2018 chevy malibu transmission problems

I have to travel on the highway a lot and cannot have that happen again or I can be in trouble by causing an accident. 2:19-cv-11044-DML-DRG)) was filed on April 10, 2019, which was consolidated with class action lawsuits filed by several other consumers on behalf of people who purchased or leased certain cars equipped with an 8L45 or 8L90 GM transmission.. I finally got over on the side of the interstate put it in park hello Shift to Park!! After reaching my destination and calming my nerves. The car choked, head lights went flickering, car could barely stay on. I pulled over on the freeway and it would not restart. The Malibu began as a trim-level of the Chevrolet Chevelle, becoming its own model line in 1978.Originally a rear-wheel drive intermediate, GM revived the Malibu nameplate as a front-wheel-drive car in 1997.. Named after the coastal community of Malibu, California, the Malibu . As I was driving I was addressed with a speed reduction warning and it followed with a very abrupt problem with speed as it was reduced drastically and almost getting rear-ended in the process I was able to pull over but very unsafely and without warning. This slows the vehicle to an almost complete stop. My chevrolet malibu is of the year 2018 with only 30k miles. The air bags deployed. I purchased my Malibu in January 2019. Purchased a brand new 2018 Chevrolet Malibu in end of August 2018. I saw this and thought Id share. The contact stated while driving 20 mph and coming to a complete stop, the brake pedal was depressed and the vehicle stop feature engaged independently as designed, causing the engine to stop running. 2 weeks later the same thing. My very first encounter was on a major highway (I-270) the car has been serviced (per recall) on two separate occasions. The vehicle was taken to an unknown chevrolet dealer, located in chester, va, where it was diagnosed that the shocks needed to be replaced. I called many chevrolets and was informed by that many 2018 chevrolet malibu's were recalled and no dealership in my town is trying to help me . The car won't start sometimes. FURTHER DIAGNOSTIC TESTING WAS NOT PROVIDED. Transmission grinding noise - sun shells (planetary gears) may be damaged. The failure mileage was approximately 18,000. It's very scary when on freeway cause I'm worried it's not going to speed back up and I'm going to get rear ended. I was driving on the highway this morning at over 65 mph when suddenly my 2018 malibu started slowing down and would not respond to accelerator. The vehicle was slow to start and several attempts were made before the vehicle started. This could be a safety issue and chevy needs to address this asap! This isnt just an embarrassing situation, but also quite dangerous. Different engine codes have came up (camshaft position timer, air intake system) no one can seem to find the problem, A few days after I got my in october 2018 my car did not start! General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2018 Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac ATS, Chevrolet Equinox, Malibu and Colorado and GMC Terrain, Acadia and Canyon vehicles . What is my recourse here? It's usually caused by a power reduction in your Silverado, and it automatically goes away after a while. Seems to be worse in colder weather. Wait a bit and then restart. The chevy service department said this is a problem with the malibu and cruse. Ecm fails to record incident. Waited a few minutes and restarted it. The manufacturer was not contacted. The car would not accelerate to pull out into an intersection. The manufacturer was also notified of the failure and referred her to the nhtsa hotline for assistance. Car is stationary while waiting for red light to change, the car will shut off and reduced driving assistance error message will pop up before turning back on. Why should I have to pay for this. As the failure persisted, the evap warning light illuminated on the instrument panel. Why is there no transmission dipstick? I'm only 19 and was just 18 when I brought my car on my own in the first place and now I'm stuck without anything to do. I cant afford another car. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. Driving at a speed 55-65 engine power being reduced light comes on and vehicle slows to about 40 speed while engine light is on. The vehicle was taken to harper motor dealership where it was determine the starter was bad. I took into superior chevrolet on 1/8/19, on 1/11/19 they still did not know what the issue was and were unable to duplicate it. Dealership also refused to repair this issue under powertrain warranty. Car would not accelerate for 3 seconds essentially it felt like the car stalled even though it was still running. In September 2019, the plaintiffs filed an amended . 8 months ago brakes failed, you could stop but they were hard and stretched stopping distance, vacuum pump failure was the cause, when it failed it broke apart and sent parts into the engine, (valve cover ). The firms main office is located at 43 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut. The warning that pops is when I start my car say 'reduce engine power' and it messes with my lights as well as my gas pedal to where I can't go. Consumer writes in regard to safety recall concerning disconnected fuel injector. Consumer also explains vehicle stalling while driving and it not accelerating. Very dangerous situation. 3. The failure mileage was approximately 20,400. I pulled over and called my husband. At any given time, when vehicle is stationary and shift lever set to 'park', the instrument panel screen displays a 'shift to park' message even with the lever set to the 'park' position. Problems range from simple gas cap errors to severe coolant and engine oil leaks from various gaskets and lines. It took almost 5 minutes for it to respond to shut the alarm off but it would let me lock the doors while sitting inside it. Finally I went back to the independent dealership I purchased the vehicle from 4x to fix this problem. I contacted gm they basically said they can not determine what will happen when the work is completed but that it is warrantied. The check engine lights reads that the throttle need to be changed but that's not the only issue . Taking off from a stop, the car does not want to go. The contact . Was called by onstar due to airbag being deployed. This was suggested for the 2016 malibu which had a recall. The manufacturer was not contacted. Feel like something is going to snap off, also driving on reverse sound really bad, check my trunk if something was loose and nothing. I just got this car and I'm now having to spend 1,000+ dollars on a car that's 'new' . We wish to receive a new car for safety reasons. I believe this is a safety issue for a driver , driving in 100+ heat. So far this issue has mostly resulted in inconvenience and annoyance, so no police reports or mechanic investigations yet. Warning messages light up "steering power is diminished, drive with care", something pertaining to brakes and battery, the warnings flash so quickly I can't read them all. The failure mileage was approximately 85,379. Thes cars should be recalled. The contact stated that while driving at an undisclosed speed, the vehicle lost motive power with the traction control and check engine warning lights illuminated. The failure mileage was approximately 62,000. The police were notified, but the contact was not sure if a report was generated. It said "shift to park" but I was in park. Malibu would not recognize shift into park. I hate this car! Once it appeared she couldn't go more than 20 miles an hour and this is dangerous. Included are onstar onboard diagnosis reports and service records after the initial recall servicing of the car. This happened a month again and then the car would not start. We were driving on the freeway and the reduced power light, engine light and traction control light came on. It was necessaryto remove the front end to do the repairs. Over heating light came on while driving on I -71 about 10 mi before columbus oh. This has also happened on a regular city street while going 40mph. A week later, the vehicle was taken to beaver chevrolet (3494 philips hwy, jacksonville, fl 32207, (904) 398-3036) where it was diagnosed that the purge valve and the charcoal canister needed to be placed. The failure mileage was 72,721. I was driving 35 mph when the message "reduced engine power" and it noticably slowed down. I did get a warning sign on dashboard that states stabilitrac. This has been constant and has made my car useless. While driving my car at 70mph on the highway my car completely shut off on me and started back up. The failure mileage was approximately 25,000. While driving, on october 16, 2021 my car shut off and stopped working unexpectedly, while I was still in traffic. The power was reduced and we pulled over, shut the car off and waited a few minutes. 90 I was charged. Buy this lemon back! The vehicle was not repaired. Once I turn my car back on, the check engine light remains on (traction light turns off), and then eventually turns off by itself (granted it doesn't happen again soon after). I have to pull the car off the road, turn it off, and let set for at least one minute turned off before it will have engine power restored. Kids and myself could've been hurt. Then the other day I was sitting in a parking lot and the shift to park message came on when I went to pull off it just jumped. Is your vehicle displaying the Engine Power Reduced warning light? They kept the vehicle all day but were unable to recreate the problem so they told me there was nothing they could do. I went to autozone. If the car behind me suddenly moved over the car behind them could have hit me from the back, I have a 5 year old in the backseat. The car is a 2018 and the dealer says the transmission control shifter is bad. Onstar sent an email notification of the critical failure. When I apply a little gas the car turns back on and it malfunctions even more. Purchased dec 10, 2018 39,000 miles . While driving 45 mph, the steering wheel seized without warning. There are no lights or codes present. Car had about 20,000 miles. I need to have a reliable and safe car that I don't need to worry if this will happen again. I almost got rear ended and had to pull over to the side of the road. Please service your vehicle immediately. Give us our money back a different vehicle or unlimited Rosie warranty. Erik's chevrolet and they could not find any issues. I had to put my hazard's lights on and get to the side of the road as quickly as possible. I coasted off the road and was able to shift between reverse and then back to drive to get the gas pedal to work again. Car won't go pass 30mph could hear the engine trying to accelerate but struggling too. Had a car accident on september 17, 2019 my car stalled while making left turn had this problem since I purchased this car also my tires continued to go on flat. The contact spoke with crain chevrolet (9911 I-30, little rock, ar 72209, (501) 436-4484) and was informed to tow the vehicle to the dealer for diagnostic testing. The, Check engine on and kicking into high RPM. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic for the tire rotation however, the mechanic informed the contact that the front driver's side subframe was cracked. When driving, message will appear on dash stating that engine power is reduced. I restarted again and the check engine light was still on, but I was able to drive at a normal speed. Even with the fob in the car, it set off the alarm when I tried to start it. The vehicle loses power after warming up. A recall needs to me done because this is heartless and painful. My 2018 malibu has a feature that when the car stops the engine will shut down when you apply the brakes and engine will start back when you release the brake my car has shut completely down when I've come to a stop all power shuts down the heat the radio everything. I was driving my 2018 chevy malibu ls that I haven't owned for more then 30 days and my check engine light came on in the driveway when I started it up to let it warm since it was winter so I took it to christenson chevrolet in highland indiana and the code u01b0 came up which is the battery sensor module and the dealer told me there is no fix for it and engineering is looking into it and the paperwork they gave me shows they have had this problem with the 2017 and 2018 models and no fix yet. This was my second accident. The last email gm said to report it to the dealership giving me the run around. The contact called on behalf of his daughter who owns a 2018 chevrolet malibu. The harness and shifter solenoid went bad in my car. Our malibu won't shift into park. When I went to read the code, the engine started and ran for a couple of minutes and stalled again. Mid-way home I received an engine performance notification on my dash, but other than that it seemed safe with no diminished speed. I put the car in park and when shifting back to drive the transmission slammed into gear and the accelerator barely responded and the car revved to over 5,000 rpm's. Car powered down while driving all the lights lite up on the dashboard. MY VEHICLE HAS AN ELECTRICAL ISSUE WITH THE POWER WINDOWS AND THE RADIO. I sat at auto nation for 45 minutes and they didnt touch my car. So I could not put it on neutral to push it out of the road. This has happened everywhere from our driveway to a highway ramp and happens without warning. Engine power reduced notification came on the dashboard and car deaccelerated down to less than 25 miles an hour on the highway on multiple occasions. There is only 35000 miles on this vehicle. Car shut off in the middle of driving. While they pride themselves on efficiency, engine troubles make the performance lackluster, at best. I am beyond disgusted with this car. Describe your legal concern or comment Briefly describe your experience Briefly describe your experience. The vehicle was towed to the local dealer where nhtsa campaign number: 19v642000 (electrical system, fuel system, gasoline, engine) was completed. About a month later the Stabilitrak light came on again with the flashing engine light except this time the light stopped flashing and remained on so i took it to a shop and they said the engine had a misfire. Brakes had to be pushed ask the way to the floor for it to stop rolling back down the hill. The dealer informed the contact that the ecm module needed to be replaced. I will probably be doing a law suet as well as this complaint. Low fuel, engine light, service stability track, shift to park lights come on. One time jso police had to give my car a jump in the middle of the street at a left turning light. I don't believe they know how to fix it. Would not accelerate above 20mph. Engine light came on today aswell, While driving check engine light came on , display said diminished engine power , no throttle response. The contact stated that she readjusted the gear shifter for the vehicle to shut-off as needed. Only way to resolve is to turn car back on, put in different gear and then back into park, or keep pushing shifter up while in park to force into place and get car to recognize it's already in park. My engine light has since come back on which means I would have to bring it in again. The front passenger sustained bruising of the bottom torso, back, neck, and head injuries. (fingers crossed) If you HAVE to drive the truck until the dealer can fix it, putting the transmission in tow mode around town and then taking it out of tow mode at highway speed (65+ mph) should reduce or maybe stop the shuddering. I was in the middle of parking it on a city street. I have a 10 year old. Seat is locked in the forward position and will not move backwards. I pressed the push start and it turned on but wouldn't start. it went back to normal shortly after that but then randomly steering issues started happening. The manufacturer was notified of the failure but provided no assistance. Symptom: after parking and shutting off engine, message is displayed "shift to park" and car dings and lights and electronics will not turn off. The contact owns a 2018 chevrolet malibu. The fluid should be flush to the bottom of the fill hole. My vehicle is 4 years old now and this problem only began manifesting recently, perhaps 3-6 months ago. However, airbag did not deploy. But now my check engine light is back on again. Let it sit a few hours before driving up to local automotive parts store to use the odii code reader and it read the code p2138 throttle/ pedal position sensor correlation the part to order is 0. What could be scarier than having your speed reduced so low you have to worry about getting rear-ended? I love this vehicle but this is not safe, and I'm tired of paying for this and should not have to when its in writing from gm. It acted like it was not changing gears. I feel like we all need to go to the local news outlets and any kind of media and complain GM needs to be held accountable. I was recently getting on the highway in my 2018 malibu and had absolutely noooo engine power for acceleration! I was driving around 50 mph and the car began to sputter and it wasn't getting in gas. Car has 6300 miles on it. We bought a new battery and everything was fine until today were it happened again. The manufacturer was called, but the contact was unable to speak with a representative. Seems there have been multiple class action lawsuits for this issue with no recall in place at this time. I had several near misses where it could have gone badly. i bought my 2018 malibu and the throttle body sensor went out twice within a three month span. July 23, 2018 by Jason One of the most common problems with the Chevy Malibu is when it throws the P0700 trouble code. When I come to a complete stop and take back off, my car flashes a warning " steering assist reduced. Just happened out of the blue. Lately after I park my car it's comes up on my screen to shift to park. Car will also shut off at various times during auto stop. I was driving yesterday, oct 4th and my car did the same thing again: reduced engine power while I was on the freeway. Once since the error on screen the doors were locked and my son and I could not get out of the car . I was driving down the road and the car stopped running coming up to an intersection I about got hit by a truck and the car would not restart I then pushed it out of the intersection and walk to the nearest dealership they said there is not a remedy for my car as of right now and I'm still waiting I don't feel safe with me about getting hit driving the vehicle let alone one of my four small children in the car. The vehicle then registered that the gear shifter was in park(p). The check engine light illuminate, obd2 call for code p2138. Rpm will read between 3 and 4 rpm speed will not go above 5 to 10 mph. I have no choice. I got the error message, "shift to park" after putting my car in park.

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