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Originally planned as a replacement to the aging fleet of surplus M24 Chaffee tanks, the Bulldogs were rushed into production in 1951 at the outbreak of the Korean War. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Starts on the button. Over 100,000 were built from 1959-1988 until they were eventually replaced with the AM General HMMWV (Humvee) trucks. In total with its variants, around 53,000 were built. Daimler Ferret Mk 2/3 from 1960, in driving condition with only 4326 miles. MILITARY VEHICLES. Also take a look at our website. With that kind of history and the potential for impressive riverside recreation, owning a DUKW seems like a dream for many a collector. LOCATION Near Philadelphia, PA, USA SPECIFICATIONS Great running and driving unit. 270cid 6 cylinder engine and 5 spd transmission look original. That way when the catalog is released in early August, you'll know everything that's being offered in this category - not just the highlights. And, international shipping can easily be handled through the port of Savanagh, GA. Or, local pick up, of course. Trucks to be Placed . SOLD 1948 Willys CJ2A, $2500 (more details). SOLD. Overseas customers welcome as I can help with shipping. Genuine, Iconic and an absolute original WW-II survivor! In contrast, this one has a November 1952 delivery date, and thus is a true Willys. WWII related truck parts/militaria may also be posted free (subject to our discretion). Dutch road registered (BE-43-76). 4 speed gear box. 1942 GMC CCW 2-1/2T military transport 64.This is the on-road version of the CCKW-253 66 Deuce and a half. We need large numbers of military vehicles to complete orders for Ukraine. 2023 Rock Island Auction Company. Ended its active Army life in Portsmouth. 50+ lots of quality vehicles spares and military items will be for sale in our upcoming auction that will end on Saturday March 11, 2023. If you want to haul large objects, a Deuce and a Half for sale would be a great choice. Serious enquiries via E-Mail only. It is a military Class 500 truck used on the home front during the war for structural fires at air fields, military posts and defense plants. 19 wireless set, Jack, ammo and petrol bins, etc. Very high-quality WWII, VW Kbelwagen reproduction. The drive line of the M7B1 is identical to the Sherman M4A3. Pedestal M24A2 and all canvas. The GMC DUKW, also known as the Duck, was a series of military amphibious vehicles introduced in 1942. This one has one of the nicest mirrors around. SALE, APPRAISAL & CONSIGNMENT OF MILITARIA, VEHICLES, FFL & VINTAGE GOODS, OUR CURRENT SELECTION OF MILITARY VEHICLES. The armored truck and cars and the tanks of every historical period , from the M4 Sherman to the T72, find here the incredible machine for sale. Original an M4A3-105 converted into an M74 after WW2. Specialist worldwide shipping and transportation of Military vehicles, Tanks and Artillery on behalf of museums, Vehicle is Dutch road registered (BE-25-85), 1939 Morris Commercial CS8 Mk II Z 398351. Chassis Nr. 6NT Nato batteries 125 each. This halftrack is in very good running and fully operational condition. Has a Dutch road registration. Excellent running condition. [ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]FV 434 Armoured Repair Vehicle in excellent condition! See our Website for more pictures in the "For Sale" tab. The vehicle has been professionally restored to original condition from the 6 volt electrical system, to the siren, to the 7.0020 wheels and tires. As the war dragged on, the M8 proved out matched by German armor piercing rounds and thicker armor plating, therefore denying it as an effective . ehicles. This specific example was one of the many which was, most probably, active in British Service. Fully functional. ; 45-ton Semi trailer M15A1. They are all about seven decades old, having been used at various times in the war for different purposes. Not messed up and completely original. Tracks are WW-II. This version was used for maintenance and repair activities at maintenance depots, airfields etc. NO Cashier checks or Money OrdersCall or text (Five41) 379-8785. 1. It was built on a VW chassis 1302. M561 Gama Goat. SOLD 1950 Willys Jeepster $22,000 (more details). Don't see what you are looking for? Running and driving diesel Spartan for sale in the USA. The Duck was powered by a 4.0L inline six engine capable of driving all six wheels, or the propeller. 7270: 1943 Oshkosh W709-CT5 with Reliance Semi Trailer 7 ton. Roof line is solid with no rust thru. Restored by owner 2 years ago. They were produced from 1942-1945 with approximately 21,147 made in total. The workhorse of the field artillery for the U.S. Army in WWII, 7048: June 1943 Half Track M4A1 81mm Mortar Carrier. Rare 1944 Ford M20 fully restored in 2016. Equipped with 4 cyl Diesel 2.5 liter Peugeot XD3 engine. This Tilly Comes with all correct details such as foldable rear seats, oil filled air filter, key-less ignition switch, closed wheels, pressed steel grille with horizonal louvers, foot pump, jack & spanners, canvas etc. Comes with spare parts. Bundeswehr Transportpanzer Fuchs 66 all-wheel drive, perfect working condition, German deactivation. 1952 GMC M211 military 6X6. In lovely condition, chromes very good. 4393)It was vehicle 604 in Series 1 (December 1944). When looking at military vehicles for sale, you'll find many that are in great condition with many miles of practical use still left in them. Be sure to check back often for our latest military gear and collectibles. Currently running. MB/GPW 6 volt Heavy Duty Rubber case with lead link bars 225 each. Therefore the unditching roller and skate rail were removed. We have tanks, armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), Jeeps and lots of other items with a cool factor high enough that anyone can appreciate not just the military vehicle collectors. Two sets of wheels and tyres. Outstanding World War II U.S. M5A1 Stuart Light Tank. Older restoration. BSA was important enough to the war effort that its factory in Small Heath, Birmingham was bombed by the Luftwaffe on November 19, 1940. When searching for military vehicles for sale, a few of the most common ones you will find include: Something went wrong. 6) Please notify us if your item sells so we can remove it. 1949 Land Rover Series 1 A rare opportunity to acquire a. This unique and rare vehicle will be a welcome addition to any military or fire engine collectors motor pool. UNITED STATES. Runs, drives, and theoretically swims as it should. 1943 Truck, 15-CWT, 44 G.S. New items arrive in our store daily. Right side upper and lower litter pieces have been located and are included with the jeep. Our previous item, while also an M38A1 Jeep, was manufactured by Kaiser after the 1953 merger of Willys-Overland and Kaiser Motors. Please use the print button in the share bar at the top of the page. Great projects for a keen collector with a small budget! This one has one of the nicest mirrors around. Either choice resulted in top speed of 15 25 mph depending on which source you read. HCM Associated Enterprises, the leading worldwide manufacturer and exporter for over 14 years, of various replica armour and cannon pieces specialising in WW2 German armour. _______________________________________________________________________________________. The M24 was eventually replaced by the next tank on our list, the M41 Walker Bulldog. Services and Surplus Military Equipment. 6,950 21 February '23 Honda TRX 450fe (UKSF) Refurbished 22SAS TRX Quad. Date of delivery 25th April 1941. 63A2438) under Contract No. Priest M7B1 Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC). U.S. regisration: W 0252133. built on 10 November 1942 by Fruehauf trailer CO Detroit Michican. Demilitarized according to German law. Since all these items are so fascinating, what I wanted to do is quickly list them all right here. Live 105 mm main gun, 320 HP turbodiesel engine, hydraulic transmission and steering. Nowadays its a very popular classic military vehicle and comfortable to drive. Start of our journey of restoration and bringing back the Chaffee a life. This is a very nice ground up restoration with original body, engine etc. Many of the parts used in the restoration []. Pictures dont do the car justice please come and view. The famous "Land" , here for sale every model of every period, Discover here, for sale , every type and model of military trailers, For sale every gun and parts of every period. Frame and bed stretched 5 feet, original engine and transmission replaced with 500cid Cadillac engine and automatic transmission. Fully refurbished; Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) Just Married for moving specialist teams! The workhorse of the field artillery for the U.S. Army in WWII. Located between Utah and Omaha beach in Normandy, we are specialists in WW2 military vehicle restoration to a very high standard. These engines made the U-boot extremely quiet, at noise level of 72dB which was absolutely remarkable. Add Listing Search Condition New Used Any Make Model Postal Code or Featured Listings More Listings 2010 Schutt M1101 Cargo Trailer 2010 Other (not listed) Quakertown, PA Recently fully serviced. SALE, APPRAISAL & CONSIGNMENT OF MILITARIA, VEHICLES, FFL & VINTAGE GOODS. Therefore an absolute must in a serious collection of British Military Trucks and Tourers. MB/GPW 6 volt Heavy Duty Rubber case with lead link bars 225 each. Car has been to Normandy a few times and been to Guernsey for events. Original WW2 Militaria For Sale | CIRCA1941. FOLLOW MARKET. The history of this fire trucks service after delivery to the Corps of Engineers is unknown.It was recovered intact from a Northern Michigan salvage yard with all wartime accessories attached. Rock Island Auction7819 42nd Street WestRock Island, Illinois 61201USA, Since the 1800s, explorers and dangerous game hunters navigating the African bush have trusted their lives to the double rifle. Very complete including the cordamatic reel light and all the accessories. 1943 Studebaker US6 6x6 Cargo Truck. The vehicle is restored in The Netherlands in the early nineties. Running and driving. THE WAR FRONT. Restoration level: Class B. Included manufacturing and delivery documents verify production and delivery dates. Mercedes transfer box and axles, very nice cabriolet car to drive. You would not believe how easily the traverse and elevation cranks move this entire gun it can be done using only two fingers! Some [], M-1-4 International for sale Price: $35,000. Restorations, Refurbishments, Repairs, Servicing and fabrication of all types of military vehicle at our fully equipped workshop or on site. Restoration project availabe: Barn find; 100% original, untouched and very low operational hours (only 22!). All parts used for the restoration are genuine WW-II parts. All inquiries should be directed to the owner listed above. This Diamond was delivered in March 1942 (Production number 0427) by the Diamond Motor Company. We hold a large stock of Batteries for Military Vehicles. The Dragon Wagon; The most impressive, armored tank tractor from WW-II! A number of WWII vehicles are now for sale. AW Hewes Military Vehicle Sales and Repairs, The marketplace for MilitaryVehicles,Militaria, A new brake system has been fitted. The military trucks for sale listed here have already been through the demilitarization process and are authorized for use by private citizens. One of two complete AVLB's known in private hands in fully operational condition! 1942 Autocar built Halftrack in top condition. Sellers Beware:Beware of bogus overseas buyers offering a fake cashiers checks. In total 826 Priests are produced. This particular example was manufactured by Baifield Industries, has a June 1968 delivery date, and comes hauling a demilled M40 recoilless rifle, a demilled M8C spotting rifle, and 4 dummy rounds in the ammo rack. This jeep has been rebuilt from bottom up. Last year this car has fully serviced by our team. Honest survivor, great runner. Unless youve been completely ignoring our social media accounts, youre probably aware that we have some pretty fantastic military vehicles coming up for auction, beginning in the September 7 9 Premiere Firearms Auction. 1) We will list your 40s vintage Chevy or GMC vehicle or parts here for six months at NO CHARGE. The Army was also fond of the M5 as the main hull, tracks, suspension, and turret were derived from the M3A3, so very little changes were required on the initial assembly line at the GMC plant in Detroit. Bespoke gas gun conversion specialists. Since its restoration it has been used very limited and was always well maintained. He who hesitates, is lost. 5) Email ad verbage and pictures to vehiclesofvictory@gmail.com Make sure the subject line says something like Chevy Truck, CCKW or Truck for Sale. If you leave it blank or just say for sale it will likely get lost in the spam. It is no surprise that the power plants of many early U.S. tanks, including the M3 and M4 medium tanks, were based on aircraft engines. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will forward them on to the owner. Its the story of a, In 1873, two of America's greatest gunmakers would unveil the defining arms of the era. Patton Tank engine V12 Continental AVI-1790-8M. This engine is very comple and including the General Motors (2 ranges forward, 1 reverse) gearbox and has been renovated in August 1989 by the Fahreuginstandsetzungswerkin Ichendorf Germany. WWII GE Anti-Aircraft Searchlight for Sale 800 Million candle power searchlight. Brentwood Essex based. [ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Diamond T Wrecker build in 1942 Closed Cab sold. SEE WEBVERT FOR FULL DETAILS 07973 297627 Craig White Webvert 21 February '23 Manufacturer: Pressed Steel Car Company located in south Chicago (called Hegewisch Station). Live the dream and become the owner of an impressive, highly collectable WW2 Icon, 7327: Fruehauf CPT 30 SPEC. Delivered with a spare set of carbon arcs. USA 4065552/S and was for sure active in the WW-II. Extremely rare find! The militarized version of the CJ-5 is the M606A2. Has had a boom added (about 12) and a 20T Gar-Wood winch. Priced at: The military version was beefed up significantly from the CJ-5 for its military duties, most notably with a stronger frame and suspension, plus reversed front spring shackles. Contact ustoday to talk to our knowledgeable staff or visit our Portland OR or Seattle WA locations today. Halftrack M5A1 Internationaldelivered onFebruary 12th 1943 and some time ago found on a scrap yard in France and currently in our workshop. Original WW-II 8 tontrailer, full, low-bed 8ton. A single cylinder, 496 cc, cast iron engine did not make for the fastest vehicle on the road, but it was extremely reliable and easy to maintain, thus ensuring that resulting surplus models saw a long life in the civilian market. Centauro AIFV VBM Freccia Armoured Vehicle. For Sale on behalf of client - Open to offers. Very little use. Reduced Price. Items currently for sale PARTS FOR SALE Kubelwagen $125.00 For sale every spares parts for every military vehicles, ttruck or tank, motorcycles and original accessorie or tools. $2,995.00. From the famous "harley wla"to the zundapp , discover every miitary motorycle. $1500. SOLD This is a very rare armoured car, only 4 known running survivors left worldwide. Several different military vehicles exist, and are designed to move troops and their gear under the harshest conditions. Since production began in 1952 and the merger happened in 1953, M38A1 vehicles manufactured prior to the series of ownership changes are relatively few. As far as we are aware its the only one left in existence, so it has a bit of provenance. Very original with many of the rare original IHC parts, like the radiator and expansion type, they have the screwed pressure cap (threaded). The chassis, En We are selling a carrier t-16 in excellent running condition Tractor de artilleria utilizado por el ejercito italiano dur Panhard tank from the spanish army, used in the sahara. This Studebaker M29C Weasel was used after the war by Swedish army and is therefore Bandvagn M/48 Configurated. It was not only a stealthier tank, but also much roomier inside, and now easier to drive as an automatic. Do not ship your truck or allow it to be moved until your bank certifies that the check has cleared! Two and a Half Ton Military Vehicles (CCKW, M135, M211, M35, etc.) An absolute unique piece of WW-II US built self-propelled artillery USA 40172547-S. Read More. Ben Hur Wood Trailer for Sale. Included in the delivery are a typical Normandy Wire Cutter, very rare!!! Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Proudly created with Wix.com. Based on the former battleground of Overloon (the Netherlands) Militracks puts German Sd.Kfz. We can supply and deliver your paint requirements. Recently discovered, with original camouflage. This vehicle was built in February 1942 (Hull nr. Cherished Vehicle Insurance understands the passion that military vehicle owners & collectors have for their vehicles, which is why for 2020 we have enhanced our products. Originally nicknamed the Gama for its inventor Robert Gamaunt, it quickly became the Gama Goat by those who came to love its ability to manhandle the rough and sloppy conditions during the Vietnam War. We are here to facilitate the transaction between the buyer and seller only unless otherwise stated. The M3/M5 Stuarts were replaced by the M24 Chaffee in 1944 which served until 1953 (though they served for decades in other countries). Which makes it an ideal restoration project. US GUN 57 MM M1 Anti-Tank in great condition and nicely restored. Correct cables between the generator and light with correct end plugs. Original production date (M4A3-105): 02-1945. Join us for the 2023 edition of the biggest event worldwide when it comes to German WWII vehicles. It has been expertly painted with RAPCO lusterless OD green correct for the early war period. Seeking air superiority during World War 2, the demand for radial engines grew radically and the days of the M3 Stuart, which used such a radial engine, were numbered. Built by the John Inglis Company in Canada for the effective defend against V1 flying bombs or Doodle Bugs against Southern England but also used to defend the harbor of Antwerp. Springer ATV's, Supacat, Ex MoD 4x4's, vans and cars. We also offer servicing and general repairs. Please include all the vehicle info in the ad not some in the subject line of the email to me, some in an email you send tomorrow etc. While each of these items could easily fill their own blog (or video) with their specs, service history, and quick peek inside, those will come in the weeks that follow. The same rugged vehicles the U.S. military depends on has many uses in the private sector as well. Large amount [], Patrol Boat River 31-ft. Mk2 for sale with many parts and extras. Originally built 1972. In the late eighties / early nineties it was completely restored and rebuilt by a Belgium Collector. This M24 Chaffee was built by Massey-Harris, which are far more rare the ones built by Cadillac.Read More. Featured Helmet "Normandy" camouflaged M38 fallschirmjger helmet set, identified to "Obergefreiter Lange". The wrecker is fitted with a 2-speed transfer case, front PTO . Tracks are used but a set of new tracks is included in the purchase price. From the MoD Armoured vehicles, plus plant, machinery, tyres, vehicle spares and misc items. It w Great Survivor Willys Jeep - CJ-3B Available for export. We are presenting a rare 1942 Chevrolet Buffalo Fire Appliance Co. C-100 fire truck. Very complete except for Bridge, currently not running due to faulty magneto. While M37 production as a whole ran from 1951 1968, the M43 production only lasted from 1951-1954 (its successor the M43B1 continued production until 1959-1968). Thankfully, BSA had 67 other factories(! Four GE hubcaps included as well as other chassis spares. This unit, produced by the Pressed Steel Car Company South Chicago (Hegewisch Station), was delivered to the US Army in January 1945. 331 built) closed cab. Military Vehicle Spotlight: 1945 CCKW 2-1/2-ton Cargo Truck with Wrecker Set No. Needs some Tender Love and Care however this is a very unique item which should be in the collection of a serious GMC owner. As someone who rode for 12+ years, its taking everything I have not to take this bike out for a cruise. It is painted in a REME configuration as being used in Tunisia in 1942. Fully restored International Harvest Company Halftrack, rescued from a scrapyard in French. M53A3 "Deuce and a Half" Army cargo truck. Combining the articulated chassis with the steering ability of the front and rear-most wheels and you also have a vehicle thats surprisingly nimble. With wide experience in moving military vehicles dead or alive, of all types, our trucks can move abnormal and heavy loads across many different borders with impossible distances. And, international shipping can easily be handled through the port of Savanagh, GA. Or, local pick up, of course. The vehicle is great fun to drive and fits in most garages. Rustybits.co.uk. Missing the two side doors and the rear step. The M51 is by many seen as the best Sherman ever built. 1949 LAND ROVER SERIES 1 80? VEHICLE CLASSIFICATION 1942 GPW Jeep DESCRIPTION Frame off restoration. Everything is new. Fully refurbishment / Tender, Love and Care (TLC). Selection available. Four wheel drive and power brakes via vacuum assist, means this armored car is still fun to drive.

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