example of bible study: observation, interpretation application

And its in this phase we start to look at what the text means. David Shepherd rightly exhorts us to leave out not "step" in study of God's Word but to be diligent to Read it to get the facts, study it to get the meaning, meditate on it to get the benefit. Rather, an inductive study . Part of this work is supernatural: As you study the Bible, the Holy Spirit reveals truth from the text that applies to your life. John Blanchard underscores the crucial discipline of applying God's Word sounding the caution that "There is more to Christian growth than knowing what the Bible says; nobody is ever nourished by memorizing menus.". As questions arise, they give you direction for further reading and study as you seek to answer those questions. In other words, am I applying this truth? Honest application of the text requires these kinds of questions and the wrestling of ideas when truth causes conflict. Refrain, But we never can prove the delights of His love Ruth What is awe? 0000008074 00000 n Use this guide to help you lead your small group to encounter Jesus through the three main parts of an inductive Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Application. <<6970513041DCB34C825DECB3781DD654>]/Prev 490707>> You want to focus on things like: Practice observation on the first verse of the Gospel of Mark. A key discipline for good study is not to be too quick to fall back on what you think you know. Live in another country building relationships and ministries with eternal impact. (3) substituting rationalization for repentance. 0e]y]ZU~P/^a53if5}Jk9$9t]ccc}.kw9H6`T5jN`=94jk:U>}a:P5p/]luu D_Ek!*Vwii][S9}mB=J\ueJJkf3mm8]g#pbmw6[PP? When you become a Christian, you enter into an exciting, lifelong relationship with the Bible. truly, such a, promise is as a cluster of Eshcol, but it is in Eshcols valley and I cannot reach it there; but the promise applied is the cluster brought to me just where I am, and I can receive it, and delight myself in its luscious sweetness. Yogi Berra's advice is appropriate at this juncture -- When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it. This volume incorporates insights from contemporary evangelical hermeneutics into an approachable, step-by-step process moving from observation through interpretation and on to the application of God's Word. 1 Jn 1:7, 8, 9; Pr 28:13), (2) Response of faith: One of our reasons for meditating on the Word is to develop and build our faith. r2T4000F1h+JTqkR=9K'ZOH1{csjr3U 0aq^rD[ZZZFTRq:(3k @ 2c> )KI1.Ff~2cxq;c 0c`x@ ]^ Leading from values so others will walk passionately with God to grow and bear fruit. There are great apps out there, like YouVersion, that allow you to set reminders for yourself to get into Gods Word. The real authority of their view is always some single leader who has his or her ideas in writing. 1 Kings 0000000536 00000 n Inductive Bible Study - Observation Inductive Bible Study - Interpretation Inductive Bible Study - Application Simple Study on the Power of God's Word Authority of God's Word - study on 2Timothy 3:16-17 Ezra 7:10 - Exposition of the "Ezra 7:10 Principle" Job's "Secret" of perseverance? A (supernaturally charged and) changed life is the clearest testimony of genuine understanding of the Bible. The worldlings Bible is the Christian. Or well walk by His side in the way. BGEA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. never loses his sense of direction. Scripture reading and Bible study always represents (so to speak) a "God sighting" ("God speaking") and as such always applies to us as His creatures. Sometimes youll be studying a passage that has a precise application. Once you have explored the passage, its time to make some connections. Our life ought to be and if Gods grace be much in it, it will be a new translation of the Bible. And for this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me. ", Oswald Chambers in his typical "no nonsense" style reminds us that"One step forward in obedience is worth years of study about it", We have to be careful not to deceive ourselves. startxref Pray God to help you to feel the solemnity even of the threatening, for if you feel deeply the threatening now, you may be delivered from the tragic fulfilment of it by-and-by. The inductive Bible study method is a time-tested way for the layperson to approach studying Scripture. Be careful not to simply amass the kind of knowledge that puffs up (1 Corinthians 8:1). Revelation, Search Wikipedia using spiritual discretion, Authority of God's Word - study on 2Timothy 3:16-17, Ezra 7:10 - Exposition of the "Ezra 7:10 Principle", A Primer on the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation. You can help us reach children and their families to know Jesus. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. This can train you to be more of an explorer in the future. William MacDonald explains meditation as follows Christians should meditate on the Word of God (chew the cud) and have a separated walk (the cloven hoof). ), In Bible study, application is putting truth you've discovered (through observation and interpretation) to use in your life with the ultimate goal of transformation or life change. Speak of bringing the Bible down into the vernacular! Then I watched a little longer out my window and there came a botanist. With Logos Fundamentals, youll find the truth for yourselfno matter what questions arise as you study the Word. Stout old Martin Luther used to say, All vital religion is in the personal and possessive pronouns. Is it not so? 8. This is the ultimate step: we submit to Scripture and let it transform our lives. The story is told of several pastors who were arguing over which Bible translation was the best. 0 Gather them. Bringing hope and resources to military families worldwide. Resource links How to Perform A Greek Word Study on the Web, Multiple resources on Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics). Sources like these can give you vital information to help answer your questions. (Ed: And I would add that the Word of Truth ALWAYS has something to say to our heart! So before we can apply the truth as God intended, we need to be certain that our interpretation is accurate, which in turn hinges on careful observation. Refrain, Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet. Youll also notice right out of the gate that Mark has introduced Jesus with two titles: Messiah and Son of God. How does the truth of this passage apply to my life? Could that be a clue about his intended audience? To pick up the thread of Pauls argument, you need to go back and catch up. There are three basic approaches to Bible interpretation: A. The good hand of the LORD will be upon us even as it was upon Ezra the scribe! One practical approach to Bible study is a four-part process of observation, interpretation, connection, and application. Reading and studying the Bible are two different practices. 0000003614 00000 n The OIA Bible study method consists of three parts. (1 Sa 15:22) (cf Ps 51:16,17, Spurgeon note v16, note v 17), We learn Gods Word not to know but to grow by doing for "Obedience is the mother of true knowledge of God." Equipping families with practical approaches to parenting and marriage. Some people say they cannot meditate; they do not know what it means, or they have no time, or they go to sleep when they begin. It is packed with revelation, lessons, instruction, and theology. His Word from day to day, This step is asking these questions: What are the biggest ideas and the important details? See what precepts are binding upon thyself, and then, as a child of God, be thy feet swift to run in the way of his commandments. Your goal in observing is to identify what the author was trying to communicate to his readers. So when Mark tells you hes starting at the beginning, its safe to say hes talking about the beginning of Christs ministry. You can find the Inductive Bible Study Workflow (with five other Workflows and many other Bible Study tools) inLogos Starter. Marking them will help you see the sequence of events and lead to accurate interpretation of Scripture. Some of them can only be answered by examining the text again or even by looking at other parts of the Bible. A lot of people have all sorts of news. Youre attempting to get a sense of the whole before you begin to break down the parts. As youre reading along, you can check the commentary to gain insight into cultural, linguistic and interpretive considerations. Obadiah Armed with that knowledge, youre ready to start thinking about how to apply what youve read. If you do not this, you are reading to your own condemnation. Often, the headings in modern Bible translations identify pericopes. ), Christian author Jerry Bridges writes that "As we search the Scriptures, we must allow them to search us, to sit in judgment upon our character and conduct. )R z9=_)\_`w0s3^xT{bhi ?%\hMKINZ>0!L ik0%kjDb V >{f NGaE"VU{Z}M-9Eik$oflK pA!~~?\sDNSUke And if at any time, when we study the Word, we have not this design expressly in our minds, yet if upon the discovery of any truth we endeavor not to have the likeness of it in our own hearts, we lose our principal advantage by it (John Owen). The effect of this piercing is to reveal whether there is spirit or not. He is a prayer-hearing God, but will He hear our prayers? Song of Solomon Saturate the study of Scripture with prayer. But our toil He doth richly repay; Learning to read andstudy Scriptureis an important part of the Christian life. Deuteronomy Find resources for personal or group Bible study. This awe is called by a proper name, reverence, or godly fear; when we consider Whose Word it is, namely, the Word of the Lord, Who is our God, and has a right to command what He pleases; to Whose will and word we have already yielded obedience, and devoted ourselves to walk worthy of Him in all well pleasing (Col 1:10-note, Ep 4:1-note, Php 3:17,18-note, 1Th 2:12-note); who can find us out in all our failings, as knowing our very thoughts afar of (Psalms 139:2), and having all our ways before Him, and being one of Whom we read, -- "He is a holy God; He is a jealous God; He will not forgive your transgressions nor your sins" (Joshua 24:19), that is to say, if we impenitently continue in them. What distinguishes observation, interpretation, and application? Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. But the bee would light on a flower and it would sink down deep into the flower and it would extract all the nectar and pollen that it could carry. Explore resources to help you live out your life and relationships in a way that honors God. Application takes place as you are confronted with the truth and you respond to that truth in obedience (in faith). If there is a command to be obeyed, we obey it. But one who looks intently (a picture of the man who meditates -- puritan Richard Baxter said "There must be inward practice by meditation and outward practice in true obedience.") There are several reasons for this . I shall be telling this with a sigh (The MacArthur Study Bible Nashville: Word), Jesus explains that relationship (and importance) between knowing God's Word and doing God's Word, declaringIf (If = 3rd class condition = possibility / probability but not a certainty! Ask God that his threats may drive you out of your sins, and drive you to seek pardon in Christ. We tone down unconsciously the vigor of St. Paul's remonstrances, the force of his figures, such as ' Death to sin,' the strictness of the law of retribution, and of judgment according to works ; the demand of absolute self-sacrifice, and of truth at any cost ; the need of meekness, forbearance, self-restraint and sympathy. We may find something in every passage which comes before us both to pray over and to thank God over. Precept Ministries International was founded by internationally-known Bible teacher Kay Arthur, along with her husband, Jack, with the vision to establish people in Gods Word. The ideal combination is to read the word and then heed it expeditiously and implicitly. It will make "all the difference" in this life and the next for as Paul wrote godliness (eusebeia) (produced by discipline and diligent application of God's Word) is profitable for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. (Basic Bible Interpretation). If the Bible seems dry and unexciting, check your attitude (Ed: Also do some personal inventory with 1 Pe 2:1+and then you'll be able to move on to 1 Pe 2:2+!). What did that word mean to them, and what kinds of feelings and hopes did it invoke? Considering these things we receive the word with that trembling of heart which God so much respects. HWM5q0^5 !EJ8`vC ! He will be inquired of by us. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 1 Billy Graham Parkway, Charlotte, NC 28201 What we believe about the gospel and our call to serve every nation. We ought to obey God rather than men, and to make sure of God's favour, though we throw ourselves under the frowns of all the world, Lk 12:4, 5. If this were the only passage of the Bible you had access to, what would you learn from it about Gods character and actions? If a Christian is careless in Bible reading, he will care less about Christian living. No, even though the town of Bethlehem was only only five miles down the road from Jerusalem. Proverbs Give Me Liberty! Before the Word of God can bring change to our world, it must first change our life. Often, its helpful to put chapter and verse breakdowns out of your mind as you dive into Scripture. Whenever (every time) we read the Scriptures, the question we should always honestly seek to ask is How does the meaning of this text apply to me? Nahum (Mt 7:13, 14+). Observation answers the question: What do I see? 0000001930 00000 n Local: 704-401-2432 The reader through OBSERVATION discovers what a passage says which enables the reader to make an accurate INTERPRETATION, the discovery of what a passage means. We must meditate upon it. 10 Questions the Internet Is Asking about the KJV. And so we should react with overwhelming wonder, admiration, respect, or dread, this latter emotion relevant especially to those who read but fail to heed God's Word (application). It consists primarily in picturing up the actual state of things brought before us in our reading, whether it be an incident, a prayer, an exhortation, a proverb, a prophecy. To be sure our first goal should be to get into the Bible and then to allow the Bible to get into us. Even those who have invested a lifetime into studying it will tell you their commitment has continued to pay off with new insights, understanding and spiritual growth. After studying the importance of salt to first-century Judean people, you would have a clear picture of its significance to Jesus original audience. Thirdly, we seek to link the spirit of the passage with our own personal experience of things human and Divine. Then when you read descriptions of the human heart, and the fall, the corruption, and the depravity of our nature, look, and see yourselves as in a looking glass, and say of each man as you hear of his sin, I am such a man as this was, and if I do not fall into precisely the same sin, yet the possibility and peril of it is in my heart, and I should do so, but for Gods restraining grace. Take the very histories home to your heart, and find a point in them, either of encouragement or of warning for yourselves. Read and practice; but we shall only be able to do this, as God the Holy Spirit shall help us. Start with the obvious. One of the best things about studying Gods Word is that you can come back to a book youve already studied in the past and discover all-new insights. Where similar words are used, explore the context of each of those instances. So people go to church, and enjoy the preaching, and yet do not do what God asks. 2. mo!zZJ:%3EAOnaY`z)p%Vv"-H=m>!MX|ov:Hh7vNmm%pZCY&,Z&!#+SzdOP ]LQ)A3_V@UU@Gz @mC-+BvH4sbC}&3A{ BV_$hyr0>Kiw>B/'/,fWGv>o|%vEQ mU0b-rxOw2)5t^_^~~p- %PDF-1.4 % Of course, there are a few steps involved during each of these components. The road prepared and paved by careful observation, proper interpretation and diligent application of the Scripture or the one wrought by a superficial, inaccurate, irreverent approach? Daniel 1ICR, yUew.7.J~rr9xn-j3Pv_Kp>.ow?oo^>]xgOqI| JSM.OQF=r%0'c[',(d2`\gNHbqsO&&#v>b[Wg7xr|*M R This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night (this is the parallel of observation and interpretation), so that you may be careful to do (the application) according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have success (the blessing of proper application). Ask yourself the five Ws and H: Its critical at this stage not to add anything to the text or take anything away. We need to be specific here. 1:20-21). m>YQ;^6dA`H^JETi.i I* >B 9KHc,:h0{c-I#d8#<9@F RJa2A*K-8PDSDdM@ $%Cc3s0L %!'VKKB$iUrmg:SP1~)7v`^P%V E406 H8 S4Ti0elV'jxu~ Read about individuals who have been transformed by faith. As you work through these steps regularly, you will get better at them and you will be transformed. The Bible is a unique collection of sixty-six books written by men under the direction and influence of the Holy Spirit (2 Pet. The word of God reveals to us our true selves. 1 Timothy Haggai P Is there a Prayer to pray or a Priority to change? Janet Chismar After personal application, the best way to make the truth your own, is to teach it and even if you are not gifted to be a formal Bible teacher, there is always someone in your sphere of influence whom you are teaching by your life and your lips. Refrain In Bible study, application is putting truth you've discovered (through observation and interpretation) to use in your life with the ultimate goal of transformation or life change. He now teaches two courses: "Bible Study" and "Advanced Bible Study." "All of my courses are built on the basic pattern of observation, interpretation, application and correlation (or .

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