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If You Buy More Than 1 Relic With The PayPal Tab, I Will Refund All Shipping Minus The One. Post Civil War New Hampshire hat. . Very rare not for sale at this time. Gift Certificatesand Free Layaway Available. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Shiloh's Civil War Relics User Agreement and Privacy Policy. NOT FOR SALE. The side loader plug is gone, likely lost at firing, but the former owner covered the hole with a small plexiglas window, that lets you see inside the shell to the matrix and case shot balls. Relic condition, rusty, & lightly cleaned on the top. My name is Preston Bain, and I have been metal detecting and collecting civil war relics and artifacts for over 25 years. Many excavations have taken place over the years, and listed below are 7 archaeological sites and/or museums where many interesting artifacts have either been discovered or are on display. This medal comes with its original ribbon. Civil War buttons, Relicman sales catalog. Get in Touch Gift Certificates and Free Layaway Available Dave Nelson grew up in Richmond, Virginia and has pursued the period surrounding the American War Between the States all of his life. The toilets are made of transfer-printed ceramic porcelain bowls portraying country scenes and set in lead bases with flushing mechanisms. Email or call (904) 730-8932. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND US MAIL RIGHT NOW! Confederate States Civil War Presentation Etched Combat Bowie Knife & Scabbard. This letter measures about 6" x 8" and has typical fold marks and light stains. I have a successful Ebay business under the name 1stalabamacavalry withover 3,500 positive feedback comments. Alabama was framed in oak and secured with brass bolts and fasteners. Mansfield, a. Payment, Shipping & Returns | 2023 Perry Adams Antiques | PO Box 2317, Petersburg, Virginia 23804 | WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT BY THOMPSON & PRINCE, Payment, Shipping & Returns | 2023 Perry Adams Antiques | PO Box 2317, Petersburg, Virginia 23804, WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT BY THOMPSON & PRINCE. Copyright 2023Shiloh's Civil War Relics All Rights Reserved. Mansfield, Ohio May 6th & 7th 2023 Full Sale Display Tickets Available at the Door Doswell, Virginia July 15th & 16th 2023 Full Sale Display Tickets Available at the Door HISTORY IS WORTH SAVING!!!!! Our Catalog Updated 3/1/2023 Make a choice . His favorite piece in the collection is a Colt model 1851 Navy revolver that Gen. Joseph K. Mansfield owned. We are interested in any military antique items you might have, so please contact us if you have questions about any type of military antique or collectable item. . Item #1214-3, This is a near excellent bronze medal with crossed swords and the "palme de bronze" for those cited at the army level. Were willing to travel nationwide for the right opportunities! New, SC 15 B 13 MM South Carolina Cuff Button With Straight Shank And Nice Gold. Click the Group of Bullets to read about, "Rounds Of The Razorbacks," courtesy of American Digger Magazine. Arkansas and assisted in driving Confederate General Shelby beyond the Arkansas River and then marched on to Alabama where they were involved in the siege of Mobile at the end of the war. Send email to to make sure the item you are interested in iscurrently available. This will take you to the link that you click for a new account. Civil War Relics and Artifacts. Lewis Bridges Wright boasted of being at least twenty feet ahead of his company in every battle he engaged. This heavier case measures about 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" and has a metal hinge along the top edge. H 208 . IT HAS THE NEATEST WOOD HANDLE & OVER ALL LENGTH 17 INCHES & BLADE LENGTH 12 INCHES. In June of 2023, Uncle Daveys Americana will celebrate 30 years of operating at the same location. He is an entertaining source of civil war history. Cumming, Ga 30028, ________________________________________________________________________________________, _________________________________________________________________________________________, Chickamauga (Dalton) Civil War Show If you are a collector yourself then I don't have to explain the thrill of handling or getting a new item for your collection. This rare Civil War Texas button is one of the mostsought after of all Civil War buttons. While our field of specialization is the American Civil War. Sold Items The largest privately owned civil war collection in the USA. Excavations revealed ship components such as hull fragments, metal fasteners, the ships wheel bell, and various rigging elements. John and his brother Robert W Burkewere both in Co. B 1st Alabama Cavalry. Bayonet is 21" long overall with a 3" socket, 45-70 calber. Today finds us metal detecting and searching for American Civil War relics not far from Harpers Ferry and Shepherdstown, West Virginia. If you are thinking about starting a collection, there has never been a better time than now. $365.00 sold out. Authentic Civil War Antiques, Civil War Artifacts And Much More! There are three different design colors represented in the collection, which were all produced by Davenport in Staffordshire, England. Search the categories on the right side and have fun. ! Pre civil War Militia Top Hat. John Basler moved back to . Historical Memorabilia Values. We respect your privacy. . The front shows a good amount of original gold gilt, and good detail on the device. Includea briefdescription with your inquiry, and I will contact you ASAP. " Beautiful Dug "Allegheny Arsenal" U.S. Cavalry Bit, Uncommon Missouri General Sterling Price in Confederate Uniform, Beautiful Confederate Stippled I- Infantry, WAR DATE Production M1860 Field & Staff Officer's Sword. I have had a lifelong passion for the Civil War and I've been buying and selling Civil WarAntiques for the last 20 years. I AM BACK AND WILL BE GETTING STARTED AGAIN, "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not. Nice CS Lined -I- button dug in one of General Thomas C. Hindman's Camps. Item #0506-1, This is a near excellent "fur felt" visor hat with a dark almost black wool body. Confederate Sideloader Shell for 12-Pounder Gun - Nice Iron-Missing Plug but has a Viewing Window to Interio. Closed Auctions. Atlanta Relics maintains an extensive inventory of artifacts pertaining to American history including American Indian Items, Fraternal Collectibles, War Items, Vintage Weapons, Vintage Photographs, Antique Jewelry, Stone Artifacts, Fossils, and much more. Includea briefdescription with your inquiry, and I will contact you ASAP. AMES M1860 CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD WITH 1861 DATE, M1851 DRAGOON BELT RIG OF ROBERT CARSWELL COURIER 39TH ALABAMA INFANTRY, COLT M1849 POCKET REVOLVER SN# 66008 (1853) WITH CASE AND ACCESSORIES, EXCAVATED CONFEDERATE LEECH & RIGDON CAVALRY SPUR RECOVERED FROM HOOD RETREAT ROUTE BETWEEN FRANKLIN & NASHVILLE, JAMES CONNING CONFEDERATE CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD, AMES M1860 CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD WITH 1858 DATE, CONFEDERATE HAIMAN CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD, EXCAVATED CONFEDERATE CS EGG BELT BUCKLE BOSWELL'S TAVERN, VA, WHITNEY 2ND MODEL 3RD TYPE .31 CAL POCKET REVOLVER 1862, CONFEDERATE CS 2 PC BUCKLE ON ORIGINAL LEATHER BELT, CONFEDERATE RICHMOND .52 CAL SHARPS CARBINE, BOYLE & GAMBLE CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD, And Civil War Memorabilia. We Accept Credit Cards, Checks & Money Orders. Excellent leather sweatband is also marked "FLIGHT ACE". Quick View. It measures 1 9/16" wide by 9 3/8" long. The gruff Alabamian said he acquired the behemoth from an old-time relic hunter named "Mr. Charlie," who discovered it decades ago in the vicinity of Fort Hell at Port Hudson, La. Measures 16 1/8" long overall. $165.00. The Alabama collection includes items from the crews daily life such as ceramic dishes and jugs, glass bottles, tobacco pipes, and coins. Ben Greenbaum, ISA Of the drinking vessels in the collection, six are ceramic cups or mugs and nine are glass. Currently, CSS Alabama artifacts are on display at La Cit de la Mer in France, the Museum of Mobile in Alabama, Maryland Archaeological Conservation (MAC) Laboratory in St. Lenord, Maryland, and the National Museum of the U.S. Navy on the Washington Navy Yard, DC. Box 17 This is a near excellent full-size five-medal bar mounted on stiff backing with the original medal ribbons. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THESE UPCOMING SHOWS! I love History and collecting mementos of a long-ago era. This field was once a. Mosheim, Tennessee 37818. Email: Find us on Ebay at 1stalabamacavalry. It has good stable iron with some minor pitting, and a typical Confederate copper fuze adapter. Box 455 Chapel Hill, TN 37034. Civil War Shot and Shell Relics. The scabbard has its fully functional swivel hanger that pivots. We will be closed at Noon on 8/11/22 and will reopen 8/15/22 at 0800 as will will be at the following Show. The 17 brown pieces include six dinner plates, 10 soup bowls, and one side plate. Grand Army of The Republic or G.A.R. Click Here to Read About, and See several different types of Tin Cups in Period Images. I trust you will enjoy your visit, and hopefully find a new relic to add to your collection. H 209 . Jacksonville, FL 32217. SHOP OUR INVENTORY. Dave Nelson (left) receives the highest award given to a Florida member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans by Florida Division Commander Doug Dawson in May of 2007. Appointments Welcome. ALABAMA STATE SEAL BUTTON, AB-1 . Excellent condition Mc Lilly . The museum also has some photographs, swords, cannon, ammunition, uniforms, and at least one drum. The Federals charged immediately and attempted to pass thru the opening, and a severe and bloody contest occurred. We will be attending these upcoming shows, Powered by Web-Cat Copyright 1996-2023 GrayCat Systems. This was recovered from the 1862 - 1863 winter camp of the 2nd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry - C.S.A. Civil War & Earlier Bottles, Pipes, Toothbrushes, & Related Civil War Relics. Dug In Charleston, SC. Uncle Davey is not limited to just the American Civil War period. Beautiful 23 MM SC 15 B 5 South Carolina Coat Button With Rose Gold!! All Civil War Relics are 100% guaranteed to be anoriginal. I'd kepi came with uniform pants and photo in Civil war. Our expertise has no boundaries. Policy . New, CS 117 22 MM Confederate Artillery Coat Button In Excellent Condition. THE LEATHER SHEATH THAT FITS IT LIKE A GLOVE IS 13 INCHES IN LENGTH. Stay Informed Artifacts are our main clues when it comes to finding out Alabama's early history. Sell or Trade The belt plate retains a good portion of its original gold gilt, and displays very well. For questions or problems call 731-438-3541, Cuff Size Non-Dug C.S.A. Fine Schuyler, Hartley, & Graham EG6 Civil War Engineers Coat Button. All Auctions Fixed Price. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we will do our best to locate it. Please call or email ahead. Artillery Script A Issac Campbell & Co. Lookout Mtn. Louisiana pre Civil War Militia Top Hat. to make sure the item you are interested in iscurrently available. We have everything a Civil War scholar is looking for, from muskets and revolvers to Union and Confederate documents and accouterments. Exposed to extreme tidal currents over the years, only the unexposed lower hull and portions of the starboard side of the wreck survived covered by sediment mainly consisting of an abrasive shell hash. Click a category below to show the items for sale in the category you selected. Moundville Archaeological Park - Moundville, Alabama. This is a Beautiful Engineers coat button that is absolutely Civil War Period. Confederate Veterans Reunion in Hartselle, AL Camp Friendship. Acknowledgements: Disclaimer: Items from the crew reflected the different ports they visited, including a cache of Brazilian 40 Reis coins and an antler that could have been a prize from a hunting expedition in Africa. Other wars are of interest as well. Excavated "1837" date large cent. If you are looking for something special let me know. E.g., "The South never surrendered. Uniform Display. Copyright All Rights Reserved. Welcome to Uncle Daveys Americana. 1441. Shows If youre looking for something that is not within our website, please dont hesitate to call or e-mail us. there is a schedule of episodes that are scheduled to run on the PBS web site. Appointments Welcome. We will never sell, rent, lease, or give away your private information. Non Dug U 28 SHIPPING NOTICE! Confederate manufacture, solid bolt, long pattern with bourrelet rings and blunt nose, copper ring sabot, Brooke rifle, 7 in. Bill Irvin, ISA We offer Lay-a-Way. The buttonhead looks to be made from a blob of iron and roughly hammered round and flattened. I will give the same customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction. Welcome to the Civil War Antique Shop ! Civil War Relics (1 - 40 of 689 results) Civil war Civil war memorabilia Price ($) Shipping All Sellers Mississippi Currency - 1862 - Civil War Relics CollectorsFrame (1,164) $140.00 Union Oval Flask Bottles, History Nerd Husband Dad Gift, 1800s Old Bottle Decor, Old Bottles, Civil War Relics, Christmas Gift for Boyfriend ThePrimitivePioneers (76) Please note: Although we offer WWII relics from all Axis countries including Germany, we have NO sympathies whatsoever with any fascist regime or ideology. The November 28th, 1862, Battle at Cane Hil involved about 2300 Confederates and 5000 Federals, and much of the fighting took place around the town just to the north, and the mill. Item #0210-18. Products - 1st Alabama Cavalry Products 72 products AMES M1840 MOUNTED ARTILLERY SWORD AND SCABBARD 1862 (VETERANS REUNION HALL) $995.00 AMES M1840 MOUNTED ARTILLERY SWORD AND SCABBARD 1864 $895.00 AMES M1860 CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD WITH 1858 DATE $1,395.00 AMES M1860 CAVALRY SWORD AND SCABBARD WITH 1859 DATE $995.00 Your site for Civil War Buckles, Civil War Buttons, Civil War Plates, Civil War Swords, & All Other Civil War Antiques. Civil War Relics and arms including items through the World Wars "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." About Us Home Steinlager Allendorf was where Nazigeneral and staff officers such as Franz Halderand Heinz Guderian were interrogated after WW2. Aug 10th, 1893. This is hobby not a business. Sign up for our email newsletter to receive important updates about new items, upcoming sales, shows, and more! Also, a ceramic chamber pot and a washbasin with a copper drain, both with a marble flow blue design and of British manufacture, were recovered. . ", Powered by Web-Cat Copyright 1996-2023 GrayCat Systems. Item #0428-4, This scarce visor hat features an excellent dark brown brass U.S. eagle insignia with the "M.O." Of the ceramic dinnerware vessels, a majority had a nautical theme. IT WAS SOLD TO HIM MANY YEARS AGO FROM COLLECTOR FROM BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA IN 1984. This letter gives permission "for the surrender, to the bearer, of the suitcase and all its contents, belonging to Admiral Otto Schultz" that was mistakenly delivered to "PWE 20" (Steinlager Allendorf). War souvenirs like these were brought home by our victorious American G.I.s in 1945. This medal bar includes the British 1939-1945 Star, the France and Germany Star, the British Defense Medal, the WWII Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with Overseas Clasp, and the British 1939-1945 War Medal.

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