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There are also a number of Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) properties throughout the northwest region for hunters to consider using. Property consists of fairly even mix of hay meadow & pasture with adequate amount of trees to deer & turkey hunt. The Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1993 to protect one of the last remaining remnants of bottomland hardwood forest in Oklahoma. Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.53410 Longitude W -85.55900 This tract is situated in Okfuskee County in Oklahoma. Remnants of pecan orchards and the old coal mine railroad bed tell the story of the past, while the trees tell the story of today. Open only from Sept. 1 through the end of spring turkey season each year. Deer hunting restricted to shotgun, muzzleloader, or archery only. Stop by your local forest management office and ask to see maps showing areas where fires have recently occurred. Neosho WMA - Craig and Ottawa County. Identify your target and what lies beyond before you pull the trigger. Temperatures during hunting seasons typically range from 40F to 73F. The Harvest Tag must remain with the turkeyuntil it is cut up for consumption. The use of bait, electronic calling devices, live decoys or animals (including dogs) to hunt wild turkeys is prohibited. body {top:0 !important;} Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. 4. 3,600 Acres Altus-Lugert WMA of Deer and Turkey Hunting land in Green, OK, 3,869 Acres Arbuckle Springs WMA of Deer hunting land in Johnston, OK, 6,440 acres Atoka WMA Deer and Turkey Hunting Land in Atoka, OK. Nothing ever good happens at a Waffle House? We'll send you the members-only hunts, professional hunting tips, deals on hunting gear, and much more! It could be because it is not supported, or that JavaScript is intentionally disabled. Rolling fork wma. Bear Zone 1 quota does not apply on this WMA. [CDATA[/* >*/ / best deer hunting wma in oklahoma. Deer: White-tailed deer are present in good numbers but are highly sought after. 6. One legal turkey. The food plots are planted on the utility right of ways. I figure we could use the collective mind on here to help flesh out some WMAs, rather than making unfruitful scouting trips. [2] It is located in Eastern Oklahoma, near the city of Okmulgee. 2016 | Connecticut's Official State Website. A waterfowl sanctuary area on the northern end of the refuge is closed to all entry October 1 to March 31. Quail: Bobwhite quail are present in fair numbers but are highly sought after. Do NOT wear red, white, blue, or black while turkey hunting. TravelOK. WMA Clayton Warwoman Wildlife Management Area is located in Rabun County. The hunters who visit this land can hunt Quail, Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Furbearers, Dove, Waterfowl, and Squirrel. If so what did you think about it? Thread starter Turkey Runner; Start date Jan 6, 2018; Jan 6, 2018 #1 T. Turkey Runner Fawn. Moreover, alcohol is prohibited on this land. Shooting turkeys from a building or any other permanent structure is prohibited, as is the shooting of turkeys while they are roosting in trees. Reservations and Fees Turkey hunting at Sutherland Reservoir is by reservation only. Tagging and Reporting:Immediately upon harvesting a turkey, complete and sign a Harvest Tag and keep it with the carcass at all times. You must log in or register to reply here. From September through December, this unit receives an average of 3.06 inches of precipitation a month and the heaviest rainfall is in September. Turkey Notes: A WMA Turkey Hunt Permit is required to hunt turkeys on this WMA during the . /*-->*/ To unlock all Public and Private hunting land and to get early access to hundreds of exclusive hunts, please sign up to become a Premium Member. To use dogs for hunting, training or any purpose from the end of small game season to August 31. Tour routes of great scenic drives on National Wildlife Refuges. One-tom limit; seasons combined, area combined. When another hunter approaches, stay still and yell out hunter over here. There is a special place hunting place for the hunters who are physically challenged. In addition, you can harvest as many as five birds total during the spring and fall seasonsone of . The dominant land cover for Unit Deep Fork Wildlife Management Area is deciduous forest. not all of the boundries are fenced but there are boundry signs every so many feet. The refuge is bounded on the west by the Okmulgee Wildlife Management Area and on the south by Eufaula Wildlife Management Area, both of which are administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The new acreage is now open to all regulated hunting including small game, wild turkey, pheasant, deer, and waterfowl hunting. The refuge has 22 parking lots connected to the hunting and wildlife observation areas by 25 miles (40km) of trails and unimproved roads. mostly electric, they're a wider path on the aerial maps. Here are some birds you might want to look for at national wildlife refuges and other bird-friendly places. Youth Hunt: April 9-10, 2022. Working with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. Concentrate on Burns. They should also remember that they share the woods with other hunters, as well as non-hunters. Love Valley WMA Lots of roads, some good places to hunt can be exceptionally difficult to get to on foot. This band will alert other hunters of your calling position. [2] Near the headquarters the Cussetah Bottoms Boardwalk leads through forests, swamps, and beaver ponds for about one-half mile. Open to squirrel, rabbit and raccoon hunting only, Dec. 1 - Jan. 31. This 15,800-acre property offers hunting opportunities for deer, bear, turkey and small game. The forested wetlands of Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge are a remnant of a habitat that once covered 2.2 million acres of Oklahoma. There where a lot of people in easy to get to areas and we hunted the hard to get to places. The area is a series of tracts of various sizes located along the Deep Fork of the Canadian River. Even if you did not hunt, you should complete the survey. The Harvest Tag must remain with the turkeyuntil it is cut up for consumption. Did anyone hunt this new WMA last year? As part of the DeepFork Unit Green Tree Project inside Eufaula Wildlife Management Area, Ducks Unlimited and its partners enhanced 700 acres of bottomland hardwood forest in the floodplain byincreasing water-management capabilities on each of the WMA's four green-tree reservoir units, installing pipelines and a pump station for water delivery and installing severalwater-control structures. The Deep Fork River floodplain is a biologically diverse area of great value to a variety of migrating and wintering waterfowl utilizing the Central Flyway. Entry permit form for hunting on private property (PDF) Declaration for entry into California with wild-caught game or fish (PDF Form) Indian Game Transportation Tag Issuance Report Form (PDF) Dove: Dove are present in fair numbers. Centrally located between . password. 2022 Turkey. With growing populations of wild turkeys in many parts of the state, spring turkey season has become one of the more anticipated opportunities on the hunting calendar. Deer, rabbits, squirrel, turkey, and ducks can also be hunted. One legal turkey. To use dogs for stalk hunting of deer or for turkey hunting. Adjoining the refuge on the south is the Eufaula Wildlife Management area which preserves another 7 miles (11km) of the Deep Fork River to its mouth at Eufaula Lake. Numerous tracts and access points along the Deep Fork River. Description This area consists of five units, on Norfork Lake: Chapin Point, Indian Head, Seward Point, Bennets Creek and Fulton County. Map of hunting areas in Unit 2 and 3. Firearms Hunt (permit required): April 18-20, 2022. Kentucky's largest Wildlife Management Area, Peabody WMA, was second with 165 turkeys harvested.

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