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First identify your Intel Graphics Controller to check which graphics driver you need. But if you consumed it all and don't want your precious girls get blown to smithereens by those in that bracket, then RIP you. There is one triangle, two triangles, and three triangles. Most graphics cards in the market today require at least 8 PCIe lanes to operate at their maximum performance in gaming . These are required in order to Limit Break said PR ship. Friedrich now has two separate barrages: Eins and Zwei. Better feed those 2* rarity girls to your ships rather than scrapping them since they don't give medals because feeding these girls " enhances " their stats so you can have the better edge in defeating those enemies. The FP/RLD buff is increased to 10% (20%)., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Recovering your game account in the event of failed updates or failed data transfer across devices, Protecting your game data in the event your game is unexpectedly uninstalled or broken. If it's blocked by any anti-virus software, please report to Azur Lane Developer: Yostar Limited Category: Role playing 4.4 DOWNLOAD (68M) slide 2 to 3 of 3 You get 5 PVP passes that you can acquire at the following times : 12:00am, 12:00pm and 6:00pm JST. The Lab tab is where you can research ships, fleet technology, and gear. There are two reasons why farming for backline PR ships is so much easier than vanguards. Click on "SERVER" to access the game's server list. Rising. When asked, they responded, Probably has nothing to do with my work. However, more challenging enemies give more experience. Perseus. With it we will have a wonderful collection of more than 200 appearances to customize our ships. Target 5: Complete any 8 Reseach Projects - Unlocked after " 96 hours " after starting PR Development on chosen ship. 18. pinned by moderators. If you have at least 80 medals, you can exchange for the featured SSR ship girl of the first or second half of the month guaranteed once. Commissions are unlocked when you reach level 12. As long as they have high morale, they will individually get a 1.2 times multiplier for their regular XP battle. This will give you a lot more XP per battle, and it is the easiest thing to do. So do not forget to build more than one fleet, complete the missions by switching between the fleets, and send your ships with low mood levels to the Dorm building. Above these buttons will be green text displaying the name of your account (or the email you bounded your game account to for a Yostar account). Yes, commissions. If you have a ton of oil, you can go farm all the way to 12-4 or some higher stage to complete it with a much better fleet. Person vs Nature. Remember to play Daily Raids. Anime. At any time, you can disconnect your AL account from the Facebook and Twitter accounts you bounded it to by clicking on the grey "Disconnect" buttons for each and following their respective directions. AP damage dealt is increased by an additional 5%. Every day the first 15 purchases are discounted, this is a combined amount amongst all ships in all supported seasons, you do not get 2 free prints per day per ship for example. Its time to use the advanced multitasking features of BlueStacks 4: While your ships are fighting automatically, you can continue surfing. Removes lead ship requirement, enhances barrage and reduces DMG taken by 1.5% (6.0%) for 50s. You can also rename your ship girl's name once after marriage. You'll pick certain amount of girls and dispatch them to their missions. Just put three of the royal navy vanguard if youre farming for someone, and dont trade them out for someone that doesnt match. However the PR prints and DR prints discounts are calculated seperately. On March 24th, the official Azur Lane Twitter account announced that a new character fashioned with a gyaru aesthetic, USS Marblehead, would be [gracing] your dock in the near future: USS Marblehead is preparing to sortie and she will grace your dock in the near future, Commander.#AzurLane #Yostar, Azur Lane Official (@AzurLane_EN) March 24, 2020. So after a while, you become unable to complete the story missions. This guide assumes that you have successfully downloaded and installed Azur Lane on your device or emulator and can play normally. Also in the mean time you can try the fixes mentioned below. For example, I would not put Yuubari retrofit to go and farm for someone that requires royal navy vanguard. You need an aircraft carrier or one battleship in here. One ship daily helps finish your daily quests plus a little step for your weekly quests. When your AL account is not bounded to anything, these buttons will appear blue and have the "Connect" text. Now the flagship, which is the back middle position, will gain an additional 50 experience for each sort multiplied by other bonuses like the MVP bonus; your backline ship will earn an insane amount of XP per battle. For example, in order to join a guild, you have to be at least level 10. Description of the SEC. As with most games, Azur Lanes real activities begin in the late-game phase. In the Gear Lab you can construct a number of weapons from the factions Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, Sakura Empire and Iris Orthodoxy. Azur Lane Khorovod of Dawns Rime, Northern Parliament Phase II, and more! Allows the player . It includes some prizes for you to attain such as skins, rare equipment, rare ship girls etc. You cannot use PR1 Combat Data Packs on PR2 ships for example). Click the gold button to generate an ID and password automatically. Azur Lane () is a Free-to-Play Chinese mobile Shoot 'Em Up with Mon elements developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, published by bilibili for both iOS and Android. The ship that gets the MVP award will get double the XP, and since you get double the XP on the ship that you are using for PR grind, that is four vanguards worth of XP for three ships. Once you unlock, you can drop in just one ship to focus and leave her overnight to increase your timer if you don't have much food left. In the meantime, dont forget to claim your rewards at every 10 levels. Each tab contains a tree starting with Rare or Elite equipment and working up to SR or UR equipment. But the things you do during this process are usually the same, so if you dont play efficiently, you can get bored in a while. Target 4: Earn 2 million experience points with a specific nation - Unlocked after " 72 hours " after starting PR Development on chosen ship, and, finishing Target 1 first. Eldrige is more of a PVP ship as far as i used her. You can upgrade your Tier 1 Boxes into Tier 2 and Tier 2 into Tier 3. Belfast also helps with defense because of her smoke screen, which is extremely helpful in countering airstrikes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes, we get small or huge events in a set amount of time. As you may know, after a battle ends, there will be one ship that will be awarded the MVP for doing the most damage. Start 8-hour missions before exiting the game. This page was last modified on 3 February 2023, at 22:46. Organize up to six ships into flotilla . This feature is very much valuable in order to level your other ships on standby at your docks when you're not sortieing them for other matters. A life-long anime fan, comic book reader, and video game player, Spencer believes in supporting every claim with evidence and that Ben Reilly is the best version of Spider-Man. In general, the longer the duration of a commission, the more XP points you can earn. Do note that if you are already logged into your account on one device, logging in to your account on another device will log you out from the initial device. As this is only a totally not " quick " wall of text beginner starter guide, there are other info out there that is not listed here like specific fleet lineups, stat formulas, equipment guides etc. Projects may require the player to pay resources or complete an objective, and it takes time to complete. Thats why we prepared this guide: By learning the ways to level up faster on Azur Lane, you can shorten your late-game journey and start taking advantage of all the features of the game in less time. Atago from Azur Lane Published: Dec 11, 2019 By BangLinh1997 Watch 943 Favourites Comments 22.8K Views adorable bikini commission cute digitalpainting drawing lingerie photoshop atago painttoolsai commissionsopen pointcommission moneycommissionbanglinhbanglinh1997azurlaneblackhairwhitesexybeautifulatago_azur_laneatago_azurlaneazurlanefanart So you can still earn XP points by redoing a completed mission. You also need one dupe or a BULIN + plus having said ship girl to remodel to level 85+. Neither does Tier 4 into Tier 5 will have any effect. Your existing account transfer code should still work after Twitter linking; however, this is not confirmed by AL Management, so be cautious when trying to use the new function. Hot. By Popularity; By Role; By Section; Chart; A-Z; VA Check; FILTER. I figure I'll eventually get Eldridge from PvP but will Prinz be able to cover that weakness? You can buy food at the cost of oil, but the premium food costs diamonds. Note that the levels of PR ships are not capped by the number of limit breaks they have undergone; for instance, a recently obtained Neptune (with no development levels and limit breaks) can still reach level 100, and indeed level 125 using the Cognition Awakening system. Yostar will ask for an email and ask you to input a confirmation code. A Twitter user has accused popular battleship ginjika game Azur Lane of referencing a particularly controversial hentai doujin based solely on a small accessory included in the character design of a newly revealed character. The truth is that it only does that but come on, they are really amazing and it is well worth trying. Changed damage reduction activation requirement from Sardegna Empire ship to Main Fleet ship. They replenish your fleet with 3 ammo. Perseus' second skill is. Oathing a ship has the following effects: Increase their Affection cap to 200, allowing access to further stat bonuses. Ulrich von Hutten. Megathreads. You can still get her on Construction though. Whenever Friedrich fires her Main Guns, she will now fire a new Lv.1 (Lv.10) "Zwei" barrage whose damage scales with the skill's level. o/, You can find me most of the time in many Discord Servers or sometimes in Reddit. Monday: Destroyers ( DD ) and Repair Ships ( AR), Tuesday: Heavy Cruisers ( CA ), Light Cruisers ( CL ) and Repair Ships ( AR), Wednesday: Battleships ( BB ), Battlecruisers ( BC ), Monitors ( BM ) and Aviation Battleships ( BBV ), Thursday: Aircraft Carriers ( CV ), Light Aircraft Carriers ( CVL ) and Aviation Battleships ( BBV ), Friday: Destroyers ( DD ) and Repair Ships ( AR ), Saturday: Heavy Cruisers ( CA ), Light Cruisers ( CL ) and Repair Ships ( AR). Development of these ships are not newbie-friendly, and will succumb to the grind if not prepared properly. Increases activation chance to 50% (100%), increases Evasion buff to 15 (25%) and additionally reduces torpedo damage taken by 5% (15%). For now, Cognition Awakening them increments in 5 levels, up to level 120. There are only a limited number of ships with their " Kai " ( If you played Kantai Collection then you'll know this term ) versions in game for now. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. In addition, a webform and email box are now available for the public to provide input on these issues. When completed, Projects can produce General Blueprints and other rewards. Remember that server difference note above? Upgrade cost for opening 2nd floor is 500 gem. Spencer is the Editor for Bounding Into Comics. The best Azur Lane best weapons on the list, the Twin 203 MLE 1924, is event exclusive, so you might not have more than one of it. Azur Lane 10 Beginner/General Things YOU SHOULD NOT DO! You can also exchange for other ships beside the featured SSR ship girl, or equipment boxes or blueprints, but they have varied timers and refresh some time of the day, so better grab what you can early. After properly identifying the system type, install the correct 64-bit or 32-bit graphics driver. If the generation is successful, you will see a green text informing you that the ID has been successfully generated. SMASH or PASS: Ads. You don't need to limit yourself by not using drills to your crafting queues. Skill now activates at the beginning of the battle. Windows 10 is recommended. Azur Lane Duke of York: Prestige of the Glorious Formula 1/4 Scale Figure (Re-run) $284.99 $270.74 (5% OFF) Pre-order. Meanwhile, its your very choice if you wanna marry more girls or buying all of the skins by whaling more. Azur Lane. The same class the ship is fed to, the more stat boost it gets. Removed lead vanguard requirement for max stacks. Posted by. Wrong!, you'll get them later anyway. TSA PreCheck screening may still be an option through the standard screening lane when dedicated TSA PreCheck screening lanes are not available. Core Data is awarded based on the chapter number. Complete 5 research projects 3. Azur Lane Official (@AzurLane_EN) March 24, 2020 Following her announcement, users on Twitter began to take note of Marblehead's ID card, which shows what appears to be a previous, dark-haired appearance for Marblehead, and began to jokingly assert that the difference in appearances is a reference to the hentai doujin 'Emergence': Should I dump all of my skill books into her or should I still take advantage of the 50% EXP boost and train other girls? So, the first thing you should do is to complete the main story missions without a break. Want to expand your dorms? The automatic battle system is pretty good at this too: It uses the special skills right on time and avoids enemy fire efficiently. Sortie away! Rookie Missions and Cruise Missions offer Combat Data Packs which can be substituted to count for 10,000XP for Combat Data Collection by using the "Speed Up" button (of the respective series. Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Ship type: BB BC BBV CV CVL CB CA CL DD SS SSV AR. These are used to increase faction Tech Level, which also gives stat bonuses. Finish the tutorial and claim your cute starter ship girl. The best research projects to farm blueprints from are D-type projects (with a ship on their icons). Hard Mode is an alternate mode available to players that features the same maps and enemy types but are a higher level. A total of 400 Combat Data Packs are available for PR2, 3 & 4, worth 4,000,000XP, and 800 Combat Data Packs for PR1 total worth 8,000,000XP Prototype Cores through Rookie Missions. Applies special burn to barrage. To meet ECFMG's requirements: Applicants who take OET Medicine before April 1, 2022 must attain a minimum score of 350 on each of the four measured sub-tests of OET Medicine (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) in one test administration. A unique mix of RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined in a beautifully designed anime game Easy and intuitive gameplay, built on the concept of 2D side-scroller, is the main feature of. Watch your oil. Azur Lane Tips for PR Farming EXP Guide. card. Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions . This is not a mistake, on the contrary, a special mechanic: Azur Lane wants you to do the missions you complete once more. Note that the PR ship you're developing needs ship lineups on your sorties that are the same class as hers for the " Target 1 and 4 missions ". There's overnight expeditions that unlock about 2-hours-ish before midnight reset everynight. that can be easily collected thanks to its generous rates and ease of stacking up build currency (Wisdom cube in this case). If your fleet doesn't have ammo anymore, you can find the dock within the map. Extra exp but less potential drop when you battle an ambush. After getting decent ships (or not), try to not spam craft until limited construction rate ups come or event constructions. To do this, access your Account settings menu, which you did following Step 1 and Step 2. Once you send them on a commission mission, you just wait for the results. Every Combat Data Pack can alternatively be converted to 2 Prototype Cores in the Depot, which can be exchanged for prints used in enhancing. Is it fine to use Indianapolis with Prinz Eugen? Search. Why is this? Also note those spending missions on the Targets need you to spend those in the Research Development Menu where you're developing these girls, not outside of it. You damn sadistic pervert. The in-game character designs will also feature cel-shaded . S TIER S: Crazy Strong! Note: Connecting to your account through any of these options behaves the same way with how you bounded your game account to them. Kasumi. Chick Magnet: Downplayed in the game where he still has to actually earn the affection of the Shipgirls (though more than a few are openly flirtatious and even outright lustful toward him regardless of affinity), but each shipgirl you consistently send into battle will inevitably fall for you. So putting Yuubari with two other sakura empire cruisers, such as Noshiro or Isuzu retrofit, will allow you to get a ton of extra experience because of her cruiser XP gain. After entering your email, you will receive a code which you must input within the next 30 minutes to bind your Azur Lane account to a Yostar account. In this context, the most ideal method would be to create 3 fleets: Use one for commissions, the other for ops, and the other for main story missions. Players can access Hard Mode by pressing the red "Hard" button on the bottom left on stage selection screen. The following prices apply to enhance series by coin: Fate Simulation (called "Integrity Reinforcement" in the JP server), is a way to improve Research ships that have reached development level 30 with extra General Blueprints. Unlocked at Commander Level 50, a player may level certain classes of ships acquired from the additional exp of max leveled limit breaked ships whether if the ship is awakened or not depending on what day you are gonna use the Auditorium: Sunday: None. Commissions are your other passive exp accumulation, as well as one of the features that gives you Oil, Gold, Furniture Coins, Cubes, Drills, Diamonds, Ship Girl etc. ( For example, if you're running a full battleship backline throughout the entire game, you need to change that here in Hard mode. Each faction is separated into tabs for each type of Main Gun, each type of Aircraft, and both Submarine and Surface Torpedoes. Read reviews on the anime Azur Lane (Azur Lane the Animation) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. The MVP ship will receive an additional two times XP multiplier that stacks with the other experience buffs. When sortied as flagship, enhance "Legendary Voyage" barrage, and increase its activation chance by 10%. I finished 2-4 before any of my ships were lv20. Talking about diamonds, you can get these precious stones free by 3* a map, collecting the specific lineup of girls limit broken in the collection menu, and commissions. I reset marathoned for a good ship and got Takao. 18 of the 36 barrage shells are changed to arcing shells with a small AOE. In this example: Go to Control Panel > Systems and Security > System. So if you use any of these four ships right now, you will gain extra XP, which will be an incredible time for a PR grind. Enter the ID and password you have generated in the previous steps. But if your luck run out, better luck next time. Prinz is much more tankier, essential for the frontline. Main Gun efficiency increased by 15%. Click on the pen and paper icon at the top left options panel. Copyright 2022, Bounding Into Comics. March 27, 2021. So aim for a more difficult opponent to get more XP. Conflict is the heart of a story. Plus her purple fireballs are beautiful danmaku bullets so i still use her sometimes in PVE. SSR Ship drop rates have an abyssmal rate of 1% or below, with 0.05% as i recall correctly in CN server, so expect days to weeks to months of farming an SSR ship girl in a specific map. Your early prioritization on diamond usage should be unlocking two more slots for your girls in Backyard, or all three of them if you're very whale enough or getting enough diamonds for more passive exp distribution for your ship girls. While account binding is not required to play Azur Lane, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to do so for: Recovering your game account in the event of failed updates or failed data transfer across devices Protecting your game data in the event your game is unexpectedly uninstalled or broken General account security Cross-platform playing You can get furniture coins mostly from Commissions or some Quests. He can be found on Twitter @kabutoridermav. The XP points you earn wont change, but your ships scores may be different. With your AL account now binded to a third-party source account, click on "Logout" and confirm you would like to logout to return to the game's starting screen. Besides the new development feature, another feature was added called the " Tech Academy ". Its used so that if you can't win against an opponent bracket, you change that and matchup with another opponent bracket. At the login screen of your new device, click on the same icon as here which is in the bottom left of the. Belfast. But when it comes to the RoTFS mod you have to be very careful. Why did I say to remember playing Daily Raids? Once a ship reaches 100 affection, it's possible to Oath them by offering a Ring of Promise. (If you have to repeat a mission, of course, it takes longer.) Retrofitting a ship is both easy and hard. Faction tech points. In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play. card classic compact. After the Research project is finished for a certain amount of time, it gives you plenty of blueprints and gold. Azuma. It doesnt climb into any gates. You mean rerolling? $33.99 $32.29 (5% OFF) Facebook and Twitter will ask you to login and verify. Evasion is increased for an additional 10 seconds. They are often into the thing they are complaining about. If players clear Chapter 1 three times with a 100% completion rate, they reduce the threat level to zero. If you're in the " Azur Lane English Community " Discord server which you can get in by this [invite] ( ), or going through wiki for the invite , better read the picture guides or some of the other info inside the PINNED MESSAGES in the server so you know what to find later on for info. Because putting an actual ship instead of Yuubari will allow me to get much more XP towards the PR grind than putting Yuubari in just for that buff. There's also the Reddit link for more info too, plus the invite for the Discord server. Chapter 1 is excluded since it only needs 1 fleet per map. Suggestion for furnitures: Buy everything. Hello everyone, Admiral Rubicante here, bringing you a totally " quick " beginner guide in playing this game, with information both for newbies and veterans. Person vs Person. To turn on some features in the game, you need to upgrade your own level first. It is primarily used to gain passive exp by feeding them food and regenerate their morale. Another factor that plays to Azur Lane's success is its minimalistic approach. Drake. Easy and intuitive gameplay, built on the concept of 2D side-scroller, is the main feature of Azur Lane. Does lower morale affect the stats of the ship or is just to make you feel bad? If, by chance it was inspired by my stuff then I would be flattered and would ask for some work to be sent my way. The Auditorium is closed on these days, but the bar gains twice the exp gained from sorties. Choose one (or all three) and follow the pop-up instructions for binding your game account. Historically, the Commission has looked to the . Power level in 1-4 up till your ship girls are level 30 or a decent level you like for them so you can advance to Chapter 2, Repeat above but in 2-4 or a decent map you can battle with and level your ship girls to a level they can handle so you can advance to Chapter 3. Heals an additional 5% of damage dealt. Its also good to go on to take the higher stages, for instance, Belfast, Sirius, and Swiftsure. It's not min maxed entirely with gear because I can tweak it much better. Your ships have four different levels of emotion, which directly affect how successful they are on the battlefield. And if I want to farm, Drake wh requires Royal Navy Vanguards; I will click then Royal Navy. Your PC, phone and tablet are now binded to your account and you can now play on whatever device you want.

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