recoil/starter assy or not. TRADEMARK DISCLAIMER: Tradenames and Trademarks referred to within Yesterday's Tractor Co. products and within the Yesterday's Tractor Co. websites are the property of their respective trademark holders. When starting the motor when its col, you should engage the choke position to increase fuel intake and reduce air to allow the engine to start. I thought all the fuel was out but there was some in the line yet. It is best to put a new plug in after clearing. I pulled them over with plug out ,They seemed to pull normal and believe they were fuel locked. Hold the tip of the blade and adjust the tension of the chain correctly. Every chainsaw requires a different compression level according to its built-up and model number. All it needs is a few inches missing and it will pull too hard like the compression is too high. If you still have questions regarding high chainsaw compression, you can discuss them in the comments. i have a ms 250. Fuel filters trap dirt and contaminants from the fuel to prevent them from damaging the engine. Blup throttle to bring it down to idle. If the rails are shallow, you need to replace them. This is because each machine is made differently and has various needs. Confirm the spark plug gap, check and adjust with a feeler gauge or gaping tool. Remove the sprocket and the washer. Don't put water into the 2 stroke. If that doesnt work, try gently tapping on the side of the bulb with a screwdriver or other tool. A two-stroke gas-powered chainsaw uses relatively few moving parts. 1. saw has new carb 2. flywheel has been removed and key inspected. Sometimes the spring stops working correctly due to overuse and becomes brittle. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. You never try to get it to run with the choke on. There is no idle when I release the trigger. Use a screw wrench to loosen the nuts on the guide bar side panel to give you room to adjust the chain. I bought 2 032 Stihl saws at auction that pulled very hard. If it is over loading on fuel the carb may need rebuilt to stop the diaphragm from leaking fuel into the cylinder after the saw is shut off. Also, remove the muffler and check for carbon buildup. Check for dirty fuel tanks, clogged fuel filters, loose pipes, clogged air filters, and a dirty carburetor, which can all the fuel volume going into the combustion chamber. This compression converts fuel (any source) into the potential energy in the engine to start it. A drastic and frankly silly thing to do though . Replaced the chain and did some serious cutting and was so pleased. Every chainsaw needs to have some compression to ensure that it operates well. It was easier to pull after I cleaned it up, but still tough. Guido Hello EGBinOR, If A two cycle engine gets flooded BADLY, oil can separate from the gas mix, accumulate in the crankcase and creates an hydrostatc lock. Stihl 024 - Sherlock Holmes issue - help needed here. Trade Marks and Trade Names contained and used in this Website are those of others, and are used in this Website in a descriptive sense to refer to the products of others. after that I'd be looking at crank bearings. "dateModified": "2017-08-17", Any ideas? Clean any mildly dirty parts and replace all the damaged parts. This may sometimes jam your chainsaws rings, causing it to become inoperable. Check for broken teeth on the chain and replace them if necessary. Could be the main bearings are loose, look for evidence of the coil rubbing the flywheel. I bought an old beater 621 Jonsered once that had very high compression, got it running well and sold it, made some money on it! Little two stroke motors as on chainsaws have to have a lot of compression to make the needed power. The carburetors work in a chainsaw engine allows the right amount of fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber. When this comes to a stop, it will come to a complete stop at a certain number, which is the compression of your chainsaw blade. "userInteractionCount": 23 Lift the bars nose and tighten the nuts on the sidebar to secure the sidebar and guide bar in place. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . First, remove the cylinder and piston from the chainsaw. We're all about fixing small engines, from carburetor rebuilds, to crankshaft machining. You're familiar with how to start a stihl yes? ", Take off the muffler or the carb to get access. Check the tension 2. I hope you understand the problems why your chainsaw is hard to pull. Youll need to clean the cylinder and piston to fix this thoroughly. Normally it's not a problem but if it was already difficult to pull it could be. I bought an old beater 621 Jonsered once that had very high compression, got it running well and sold it, made some money on it! If it has damaged parts, replace it with a carburetor kit that fits your chainsaw model. "@id":"", I have had the cylinder off. I;ve read somewhere to put water? ", Of all the Stihl saws, the MS250 is the toughest to start in relation to it's size. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Stihl 066 chainsaw uses the same type of engine most gasoline-powered yard tools use, a two-cycle combustion engine. Check the spark plug of the chain saw if the engine is not starting at all. Has anyone ever seen a stock MS250 or any stock stihl with 190psi of compression? water will not dissolve carbon; it is far too hard to be effected. If you notice the treads are worn, which prevents the device from pumping, replace it with a new one. If it does maybe it is plugged. With the choke engaged, pull the starting rope several times again, and the chain saw should start on the third pull. However, if I push downward on the trigger button, it slows down to. You will notice the compression less. I've done it to high hour Kohler engines many times. Would have to remove spark plug and rinse cylinder with gas to be able to start. How To Fix Chainsaw Battery Charger Blinking Red? Then, use a wire brush to remove all the carbon build-up from the cylinder and piston. link to Winterize Your Pool Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide for Home owners. Because of an absence of lubrication, the chain saw system becomes brittle, resulting in excessive compression of the chain saw mechanism. As long as I can get it going.. Try blowing the crankcase out with air. Now, how much compression the engine of a chainsaw needs depends upon its motor capacity and temperature. I was given (estate) a small McCulloch chain saw and it started and ran great. Remove ignition coil and muffler. It would give you rusted bearings. Hello D beatty, Here is a link for two stroke engine air cycle, Guido. A problem in the ignition system is likely to be the culprit when the chainsaw doesnt spark. Does the saw have a compression release? Ensure the wires leading to the On/Off switch are not tangled or in contact with the metal part of the engine if there is no spark. On a 2 stroke the water would go into the crank case first and pool up. That is the nature of a 250. I've got four other Stihl saws here, an 029, 036Pro, 015L, and an MS200T, only the 36Pro pulls this hard and only if I don't use the decomp button. You need to pull the exhaust to check that. read more Vince O. "width": 200, Quoting Removed, click Modern View to see That would be quite the trick to get the oil to separate out of the gas, LOL. Then Google decarb . Other than damaged parts, using the choke position to start a warm saw often causes a flooded engine. Pull trigger and set full choke. I've done it to high hour Kohler engines many times. ProTip: You can use a small air compressor to blow air through the air filter and get rid of the loose dust before proceeding to clean it further. It is a prevalent issue and can be fixed and detected easily without consulting a mechanic. (there is some play when flywheel on shaft (nut not attached) 3. tank and oiler vents are operating 4. exhaust has been removed and spark arresting screen checked (clean) 5. piston/walls checked.. no scarring I have a MS250 that has come up on compression since new.

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