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However, State Courts deputy registrar Lewis Tan said that the documents sought were "plainly relevant" and would help establish whether the substance of the stories was true and adversely affect or support either Wong's or Wu's case. They began dating after a diving trip to Tioman Island and got married at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa in December 2019. Ms Wu, a part-time nurse who works in a pharmaceutical company, is reportedly acquainted with Mr Aplin's current girlfriend. Upon discovering the stories, . The couple met while studying at Nanyang Technological University and dated for six . Wong's diary entries relating to Wan from June 2018 to June 2020. Subscribe to get daily news updates, insights and must reads delivered straight to your inbox. The stories were published while Ms Wong's marriage with Mr Aplin, a footballer here, was undergoing annulment proceedings. Wong resisted Wu's application to gain access to such materials, and said it was a "fishing expedition" that infringed upon her privacy and confidentiality. The Registrar examined the exhibited diary entry and concluded that it provided details of Rachels then-fledgling feelings for Alan. [4], From December 2019 to March 2021, Aplin was married to Rachel Wong, having first met while studying at NTU. Hopefully, the trial will shed light on the truth once and for all, and everyone involved can properly move on with their lives. This was him wanting to chase his dreams and do what hes passionate about, which was something that I didnt have the courage to do, back then. Rachel Wong filed for the marriage annulment after four months. I guess we went in with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. As for the gym trainer, Ms Wu alleged that he engaged in intimate and sexual conversations with Ms Wong through text messages on Telegram when she was dating Mr Aplin. I had to be on the ball and do exactly what the client wants. In the same light, were also doing away with the usual hotel wedding favours, and sourcing our own instead. �� The influencer explained that the photograph of her and Wan was taken when she had spent the night with other friends along with Wan, and she had merely fallen asleep on the sofa with him. Ms Wong, 27, used to be married to Mr Anders Aplin, 30, a professional football player. Instagram, and Share on: Privacy policy. her fitness trainer, known only as Mr. Han, and a Mr. Wan, who was the emcee at her wedding to Aplin. Post author: Post published: 21.08.2022 Post category: carousel house wedding Post comments: affordable french chateau wedding affordable french chateau wedding pullman putrajaya wedding package 2020. park hyatt new york wedding cost; teal and copper wedding invitations; Guess influencer drama just isnt his thing. window.__mirage2 = {petok:"WDM4373Ht_oWHfbgCUQiYUqpArqMeucD5zyaTnd6WL4-1800-0"}; Rachel Eng and Aaron Loo weathered through the storms of the world-wide pandemic and planned an intimate wedding for family and friends at Maison Miaja. SingaporeBrides came up a lot in our search when we were looking for wedding venues. Even though it was a loan move to Matsumoto Yamaga F.C, the deal caught my attention primarily because Anders Aplin was not a household name. Top images by @rachelwongggg on Instagram. Redditors are also loving Justice Choos biting remarks. It may be easier for you to follow through and keep track of time if you separate your script into different segments. Karen Lui His performances in the 2017 S.League season saw him win his first call up to Singapore national team. [5], Anders started his professional football career with Geylang International in 2016[6] and made his debut in a League Cup game against Balestier Khalsa. I had no clue what was about to happen. ��. Rachel Wong and marriage annulment. Further, the trial judge may draw an adverse inference against the party failing to obey the order. Anders Aplin is a Singaporean professional footballer who plays as a defender for Singapore Premier League club Hougang United and the Singapore national team. The shoot was done at three different locations. Coincidentally, one of our Hall friends was also there alone and so tagged along with my best friend and I. Ms Olivia Wu had branded Ms Wong the Cheater of 2020 on Instagram, alleging that Ms Wong cheated on her ex-husbandnational footballer Anders Aplinwith her gym trainer and their wedding emcee. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Singapore . Since the sting of the Stories is that Rachel was unfaithful and lacked morals, Olivia would need to prove that Rachel was indeed unfaithful to Anders to succeed in this defence. 19 hours agoMs Wong and Mr Aplin annulled their marriage four months after the allegations and Ms Wong then sued the other woman for defamation. Ms Wu countered that the posts were not defamatory because they were "true in substance". And this made me realise that theres nothing bad about Anders choosing football as a career. In fact Wu is just an acquaintance of Aplins current girlfriend and Wong did not know her prior to this saga. Titled "Cheaterof2020", the stories suggested that Wong had been unfaithful to Aplin, and several of the accusations were "fleshed out in detail". Wong's lawyer also argued that Wu did not know Wong prior to posting the Instagram stories, and the documents sought could not be materials from which she could base her defence of justification, claiming it defeated the point of relevance and necessity. The couple decided to have the marriage annulled shortly after in April 2020 and this legal process was completed in or around March 2021. The messages did not show who received these messages. He was invited for trials with Geylang at the end of 2015 who was drawn to Anders' aggression and determination. Advertise with us This Confidentiality Club could consist of a partys lawyers, and third-party experts. anders and rachel wedding. He noted an argument by Ms Wong's lawyer Clarence Lun that Ms Wu was on a "fishing expedition" in the hope of finding any useful documents to bolster her case. Parties are obliged to disclose all relevant documents in their possession even if these documents adversely affect ones case. Wu had submitted screenshots to support her allegations that Wong and Han shared intimate and sexual conversations through text messages on Telegram. Facebook, helensburgh wedding venue mission san jose san antonio wedding cathedral engagement ring with wedding band. In 2009 he was part of. Even Wongs legal team was not spared from the judges brutal comments. Rachel wong anders aplin wedding emcee. She had committed infidelity on the day of her wedding (December 27, 2019). So naturally, I was super excited to see their gown collections. Theres been a development in the ongoing saga between Singapore influencer Rachel Wong and Olivia Wu, the woman who accused her of infidelity. alex taubman wedding. Rachel Wong 27 is a Singapore influencer with over 42000 followers on Instagram. A post shared by Singapore Wedding Gown Rental (@bridefullyyours). popeye village wedding; riverway clubhouse wedding cost The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Esta Hsu Makeup Food photography will make any plate jump off the page, whether it's tempting appetizers or sumptuous sweets. We Googled around for wedding venues because we were searching specifically for outdoor wedding venues. Its going to be a beach wedding held at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosas beach venue, Diamond Site. August 21, 2022 . That, I suppose, entitles her, in her estimation, to be a celebrity, the judge added. Furthermore, Wong's diary entry apparently only showed Wan "as a friend who was giving her support and advice during a difficult time.". anders aplin rachel wong wedding. 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Ms Wu, a part-time nurse who works in a pharmaceutical company, is reportedly acquainted with Mr Aplin's current girlfriend. Thats how I went into acting. It was particularly damaging to Wong, who worked as an influencer and relied on her "social media reputation, optics, and image to attract and obtain business deals on partnerships" to make a living. Social media influencer Rachel Wong (pictured) has sued a close friend of her ex-husband's current girlfriend for defamation over a series of Instagram Stories. Get The New Paper on your phone with the free TNP app. Wu accused Wong of cheating on Aplin with these two men. Titled "Cheater of 2020", the stories suggested that Ms Wong had been unfaithful to her former husband Anders Aplin. The Registrars written judgement on this matter may be found in Wong Leng Si Rachel v Olivia Wu Su Han [2022] SGDC 42. In other words, Rachel lost again and this time has to produce the diary entries, not just say that the diary entries are blank. . This loan made Anders the first Singaporean to play in the J2 League and in Japan. | For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Among other things, Wong was accused of promiscuity as she allegedly had intimate relationships with two other men while she was still with Aplin and had . In such a case, ones counterparty would have sight of the documents but not the public. Wedding so busy.. she can still find time to piak the emcee? Todays styled shoot is for the boho, Be inspired by the warm, autumn shades in this styled shoot in Bali and plan your very own today! She currently has 42000 followers on Instagram. Being in the Singapore system made me think only about the conventional path internships, resumes, job applications, etc., but at the same time, I knew deep down that Anders and I were not the type to join the corporate rat race. In her Instagram Stories, Ms Wu, who is acquainted with Mr Aplins current girlfriend, accused Ms Wong of being intimate with her gym trainer and the wedding emcee, Mr Alan Wan. The Brides Outfits: Bridefully Yours He was also picked for a trial with J2 League side Matsumoto Yamaga FC in early 2018. That was how Anders and I first spoke to each other. I hadnt noticed Anders until then, and that was when it hit me. Image (now deleted) from Anders Aplin's Instagram page. Relationship with Anders Aplin. . Rachel Wong And Anders Aplin S . spring dresses for wedding; wedding cake snow cone syrup gallon; white and gold pakistani wedding dress. The million-dollar question here though, is whether a person should be forced to give up their private and confidential documents like a diary entry for the sake of justice or in legal terms, for the sake of a fair disposal of the matter. He agreed that Wu had managed to demonstrate that the items she was looking for were relevant for the trial. Justice Choo noted that she has about 41,400 followers on her Instagram account. Haha! The stories were published while Ms Wong's marriage with Mr Aplin, a footballer here, was undergoing annulment proceedings. Wedding Emcee Script. . Maybe Anders already knocked out already with his green beret on and she left the room? It should not be regarded as a comprehensive statement of the law and practice in this area. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The other thing that I really, really admire Anders for, is his courage to chase his dreams and passion from the day I met him. Ms Wong then sued the other woman for defamation. Ultimately though, the paramount consideration in an application for specific discovery is whether, taking all issues into account, the specified document or class of documents could be used at trial by one party or the other what the judge refers to as the broader relevancy test. Upon graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore, he began his career as a producer/presenter at Mediacorp. By a combination of Instagram-speak and the utter failure of counsel to translate that into English, the Statement of Claim is filled with chaff. She also claimed that on the night of their wedding, she, Mr Wan and another friend helped Mr Aplin to their hotel room when he passed out from alcohol intoxication. Mr Quek had also appended a copy of what appeared to be an entry from Ms Wongs diary professing her love for Mr Wan, along with a photograph purportedly of Ms Wong lying on his chest. Both of them had dated each other for six years after getting to know each other at Nanyang Technological University, and decided to tie the knot on 27 December 2019. Wong confirmed on affidavit that she did not have any correspondence with Han, nor had diary entries relating to Wan, except for the entry she had shown in her defence. Sinkie cheat on husband with emcee during wedding. He also made friends with Anders since they both signed up for the trip alone. The plaintiff describes herself as a full-time social media influencer, actress, model and host. [4], Anders next played for Singapore Recreation Club , where he was spotted by Geylang coach Noor Ali, who was then helming Yishun Sentek Mariners. On Tuesday (28 Jun), High Court judge Choo Han Teck dismissed Wongs appeal. Ms Wong was married to national footballer Anders Aplin, and Ms Wu alleged in the posts that Ms Wong cheated on him. hyatt ziva cancun wedding cost. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Rachel Wong and the Annulment of Marriage. He has since served in the . "From the exhibits that the defendant has produced, there is reason to believe that similar other entries may be found, and if the diaries are produced but no such entries are found, then surely that should strengthen the plaintiffs case at trial, he added. She and Mr Aplin annulled their marriage four months after tying the knot. We Are Hiring Friday, 16 June 2017. Inspired by the laid-back and casual vibe of a beach side, In this styled Punggol Beach pre-wedding shoot, Jacelyn and Sherman celebrate their love with a romantic picnic and walks on the sand. Anders was part of the Singapore Sports Schools inaugural cohort of footballers and moved on to the National Football Academy under-18s. A wedding is about everyone coming together to celebrate our marriage, and we didnt really see the point in holding a usual banquet where everyone turns up, sits down, eats their dinner, and leaves. Wan, who was the emcee at Wong and Aplin's wedding; Wong denies Wu's allegations. Wong's diary entries allegedly implicating Mr Wan from Jun 2018 to Jun 2020. But thats a surprise for the wedding day itself! Ms Wong then sued Ms Wu, claiming that the posts caused her to suffer damage to her reputation as a full-time social media influencer who depends on her image to secure business deals on partnerships. Ms Olivia Wu had branded Ms Wong the "Cheater of 2020" on Instagram, alleging that Ms Wong cheated on her ex-husband national footballer Anders Aplin with her gym trainer and their wedding emcee. He has a spontaneous and energetic personality, Besides being on the airwaves on radio and television, he also does Emceeing. In addition, Wong has since commenced a relationship with Wan. | U can come to my hse for piak piak if my hubby not around. Guests will get to pick from four wedding favour options that weve prepared. failed in her legal bid to stop another woman from obtaining correspondence, Woman sued for $3m by man she rejected counterclaims $1,475, Malaysian premier Anwar sues ex-PM Muhyiddin over $4.6 million payment claim, Amber Heard settles defamation case with ex Johnny Depp, Nick Kyrgios settles legal case with Wimbledon fan he accused of being drunk, Influencer fails to block access to exchanges, diary entries in defamation lawsuit, Singer JJ Lin sues netizen for defamation, Blogger awarded $60,000 in damages after winning defamation suit, Marathoner Soh Rui Yong loses defamation suit against ex-athletics official, Singapore PR feels country is "hollow" compared to Malaysia, More users post about Samsung phone issues after update, Aileen Tan celebrates 21st wedding anniversary. Rachel: Three things: The ability to live in the moment, be free, and chase his dreams/passion. 3,664 Followers, 1,371 Following, 103 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Anders Aplin (@andersalps) | According to TODAY, Wong later released a statement through her lawyer expressing how disappointed she was with the outcome. The friend was also the emcee at the wedding. 2 years earlier, Singapore's very own Izwan .

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