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I recently came across a passage from Jeff Cooper written in 1961 that read, the big pistol [1911] has been with us for half a century, and as yet no better sidearmfor serious combat workhas been devised. It is a testament to the enduring nature of the M1911 that a full 50 years later the Corps was issuing the latest version of the design in the M45A1. However, the group all remarked that the pistols certainly seemed to be accurate using the government-issue hardball ammunition. Nearly every time weve shot together, he has had some sort of issue that he usually attributes to ammunition, the gun, recoil spring weight, the magazine, the chamber, extractor fit, lubrication, or maintenance. Despite the planned purchase of the commercial pistols, Marine Corps Systems Command has continued to solicit parts to build additional MEU(SOC) pistols. This announcement no doubt delighted the tried-and-true 1911 supporters in the military. It is either a custom shop gun or an early production gun. I dont know that any pistols, the old Quantico M45s or the new Colts, were ever truly benched or grouped. Colt's crown jewel is sold at a little less than 3000 in Europe; and while the current MSRP in the United States is set at $1,699.00, the suggested retail price for the early models was way above the $2,000 threshold. Pelican Storm Case. We use cookies on this website, our and third parties, to enhance your user experience. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The early finish problems encountered by the Marines were all fixed by the time the first 1,000 units had been issued. Davids Articles at GUNS, American Handgunner & Shooting Industry Magazines. I ran a series of 6-dot and 5-circle drills with my Colt M45A1. The slide is correctly roll marked with the USMC marking that has been factory stuck with an X to signify it as being decommissioned from the U.S.M.C. I personally wont sell either but if I did, Id keep the Custom Shop gun simply because its unfired. The one with the intact usmc is a custom is not the same gun as the the decoms. When the enemy breaches the position, any of them will do. JavaScript is disabled. SWC 1.49" Hornady 200-gr. In February 2015, the Marine Corps approved the Glock 19 for MARSOC units. As an avid Glock shooter, digging through my holster box to find one that fit was a chore. I know what you are thinking, why carry a gun that holds twice as many rounds, weighs less, is more compact, more reliable and costs a third as much- I must be nuts? At any given time, one or two may show up on with prices that would only appeal to collectors. This one likely sat in the armory or in a warehouse waiting its turn in the arena. Buy 2013 Colt Government CQBP .45 ACP Desert Sand *ULTRA RARE USMC ROLLMARK* : GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 967208438. . (LogOut/ AS THIS IS A MODERN PEOPLE KILLING GUN, WE WILL NEED YOU TO PROVIDE AN FFL FOR TRANSFER. The feed ramp on theM45A1is polished and coated to make the surface extremely smooth. This Colt Government Model M45A1 is a Colt Custom Shop Model introduced in 2012 as the civilian version of the United States Marine Corps Close Quarters Battle Pistol . Whatever side you're on in the neverending "Metal Vs. Polymer" battle, the facts remain: back in the 1980s, the well known Austrian company paved the way for the future and still leads the market, but nonetheless the 1911 pistol is still a pillar of the firearms industry and given its enduring popularity among law enforcement professionals and civilian shooters worldwide, it's likely to hold its position for decades to come. He switched over to a Dan Wesson 9mm 1911 with gamer sights on it. The Colt M45A1 is the new USMC service pistol. Colt M45A1 (O1070M45) Colt. Colt CR6940. You will hear different stories, but the simplest is that the M45A1 was Colts first large-scale run of Cerakoted pistols. A large batch, rumored to be nearly 1,000 pistols, hit the Gunbroker auction site ( described as decommissioned USMC 1911 M45A1s. Lost your password? Over the years Ive built quite a few custom rifles on Remington 700 actions. It is hand fit, hand tooled and came with a snazzy green Pelican case and cleaning kit. This is very unique and very rare COLT 1911 USMC ROLLMARK U.S. MARINES M45A1 SEMPER FI FDE. The pistol functioned well for the first three rounds, but then I couldnt find my front sight- literally- it flew off! The pistol wears bilateral thumb safeties, which have somewhat oversize, though low-profile, ledges designed to be easily disengaged while not interfering with the non-firing hands grasp. The Colt appeared to be unissued and had probably not been fired since leaving the factory. The M45A1 CQBP pistol is issued with Wilson black metal single-stack magazines, holding 7+1 rounds. [10], The final units as issued to MCSOCOM Det-1 are the Kimber ICQBs with SureFire Integrated Military Pistol Light (IMPL), Dawson Precision rail, Gemtech TRL Tactical Retention Lanyards based upon the jury-rigged telephone cord versions, modified Safariland 6004 holsters, Simonich G-10 Gunner Grips manufactured by Simonich Knives and Strider Knives replaced the original Pachmayr rubber grips, and Wilson Combat's '47D' 8-round magazines. [12] Two Wilson Combat magazines. The Picatinny rail on the bottom of the frame is a full-size Mil Standard 1913 rail which holds accessories nice and tight as compared to its competitors with smaller lower rails. I found a Don Hume 715 MC IWB holster that it fit-good enough. Brand new IonBond blue box can be had for less than $1500. [6][7], In 2002, an article in American Handgunner stated that "Marine armorers from the Precision Weapons Section, MCBQ" are making 789 MEU (SOC) 1911's. [14] In 2010, requirements were once more issued for an off-the-shelf system to replace the custom-built pistols. It turns out the rear stake of the safety plunger tube broke off causing the safety lock detent to move over the bottom edge of the factory safety. The only difference between this one and the one sold to the Marines was the USMC roll mark which did not exist on the civilian model which was delivered in a blue plastic Colt case. [10] A rebuild entails discarding almost all of the gun's parts except for the frame, which prior to 2003 was a U.S. Government frame last manufactured in 1945. In addition to the desert tan color, the forward slide serrations and the section of M1913 Picatinny accessory rail immediately stand out and separate the pistol from the typical service M1911. Out of stock. When it was first launched, the Colt M45A1 was described as "a highly enhanced version of an already excellent combat weapon" by William F. Keys a retired Lieutenant General of the United States Marine Corps who was also Colt's President and CEO back then. I am considering having the dealer I bought it from send it back to have Colt correct the finish so it actually covers the entire frame and slide, but Im worried they may go out of business or bankrupt before I get it back. The grip safety features an extended beavertail. They feature Novak three-dot night sights, M1913-spec Picatinny rail and Decabond brown coating with nicely matching Desert Tan G10 grips. Some of the early Marine pistols began showing excess wear and 1,000 of these pistols (470 used and 530 unissued) were traded by the Marine Corps under warranty back to Colt in exchange for newer Ionbond finished replacements. Due to wear and tear of the MEU(SOC) pistols and increasing numbers of Marine personnel in Force Recon and MARSOC, the U.S. Marines are looking commercially for replacements. The Colt M45A1 is just as reliable as a perfectly tuned competition-grade custom 1911, except this comes with that level of reliability right out of the factory and rightfully so. The pistols with no front strap checkering are production line guns. It must have been a special single shot model. The third entry from Karl Lippard Designs, a Colorado Springs-based arms maker, was called the Close Quarter Battle Pistol: an M1911A1-style pistol, built using S7 tool steel and a large number of proprietary components including accessory rail, grip safety, and sights. [13] This is the same pistol used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams; however, it had previously been rejected for adoption as the ICQB. Copyright 2023 National Rifle Association, Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. 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If you would like to make an offer for this gun please send an email to IT12346351005. I can clearly recall the day that I met up with our Close Quarters Battle instructors to try out the new M45A1s for the first time. Interestingly, many of these very same pistols recently hit the civilian market in a way that took military enthusiasts and collectors completely by surprise. In Oct. 2016 the U.S. Marine Corps announced Glock 19s would replace the .45 ACP-chambered Colt M45A1s carried by members of its Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable (MEUSOC) teams. Colt M45A1 USMC rollmark in the blue clam shellUltra rare version 01070M45, USMC Rollmark in Blue Box ( Not Pelican Box ) AboutPressCopyrightContact. There is the EGA serial suffix (for the Corps iconic eagle, globe and anchor insignia), the U.S. markings, and the small set of numbers and CQBP denoting the official description of Close Quarters Battle Pistol. The inboard side of the handgun has a rather large COLT***USMC marking that struck me at the time of issue as gaudy and a blatant attempt by Colt to mark the government-contract pistols in such a way as to facilitate marketing the look-alike commercial version. So I headed to the store and purchased a new-in-box lightweight Colt Series 80 Officers ACP. Since 2017, Colt has been offering a commercial variant of the M45A1 CQBP with either a Decobond FDE or a two-tone finish over a stainless steel receiver and slide. The Marines bought it and I had to have one. It is $50/year and gives you access supposedly to some good deals. purchased pistol for combat use by its Special Operations units, including Force Recon. SO WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS AN EXACT SAME AS ISSUED USMC CQB PISTOL THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BEING THAT IT HAS THE EGA SERIAL NUMBER. Cycling the pistols revealed the fit to be smooth but clearly tighter than a typical commercial M1911. If the highest accuracy and best trigger is your goal, get a custom shop model. After a rigorous selection process, the United States Marine Corps selected this Colt Rail Gun as their Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP). I overlooked the fact that it was a Colt and my awful past with Colt. Wayne is one of the premier pistol smiths in the country. I was looking at the first shipment from that contract, and my Marines would be the first to be issued the .45s. The USMC-marked pistol is from one of the early runs when Colt was using the same rollmark that they applied to the actual USMC guns. Scarcely mentioning the soon-be-collectible kept demand low, and availability proportionately high. ), the grip of the M45A1 CQBP is akin to that of a double-stack magazine pistol, and is definitely not made for small hands. Beyond the tan color, forward slide serrations and the section of M1913 Picatinny accessory rail immediately standout and separate the pistol from the typical service M1911. Here are the features to watch out for. Get your piece of American history before is gone. VERY RARE AND VERY COLLECTIBLE! About that time, the Custom Shop was downsized and no more of the Custom Shop M45A1s were made. [9], However, as the U.S. Marine Corps began its process of hand selecting members from its Force Recon to be submitted to USSOCOM as Marine Corps Special Operations Command, Detachment One (MCSOCOM Det-1), the selection of a .45 ACP M1911A1-based pistol meant roughly 150 units would be needed, more quickly than the PWS could produce them, as PWS were already backlogged with producing DMRs, USMC SAM-Rs, and updating M40A1s to M40A3s, so DET-1 began the search for COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) surrogates to use. He refuses to touch a polymer gun, expect for the Springfield XD I sold him around 2000 (I think he sold it within days). He told me this happens all the time with Colts and sent it back for repair. in the shooters hands was the measure of the pistols accuracy. Customer experience was, and still is, the primary focus, a key to the firms longevity and success. The low number of malfunctions also proves the reliability of a handgun system that was built to save lives. This is the so called blue box Colt pistol, model 01070M45. Colt M45A1 Custom Shop (O1070CQB) $2,149.95 Colt Out of stock Quick view Out of stock Colt Government Model With Rail - (O1980RG) $1,154.95 Colt Quick view Add to Cart COLT LE6920 $1,349.95 Sale Out of stock Quick view Out of stock Colt Government Model Stainless With Rail - (O1070RG) $1,198.00 $1,079.95 $1,198.00 Never miss a post! Marine Corps HQ demanded that Colt stop using the USMC rollmark, so all subsequent pistols were marked M45A1. Desert tan Decobond finish, $1,699.00 (MSRP U.S.A.) I believe there was also a run of grey M45s with front strap checkering that were not CS guns. [11], Discovering that the Los Angeles Police Department was pleased with their special Kimber-made M1911 pistols, a single source request was issued to Kimber Manufacturing for a similarly built pistol, despite the imminent release of their TLE/RLII models. COLT MFG CO INC Marine M45-A1 Colt CCS O1070M45 M45-A1 SA 45ACP 5" 7+1 HAS USMC ROLLMARK on slide PRODUCT INFORMATION Slide Material: Stainless Steel Frame Material: Stainless Steel Slide Finish: Cerakote Brown Coating Frame Finish: Cerakote Brown Coating Model Name: GOVERNMENT Left Slide Mark: COLT*** USMC Right Slide Mark: Colt Government Model An identical version coming off the same assembly line was sold to the civilian market. In 2016, USMC command stated that MARSOC had replaced the M45A1 with the Glock 19, largely from a logistic standpoint, not from a performance and reliability standpoint, as a result of other SOCOM branches using the Glock 19. Among those are the MEU(SOC) and the Force Recon the special operation forces of the United States Marine Corps whose sidearm ever since the year 1986 has been the M45 MEUSOC pistol, a custom-grade 1911 variant assembled and tuned by the USMC armorers at the Quantico base, in Virginia. Weight of the gun, empty, is listed at 40 ounces. If one looks closely at the trigger guard, Colt has the V-shaped proofmark that was present on earlier government handguns, such as the 1909 USMC revolver. These particular pistols only had the USMC rollmark during the early production. Many small parts, including the hammer and trigger, are manufactured out of aluminum, but both the slide and frame are machined in solid stainless steel and Decobond-finished in desert tan color. And despite the price, the M45A1 CQB is definitely going to become a must-have for dedicated collectors and die-hard aficionados of John Moses Browning's quintessential workhorse on this side of the Big Pond. But if you just want a shooter get the current one with the Ion Bond. Related Products. when unloaded. Sweet! CCS M45A1 is really a good deal @ $2k price point (MSRP). The thumb safeties are ambidextrous and slightly larger than the original 1911 thumb safeties.

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