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Featured art image for Curse of Strahd Destined Ally Rankings credit to Wizards of the Coast's D&D 5e adventure book Curse of Strahd. Lip is a junior guard at Fidatov manor, nicknamed after her talkativeness. The Mad Mage's mind connection to Strahd. Queen Ravenovia van Roeyen - not Queen Ravonia. Lady Fiona Wachter is the matriarch of the second most powerful family in Vallaki. Baroness Lydia Petrovna is the wife of Baron Vargas. It's like having a rewind button for your campaign. Aziana is a childhood friend of Zuleika, and a guard of the Werewolf Den. The Mad Mage of Mount Baratok roams the lakeshore and electrocutes the fish, but hasn't been seen in awhile. Here is a list of all Curse of Strahd Maps I did and shared with this Subreddit. Mordenkainen (pronounced:/mrdnkenn/MOR-den-kay-nen[10] listen or:/mrdnkenn/mor-den-KAY-nen[11] or:/mrdnkann/mor-den-KIGH-nen[11]) was a prolific archmage from the world of Oerth who was responsible for many powerful and useful spells. This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 14:03. The Mad Mage has a different spell list from that Khazan found out about the curse, and how the plane had been taken over by the dark lords. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Patrina was a lover of Strahd, and consoled him after the death of Tatyana and his vampiric transformation. When he made his pact, the dark lords granted him an immortal name, making him an immortal undead, and the company of the ones he loved, by having them reincarnate each time in a person that won't love him." Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? Endorovich the Terrible was a ruthless and successful general who prematurely retired after the death of Marya of Barovia. Her thirst for power turned into love when she got closer to Strahd, and this is when the curse kicked in, making the dusk elves kill her before she could steal Strahd's heart. The late father of Szoldarovich; he laid the path for his son, and thankfully not a grandson. His paranoia renders him hostile to intruders, and his magical protections make it difficult for anyone to restore his sanity. the person you love you'll see certainly. Problem his, he is cursed. Each kingdom is ruled by a tyrant who committed sins in life and was awarded the title of Darklord by otherworldly forces known only as the Dark Powers. Gender: Male First post! He occasionally visited Avernus to study the effects of the Nine Hells over the schools of magic and to ensure the balance of the universe. Attention PDF authors and publishers: Da Archive runs on your tolerance. - Arabelle (obsessor). Baron Vargas Vallakovich is the burgomaster of Vallaki, and credits his extreme ruling methods as keeping Strahd out of the territory. Sir. Also known as: The Mad Mage of Mount Baratok Urwin Martikov is the timid eldest child of Davian Martikov, the husband of Danika, and the father of Brom and Bray. Rowena is an adventurer and the favoured, exemplary daughter of the true Medusa. Curse of Strahd Level Guide. Giant Elk on Mt. She is his loyal horse and wagon puller. Stefania is the second child of Davian Martikov, and a mother of four at the Wizard of the Wines. Peruse nuanced portrayals of Dracula in film as inspiration for Strahd. [12], Although Mordenkainen resided primarily on Oerth, by at least the Year of the Shield, 1367 DR, his spells were not uncommon among spellbooks in Faern. Ben is a serving swain at the Hoofprint inn in Merryway. This will save time for new users. Hewill live forever and hewill do horrible things to win Tatyana's love, making her hate him instead. You only need your wizard spellbook to prepare new spells or change your prepared spells. The dusk elves rare nonhuman residents of Barovia might also be allies to those who oppose Strahd. My Strahd is not exactly evil, he's just so focused on finding a cure for his wife that he's completely forgotten everything else. Otto is an egotistical but incompetent guard of the Abbey of St. Markovia. Vistani matriarch Madam Eva also happens to be Strahds half-sister a mind-boggling fact that the vampire himself is unaware of and regularly asks her people to find otherworldly adventurers who might be able to set her half-brother free. Possibly because of his simple outlook, he has a remarkable way with animals. St. Markovia was a priest of Krezk and of the Morninglord who became sainted after drowning to save a woman from a witch trial. Once prepared, you don't lose it unless you decide to prepare something different. Kellen is a survivor of one of Kiril's ring of stone matches, ridden with guilt over it. Mordenkainen had a hawk-like face, with a permanent frown that gave the appearance of alertness and almost anger, and a penetrating gaze. Jeremy Blum (@PixelGrotto) is a journalist, gaming blogger, comic book aficionado, and fan of all forms of storytelling who rolled his first polyhedral dice while living in Hong Kong in 2017. You should check them out. Beware! [4], Mordenkainen had a hawk-like face, with a permanent frown that gave the appearance of alertness and almost anger, and a penetrating gaze. . [4] He often traveled to Waterdeep with his friends for revelry in a city where he would not be recognized. Complete list of every named creature with an accociated statblock as written in the Curse of Strahd module. Henry is the collector for the Dusklight Supply Shop, and often finds himself as the personable hub of festival preparation in concordance with the Baroness. Victor has packed up a spellbook and a mysterious bejeweled book with a lock on it to take with him. The following aspects of this iconic villain are worth memorizing: Strahd was a warlord who defeated the enemies of his deceased father, King Barov. Are there any deeper implications of his appearance here? Elvir is the youngest child of Davian Martikov, and the most aloof, which speaks to how much the family cares about their winery. If Strahd finds love he won't be tormented anymore by desire, and thus the curse will be broken. ontario lease agreement schedule a; who owns the steakhouse in wells maine; houston, texas population; $23 million dollar mansion; E cos mai potrai amarla. This is why she acts like a cat, and also why there are skeleton cats in his room. Whether youre a Dungeon Master guiding your party along this path for the first time or a grizzled veteran planning a return trip, have a gander at the following thought fodder: Van Richtens Guide to Ravenloftcontains rules for devising your own Domain of Dread, because while Barovia might be the most famous Domain, the greatest horrors arethe ones you create yourself. He was discovered to still be alive, though living in the foothills of Mount Baratok, having driven himself insane with a mind blank spell to prevent any vampiric corruption. la persona che ami ti accompagner. Party of 6 level 8's against Strahd and Rahadin, place your bets because it's happening today! Strahd has a special lair action that allows him to pass through walls and floors in Ravenloft as though they arent even there. Still, he will present the player characters with a powerful magic boon before leaving to find his lost belongings. Strahds subjects live in three major communities: Barovians are superstitious and distrustful, and Curse of Strahd states that only about one in 10 of them truly possess a soul. Abuse this and bait foolhardy adventurers into traps and other horrors that could reside in the castle. He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he . I like the idea of him being a murderous egocentric, but when you say his story out loud, with him murdering his brother because he couldn't get Tatyana to love himand then being obsessed with the girl that keeps rejecting him My players called him a simp since the first session, and I couldn't really blame them. Yonvi is the middle son of Yonvich, and a very organised carpenter, miller and leatherworker. The Vistani are traveling folk who can pass through the Mists and explore other Domains of Dread and even the planes beyond. Helga is the melancholic and enigmatic maid at Ravenloft. While he is intimidating, any good sun-sword wielding angry level 15 paladin of Bahamut is going to absolutely eviscerate him. Ilya is the only currently living son of the Burgomaster, since having been revived by the Abbot. Chip is a junior guard at Fidatov manor, nicknamed after his likeness to his father. They're there, invincible and never truly seen, never to be understood nor defeated. So, reading ahead in the Curse of Strahd manual, I see that the players can learn that the Mad Mage of Mt. Doru is the son of Father Donavich, and a former freedom fighter for the Mad Mage turned tortured spawn of Strahd. But when the devil Strahd fell upon him, the wizards magic couldnt save him. He lurks to this day on Mount Baratok. Strahds kingdom was spirited away to the Domains of Dread, and Strahd became an immortal ruler haunted by untouchable reincarnations of Tatyana. Keep in mind Strahd is also a 9th-level caster and wont hesitate to befuddle and confuse players with a well-placed fireball through a fog cloud or even magically control them with his charm action. Hedwig is Ivah's talkative best friend and lives at St. Andral's Orphanage. At the end of the day Strahd is a fan of theatrics and as a DM you should be too. Nora is a tailor, and the mother of Varvara and Margo Vaskroff. Lord Nikolai Wachter is the deceased father of the Wachter children, and husband of Fiona; beloved by them. Ivah is Hedwig's confident best friend and lives at St. Andral's Orphanage. Legendary wizard known as the Mad Mage of Mount Baratok. Bahamut the Platinum Dragon is the god of justice, wisdom and good dragons. Strahd accepted vampirism willingly so he could live forever, then created a pocket dimension where time moves much more slowly - A hundred years in the realm is just a few hours on the material realm. Marina was a noblewoman in Berez and reincarnation of Tatyana who was pressured into taking her own life by Burgomaster Ulrich. Strahd no longer returns to the material realm, even for short visits, because of how bad Tatyana's condition is, so he can't get new willing volunteers. Schnoken is an outcast from the Gallowbottom berserker goblin tribe, hiding amongst three tall-folk to survive. He stirred them with thoughts of revolt and bore them to the castle en masse. If his crypt is disturbed, he animates as a wraith and commands his three hell hounds to attack. "Mordenkainen later traveled to Baroviain an attempt to free the local population from itsdarklord Strahd. Subtle and non-immersion-breaking ads, old lore with new twists, it has everything that I look for in a D&D Beyond article. Amazing article! Wheaku is the fiercely loyal owl familiar of Lael Milpialda. If you want your players to experience horror, they should never really grasp them. Yesper is the horse-keeper for Fidatov estate, and an animal conservationist. Parriwimple is the oafish enforcer at Bildrath's Mercantile, and the secret to its success in the valley. Pidlwick is an automaton effigy of the original jester of Duchess Dorfniya's court that Sergei and Tatyana liked to see perform. Strahd even has an accountant named Lief Lipsiege whos been an intriguing fixture of Ravenloft since the original I6 module. Prepared to run the Mad Mage ; The party had planned last session to find the Mad Mage of Mt. She is sealed in the crypts of Ravenloft, with Strahd having long-since tired of her ingenuine love. Brom is the younger son of Danika and Urwin, and lives at the Blue Water Inn. Dag is the husband of Stefania and father of four at the Wizard of the Wines. He chased Tatyana until she flung herself from the spires of Castle Ravenloft to her death. Artank was a wine distiller and was famous for making most of his money from winning drinking contests. Mystra the Spellweaver is the goddess of magic. Now, I am not intimately aware of the lore surrounding D&D 5e, and I know that he is a prominent figure over all. The characters wanted to convince him to join their fight against Strahd. Oghma the Allknower is the goddes of knowledge, inspiration and invention. Drusilla is often referred to as "a wonderful conversationalist" in Rictavio's journal. Larnak is the guileful spy and tactical advisor of Lady Wachter. If the fight plays out in a satisfactory and fun ending then your job is done (even if it happens to be a whimper instead of a bang). [1], Mordenkainen is a well-known adventurer on his home world and a member of the Circle of Eight. Lord Nikolai is the eldest Wachter child, and a fervent alcoholic, constantly searching for mischievous distractions from his nobility. The Dreamsnarer is a gnome tinkerer in Merryway who made Arrigal's chiming watch. Bethel is the owner of the Dusklight Supply Shop and a staunch believer in the protective power of the Baron's festivals. Lady Ortensia was the sibling apprentice of Lady Liliana, and a knight of Archamian. Strahd didnt make it this far because he has great spells or a really cool big sword, he made it here because he understood how to turn every fight in his favor (although fireball probably did help). Father Lucien is the philanthropic priest at St. Andral's Church, burdened with the secrets of decades of confessions. Baroness Eisglaza was a young noble under King Barov, and was frequently rumoured to be a rakshasi. (Players can attempt to visit him by walking round the lake, or by taking fishing . Baron Metus was a vampire lord and the vampiric sire of Erasmus van Richten. 978-0786965984. Strahd based purely on his stat block is problematic to say the least. , so there's nothing to lose. In Curse of Strahd. Lathander the Morninglord is the god of birth, vitality and the sun. Home; Categories. Father Donavich is the reclusive priest of Barovia village, who prays night and day for relief from his dark circumstance. Stahd has become angry at his residents who will not keep him supplied with fresh and now abducts them - his focus on his work and anxiety over his own continued failures have made him completely callous to the situation of his villagers - he sees them bound to the oath of their ancestors to keep him supplied with blood. Vladimir was the highest-ranking Knight of the Silver Dragon during the fall of the order. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. Lady Fidatova is the last of the Fidatov line of artisans, and is herself a brilliant mathematician. Lady Liliana was the older of the scout sisters, and a knight of Archamian. Madalena is the no-nonsense senior maid at Wachterhaus and a close confidant of the book club. How do I make a super cool final boss for my players? I climbed down to the river to search for the wizards body, but the River lvlis had already spirited him away.. If you want your product removed from this list, just tell us and it will not be included. This is also the reason her spirit still lingers around. Erik was acquired by Lady Isolde, and was an unidentified knight whose dying wish was to be dipped in melting gold. - Doru Dragomir (former ally) Lord Victor is the only son of Baron Vargas, and is resentful of his responsibilities and birthplace. Hans was an orphan from Vallaki that sacrificed himself at the Ring of Stone in order to save his best friend Kellen. Gertruda is the runaway daughter of Mad Mary, and is infatuated with the idea of being a princess. [6], While suffering from his madness, he was convinced that enemies were everywhere and he was being constantly watched by evil agents. Artimus was an eccentric genius architect responsible for the construction of Fidatov Manor, Baratok Tower and Castle Ravenloft. Strahd shows himself multiple times throughout the campaign, standing ominiously and even interacting with the party directly several times. A few servants from Barovia willingly came to the pocket dimension with Strahd so he could live on their blood. Curse of Strahd- The Mad Mage. Well, I cant answer that question, but I can give you some tips on how to run my favorite villain of all time. Felix is a child possessed, his demon draining the souls of the residents of St. Andral's Orphanage. They worship deities like the Morninglord and drown their sorrows with wine from the Wizard of Wines winery. My party started Curse of Strahd at level 6 and I have planned for them to go up to level 14 or 15. If the heroes accept the dinner invitation, Strahd actually does host a feast for them and thanks them. Since his original showing in 1983 in the original Ravenloft, Strahd has instilled joy and fear in many dungeon masters and players alike. Come on! I remember him like it was yesterday. Vistani legend tells that he came to this land a year ago and rallied an army to face off against Strahd, eventually being driven into River Ivlis over the Tser Falls to his supposed death. [13], Typically stubborn and one who did not suffer fools gladly, Mordenkainen could be difficult even with his friends. I changed my Strahd up for some people who had already played this module. Aike and Ulfrik saw through the mist and trees the battle taking place between this mystical elk and four large wolves. View flipping ebook version of Curse of Strahd published by raptorhunter182 on 2019-06-22. . He later joined their cause after being cured by an amulet to the Morninglord from the Order of the Silver Dragon, in order to avenge his son that was corrupted by Strahd. Isabella is Lady Fidatova's gardener and warden of the outskirts of her maze. This is Barovia, the most famous horror setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Baratok by Dinomaniac on DeviantArt. Heres one of my favorites, and check the links below as well. Kasimir is the sorrowful leader of the remaining dusk elves of Barovia, driven by his guilt over how he doomed them to a thousand-year genocide. Talos the Stormbringer is the god of destruction, storms and rebellion. One of the fun things I added to my Curse of Strahd was that Strahd had children with his brides various dhampirs and vampires that are all vying for his throne and trying to eliminate the party to prove themselves. Azuron is a wandering warlock of a mysterious entity he has dubbed as 'Riven', which he presumes saved his life for a dark purpose. The Fey Queen of Diamonds is a winter eladrin that owned territory in the Daraman feywild, and would routinely make humans in the city disappear by sending them forward in time. Lady Isolde the Incredible was an antique trader and old associate of the Zarovich family. The heroes are born and bred Barovians and havereceived a letter in a fine flowing script inviting them up to the castle for dinner.Everyone in Barovia knows what this means - they are going to be Strahd's next blood slaves. Incentus was Lady Tereska's retainer and lover. Varvara is the eldest child of the Vaskroffs, and was born without a soul. Guards littered Strahd with arrows as penance, but the son of King Barov had consumed the blood of his brother and embraced undeath. Curse Of Strahd Dm Screen Yeah, reviewing a book Curse Of Strahd Dm Screen could be credited with your close contacts listings. Rahadin is Strahd's chamberlain, bodyguard, and only true friend. Whether Strahd truly understands the nature of the Dark Powers that have shackled him to the Domains of Dread is a matter up for debate. She has the latter's gift of foresight. Szoldar is a seasoned wolf hunter by trade, and best friend of Yevgeni Krushkin. King Barov was the ruler of the small Kingdom of Zarovich around where southern Agarthia is now. [2], By the Year of Twelve Warnings, 1494 DR,[note 2] Mordenkainen inhabited the Tower of Urm, a dwelling that he used as a vehicle to travel through the multiverse. [17], Mordenkainen later traveled to Barovia in an attempt to free the local population from its vampire darklord Strahd. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. Burgomistress Anna Krezkova is a mother who has endured the deaths of all of her children. Count Strahd von Zarovich is a vampire and the dark lord of the valley of Barovia. The castle is covered in spiderwebs and the braziers are rarely lit because Strahd has no servants and spends all his time in his lab. Chauntea the Earthmother is the goddess of agriculture, growth and care.

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