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I am really enjoying the lightweight when touring. Could I get away with 177 cm length -- or should I stick with the 184 length for this setup? Respond to ad if interested. Voile UltraVector BC Skis. ( they yardsale above you? I also use the pattern for making changes in position - an easy 20 meters up and over a ridge with the pattern versus side stepping, or herring boning without the pattern. And the scales can affect turning on firm snow on slopes like that. Glad to hear the downhill performance wasnt impaired! I recently finished three consecutive days in the high peaks of the Adirondacks with some friends (also on Voile skis) and the skis are flat out amazing. Hi Curt, nothing specific, sorry! Backcountry Advocate ProgramBreaking Trail, Up To 60% Off Apparel + Up To 40% Off Gear, Up To 20% Off Santa Cruz & Juliana Shop Now, Traditional camber underfoot with a rockered tip. I bought these skis for long flat approaches, skipping around snowy meadows, crossing frozen lakes to access glaciers, and spring grouse hunting in rolling terrain. gear and guided adventures. curious if the scale will be enough for a skin track up to 30 degrees and still preform in chutes as steep as 40- 45 degrees while fully locked in. I have the 183 Hyper V6 also, non BC version, and comparatively they feel more centered or forward mounted. The Voile Switchback X2 is a clear answer- maximize the power for the down, unlock No elephants or fava beans, this Hannibal is meant to take you into the snowy mountains and make you have fun no matter what the snow conditions. The Vector BC is the perfect ski for the person looking to do a little bit of everything. Farm out a bunch of 100 foot laps in an hour and not spend more than 2 minutes of that in transition. It's her fav ski too! They own undulating terrain. It is actually good when you do have to walk uphills bc theres no sliding back for sure. I ended up had to walk most of it. Incredibly solid ski for being so light weight. Great skis overall, got these after a few seasons on BD megawatts without a lightweight mountaineering ski. For the backcountry skier who must continually make long approaches over rolling terrain, Sharpscale traction base is a godsend. Expect variable conditions. To build a ski worthy of doing any or all, one might start with the Voile Vector; wide enough for powder, narrow enough for quick response in tight couloirs, rocker enough to handle deep mank, camber enough to handle hardpack. What's to say about Voile's scaled skis that hasn't already been covered, either by the tele sites, the backcountry mags, or various internet bloggers (pundits)? And with its unique traction pattern base underfoot, you can keep . Now the adventurous backcountry skier can trek further into the hinterland than ever beforeespecially when a long approach over rolling terrain is required. All Rights Reserved, Same award-winning design as the Voile Vector, but with a waxless pattern for skinless uphill touring, Powder-friendly hybrid rocker design provides plenty of float, stability, and edgehold, Mid-fat width will get you through pow and crud without inhibiting your ability to make quick turns, Super-lightweight aspen core offers durability and strength without weighing you down, Wide-radius sidecut delivers high-speed stability, Cap construction cuts down on weight for better maneuverability and faster climbing, Suggested skier weight range: 160 cm, 90-140 lb. Traction Pattern "BC" scalebase has been included underfoot to allow for fewer transitions when traversing rolling terrain. For long tours that stretch daylight or continue into multiple days, the Hypervector BC is a well-refined tool that continues to shine well after my legs have given up. This ski passes on the base graphics for the sake of an ultra-high molecular density base; making for faster downhill performance and greater wear/impact resistance. Theyre awesome when other skis would be overkill - they are the XC hardtail of the ski world. Theyre not as happy on icy morning slopes, but theyre still solid and predictable. Glide fine. Get the best deals on Voile Skis when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. (41-64 kg); 170 cm, 120+ lb. I saw the current ones arent tele safe. Please let us know if you have any other questions! The skis do not fit in the standard XC tracks. Durable Polyamide Topsheet Also, they are not quite stiff enough for moguls IMO, but again I am just an intermediate skier at this point, so I'm sure an advanced or expert skier could ski anything on them. The evolution of a quiver of one. Exceptionally durable polyamide, with an irregular texture that slows the accumulation of snow and allows easy removal of snow and ice build-up when the approach is long and/or conditions are freezing. Sure, you may feel a little drag on some descents. Perfect Volcano ski. Its relatively narrow dimensions shave weight, and help it carve those turns in even tighter locations. Each section meets at the outermost points of the tip and tail, and is painstakingly hand-bent to ensure a precise layup. Well, for one thing, if you are a backcountry skier and you do anything other than lapping uber-cold powder (skins required), or scary mountaineering exploits where your skis are on the pack most of the time, a pair of "BC" version Voiles will serve you quite well. Would 164 be too short? Actually, really the *only* ski that's been good in hard snow, since the V6 is basically a powder ski and the Objectives definitely have a soft snow preference going (traded my standard-version Objectives for Movement Alp Tracks 84, and my BC's for Hyper Vector BC's). Ended: Feb 13, 2023. Earn store credit by writing reviews. great traction up hill. Solid ski, but havent taken down any hills yet. Voile BC with fish scales under foot for traction. Voile Vector BC 6lbs 12.2 oz / 3067g per pair 180 cm (verified with digital scale) 121/96/110 23m radius Voile Vector BC. That was too much ski for a skinny old man to push up the mountain, so I gave the V6s a try. Related video: What is the difference between our Hyper Series and our standard (poplar core) skis? The entire AT setup is lighter than anything I have owned in the past (and my Garmont boots are not light). Voile UltraVector BC Skis Voile UltraVector BC Skis Write a Review SKU: VOL-ULVC UPC: 4157277315 MPN: 5304 $750.00 Size: Required 164 cm 171 cm 184 cm Quantity: Select all Add selected to cart Description 0 Reviews Seeking backcountry slopes to make turns can mean spending most of the time just getting to the goods. I am looking forward to spending more hours on these skis to figure out what all they can do; I know it's me holding them back! En descente, ils sont joueurs et pardonnent. Stranded wires may be . Related video: Everything you need to know about scaled-base skis Voile UltraVector BC - Cripple Creek Backcountry The UltraVector BC is built on the same awesome new chassis of the UltraVector, and given the patterned base underfoot for game changing ease over flat and rolling terrain. Admittedly, such skis are not for everyone or every variety of slope. The early rise rocker is also much appreciated as there is no longer resistance to turning or diving due to too much camber. Since purchase 30 miles and 7000' of groomed and ungroomed logging roads, groomed down hill, backcountry powder, and ungroomed single track. The North Face; Prana; Black Diamond; Mammut; Paddling; Biking; Accessories; Clothing. Amazing light, especially when paired with TTS binding. Choose an option 164cm 171 cm 177cm 184cm. Scales. They don't replace skins (like the website says/should be expected) but they save a lot of time on low angle slopes that are continually going up and down because you don't have to take your skins on and off! Hello, any intel on what Voile will be doing for their 2020 hyper series for tele bindings? The "glide" is definitely hindered by the scales a little, but what you loose in glide you make up for 10X with the ability to climb hills and basically go anywhere at any time. The Voile UltraVector BC is bred for demanding terrain and uncertain conditions, making it the ideal ski for longer backcountry forays. They are incredibly efficient, fast and energy saving in these situations. the ski still has plenty of rocker, enough camber to be satisfying to the nordic nerd in me and the often-remarked-on Voile characteristic of turning super easily. In Stock. Sign up for exclusive offers, original stories, events and more. Bull Run Homes for Sale $355,639. Lightweight Aspen Wood Core No longer do you have to vacillate between stopping and putting your skins on or attempting, energy sapping, side-stepping/ herringbone technique to get over a short climb or flat sectionyou just kick-and-glide your way past the obstacles. This is often perfect those who enjoy hut trips where getting to and enjoying the hut and touring around outside without entering into the sketchiness of avalanche terrain and steep terrain. Fair Oaks Homes for Sale $583,692. So there is nothing else like it! The three pins allowed me to climb without a cable to slow me down, and the cables were easy to attach to my heal at the top of the climb for a secure connection to my skis for on the way down. They're definately light enough. Ski Length . I'm trying to decide between 17cm1 and 177cm. Full 2mm edges make no compromises in durability. It also boasts Voiles legendary durability so you dont have to worry about your gear out there. I first discovered them when touring in VT with some seasoned skiers. Greg, I think youre spot-on with that assessment! you're ripping down tight tree runs or charging down wide open bowls, giving it versatility that most alpine and nordic-touring-style skis just can't match. 0 bids. Raisin'HeelBackcountryandtelemarkequipment. This technology might not be ideal for short flat rollers at the resort, but they are ideal for long distances in the backcountry flats. They skied better than my Atomic RT 80's, and I didn't think that was possible, and they are lighter by almost 5 ounces for each ski, for a total weight saving of about 8 to 10 ounces for the pair. I feel like I can get down anything, but would not bomb through resort chop at Mach 10 like I do with my alpine skis. Home Values By Neighborhood. Its insanely light at 6lbs per pair, and (in keeping with the Vectors tradition) the UltraVector BC includes a Traction Pattern Base. I have never used a scaled downhill ski, so I am wondering if my weight would be enough to flatten the skis' camber so I can get sufficient grip when ascending. It may sap a little of the ski's downhill speed, but negotiating far fewer skin transitions may be worth it. They are really an amazing ski. I thought Id found my ideal ride, the V6 in winter pow and the Vector for set-up spring conditions. Brands On Sale. I put some aggressive steep powder turns on the skis and they handled the conditions well, staying afloat and good energy out of the bottom of the turns. Hi Jacob, for this range of applications you will need a versatile ski that can perform in varied conditions! Also, these are backcountry skis so I don't think they should be judged on resort performance, just thought I'd mention it. Touring Binding Spare Parts & Accessories, Splitboard Binding Accessories & Crampons. The Vector was a little quicker and held an edge better in spring conditions, and the V6 floated a little better in pow, although either would have been a great all-mountain/all-conditions ski. Best of all, they're forgiving on on the down because they're damp. At almost 67 years old, they may just allow me to ski a few more years beyond what I might have been able to do before I bought these skis. Yellow Volkl vertigo g3 Jr skis for $50 in Centreville, VA | Finds Nextdoor Sale Items; Used; Voile. If you want something a bit more "nimble" and better for tighter spaces, go for the shorter length. Recently on a backcountry peak bag, I was able to drop in off the summit into icy wind hammered crust, and into powder in the lower bowls, with confident tele turns the whole way! A few people I've gone out with said they were the best performing ski for our terrain and conditions. So, a strong second to weight is easy transitions. The guys in the shop were amazingly helpful, and while they were scrounging around for some old parts to fix the binding, I got talking to one of the product designers. Come join us on this fun adventure and discover the unique pleasure Vermonts source for outdoor clothing, As someone else noted, these are definitely a quiver ski. Join our newsletter for exclusive offers and product updates, 2636 S Constitution Blvd Salt Lake City, UT 84119. Heel and toe mounting areas are reinforced to prevent binding pull out. And that set up was a huge step up from my even older NNNBC full metal edge Karhu's that were great at the time (going back 15-20 years). I am an aggressive 6' skier whose weight fluctuates between 145 to 155 lbs. So, it was a fair trade. It can flick through trees as well as hold an edge on the diciest slopes, thanks in part to its softened flex and deeper sidecut. Ive got the pair 2 years ago, and since having wonderful time on these. Climb well on a variety of snow and at a good angle. Even mounted with the Tecton binding the setup is impressively lightweight. The scales do of course add a little drag on the downhills, but they certainly make up for it on the overall long-haul backcountry experience. The name spells it out, the Objective BC ski from Voile is an AT ski for skiers with an objective. Any binding recommendations would be greatly appreciated. merlin fanfiction merlin jumps in front of arthur, florida board of directors gmail com,

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