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When time in this Infinity is < 5 sec, ADs are multiplied by. Then, there are 3 repeatable upgrades. Study 181 is also important for getting the achievement "Like feasting on a behind" (as explained later in the guide). It costs 0 TT and has no pre-requisites. This means that you can make things impossible until you reset if Dimension 8's cost gets too high. You start Eternities with all Infinity Challenges unlocked and completed. 'Is this safe?' After the 2nd 3 way split, get Study 151, then 161 (162 later), then 171. Get 1.8e308 multiplier in a single Sacrifice. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Antimatter Dimensions - Antimatter Dimensions is a highly unfolding Idle Incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. Crunch in C8 with 3 minutes in this Infinity. You don't need to bother to unlock replicanti for short runs to 1 EP, but eventually they will unlock automatically, due to one of the milestones. This means that you can make things impossible until you reset if Dimension 8's cost gets too high. antimatter dimensions zero deaths; antimatter dimensions wiki; antimatter dimensions long lasting relationship; antimatter dimensions save editor; antimatter dimensions ic5; 500 52.97% (20.8) Multidimensional - Galaxy: Set max galaxies to a big number like 1000000. Active path is crucial for this achievement. 'I brake for NOBODY!' (log10(AD1)/10)^2.4 -> (log10(AD1)/10)^2.6, or AD1^0.01 -> AD1^0.011 if you completed IC2. Have 2 Antimatter Galaxies after buying an Antimatter Galaxy. Have 180 times more replicanti galaxies than normal galaxies. Set them to buy max (you can't with the tickspeed one yet). Use the active (left) path when doing longer runs for TT, if you can afford study 131/132/133. 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 50% stronger. This leaves 2 and 9. In the web version, the description for the reward is "Reduces starting tick interval by 2%. Have 10 Infinities (mobile: after Crunching). As you can see, to unlock EC1, you need 20,000 eternities, and that number only gets higher with further completions of that challenge. For time studies, once you have 201, and everything up to row 21, and 223 and 232, get 222, then switch to 224. You have to use a specific Time Studies setup, wait for Replicanti to build up, and get a bunch of Replicanti Galaxies so you can get enough tickspeed to progress. Antimatter Dimensions 1-4 are 25% stronger. Under optimal conditions, [=EC11x5=] still takes more than two hours to complete. At ~e11 EP: "Do I really need to infinity" - Respec Time Studies tree, DON'T get study 32 and continue buying other time studies as normal without study 32/33, and you must get enough IP (at least 1.8e308) to eternity in 5 seconds, which setting the big crunch autobuyer to 1.8e308 or higher (X times last crunch, as you will have to re-start it every time you fail otherwise) and have eternity autobuyer on at 0 EP. - Passively generate infinitied stat based on your fastest infnity: Infinitied stat is how many times you've infinitied but this stat will now be increased based on your fastest infinity. When you are stuck buy max of dimensions 8, 7, 6, 5, then 1. NOTE: The bulk buy amount displayed is not your current bulk buy, but the bulk buy on next purchase Once you upgrade all your dimension autobuyers to 512x bulk buy they will all automatically change to buy max. Start Eternities with 5e25 Infinity Points. With some waiting, you can get 500 300 IP for the last one. EC9 will be another challenge that will have a problem with TS181 when you first buy it, but that will be explained later on. At this point, you need to do IC5. ]], ** In the late-game, there is "Long lasting relationship" which requires you to. Gained Glyph level is increased by number of distinct Glyph types equipped. 0.00% Ultra Rare - 0.0 EXP. In the web version prior to the Reality Update, all the challenges were stored in a single variable. The infinity time requirement can be easily done in Eternity Challenge 12. Like regular Challenge 9, this requires very careful planning.]]. Have 50 Antimatter Galaxies after buying an Antimatter Galaxy. Antimatter Dimensions NG-4 Respecced You have antimatter. Note that you are supposed to grind during the challenge, not outside of the challenge. When this strategy stops working out for you, move to steps 5-8. You did this again just for the achievement right? Also, remember to get the last column of infinity upgrades around this time. In addition to having Challenge 9's restriction, when buying dimensions 1-4, everything with costs smaller or equal increases, and when buying dimensions 5-8, everything with costs bigger or equal increases. Technically does not require being in a challenge on web, but it is impossible to acquire before buying any of the last four Infinity Upgrades (which give you Dimension Boosts while outside challenges). This one tastes like chicken - Best Contents 2022 By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Meta-antimatter effect on dimension boosts is stronger (x^8 to x^9). Also, you can complete EC6x5 before/after this point. Internally called "Don't you dare to sleep" on the web version. '2 MILLION INFINITIES' - Just wait and maybe fix infinity and turn on your crunch autobuyer on and set your update rate to 33ms in options. Press F12, ctrl+shift+c, ctrl+shift+i, or ctrl+shift+j. This is only useful for uncapped replicanti, as there is no difference with capped replicanti. This replaces "Stop right there criminal scum! In the Reality Update, you can import "Galactic", "Work", "Bliss", "Blind", "Stellar" or "Blob". Steam. This achievement's informations are hidden until you Doom your Reality. OR: To get the achievement, turn off autobuyers, start a new eternity, and enter Automatic Big Crunches challenge. Antimatter Galaxies reset everything, but give a nice boost, so it's worth it. With this time study, you can be able to easily beat challenges and make more progress faster. Nerfed "Gift From The Gods"'s achievement reward. You could beat an EC more than 5 times, but there will be no reward and no change to the difficulty. Doing runs with 1 galaxy instead of 2 will be faster at this point. Try to keep infinity points (IP) on hand for the multiplier to first dimensions based on unspent IP. If you are going to use the waiting method, it is time consuming, so you should choose the Automatic Big Crunch challenge to complete the achievement, as it is faster and requires less waiting. 8000 to 15999: n --> ^ [apply notation to n-8e3] looks like this: ^ = 8100. When buying tickspeed, everything with the same cost increases. Get the sum of Infinity Challenge times under 750 milliseconds. However, you likely are in the period where you can clear EC8x5 without breaking a sweat. ", as the game is coded in a different language (Java/Kotlin) and access to a console is not possible without developer tools. - Yet another infinity reference: Set your sacrifice autobuyer to 1.80e308. Set the game to landscape mode in options and have the app open for 10 minutes total. Previously was 5 seconds in an earlier update. Instead, you can Dimension Boost just for the multiplier. How to do it: Close the game and do nothing for 6 hours. Last episode, I got the "Many Deaths" achievement, allowing me to gain Galaxy Points. You will lose all previous progress (except achievements and statistics, that includes challenge times) in exchange for eternity points (1 EP if you eternitied with 1.79e308 IP), which increases with more IP. Previously in the spot of 36. Gotten by lowering the window size. Focus on getting that time down. Researchers have cooled antimatter to near absolute zero for the first time by capturing it in a magnetic trap and blasting it with concentrated laser light. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Note that it is. This is impossible in the 5e11 IP to eternity stage due to the sheer multipliers to 1st dimensions. You wanted to do 5 Dimension Boosts to unlock Dimensional Sacrifice. Sum of Normal Challenge times 3 minutes after Crunching. You want 1000000 to max it. You may want to change your autobuyers for these (Reduce max galaxies to 0, or 1 if you need it, and turn on automatic dimension boosts but with max boosts at 4 and galaxies required to a high number, so that the 8th dimension can be unlocked while in challenges). Even the first few Realities won't make it go by much faster. You unlock TD5-8 after days of waiting for TT. Whatever you use for dilated runs after this is up to you, but idle will have more progress than active in the long run (for getting the maximum tachyon particles possible). Swapped places with "1 million is a lot" (77 -> 64). (Web) Ticker must start scrolling to be "encountered". The reward is unlike the 7 eternity milestone, instead of completing ICs when unlocked, it unlocks them forever. OR: Set the Big Crunch Autobuyer to 1e300 times last crunch, use the ID/Active path, then hold M. "Yo dawg, I heard you liked infinities" - Set big crunch autobuyer to X times last crunch mode, and the threshold should be at least 1.8e308 IP. 3-26-2020, v1.2.1: Fixed a bug where the max all antimatter dimensions button didn't work. Dimensions Statistics Achievements Dimensions Time Dimensions Production After this, save up 500 B IP for the upgrade that makes Galaxies 50% stronger. This TD multiplier helps a lot, so buy everything costing 1e17 EP or less, then you can buy your first eternity challenge. Dimension Boosting/shifting for the 5th time also unlocks a new mechanic. Time Dimensions generate time shards, which are translated into tickspeed upgrades. When you hit the 1e50 EP mark, you should have already obtained achievements up to "It's Over 9000" (completed achievements up to row 11), with row 12 achievements yet to be claimed (or partially some achievements in row 12). However, the ones provided in the cell are the ones intended to be imported by the developers. During this section, I recommend you set your dimension boost autobuyer to 0 (4 on mobile) max 8ths used on reset, However many galaxies you can get without boosting on the second field, then 1 bulk buy. All times are in seconds. Eternity without buying Antimatter Dimensions 1-7. Have your 1st ID's production be greater than your Infinity Power, for 60 seconds, while outside EC7. Row 12 achievements in this margin (only some, varying in difficulty): As usual, as you grind, you will eventually be able to do challenges, either for a faster completion or completing it right away when you can unlock it. Spend them on the left (21) path. At this point, buying TT will not make as much of a difference, as you produce more than you can buy, and you don't have to buy TT anymore. ** In the late-game, there is "Long lasting relationship" which requires you to [[spoiler:produce more Infinity Power per second than your Infinity Power for 60 consecutive seconds. Buy single tickspeed 100,000 (web: 1,000,000) times. Assuming your state is like the image on the right, you should keep getting repeatable upgrades, and after ~2 days you will finally reach e15 DT and e2350 EP. When time in infinity <3 minutes and in a challenge, all dimension multipliers are multiplied by. Once obtained, they have a picture of Nicolas Cage and reveals their description. After you reach around e260 IP, I recommend getting max replicanti galaxies in each infinity, as it will only take about 2 hours assuming you remember to upgrade everything (IP mult, IDs, replicanti upgrades). (grinding should be preferably done right away after you get study 181, as well as the achievement - usavictor) This achievement may take longer than this duration, as it depends on the achievements you already have (which this experience had 11 rows of achievements already completed) and IP multiplier. This is to prevent game-breaking growth. After getting 1e9 DT upgrade, it will be more useful to do long runs with the active path. You now have 11 total time theorems, so get Time Study 42. Before leaving this section, you should focus on grinding eternities. Here are steps for doing so. You can either do it now or skip it until later. Hold the 'Shift' key while viewing the Time Studies tab to view the Time Study numbers and path names. Antimatter Dimensions Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ** Eternity Challenge 11 is less of a challenge and more of a total slog. Get the 8th Antimatter Dimension multiplier to be highest, 7th Antimatter Dimension multiplier second highest, etc. Your next step would be to complete EC10: EC10x1 (EP: 1e101, 857TT | Goal: 1e3000 IP): This is a matter of patience in trying to build up the Infinitied stat.Use ND/Active path You need at least 160,000,000 infinities to get the required amount of IP, and it will take some time to do so. Even if you complete the challenge, matter will continue rising. Antimatter Dimensions is an Idle Incremental game with multiple layers of unlocks, prestige, and achievements. (Mobile) You keep your Replicanti and 1 Replicanti Galaxy on Infinity. Infinity Point generation based on fastest infinity. When you have another 500 TT, switch 222 for 228 then get 234. For achievements in each section, I only mention ones which either have a necessary reward or ones you might get naturally later on. Complete the 3rd Antimatter Dimension Autobuyer challenge (C3) in 10 seconds or less. - You didn't need it anyway: Just get really stacked and all (maybe 2 galaxies or something), and don't get or auto buy any 8th Dimensions. You will get the "Time is relative" achievement as the reward for doing your first eternity. Basically, you should get the smallest time records possible and minimize your record times. : This is a very simple achievement, an achievement that may have been already achieved if you were far into the lategame of April 2018, although you could get this achievement way before that. There is a . Continue down the time study tree. Got about to 30% after about an hour and realized it was going to take awhile. You may need a IP amount around 1.8e308 or at least the lowest IP amount you can get that is greater than 1.8e308 IP, and then keep big crunching by 1.8e308 times from there until 10 infinities with at least 1.8e308 times more IP than the last infinity are done. When you infinity, you unlock a lot of things. Instead, turn off your big crunch autobuyer, and buy Dimension boosts, Galaxies, Sacrifices at at least 2x if you can't do a reset instantly, and make sure you've done everything up to this point. Some people recommend to get all your replicated galaxies before crunching, but I personally am using a slightly different strategy: At 1e180 IP, keep crunching every 5 orders of magnitude of IP or so. Their name is visible before unlocking them, but there are no other hints. Tickspeed autobuyer can be on. The order of upgrades should go like this: 3x TP upgrade (if possible, but recommended) -> Double dilated time generation -> Galaxy threshold multiplier decrease (to prevent wasting dilated time, as it will reset). - Break infinity is unlocked next section. The method enabled scientists in . Added "in a challenge" to the description of "Zero Deaths". Buy the Dimension Boost costing 110 8th Dimensions. This upgrade is repeatable. This achievement switched positions with "Eternities are the new Infinity" (now 113) in the Reality Update. The first dilated run should take ~15 minutes. Also, by the time you have 6 Dimension Boosts, it will be so fast, that you will want to hold M down, which basically buys a lot of Dimensions quickly. You may have to wait about 2-3 hours for 1.8e308 replicanti and then buy a replicanti galaxy in order to do this. It takes about 20 or more hours to get this achievement, assuming that you are not buying any RGs and are at maximum replicate chance and interval, and have Time Study 62, 192 and 213. You will have also noticed that all dimensions have a 1.5x multiplier. However, before attempting EC4 "for real", you should fail it at least once. Spend your EP on Time Theorems. Get all of your Dimension autobuyer bulk buyers to 512. However, you receive a new currency called Tachyon Particles which produce dilated time. When saving up for a study, the extra TTs you have are refered to as spare ones. This should let you beat the challenge fairly quickly, and get that upgrade high. Getting to 80 8th dimensions takes 2-3 hours. Spend your first EP on First Time Dimension. If not, do challenge 8 now. Oh also, each time you buy a set of 10 dimensions, that dimension gains a 2x multiplier, so do it. You will see that it will help progression a TON. The replicate chance and interval are repeatable upgrades that cost IP. Once you have done this, do a LOOOOOOOOONG (up to 5 hours) run where you max out galaxies, dimension boosts, dimensional sacrifice and all to get 1e1900 Antimatter for the 2nd Infinity Dimension. Revisit challenges again. (PC) Removes the downsides from Time Study 131 and 133 in the Active and Idle Time Study paths. How to do it: When you can get 90 8th Dimensions make sure to buy singles until you have 99. Reduce tickspeed by 0.00% and get 1.050x to all dims Cost: 1 K Buy Max Tickrate: 0.10/s (0.10 before dilation), Tickspeed multiplier: 1.000 You have 308 tickspeed purchases left. Get to Infinity in under 250 milliseconds. When you reach the point where you can get EC4x5, you will eventually need to grind for more TT, as EC4x5 can only be beaten with studies up to study 181 (Gain 1% of IP gained on crunch each second, 200 TT). Time Dimensions are affected slightly by Tickspeed. Hold R during the run to get your RGs. Around 1e308 IP this can be reached by setting max galaxies to 29, dimboost bulk buy to 237, and autocrunch to 1e200. This takes possibly a few minutes to 10-20 minutes, depending on when you started IC6. Complete 50 unique Eternity Challenge tiers. Complete the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge (C9) in 3 minutes or less. Set max galaxies in the galaxy autobuyer to 1 and the dimension boost autobuyer to 56/2 for now. This will get you the achievement "You're a mistake", which doesn't really do anything, but just for completing row 11. You may have guessed that Eternity is a prestige layer at 1.8e308 IP, and that is right. on web. After this, do a bunch of quick runs for Eternity Milestones. If any formula results in a multiplier less than 1, treat it as a 1 unless otherwise stated. Crunch in IC5 with 15 seconds in this Infinity. (can be done way before 1e50 EP, with 1e300 times big crunch, ID/active path, just do your usual grinding technique, just changed to get fast enough to get under 200 ms eternities, and with a fast update rate in settings). Hold 8 until its price maxes out. x4 Infinity Point gain, and increase the multiplier for buying 10 Antimatter Dimensions by +0.1. The game will force you to big crunch which resets your progress. which may come at random. Crunch with 10 minutes in this Infinity. The chart above is extremely useful but if you want to, feel free to experiment with time study trees yourself without help of the chart. Like the other IC5 strats around, you'll want all upgrades costing 1e83 IP or less. Look at your IP/min on the big crunch button and wait until it peaks for the final time. Do a single long run while AFK, not multiple. This will allow you to fully automate IP farming. 1000 31.30% (24.9) Faster than a potato Get more than 1e29 ticks per second. Also remember to buy the infinity point doubling upgrade when possible. Repeat steps 2-6 for each galaxy after getting as many dimension boosts as you can. After some time once you have bought everything costing 1e45 IP or less, do a very long run to get e10500 Antimatter and unlock ID4. (Since reality made break infinity upgrades cheaper, I was able to get tickspeed cost multiplier increase to 2x and dimension cost multiplier increase to 8x as well as ID1 level 2 before I went for ID3, and as a result it took less than 20 minutes to unlock ID3). Instead of spending most of your time farming IP and finding the optimal IP/min. Crunch while in a Normal Challenge with 0 Dimension Boosts or Galaxies. 'Ludicrous Speed' - May be hard to get, but eventually with more progress, you can get it, by setting big crunch to 1e200, getting the most ID upgrades you can, and including replicanti. The advice at this point is to get more Time Theorems to be able to get more Eternity Challenges to complete for more bonuses. Each first dimension provides you with antimatter, each second dimension . "Potato" is 1e29, the requirement of the original "Faster than a Potato" achievement, so Potato^2 = 1e58. You should also optimize your challenge times. You can also do this for long TT runs, if you cannot afford study 131/132/133. However, unfortunately you have now hit the TD5 wall. For the tickspeed autobuyer challenge, set the autobuyers for Dimensions 1-6 to 3, 7 to 2, 8 to 1, and tickspeed to 4 (NOTE: unfortunately, you can't change priorities now, so set 1-7 to buy singles instead of max, hold the 4, 5, 6, and 7 hotkeys to get dimension shifts, then yeah). Subreddit dedicated for the game Antimatter Dimensions, Press J to jump to the feed. Crunch for 1e200 IP with 2 sec in this Infinity. Easily feasible by crunching regardless of replicanti and waiting for 9 replicanti. 8th Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger. As for time studies during this time, get 191, get a few million banked infinities, then get 211, then 212, then 193 (get 1000000 eternities), then 214 then finally 213. Antimatter Dimensions Wiki 108 Explore Wiki Content Community Register Achievements Edit Each Achievement has conditions that must be met before they are earned. 3-28-2020, v1.4: Added a new upgrade, and changed the font from meme font (impact) to . Unlock optimal automatic Glyph level factor adjustment. Cost: 2 IP. They do not have a reward and do not apply to the row multiplier. Holding M can can still help at this stage, but not so much later on. (There is also a secret achievement for this, fail it 10 times without refreshing.). You will be able to get lots of studies back. Professional Bodybuilder - Get all your dimension bulk buyers to 1e100. Row 18 achievements require Doomed Reality to display as achievement goal and name description normally instead of random text. In most browsers, those key combinations open the developer console. This means you only get 1 galaxy and only buy dimension boosts up to the one for 56, which is optimal. Eternity with 30 seconds in this Eternity. You want to do this because challenge 8 runs will be FASTER than normal runs for now. (Mobile) Have infinite Replicanti or > 0 Replicanti Galaxies with < 1 hour in this Infinity. <1 minute in the current Eternity, while Dilated. Buy max 8th dimensions. You will eventually get 20 4th Dimensions and have around 10 Trillion antimatter. 67,500 Points (XP) 31 100% Club. - Zero deaths: After unlocking the 2nd infinity dimension this will be easy just turn off your dimension boost autobuyer and don't buy any dimension boosts and enter any challenge. Now after buying everything under 25 M IP, go for 100 M IP, then do not buy anything. You will start with 10 Antimatter. You can speed up the process by clicking the "hide/show the news' in the Options repeatedly until you get the news ticker. Additionally all multipliers are further multiplied by everything else on this page. If I already start off with one dimensional shift boost does that mean I cannot complete this achievement? Now you're thinking with dilation! However, you can only do this a limited amount of times. Like regular Challenge 9, this requires very careful planning. Alternate grinding EP/min and doing long runs for more TTs. The reward is that antimatter will not reset on dimension shift/boost and on galaxy. Have all your past 10 Infinities be at least 1.8e308. The first one (Max 8ths used on reset) means to always Dimension Boost until it costs more than that many 8th dimensions. Get any Antimatter Dimension multiplier over 1e31. Requires 1e4000 EP and achivement 11-138 completion to make a reality. guys i found out how omega notation works. Seems like every time I ask a question on here it has a simple answer lmao. Synergism can go above 100% and Momentum increases 10x faster. Note: Banked infinities are useful for future completions of this challenge, go grind banked infinities and (not banked) eternities if you haven't, and you don't have to complete EC10 in one fell swoop (You don't have to do all the completions, you can do it later at e200 EP or higher. Total sacrifice multiplier 1e9000 after sacrificing. "Buy max" is the option used to buy all affordable tickspeed upgrades in one click. Get to Infinity without Dimension Boosts or Antimatter Galaxies while in a Normal Challenge. Once you have gotten as many dimension boosts and galaxies as you can, lose a reset and buy 1 of dimensions 1-8 in order. You can do a really long run overnight if you want. Once you get to this phase of the game, the IP and EP multipliers from these paths don't really matter because you're getting so many OoM so quickly, so therefore the big difference in the 2 paths is the replicanti production rate, as well as the greater replicanti multiplier due to the synergy between the Active and ID paths. When will it be enough? Then, at 1e280 IP and 1e60000 Antimatter, unlock ID8. At 1e56 IP, do IC3. After reaching 1e50 IP try to do runs where you get as many galaxies as you can in 1-10 minutes.

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