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Considering cutting: Kodama's Reach Artisan of Forms Spark Double Considering adding: Bloom Tender Cyclonic Rift Swiftfoot Boots When you have logged in, click the. Dice have always been the part of un-sets that I think is the closest to just being part of normal Magic. Deck . Im happy that the Red general is the most unorthodox of the options we have to talk about from this product. It can be included only in five-color Commander decks. Over the last three years my position on unsets has changed a lot, yet my stance on their inclusion in Commander has changed very little. The buttons above will open in a new window. Chatterfang has a weird Parallel Lives effect where if you make tokens, you make twice as many tokens only the second set of tokens will be 1/1 Green Squirrels. you pull out 15 lands. There are a host of limitations when building only silver border commander that you should consider before going out and building your own. But all in all, I'm not really sure what I want to do. Responsibility for comments, forum posts, messages and any other user-generated content lies with their respective authors. It takes into account the fact that each draw decreases the size of your library by one, and therefore the probability of success changes on each draw. Surgeon -General- Commander Oracle Text Whenever you augment, enchant, or mutate a creature you control, draw a card. Surgeon General commander (Commander / EDH MTG Deck) Deck Builder Cards Events Draft Sim Cubes Forums Rules Q&A Community Log in Surgeon General commander Commander / EDH* Rollingsap Upvote 0 Playtest v1 Similar Deck Space Card Recommendations Commander Recommendations Card Kingdom $1.7K - 1.9K TCGPlayer Mkt $1.6K - 1.8K CardHoarder 102 TIX Another point to consider is your removal. After a quick install you can select any public deck on AetherHub to be displayed in your overlay, here is how you set it up: Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Magic The Gatering Deck Commander Chatterfang, Squirrel Genreral at the best online prices at eBay! Finally we have a place for Spy Kit! In December 2019, Sarah was promoted to Rear Admiral and assumed the role of Surgeon General Australian Defence Force and Commander Joint Health Sarah has a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery, Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters in Politics and Policy. C $14.01 + C $8.24 shipping. Surgeon General (UNSTABLE) 12/16 . This deck could be certifiably zany; get out your Arcane Adaptation, make your dice into bears and start going to town with Ayula, Queen Among Bears. For more information about Wizards of the Coast or any of Wizards' trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at ( EDH Earlier this year I got the most recent unset box and have incorporated a bunch of the cards into my commander decks because I love the variety and weirdness they bring. My best advice for players coming from black border is to think of your augment deck like an enchantment aura deck. I want each and every one of you reading this to think about your magic games and how you can have more fun with your friends playing this incredible game. It's pretty linear, considering you basically want to play more or less all of the Mutate cards, so that makes up the bulk of the deck. Surgeon no zoologico. Surgeon General Commander has been played in more than 0 decks in the last year. Collection All Printings Unsanctioned Cheapest Newest $ 0.85 - All rights reserved. TL;DR I guess my question is what are some good tips for a first time WBBRG deck and are there any mutate cards that would synergize really well with this. Bring these questionsup with your playgroup before going out and buying the cards because there is nothing worse than showing up on a Saturday night with a deck box and a fresh pack of Homelands just to find out that no one wants to play against your Wordy-tribal deck. Wizards. The meaning of SURGEON COMMANDER is an officer in a medical corps (as of the British Navy) having the rank of commander. Someone suggested Mark of Fury for similar reasons. A little bit creature ball with a mixture of enchantress, having beefed up Beast Whisperer as your general is rather attractive. An error with your login session occured: You can do this in a different tab to avoid losing the data you entered here. Would it make you smile? Augment is a very fun ability that makes your creatures very adaptable. But what is Unsanctioned? Discord Server | By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. USD $74.91 Est. Magic: The Gathering Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! In truth, my only real criticism here is that there is not any support for this strategy within the product. If the user is a TCGPlayer affiliate and a content creator it will use that users affiliate code. AetherHub welcomes more Content Creators to our TCGplayer Affiliate system, read more about it here. Problems: Not legal in this format: Surgeon General Commander. Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of The Slack, Discord, Cash App, PayPal, and Patreon logos Collection All Rights Reserved. To avoid some potential feel-badsI chose not to include any Gotcha cards and to maintain some semblance of simplicity I did not include any contraptions. Log In, The buttons above will open in a new window. Help | The Commander I chose for this build is the most magical wombat in the game, Surgeon General Commander. However, every deck is a work in progress so Ive left in some cards that you can use to build around (such as Crafty Octopus) incase you want to take things in a different direction than I have. Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher Home Decks Deckbuilder Collection Forum Sets Log In . No. Join the Team Aether Streaming Team on Twitch. 2023. 08 - Surgeon mutate [rule zero] (+ Umori), EDH - Surgeon Commander - Ethically Questionable Jank-Experiments. Col. (Dr.) Lee Williames Command Surgeon, Air Force Global Strike Command. There is also one silver-bordered green Mutate card, Surgeon General Commander. Poison and infect and toxic all start a lot closer to their end game than normal combat focused decks so people treat them like they're near their end game earlier. Full documentation can be found here: Deck Embedding on external websites, The DeckHub Twitch extension is used by Twitch streamers to display their currently played deck in the video overlay. Surgeon (general) Commander with mutate. TIX 18.70 Wildcards 8 c 22 u 10 r 5 m Buy on TCGplayer Buy on Cardhoarder Decklist Visual with Export Commander (1) 1 Surgeon General Commander {3} {G} $0.32 Creatures (25) 1 Bat- $0.10 1 Half-Kitten, Half- $0.26 You may opt-out at any time. 2009 Wizards. I don't really have a strategy for winning, other than to make a horrible abomination and get value from it. The current price is: Tcgplayer: $0.99 Cardkingdom: $0.79 Get the decklists and historic pricing charts in our site Either way, Pippa, Duchess of Dice is a fun looking commander that not only does her own form of token creation, but can also change a bad roll with Hydradoodle or Chicken la King in your favorthats timing that makes sense, right? The current price average is around 0$. All Rights Reserved. Cards, Pokmon Cards, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon TCG, Flesh and Blood, Comic Books, Supplies and more. Commander. Organize your card collection with virtual binders, Use your Iphone to scan your card collection and import it to AetherHub. Forum Deckbuilder Please add some cards to the deck to see card suggestions. Home 10 Really Funny . Gladecover Scout, Paradise Druid, and Silhana Ledgewalker are really good early game plays to mutate or enchant. The code can be pasted wherever you want it to show up, we use simple Iframe code to embed. All links to Cards in the Decks and Articles of Content Creators that are In this case, the doctor makes a valued member of our ninety-nine. And on that note, lets pull the focus to Commander and discuss each of the new generals offered up by the new set. If you want some added/kind-of on theme fun. Noticeably it is the second Wombat ever printed. Surgeon General Commander is not legal in any format. Youll have the best removal Un-sets can provide, but that isnt much. Decks There are no comments about this deck yet. What a great feelingwe finally have a squirrel commander. The most important combo to tutor for is serpentine-wild crocodile. Latest decks with Surgeon General Commander. This even extends into the Constructed portion of the product, pushing to you to find the wedge thats right for you. The host unit on base is the 633rd Air Base Wing. For an all silver deck I found the access to all five colors is really needed. Portions of Scryfall are unofficial Fan Content permitted under Absolutely no guarantee is made for any price information. Unless you're reading this after it's been released, in which case it's a keyword from the present . Looking exclusively at Syr Cadian, the activated abilities are cute, but the static ability has so much upside on a five mana 4/4. There is something about the first few turns where players are judging you based solely off their knowledge of the commander of choice, then you cast Squirrel Mob into Squirrel Wrangler and they honestly dont know how to react. All rights reserved. Sign up for the Hipsters Newsletter for weekly updates. I fall on the side of many who believe that Surgeon General Commander is meant to be some kind of plant by featuring the mutate keyword with no other context. Creative templating, indeed. There isnt a single simple card in the silver border. If you want your deck to be exclusively built from cards released in the Kamigawa block, please do that. Our programs provide value to Twitch and Youtube creators. Shop now! Add TappedOut.js Blog Widget. That's right friends, we're doing our first un-commander quick build. Thats why they are going to be so hard to properly assessmaybe Ill promise to write a full article about them if mutate ever surfaces. Earlier this year I got the most recent unset box and have incorporated a bunch of the cards into my commander decks because I love the variety and weirdness they bring. I still believe that each player has a role to play in their own playgroup. Please return to this window after you have logged in. Anyone done Surgeon General Commander with the Mutate cards yet? Today we go over fun silver bordered commanders to build around. This web site is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Out of all of these, I've only considered using one as my commander. Surgeon ~General~ Commander - Unsanctioned (UND) Unsanctioned All versions Direct by TCGplayer Near Mint $0.24 Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 Sold by David Magic Shop 1 of 6 Add to Cart View 70 Other Listings As low as $0.24 Sell this Report a problem Product Details Whenever you augment, enchant, or mutate a creature you control, draw a card. I love Syr Cadian, Knight Owl. Your ongoing selection. Please return to this window after you have logged in. Whichever flavor of damage you like. Forum Every silver bordered card requires deep reading and a jovial attitude, and that can be a smidge more effort than youre willing to put in for your nightly game. This compromise directly contradicts the vision for my secret Dr. Julius Jumblemorph deck and may leave some generals all but unusable or overly confusing like Phoebe, Head of S.N.E.A.K. code. Surgeon General Commander EDH decklists Search. You want to maintain a small selection of powerful creatures that you can augment as suits your needs. CCPA: Deck contains 2 invalid cards for this format: Although we try to present current and accurate information, we cannot make any guarantees of any kind. So please always make extra sure that the sheet contains all the cards in your deck and fulfils all DCI requirements. Please return to this window after you have logged in. . Surgeon General Commander - MTG (Magic: the Gathering) Surgeon General Commander Unsanctioned Mana cost: Price USD: $0.38 CMC: 4 Price EUR: 0.45 Type: Legendary Creature TIX: 0.00 Subtype: Wombat Bat Chameleon Edhrec Rank: Rarity: Mythic Rare Other info: only Not Foil Versions: Other cards in this SET (3/3) While I have obviously not played this strange un-format yet, I find the premise rather genius. 1 Fabled Passage 1 Prismatic Vista 1 Tundra 3 Island 4 Forest 1 Taiga 2 Swamp 2 Plains 1 City of Brass 1 Bayou 3 Mountain 1 Savannah 1 Reflecting Pool 1 Exotic Orchard 1 Polluted Delta 1 Mana Confluence 1 Command Tower 1 Temple Garden 1 Wooded Foothills 1 Verdant Catacombs 1 Breeding Pool 1 Reliquary Tower 1 Windswept Heath 1 Scalding Tarn 1 Stomping Ground 1 Hallowed Fountain 1 . Easily sell your cards with CardConduit. You shuffle together two decks and play against a friend who has done the same. If the problem persists, please contact us. Copied to clipboard. The topic brings about a lot of sour feelings among Commander aficionados and I was very vocal both online and off for a long time about my feelings regarding the first two un-sets. Surgeon ~General~ Commander In Stock. and our Sell This Product. Adding in the typical Izzet spells skeleton and you have a fairly potent deck, something Alex Szeto would beat me with. Scryfall is not produced by or endorsed by these services. You need to be logged in to do this. For more information, please see our We've updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This site 2023, LLC Pay {R} to give a creature Haste and draw a card. : Add , , , , or . Legendary creature wombat bat chameleon. Likes: augmentation, fluffy animals, creative templating. EUR 53.89 Est. For this deck, I want to take a page out of Aurelia, the Warleader and try to maximize the amount of attack steps I can take. Terms of Use | If you do not define enough length, a scrollbar will be automatically added. There are a handful of two-coloured creatures with Mutate, too. Surgeon General Commander is designed as a WUBRG Commander and references the old EDH designation ( General ). Knights have been getting a lot of deserved support lately, with Valiant Knight and (unofficially) Kwende, Pride of Femeref joining the fray with Knight Exemplar and Kinsbaile Cavalier. Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the United States and other countries. Login . Not to mention, the infect win with Grafted Exoskeleton. Contact | Attention! Complete Comment Tutorial! . Cookie Notice After that it gets a bit fuzzy, so I'm not sure what to do. P.S. I sort of wonder if focusing on bouncing and flickering my own creatures might be onto something. That any reservations should be presented in a respectful way that spells out why you might be opposed to this subset of cards inclusion. Col. Vito S. Smyth Command Surgeon, Air Force Materiel Command. This deck is for fun. Chatterfang, Squirrel General - Foil Retro - NM - Modern Horizons 2 MH2 . Regardless, Id be very interested in digging into this deck and what it can do. The CommanderI chose for this build is the most magical wombat in the game, Surgeon General Commander. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. 12. affiliated with TCGplayer are linked with their affiliate ID. Surgeon Commander's color identity is all five colors, thanks to the mana symbols in its rules text. Jokes for marines are hilarious and too much fun. Langley Afb BahJB Langley-Eustis, VA's BAH is ranked 12thhighest out of all joint base bases. Unfortunately, we could not detect a Commander in this deck. und Input the number you want to simulate. For example, MAGIC: THE GATHERING(r) is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. All Rights Reserved. DeckHub Since the preview of Earl of Squirrel, the satirical members of the Commander community have been awaiting this course correction by Wizards. And now Im going to walk you through the process so you can build your own. There is no question in my mind that there is a viable deck to be had here, yet I personally dont really feel drawn to Alexander Clamilton. A Commander list, Extra Info. Get the decklists and prices in our site What is MTG Surgeon General Commander current price? Though, I wish we could have gotten a card that renamed creatures or playersthat would have been perfect. Commander, as officially titled by Wizards of the Coast (also known as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH ), is a casual multiplayer format for Magic: the Gathering. If you are a resident of California, you have the right under the CCPA to opt out of the sale of personal information to third parties. For example, MAGIC: THE GATHERING(r) is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast. I overcame my current malaise yesterday just long enough to throw together a skeleton of a list for Surgeon General Commander. It can be included only in five-color Commander decks. No vendors are currently buying this card. See stores for final prices and details. , or DeckHub Guide. Like I said, there are plenty of people who will really enjoy Alexander Clamilton, he just happens not to be for me. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. Surgeon General Commander Unsanctioned Mythic Legendary Creature Wombat Bat Chameleon Card Text Legalities Rulings Sets / Printings Whenever you augment, enchant, or mutate a creature you control, draw a card. Would stopping by your LGS for an Urza, Academy Headmaster and sneaking it into your deck in between games make your friends laugh? This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander. The Commander's Quarters is your source for everything budget Commander! This is because the card was originally intended to have the watermark, according to a set design article for Unsanctioned. When building an EDH deck, I always make sure to include cards that fall into these categories: ramp, card draw/advantage . This web site may use the trademarks and other intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast LLC, which is permitted under Wizards' Fan Site Policy. Command your budget! about Magic: The Gathering, including card images, mana symbols, and Oracle text, NAMRU-6 hosted several visitors and guests from the U.S. and Peru at the event, to include U.S. Privacy Policy. Deckbuilder Privacy statement | This is, however, a very good time to praise Wizards and the designers of Unsanctioned on their decision to make these legendary creatures fit into a two color identity for the purpose of Commander. Click on a revision to view the deck as it looked back then. This web site is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Were the fun format my friends, and it never hurts to remind each other of that. : Add , , , , or . Air Force General looks at his men, "Fellas, it's time for an attack. Get your Karlov of the Ghost Council, Dawn of Hope, and Archangel of Thune ready, they are about to see even more play. Surgeon General Commander Mutate (Commander / EDH MTG Deck) Deck Builder Cards Events Draft Sim Cubes Forums Rules Q&A Community Log in Surgeon General Commander Mutate Commander / EDH* Echomaster Upvote 0 Playtest v1 Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions Card Kingdom $1.2K TCGPlayer Mkt $1K CardHoarder 98.09 TIX . Maybe Nephalia Smuggler, since I just noticed Navigator is over six dollars and I don't know if I want to buy a second for this jank. I also have Displace and Deadeye Navigator to flicker such a stack. Create new e-mail user here. These are general recommendations for a 60 card deck. or Richard Garfield, Ph.D., but I think the generals most people want to play with could find a place in the metagame. Thats probably what keeps this card from steamrolling over any other strategy. Sets Receive 10% off with the code GOLDFISH. Scryfall is not produced by or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast. My instinct at this point is that we can make this into a secret Dr. Julius Jumblemorph deck, allowing a player to include all the host and augment creatures in print. The card visually clearly fits into the identity of Crossbreed labs. Col. (Dr.) Matthew P. Hanson Command Surgeon, Air Force Special Operations Command Here you can download such a sheet pre-filled with the cards in this deck! updated about 7 monthsago. People are just scared of it. Whenever you augment, enchant, or mutate a creature you control, draw a card. Then I figure some of the Bestow creatures would be a good follow up, since they'll give me enchant triggers, and they'll be good mutate targets. DMCA requests | I chose him in order to include all of our favorite un-cards in the deck and due to the fact he taps for all colors, he has a WUBGR color identity.

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