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What if Arthur stepped in to help raise Jack and take care of Abigail? I got this for you when I was in town. During the final train robbery Abigail is abducted by Agent Milton and taken to Van Horn, both Sadie and Arthur decide to rescue her. He would come up to you, his head hung low and say, Listen, Im sorry, I was out of line. He wouldnt dare to look up, simply waiting for your answer. On the way back, with the gang having pretty much fallen apart, Arthur sends Abigail and Sadie away whilst he confronts Micah. What? However, their last encounter is Arthur delivering his mortally wounded son after he chose to attack Cornwall's oil factory under Dutch's manipulation to compel him to do so. Arthur has a brief yet friendly relationship with Joe, with the two talking about recent events. The two shared a hug as one last goodbye before departing. Whilst exploring the world Arthur can, rarely, encounter Uncle being kicked out of a Saloon and about to be attacked by a man, with Arthur having the choice to intervene and protect him. Trelawny says he hopes to meet Arthur again but Arthur doubts this as he expects to die soon from his tuberculosis. After many years. She took time to adjust to her new life with the Van der Linde gang and would mostly be with Abigail. For most of1899, their relationship is strong and healthy, with Arthur having Dutchs full trust and respect and vice versa. I have been working on this for quite some time, so I decided to share it. Arthur points out that he is loyal and Bill is too dumb to realise the reality of the situation. Though Sean frequently annoyed Arthur, he was greatly saddened when Sean was killed in an ambush by the Grays, affectionately saying what fun times they had together and that he never realised how much he actually cared about him until he was dead. She is respected enough by Arthur that he, as well as Bill and Lenny, were happy enough for her to come along on a bank job in Valentine where she showed she is a capable gunslinger by holding people up inside the bank and shooting at the law when the gang were escaping. He is grateful for Arthur's contributions when he goes hunting and donates what he has caught. In another encounter around the Marston family's homestead Uncle can be seen talking to Abigail, telling her how all good things start with a good women, that John is the luckiest man alive and it was Arthur who told him that, causing Abigail to get up and leave whilst crying. He also gains new relationships throughout his journey. He further demonstrates his hostility by calling Arthur a turncoat after Bill goes at Abigail and Uncle. John refuses and doesnt want to leave him behind but Arthur tells him that neither of them will make it out as Arthur is being slowed down by his illness and knows that he is eventually going to die. This is where I post my fulfilled tumblr-requests, all centered around our favorite cowpokes. You have come to this country, the new world, in search of a better life, and instead, turned out worse than where you came from. Whos my good girl? In regard to Arthur's indefatigable ability to provide the gang with money, food, and supplies, Dutch, while encountered in camp, will call Arthur "the best man among us.". Arthur, with Miss Grimshaw, rescue Tilly and successfully capture Anthony Foreman, who Tilly warns to stay away from her. Jack can ask Arthur to get Abigail's Thimble and a Penny Dreadful book, showing he goes to Arthur when he is in need of something, in return for the Thimble he will give you a drawing, for the book he will regularly leave Candy Bars at Arthur's tent. Arthur see's Uncle in a negative light and holds him in contempt for his laziness, but ultimately tolerates him and is willing to put up with some of his comments, likely a result of Uncle being one of the oldest members of the gang. Tilly is also very kind to Arthur, frequently expressing concern for him as his health begins to deteriorate and wishing he'd take better care of himself. At the camp Bill can ask Arthur for some hair pomade and in return will leave Arthur repeater ammo beside his tent. They successfully broke John out of prison but at the same time annoyed Dutch for disobeying his orders, however, Sadie's loyalty is to Arthur and isn't too fazed by Dutch's frustration with them. Occasionally, at camp, Arthur can open up to Karen and tell her how he really feels and what he thinks of his violent actions. If anything could have saved Arthur from his fate, it was Mary Linton. Arthur worked with John to help him leave the gang with Abigail and Jack, behind Dutch's back, and promised to help him retrieve Dutch's hidden stash so he and his family could have a life of their own. Sean was like the annoying younger brother to Arthur. Arthurs there, patiently brushing and plaiting the mane of his newest mount, a tall dappled grey thoroughbred. In a random camp encounter Abigail complains that she cannot afford a new set of clothes for Jack, giving Arthur the choice to give her $5, indicating that he is willing to help Abigail and Jack in any way he can. After the gang manages to loot the safe and return to the lobby Trelawny gets into an argument with Blythe, who Arthur beat at Poker, believing that he cheated. Eliza and Isaac's deaths have also deeplyaffected his loyalty to his gang, considering them as his family, and holding disdain for John Marston for leaving Abigail Roberts when he got her pregnant with their son, Jack. During certain points in the game, like Karen and Mary-Beth, Arthur can confide in Tilly that he's not always certain of his place in life and questions why he does the things he does. His only notable encounter is having an argument with Sadie when she refuses to cut the vegetables for him, with Arthur intervening before a fight breaks out. It is mentioned that he beat Arthur at times. A drunken Molly falsely claimed to have ratted on the gang when they moved to Beaver Hollow. Very patient when it comes to teaching you anything, be it the drawing, horse riding or shooting. Arthur and Charles were very good friends. tbh I woulda plowed the shit out of Karen if I was in the gang lmao. One of the strongest aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 is its ability to weave complex, multifaceted characters. Arthur comforts him and tells him that he no longer has to worry about being alone again. Dutch also shows clear trust in Arthur and complete confidence in his protege's numerous abilities. At camp Strauss never had random conversations with Arthur and instead would be seen working on his ledger or reading the paper at his tent. The fight ends with Sadie killing the O'Driscoll's last leader and opening up to him about how much she misses her husband. Charles taught Arthur how to hunt early in the story when Pearson complained that there wasn't enough food. Arthur, with Charles, then rescues Eagles Flies from Fort Wallace, much to Rains Fall's gratitude. Before Arthur's illness, Micah rarely tried to annoy Arthur and often tried to be friendly with Arthur, respecting him and likely wishing that they could be friends. Nonetheless, being Dutch's girlfriend Molly had Arthur's respect and she in return. There are things that can be forgot, and there are things that can be forgiven. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After Hosea died, Arthur said he missed Hoseas wisdom. It was here Sadie proved herself, being completely fearless and dominant in the shootout. Nonetheless, Arthur and Strauss maintained civility towards each other, with Strauss calling Arthur "Herr Morgan" (German for "sir") and Arthur referring to him as "Mr. Strauss", or on some occasions, "Herr Strauss". Arthur will ask Swanson questions about his decision to leave with him trying to explain himself. During a random stagecoach robbery Micah Bell speculates that John could be turning on the gang and points out the doubts Arthur has of him, but Arthur retorts that hes known him for so long that he has no doubts, showing that, despite what John had done in the past, and how Arthur felt about it, he still knows John would never betray the gang. By the end of the chapter, Arthur is in a stand off with Micah andinformseveryone in the gang that he is the rat and has been helping the Pinkertons. When getting back up Arthur jokingly tells him that he should have taken money but that he is thankful for saving him. As he crawled towards his final resting place, he never intended to wake up again. Was it for the last time, or was something else bound to happen? "Mary-Beth," he rumbles in reply, the depth of his voice thick with liquor and the cigarette he's nursing. When Kieran is brought into camp, Mary Beth starts feeding him and sneaking him in drinks while Kieran's tied to the tree, as the story progresses, Mary . He can ask Arthur for some Medicinal Cream and in return will give Arthur a set of clothes. Arthur'sloss of faith in Dutch is exacerbatedafter hekills Leviticus Cornwall despite claiminghe was just going to meet him for a "social call" to try and strike a deal. In said letter,she saysit is time to cut ties for good, knowing that Arthur will never change, while also apologizing for the pain their failed relationship caused him. Every few months Arthur would visit Eliza and Isaac and stay with them for a few days. Abigail confirms that he remembers correctly but that John does not like to talk about it. However, this might be because of her disappointment in how far Dutch has fallen rather than genuinely preferring Arthur, as anecdotes can be heard that Miss Grimshaw was rather close to Dutch before the events in the game. Despite their poor relationship, the two work well enough together to get a job done. This is followed by an assault on the gang's hideout by the O'Driscolls. Now she was Out, she could be who she wanted to be and Leslie Dupont was who she had wanted to be: an author who was not afraid and wrote with her heart. Hosea summed up his relationship with Dutch and Arthur as "the curious couple with their unruly child." He can also ask Arthur to find him a rabbit and in return will give him a Nutritious Stew. Nope. Arthur would help Sean when robbing a small cabin and when they set fire to the Gray Family's fields. Mary-Beth was attempting to stumble after them, but thankfully Charles intercepted and grabbed her, seemingly trying to keep her distracted. Lenny can request Arthur to find him a pocket watch and in return will leave Arthur a stick of dynamite at his tent. Believing that he owes it to Arthur to help John and his family, who Arthur gave up his life for. Arthur takes off his hat and gives it to John, as well as his satchel. The two then bid each other farewell, with mutual respect, this being the last time they see each other. They both take each others hands and Abigail says she has always been a good thief to which Arthur acknowledges, giving one final, emotional, goodbye before departing. She is also one of the members that can come up to Arthur for a chat, specifically concerning Karen and her drinking habits. If the player has high honor, Micah will instead leave Arthur to die. She tried talking to Arthur when she felt something was off about Dutch but was interrupted by Uncle. The gang is in trouble, and as Arthur and Mary Beth aim to set out on their own one day, they must find a way to help those they love while eventually, finding escape. The incident devastated Arthur and he never truly coped with the loss. With Arthur having become greatly disillusioned with Dutch, andnow realizing that he hasbecome a shadow of his former self, or possibly the man he has always been who merely uses others to further his own desires, he decides to help John, Abigail and Jack escape the gang and be free from all this trouble. Summary: Youve just escaped from Blackwater, barely ducking from bullets that were shot your way. However, Trelawny is very useful and a pleasant person to be around. Mary-Beth is unique as one of the camp members as she is rarely seen taking part in any missions, unlike Karen and Tilly. Whilst at camp he talks to Arthur about robbing a lucrative stagecoach and introduces him to Alden, who can be used throughout the story to find stagecoaches to rob. Arthur and Dutch have a long history together, with Arthur seeing him as a mentor and a father figure who taught him the life of an outlaw and embraced Dutch's view of a life free from modern civilisation and its rules. Their relationship is actually one of the best plot lines in RDR2. Like some others, he decides to leave when the gang begins to fall apart. Whilst confronting Milton Arthur is told by him that Micah has been informing the Pinkertons about the gang's activities. John took Arthurs words to heart of running and not looking back, as he used those words on Abigail and Jack before his own sacrifice. Assorted scenes & vignettes. Strauss was shot in the leg in this encounter and Arthur, John and Dutch worked to get him to safety.

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