c3po tier 7 no logray

Description. Took me about 15-20 tries. Legendary C3P0 - Defeat Tier 7 with Gear 9 Ewoks No Logray[edit] Tips for 7 star: Kill Chewy first to stop assists Wicket: use Wickets special on Elder to keep him stealthed Teebo: if you're going to town on a toon, and Teebo has stealth and another enemy has almost full TM, switch targets and have Teebo take it out References: So far, we've completely ignored Chirpa's lead: any of these Specials can call someone to assist, giving even more TM and more damage. zCC (L) g9, EE g8, Wicket 5* g7, Logray 5* g7, Paploo g8. Logray dispels the Endor Rebel Commando and my offensive focus is on Chewbacca who is dazed. Logray is nice but doesn't effect your squad nearly as much as Wicket does giving taunt to paploo and keeping elder stealthed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Ability order Elder - heal/cleanse if anyone has a debuff. How to Beat Contact Protocol C3PO Ewok Event Guide Tier 7 SWGOH RaiderOne 102 subscribers 8.7K views 1 year ago Playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on BlueStacks @ 60 FPS, 1080P Support us on. Teebo removes tm when he has stealth. Woohooo! Where are the details? But in this event the other team is tm loaded and will get their alpha strike off no matter what, and it's a long event relatively speaking. Around +100-115 speed mods on everyone. 100% the trick here is Turn Meter Management. Kill order is chewie, han, trooper, then who cares you've won but I did leia because r2 is incredibly tanky this event. A typical opening turn, with the optimal Ewok team, looks like this: So, in conclusion, Ewoks are fast, snowballing death machines that are damn hard to kill. Crit Chance and Damage on Scout since he's the DPS (lol) though his turn meter removal on basic is key. Paploo does absolutely no damage he's there to soak damage and for utility. The enemy gets an incredible opening salvo, then you get to run the Ewok TM death train until it breaks, then they get to wallop you again. High quality goods Prices Drop As You Shop Takara Tomy STAR WARS The Force Awakens 12 inch FIGURE BB-8 & C-3PO & RO-4LO Set High quality goods cornerstone.pk, US $171.98 Middle East Free 100% Authentic Year : 2018, Enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping The latest style . .more. Made it to 7* tier, got close to taking out Chewie on my 2nd attempt but fell short. Another element of RNG. Fairly good mods. Most of my runs were like that. and our My tip: Lots of people recommending you keep Elder stealthed with Wicket's assist, and while that's usually a good idea, don't be afraid to use Wicket to call Teebo to assist if you can stop a 90% TM Han from taking a turn. Once both Chewie and Han are down it gets a lot easier. The others are almost as bad as they all want the same energy. My G12+5 Paploo, with +146 Speed mods, takes his first turn at 332 Speed. 85 58 % . Regardless, this is a very effective zeta for shorter battles like in Arena and TW. Even chirpa's basic is pretty weak sauce, especially at low gear. I managed t7 without paploo, but had logray (zchirp, wicket, logray, scout, elder, all g11). You think its also achieveble without Zeta on wicket? Press J to jump to the feed. Then it was just a game of keeping everyones TM down while I chipped away at them. I tried at first with zChirpa and Scout G9, and Wicket, Paploo and Ewok Elder at G11 (no zetas). Also, he has a chance to get a bonus turn, which can be used to call Elder to assist, stealthing both of them and giving another chance for Elder to spread TM, By this point, things are looking crazy. This is required. Will take a lot of gear without wicket because he's like half your damage output, and his assists keep elder stealthed. They can be used effectively pretty much anywhere, and there's a good chance they'll be needed for everyone's favorite golden protocol droid. Max out Crit Damage, get at least 65% Crit Chance (ideally 75%), then max Offence. Contents. 85 54 % Teebo Speed: 181.0 . I also took out chewie first. Need help with your mods in SWGoH? Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. Paploo - dispel tank, call assist scout, keep taunt up. Once han and chewie are dead I felt very comfortable: they had lost probably 70% of their offense and I won first try once I passed that milestone. Ive got the same team but Im still gearing. i just gave this event another try and i bet it first try this morning. no Logray for me. Average speed increase was +80ish, Paploo being the fastest and as much health as possible on him and Elder. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. It took a good amount of tries (30-40 maybe) but I finally got the right RNG, so you can for sure too! Took about a dozen or so tries. my slowest was ewok scout but he had my best attack mods on him, Speed: EE(+121), ZChief Chirpa(+115), ZPaploo(+103), Teebo(+101), Ewok Scout(+87), Gear: EE G12, zCC G11, zPaploo G10, Teebo G9, Ewok Scout G11. Based off the site SWGoH Events, I know that this event will be coming back sometime soon, so please stay tuned for when I cover this event again. What are we talking here. 1. You have plenty of time before event comes backget logray he is key to them being good in tw and ga. I can gear up the ones I have and throw a zeta or two on them if needed. I saw the G9 and was filled with hope, then you crushed me with your triple zetas haha. In my configuration, zetas seems essential cause I'm undergeared! Their basic attacks aren't really there for damage, they are for utility. Same team here with almost the same gear levels. I wont have wicket or logray, got the same squad as dont have wicket and logray. Speed (in brackets) and mods 1) Wicket - CC/CD (239) (1 crit chance primary and 1 Protection primary) (CC at 73%) Crit chance is essential to give TM to allies with his special and restore health and protection with unique You promised to bring. In this video I walkthrough tier 7 of. Thank you! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If everyone but Han is stealthed, put in work and keep his TM down. Logray - G11 . i started playing 00:00 am german time and ended 6am in the morning with still no 7* c3po. The buff spreading abilities of the other Ewoks can refill his health in the blink of an eye, and he already has high base health and defense. Receiver . Once he's down hopefully you can target han. LEGO the Ninjago Movie 70632 Cole's Donner-MECH Nuovo/Scatola Originale, Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2 Anno 2013 Opaco Grigio 1:18 Autoart, SST 60020 Rear Lower Suspension Arm for HSP Himoto Amax Sst 1:8, LEGO Star Wars personaggio SILVER Protocol Droid u-3po MINI PERSONAGGIO c-3po Argento Nuovo. Why cant I find youuuuu? Snap.fan - Marvel Snap; LOTR.gg - Lord of the Rings Heroes; SWGOH.GG is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney . The Max. G12 Wicket, G11 Chirpa, Elder, Logray and Paploo, NO zetas - 40 minutes of trying for perfect RNG, then I got him. Always target trooper over r2 if possible until the end. G10 zChirpa and Logray, G11 Elder, Scout, and zPaploo. The pap zeta may or may not be required. Only took about 250 tries and I almost quit the game entirely. I think this may have been the first time I tried recording SWGoH gameplay with commentary,. I have this team ranging from 8 to 12 and get killed in just a few turns. Within 5 attempts of changing him from speed to damage I had it done. Then Logray Prophetic Visions to put up TM and Foresight? I'll give more tries tonight, and probably this week end, but it looks achievable, I'm confident! https://wiki.swgoh.help/index.php?title=A_Quickish_Guide_To_Murder_Bears&oldid=13720, Logray's Prophetic Visions - Starting everyone with Offence Up and Advantage makes that opening barrage so much more deadly, Wicket's Forest Ambush - An extra 25% TM for everyone is amazing, the -1 cooldown is just icing on the cake, Chirpa's Tribal Unity - A ton more damage from the assists, Paploo, Logray and Wicket's basics - All pretty much as important as each other, they're very similar effects anyway. Ewoks are probably the most underrated team in the game right now, and certainly the most fun, so any investment you put into them isn't wasted even if you don't think you need C3P0. In pvp it's critical to get that tm train started with a certain turn order etc. i tryed to kill chewie first, then i tryed to kill han first, then i tryed to kill the tank gguy first. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. the turnmeter gain the cleanse debuff for taunt was so usefull. I have completed Tier 6 with below and now waiting for the last few shards on Elder and Paploo to attempt Tier 7 . My kill order ended up being Chewie -> Han -> Tanky Boi > R2 -> Leia -> C3PO. Wicket provides most of the damage for the team, so he needs to really be able to hit hard. Les meilleures offres pour Topps Star Wars Digital Card Trader Tier 9 Heritage C-3PO S5 Variant - 77 cc sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spcificits des produits neufs et d 'occasion Pleins d 'articles en livraison gratuite! Ok, this c3po event was by far harder than the CHewie event with BHs. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The Ewoks have 5+ buffs each, the Attacker and Healer/Reviver are both stealthed, and they all have 60%+ TM. But if you have Chirpa you'll be in better shape. this was really frustrating so i decided to go to bed and play again when i wake up. Since you have teebo instead of logray you also have 1 source of debuffing, but you're trading daze and offense up/ten up for tm removal and gain. There are no counters except the tanks buff. The effort in this post is top notch, and I dig that. Wicket and Logray may replace the ewok scout. G9 or 11? If you managed to kill someone then each successive "turn" gets easier. C-3PO (See-Threepio) was a 3PO-series protocol droid designed to interact with organics, programmed primarily for etiquette and protocol. Chirpa, Logray, Wicket, Paploo are all 5 star. This is the only advice that worked for me (year 2022). I used zchirpa, teebo, zwicket, scout, EE. This is the team that I ran in arena right through most of the Traya meta, and it's the lineup I used to beat Revan a while back. This is the team that I ran in arena right through most of the Traya meta, and it's the lineup I used to beat Revan a while back. When modded correctly, they have one of the fastest, most explosive openings of any team. 4.1 Han Solo; 5 Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Unlock Characters . Now it's not that simple: it's not just rebels go, then ewoks, but it feels that way when the tm train is running. . I got him an hour ago with the same team, except only 1 zeta and it was chirpas. flammes jumelles signes runion; plaine commune habitat logement disponible; gestion de stock avec alerte excel The optimal lineup for most battles is Chirpa lead, Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Elder. Only 19 hours after I asked and the community answered, Thanks! All G11. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I am still missing logray and wicket 7*. Chirpa - mass attack the right target, buff, auto Scout - attack targets, special when avail Teebo - give everyone TM, dispel for TM removal, auto for Tm removal. and how many tries do you think it would take to replicate? Seven star Ewok Squad needed for the 3PO event. 65,716 views Dec 20, 2018 Gear levels and mods are at the end of the video. The optimal lineup for most battles is Chirpa lead, Wicket, Logray, Paploo and Elder. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. I actually managed some runs where I killed the trooper while chewie was stealthed and made some headway but restarting is probably faster overall.

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