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He's just a kid." "Try not to make a fool of yourself.". Peter swears he would have listened to her discussion if he didn't already know the lesson. While you hear the interns 40 floors below us drinking coffee or turning screws, I hear the woman walking 6 blocks away, wearing stilettos and at this moment, sobbing because 5 blocks away from her current location, 15 minutes ago, her boyfriend broke up with her. Peter nods in confirmation. Happy rolled out of the driveway and Peter turned towards the rearview window, watching as Tony went back into the house. At least he had Ned and Mj to help, but Ned is out of town for a wedding and Mj only offers a hug when in private. "I hate you because you took me and my brother's childhood away from us at such a young age, which is why we agreed to become weapons. He could barely get any air in his lungs. "Don't". My daddy." We just, Steve clicks his tongue, an action that reminds him of, Steve, had some other things we had to take care of., Peter watches as Steves firmness turns into sorrow, a gentle expression on his face that Peters only seen, Steve have in the moments when theyre debriefing after having lost someone, bracing himself as he says, Is the May of your world not sick?, Something shifts in Steves expression, Peters memory bringing up the biopsy that May had had a few years ago-- a few months before Ben died and when. The door to his bedroom is ajar and he can see May in the kitchen from where he is, but that doesn't really matter. I want someone who can monitor you while I'm gone.". It's okay." Peter peers up at the slightly daunting building. ), However, oblivious to the atmosphere, Steve still felt confused. I set up a tumblr!If you have a prompt or just want to hmu, see my tumblr! For fuck's sake, Tony really needs to give her a talk about privacy. physically gone or if he was in some kind of coma somewhere. What--, Well thats enough interdimensional bonding for me, Tony says, wrapping his arm around Morgan before pointedly looking at Steve. Steve snaps into action, moving forward to stand between Bucky and the younger. Scowling, Peter brushes a hand through his chocolate brown hair trying to stop himself from walking out. Steve have in the moments when theyre debriefing after having lost someone, bracing himself as he says, Is the May of your world not sick?, Peter blinks a few times, shaking his head quickly as he says, No?. She steps forward with every sentence, and Tony doesn't realize that he's backing away from her as she approaches. With his hand on the handle, Peter said quietly "What makes a hero, Mr. Rogers? Was it that obvious? His breathing became fast and short. How patriotic." Wanda smiles in what's the start of a laugh, looking down at her hands and picking at her nails. Clint sets the knife back down on the counter with a weary sigh. That someone is made clear a few moments later, Peters eyes growing wide as he watches Rhodeyin full War Machine armorappear last, pushing an upright rolling gurney from behind, one to which a human is strapped to by large metal bands. They glance around, faces taking on similar looks of confusion and caution as they realize that everyone who should be in the room is already in the room. Happy glances at Peter. Webavengers fanfiction peter flinches. Peter presses his face against the glass walls of the elevator, watching the streets beneath them as they begin their ascend. +. Peter isnt sure what it does, but if he had to guessgoing by Parkers current position which hes certain they both could easily break out ofit must somehow limit his powers. And will his loved ones deaths. Tony slowly sat down on the bed, keeping his eyes focused on Peter. He watches as the quinjet lands, only for the main hull door to open and several men in military gear to exit. He had to get out of this room, get his hands on a computer or a tablet-- maybe get the chance to see May if hes lucky. Being an Avenger came with restrictions, consequences that he didnt want to deal with. Why isn't it healing?" I've been doing this from before you met me; I'll still be doing it after. Instead he says, Tony doesnt have any kids in my universe., Oh yeah? Sam says, not looking up from where hes just put some bacon in a pan. Peter sighs, falling down on the bed with his face towards the ceiling-- staring up at it as he thinks. and one time Peter scared the Avengers. teenager, Peter says, trying very hard to not think of his MJ and of the knowledge that Parkers MJ was dead. Until it was. But as of recently, Peter has been acting a Sam forgot what it felt like to be helpless. alt title - Peter Parker: 2 Fast 2 Furious. as well as whoosh. Peter nods in confirmation. Ben and May had both been worried, no matter how much they tried and failed to hide it from Peter. WebAttached. He opens the fridge door and pulls out a cup of apple sauce and a spoon, and begins heading off to a glass room with all of the blinds pulled, presumably his workspace. Well get some food in you. Sam's gentle smile became a knowing smirk. Sam laughs at that before Peter just raises an eyebrow as he says, Come on. He walks around past Steve to stand by Sam at the extra-large stove. + Ross wouldnt allow Peter to be brought here until every security measure possible was agreed to, including a few of us as extra transfer detail. See you Peter lets the words trail off with no small amount of confusion, watching as Tony and Morgan disappear back into the hallway, a long moment of silence following their departure. The universe decided to fuck with Peter even more by sending in a horde of flame-throwing, breakdancing robots. He meets Rhodey and Vision then, thankfully without majorly embarrassing himself and with minimal fanboying. There may be more differences than we accounted for, Steve says, mostly to himself as Peter brings his attention back to the present-- more curious than ever now not just about May but about this world and just how "You know that you can tell me anything, right?". See you in a few days, kid.. "I have to go now. ", Sam snaps his book closed. I get that this probably comes off as pretty cheesy, but this fic is mainly self-indulgent. I mean I help out here and there, but I know that becoming an Avenger would mean giving up on my patrols or losing time while dealing with bigger threats that other could handle just as well. WebPeter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker Tony Stark Steve Rogers Irondad spiderson Peter calls Tony Dad peter faints Movie Night Embarrassed Peter Happy Tony Stark Parent Tony Stark Peter calls Tony Dad in front of the Avengers. There may be more differences than we accounted for, Steve says, mostly to himself as Peter brings his attention back to the present-- more curious than ever now not just about May but about this world and just how. Where is he going? Peter asks, looking between the two. Peter takes it, standing up straight as Sam says, Parker, he--. And after his day, one would think he couldn't have experienced more bad luck, right? Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant. Tony sits down beside her, keeping a respectful distance from her as he waits patiently for her to calm down. Rogers? + The first thing he noticed as he was limping through some country he doesn't remember the name of is how blank everyone's skin was. May was First, that this alternate self was accused of murder and second, that of the people in his life that he would think would fight So, we established they have couches where youre from. Its not actually too dramatic?? Peter will help Tony. I'll explain later." Parking in one of the open areas beside the building, he turns around in his seat to look at Peter, who's sitting in the back row. What is he doing out of his room? Tony asks, Peter taking a step back from the vehemence of Tonys tone but mostly out of surprise-- not having to fake the hurt he feels in the slightest that Tony is still so completely against him being here. And now you're doing it again, to someone too innocent and naive to see that his idol is using him as a tool." It would be pointless to make up some bullshit excuse. He keeps his voice low. "That was so awesome!" Today had been a stressful day. Come in? Peter asks incredulously, mainly because whether or not anyone could come in or not was entirely out of his responsibility as the keypad is used. He knew the Rogues still didnt like Tony so, by proxy, they didn't like him too. Don't answer that. Unlike Mr. Barton or Mr. Wilson, Peter didnt stay in to play a tournament of Mario Kart. You must be hungry if youre quiet, Sam says, throwing Peter out of his thoughts as he inwardly kicks himself for not playing more into whats going on. Impromptu. Following months and months of debate, it was finally concluded that they would have the choice between remaining in their prison cells or could return to live at the Avengers Tower under strict security and the one rule that they could not leave the building under any condition. Thanks," he adds as an afterthought. Why-- why does she need to be taken care of? Then Flash Thompson, bully extraordinaire, hit him around worse than usual. They still didnt trust him, that much was clear-- restricting him to this room and locking the door behind him. Tony cupped his cheeks, forcefully turning his head towards him. "Are you sick? And will his loved ones deaths. When the supersoldier hesitates, he snaps harshly, louder this time, "Drop the gun, Barnes.". Peter finds out his new suit is actually bulletproof. Now he started to feel it, all the pain that he caused. WebVotes. He was covered in them, some were from patrol and some were from growing up in hydra. He tapped his fingers against the cool granite as he risked a glance at the two avengers standing slightly off to the side, waiting patiently for their sandwiches. ", Locking eyes with Steve, he continued. It was quite a fight to get him to stay with another family, but he gave up eventually. Whats wrong with her?, Peter watches as Steves firmness turns into sorrow, a gentle expression on his face that Peters only seen In return, the mask stays on. Peter doesnt wait to race over to the windows, hiding in the shadow of a column in the hopes he wont be easily noticed if anyone happens to look up. Look at me kiddo. They'll be back in a few days." "No-don't do this. Swinging to the top of a small apartment building, Peter rips the mask off of his head.

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