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The new repeater is currently in operation with a transmitter output power of approximately 100 watts. 23 11 18 document.write("") Thursday March 23 Thursday September 7 14 20 Several students formed the Amateur Radio Association on RIT's downtown Rochester campus. 25 Monday April 17 New York TRACON (N90) Aircraft / Airport. Rochester, NEW YORK Amateur, GMRS repeater database showing all open ham repeaters. Sunday February 19 Thursday August 17 17 This is the primary Skywarn and ARES repeater for Olmsted County due to the wide coverage area provided by this repeater. 2 Sunday February 4 Tuesday August 22 activities to keep interest high and give members the opportunity to become better acquainted. 12 T,W4uk(. Saturday March 18 2 VE3LYC/MM, Operator Cezar Who is On Board the Ship Bound for Bouvet Island. We have 3 hamfests a year and repeaters on 2M, 70 CM, 220 Mhz and 1.2 Gig. Monday February 19 Wednesday December 13 (or take an UPGRADE EXAM? Sunday March 19 Iowa D-Star Net8:30pm 9:30pmIowa D-Star Net443.850+ or Reflector XLX632ARecurs weekly Thursday November 2 Other repeaters listed on this page are owned by their respective call signs and are listed here for convenience. I had it in my radio as KD2SL but I remember using it a couple of times. Sunday October 8 Monday July 17 Lawrence Valley Repeater Council (SLVRC), VT Add Repeater Band Feature Linked Systems Emergency Service Repeaters ARES RACES SKYWARN CANWARN Weather Nets Emergency Power Repeaters recommended for use by nearby highway Repeaters by nearest city/town LIMARC The Official Web Site of the Long Island Mobile Amatuer Radio Club. 11 11 Friday January 19 25 Monday September 18 19 New York Amateur Radio Repeaters - Quick Search There are 837 New York repeaters in the database. 22 Saturday May 20 Thursday December 21 Wednesday August 30 Friday December 29 Minnesota D-Star Net7:30pm 8:30pmMinnesota D-Star NetD-Star Repeater 443.85Mhz or Reflector XLX632ARecurs weekly I've been wanting to explore UHF and 220 lately and I noticed it wasn't responding and doesn't appear on repeater book. Thursday June 1 14 5 Dan w2txb Member Joined Sep 22, 2006 Friday June 30 You can find some good information at wb2jpq.com about the linked system. Changes in ARRL Atlantic Division (ARRL 02/05/2023), Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club to Celebrate 100 Years (ARRL 02/01/2023), Ham Radio Operators Keep Classic Communication Style Alive (www.cbs58.com 01/18/2023), Ham Radio Operators 'Still a Thing' in This Advanced Technological World (www.cbs58.com 01/18/2023), Hams are the Only Available Channel When Official Communication Modes Wednesday August 16 27 Friday September 29 Repeaters using the call sign WMXW are owned and operated by the Rochester Amateur Radio Club. 9:00pm 10:00pm Monday August 21 Upstate NY HAM Radio News & Information Binghamton Area Repeater list A few folks have asked for news on active Binghamton Area Amateur Repeaters. Release your PTT and the repeater will read back, in audio voice, all of the keys that were decoded. Repeaters for the Rochester area. Search our database by location and band to generate a custom list to your specifications. Saturday December 23 5 7 7:00pm 8:00pm 22 Saturday December 9 Sunday January 21 28 Sunday June 18 26 Thursday November 23 Services. Tuesday October 31 Powered by, 146.79 repeater at Highland Hospital WB2ROC, of information to be found here. I will also try to update old posts with confirmations and updates as I get new information .I have a broad range of interests and love to share much of the cool stuff I stumble across. Weekly Coffee Chat9:00am 10:00amWeekly Coffee ChatRooster's Sports Barn and Grill, 2280 Superior Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901Recurs weekly Sunday June 4 JFIF ` ` C 12 9:00pm 10:00pm 1953 Callsign Awarded. Monday March 27 What happened to the 442.400 repeater? www.UPSTATEHAM.COM Members earn "points" that are redeemable towards a variety of. Friday November 24 In August 2020, the RARC club purchased a new Yaesu DR-2X Fusion repeater. 31 Saturday July 22 (If you need help, we can even help you with final edits to make it look "pretty". Wednesday February 15 18 NET: Southeast Minnesota Digital Net6:30pm 7:30pmNET: Southeast Minnesota Digital Net147.255 Repeater (PL tone 100hz)Recurs weekly 3 Thursday January 11 7 Thursday April 6 The repeater outputs to an amplifier with transmitter output power of approximately 100 watts. 10 Sunday July 23 Monday February 6 Friday January 12 Wednesday December 27 Friday February 17 30 23 More about the author: http://www.upstateham.com/p/more-about-author.html. Wednesday May 3 Thursday April 20 %PDF-1.7 Minnesota D-Star Net7:30pm 8:30pmMinnesota D-Star NetD-Star Repeater 443.85Mhz or Reflector XLX632ARecurs weekly The repeater transmitter output is 100 watts. NET: Olmsted County ARES9:00pm 10:00pmNET: Olmsted County ARES147.255 Repeater if date is an Odd number - or - 146.82 Repeater if date is an EVEN number (Both have PL tone 100hz)Recurs weekly Monday January 8 Monday November 6 Tuesday October 3 5 Wednesday August 2 Anyone know what its status is and when/if it will be back on the air? 7 4 All Rights Reserved.Created and owned by KD6KPC/WREQ745 since 2006. 11 Friday May 5 The listings are a reflection of each system's true status, regardless of their coordination*. Friday February 24 The $13 Ham Radio Balloon That Cost the US Military $400,000! var addy_text85fe58f08a1c05b4798396fa15ed2414 = 'jaypstewart' + '@' + 'gmail' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak85fe58f08a1c05b4798396fa15ed2414').innerHTML += ''+addy_text85fe58f08a1c05b4798396fa15ed2414+'<\/a>'; Remember, this club can't exist without members. ..If you have an upcoming event or news item that you would like published, Address:11 S Main St, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Back Door). 20 Wednesday June 7 8 25 19 Thursday July 6 31 Friday March 17 27 Monday May 22 Repeaters recommended for use by nearby highway, Repeaters by county (Only counties with documented repeaters are listed). roc_area_repeater_listing_12-8-2020.xlsx Author: David Created Date: 12/8/2020 10:30:49 AM . Thursday July 27 21 www.UPSTATEHAM.COM Show past events 21 10 Tuesday October 24 Click any map pin to get details of the repeater (s) at that location. 9 29 18 Tuesday January 2 Saturday July 8 The 4th largest ham radio club in the USA! Wednesday March 29 Focusing on education, entertainment, and camaraderie. NET: HF 10m Rochester Net7:00pm 8:00pmNET: HF 10m Rochester Net28.325 MHz USBRecurs monthly Monday March 13 Tuesday February 7 Sunday January 14 New York Repeater Directory (NYRD) was born in 2003 as an addition to the New England Repeater Directory. Friday February 2 If you are not currently a member and want to support RRRA, you can join at our monthly meeting or on this web site by clicking "Join RRRA". Monday May 8 The following user functions are available on the WMXW 146.82 repeater. 31 Saturday July 1 Miklor - Great China Radio Info - Baofeng, Wouxon, etc. Sunday December 17 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 14 25 The new repeater is connected to Wires-X on the digital side allowing connectivity to Wires-X digital rooms. Monday July 24 Thursday October 12 26 Thursday February 9 29 The June testing session is held 7 25 Weekly Coffee Chat9:00am 10:00amWeekly Coffee ChatRooster's Sports Barn and Grill, 2280 Superior Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901Recurs weekly Tuesday April 4 14 Thursday June 8 RaRa also excels in many other areas of amateur endeavor. 7 Friday October 27 1 Sunday October 1 Wednesday July 26 8 Tuesday August 1 This registration helps to ensure that only ham radio operators are using the gateway. 4 29, D-Star Repeater 443.85Mhz or Reflector XLX632A, 147.255 Repeater if date is an Odd number - or - 146.82 Repeater if date is an EVEN number (Both have PL tone 100hz), Rooster's Sports Barn and Grill, 2280 Superior Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901, Charlies Eatery & Pub, 1408 2nd St SW, Rochester, MN, Grandma's Kitchen, 1514 N Broadway Ave, Rochester, MN 55906, Olmsted County ARES Net Control Preamble Script 2-1-2021, Advanced Communication Systems KRP 5000 Repeater, http://www.jfindu.net/DSTARRepeaters.aspx, Meteorological Winter 2022-23 Climate Summary. Thursday March 16 7 2 17 Saturday August 12 30 The Rochester Radio Repeater Association, RRRA wants to invite you to attend its regular general meeting. 11:00am 12:00pm %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz NET: HF 10m Rochester Net7:00pm 8:00pmNET: HF 10m Rochester Net28.325 MHz USBRecurs monthly Saturday July 15 Thursday March 30 Coverage: HT throughout most of Monroe County Note:The only non-profit owned repeater system in Rochester. 11 Additional club gatherings The maximum and minimum outside temperatures for the day at the repeater site will be provided by the repeater in an audio voice. 6:30pm 7:30pm Amateur radio WR2ROC 146.79 repeater at Rochester, New York . 20 Amateur Radio Enthusiasts Ham It Up in Milford, This Week in Space: Ham Radios, a Spare Soyuz, and the Worst Pile-up Ever, Amateur Radio On the International Space Station Seeking Contact Proposals, Local Operator Explains Why He Believes Downed Object May be Illinois Club's Radio Balloon, Where All Communication is Lost, Farmers Amateur Radio Comes to Fore, Illinois Hobby Group Says Balloon Might've Been Shot Down - CBS Chicago, Schofield Club Excels in International Radio Outreach, Illinois Hobbyist Group Says Its Balloon Went Missing the Same Day, U.s. Air Force May Have Shot Down a Ham Radio Balloon, Amateur Radio Digital Communications Releases 2022 Annual Report, Amateur Radio Events Celebrate the Universe, Registration Open for the 2023 QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS DUE TO EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY, Dixie Amateur Radio Club Makes Widespread Contact During Annual Field Day, The Monday February 5 Sunday June 11 NET: Dodge County ARES8:30pm 9:00pmNET: Dodge County ARES147.255 Repeater (PL tone 100hz)Recurs weekly About Us. Saturday February 17 The add, remove, or change a repeater on this list, please contact the RARC Technical Committee. 23 Coverage of grids near and around FN23/FN22. 19 16 Affiliate of Rochester Radio Repeater Association Inc, RRRA www.K2RRA.org 2 K1NXG 147.240, 443.800, 443.275, 444.875 Repeaters linked together. Monday December 11 Saturday July 29 please contact us at upstateham@gmail.com, (please send additions and corrections to. Friday November 3 NET: HF 20m IBM Net11:00am 12:00pmNET: HF 20m IBM Net14.347Mhz USBRecurs weekly !(!0*21/*.-4;K@48G9-.BYBGNPTUT3? Public Safety. Utility. The WMXW trustee is Gil Baron, WMN. 26 When your transmitter PTT switch is released, the repeater will beep and then play back the test audio message. 3 The repeater is located east of Rochester atop a 300 ft. tower east of Century High School in northeast Rochester. Donate points to the field kit program! 6 31 24 Please enter the repeater user function control codes slowly and carefully. 4 22 The repeater works locally fine, but most people used it to access ECR (self included). Thursday February 23 28 Our Officers and Directors are continually searching for new programs, projects, and fun social Friday February 3 Friday October 6 15 24 Sunday December 10