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He was credited as "Slightly Doubtful Boy" in the film. In that case, you will be very busy!". and our Continuation of Januari and Februari, where I write different shorter fics for every prompt, every day of the month. I would never say such a thing. But he never leaves, and the kid is perfectly dandy with nothing but a scar. A high achiever, he went to work at the Ministry of Magic after leaving school, working in the Department of International Magical Co-operation under Barty Crouch Snr and later as Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic himself. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (2), October Crossover Prompt Challenge (Flufftober), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Dino (Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Boggart Tony, who has been unusually quiet, finally says with a laugh, "Wow, Barton, don't you think you take the joke of taking an arrow to the knee a bit too far?". At this point, Percy seemed to have lost what enmity he had towards Harry, looking visibly sombre and saddened as Harry's dead body was brought before Hogwarts. However, he showed rare glimmerings of a sense of humour when joking with Penelope Clearwater over sabotaging Harry's broomstick,[23] and when duelling Pius Thicknesse during the Battle of Hogwarts.[25]. [25], Percy stands with his family and friends during the battle, During the one-hour armistice, Percy mourned Fred with his family in the Great Hall. In 1995, he broke off all ties with his family following an argument with his father over his promotion to Junior Assistant to Fudge. "Hang on, did Thor really call you for five times? , . I guess fanfiction is a suitable tool for me to sow disconcert in this realm.". During the summer of 1994, Percy worked diligently under Crouch, a man whom he admired and respected for his strict adherence to rules and his perfectionist attitude towards his work. The Avengers wince once again thinking of the implication of Loki using fanfiction as a weapon. It can be assumed that Percy had a fairly happy childhood, as all the Weasley siblings did. The rest of the Avengers are shocked that Steve, Thor, and Loki are actually aware of Harry Potter. "JARVIS, don't you dare! They were never again as close, and when Percy broke ties with his family, this generally included Hermione as she was closely associated with the Weasleys and Harry. He said with an expectant look. For more information, please see our From 1991-1994, Percy was on very good terms with Hermione Granger, due to their academic brilliance and strong work ethic. Ironically, this led to Percy's defection from his family. He swore her to secrecy, and in doing so, was inadvertently responsible for the events at the end of that school year, as he prevented Ginny from telling Ron and Harry about her involvement with the Chamber of Secrets, thinking that she was telling them about him and Penelope. Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor by cloneserpents - In this beloved erotic comedy with over 1,000 reviews, Harry leads his friends on a Horcrux hunt after reading a magical book that gives him special powers. Fury instructed Tony. "Right, so I'm looking for my kid he was in England butI can't find him and there are rumours to him being in New York. Percy Weasley worked under Crouch for thirteen months and was absolutely obsessed with him: indeed, Percy's brother Ronald joked in August of 1994 that he should be expecting their engagement any day. Now Harry's got super strength he can't control and an almost unnecessary amount of magical power. He would also sneak into empty classrooms to be with Penelope, so as to be away from the prying eyes of his siblings, but was caught on one occasion by his youngest sister Ginny. "How do you know I mentioned Hel instead of Hell? Harry finally catches a moment with Nick to figure out what's been going on between them. 'I went with my brother to check on the Boy-Who-lived and realised that his relatives weren't the nicest people on Earth," Everyone snorted at the description dark looks on their faces "so I decided to teach him how to defend himself which I can say came in helpful when he went to secondary school. Tony recovers quickly and says, "I guess the statement that everybody reads Harry Potter is true! Percy kept a firm grip on Harry's shoulder to hold him firmly in place and once again acted as a scribe for Fudge. 465 Stories. This was in retaliation for Ron breaking Fred's toy broomstick. Gender I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling After her friends abndoned her in the summer after 4th year Hayley starts to question her life and decides to give up. Loki looks alarmed and answers, "Or I can just read these fanfictions with you to enrich my knowledge of Midgard. 'Long story short - there's a whole magical community that live hidden from us.' Tony says, "I think you're just jealous that there are more Stony than Thorki fanfictions around. [21], Percy spent much of the summer of 1992 in his room exchanging letters with girlfriend Penelope Clearwater, and his family only saw him at mealtimes. This letter also greatly hurt Harry's feelings. When the billionaire offers to take him home, Harry takes a chance and agrees to go with him.Of course, he doesn't let it end there. Only Captain Rogers and Dr Banner haven't mention Loki's name before his appearance. The Quintessential Marauders Era The avengers stared at the pair as Fury clung onto Harry as if he might lose him any second. Thank fuck for that." asked Tony already beginning to search for a trace of the kid, "He's kinda short, black hair, green eyes and ". Forgotten. Clint shrugged, unnerved about knowing this about his boss. Even though Percy was already aware of Harry's ability to speak Parseltongue, it also ensured that he was easily swayed by Rita Skeeter's slanderous article about Harry being disturbed and dangerous, to the point that he no longer considered Harry trustworthy and disbelieved his claims of Voldemort's return. Perce[2][3][4][5][6] (by family) Where is the fun in that?" Family: Sarah Walker - Daughter. He wanted to achieve prominence at the Ministry, choosing to dedicate himself to the institution and abandoning his family when they chose to rebel against the Ministry. "Are you two done?" Everyone except for P A story of which being Tony Stark's daughter and having powers is the definition of Chaos. Fury shook his head and stroked his gun. "He has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead" Harry finished as he stepped into the room. Fury stated heavily. Cookie Notice "Fury didn't just pop into existence?" It can also be short for Perseus, which is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning "destroyer". Loki was, after all, a citizen of Asgard, not of Midgard. Steve asked, angry. "Captain Rogers, no, Mr. Stark hasn't fulfilled his promise. Technically I'm British - born a Shacklebolt, but when I was found to be a squib, I was sent to America to be adopted. Calling Odin's name five times or something?". Friday's voice interrupted his musings "Sir, Fury is in the elevator", Tony groaned "Okay, kids Nick probably wants to talk avengers business so clear off while we talk?". Harry shouted as he ran towards Fury leaping in mid air to be caught in a hug. Percy was tall and thin, like his father and brothers Bill and Ron, and with the vivid red hair and freckles characteristic of the Weasley family. He sees Clint seethe with anger at Tony's remark and Natasha is not too happy either. , - , -. Someone with an ounce of common sense. "Next you will be breaking up with me saying 'It's not you, it's me.' [13] Finally, after reconciling with his family, in the brief ceasefire allowed to them by Lord Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts, Percy comforted Ron following Fred's death, which also devastated him. [13], Later that year during Christmas, Percy returned his traditional Christmas jumper to his mother unopened without a note, much to her distress, and neither visited his father in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries nor at least asked about him following his wounding by Nagini, much to Fred and George's fury. [23] An inquiry was held, and Percy got into trouble since it was felt that he should have realised that something was amiss with Crouch and informed a superior.[13]. He left after being ordered to make a copy of his notes for the Daily Prophet, thus avoiding the fate that awaited the remaining officials. "Stark, do the words pot, kettle, black, ring any bell? This appeared to have caused Harry to forgive Percy and consider him an ally again, as he went to some lengths as to try to make him move to avoid the oncoming attacks from Death Eaters despite the risk on himself. Harry assured them before he left for the ministry to calm down and not panic. Percy Ignatius "Perce" Weasley (b. A moins que ce soit en ralit de leur faute ? 4. Start by choosing your partner in this ever expanding game. He said that with a wink to Steve. ", "Fine, be my guest. Hermione gritted her teeth and spat. If only glaring could burn, there would be two piles of ashes where Clint and Loki used to be. Fury glared at them for interrupting and they gulped. I will keep that in mind. I thought he would be happy with the no sex before marriage thing.". Steve thinks the boring debriefing with Nick Fury has been long overdue, if only Director Fury called him this instance, he'd be very glad. Loki asks with a yawn, "Do you know that you two sound like an old married couple instead of siblings?". Fury said in disbelief. ", Tony practically glees with the implication of mentioning Loki's name can actually bring Loki, he asks, "So Reindeer Game, it has been an honor that you grace us with your presence with the mere mention of your name. [12] He was a small child during the height of the First Wizarding War. Loki says glaring at Tony. He was the younger brother of Bill and Charlie, the older brother of the late Fred Weasley, George, Ron and Ginny. Like all his siblings, he was home educated in reading, writing and mathematics by his mother. He went missing for over a year and it was only after this bitch of a nemesis decided to tell me, did I learn that this kid had been sentenced to prison for domestic terrorism and attempted murder. Or perhaps not, it's Tony Stark after all. Heres the real kicker though - the leaders of both the Light and Dark side where equally as crazy as each other. What happens when eight movies appear out of nowhere, depicting their life in the past, present, and future? [14], Percy spent the summer of 1993 in Egypt with his family visiting his eldest brother, Bill, after his father won 700 Galleons in the Daily Prophet Annual Grand Prize Draw. "I know Cap, although, if you want to make it up to me, you can read all the fanfictions featuring me and vote which one is the best. We can each nominate a name and everyone else can vote for and against. Later, he wrote to his parents to inform them that Ginny had been taken into the Chamber. my husband's ptsd is draining me; waterrower replace monitor; starting an indoor playground business canada; purdue undergraduate business school acceptance rate; lg uhd tv webos 55un69 review; grace pick up lines; walmart 10 lbs chicken leg quarters; evaluate crossword clue 4 letters; sam's club hash brown patties. [12] In Harry's second year, Percy offered Harry some advice regarding his choice of subjects that he would take in the third year. [12], In his new duties as a prefect, Percy was responsible for the new first year Gryffindors, including bringing them to their dormitories on the first day, and to lead them to safety during Hallowe'en in 1991, following the arrival of a troll in the dungeons. You see, the big bad was said to be defeated sixteen years ago - by a baby. I'm fully intrigued now. "Which yahoo mentioned your name five times?" What! I did some research to discover who the greatest wizard in Midgard is and fashioned my method after him. You're here because I told you to be, and I expect you to all stay the good little Avengers I know." Relationship information He puts his hand with mock expression of hurt in front of his heart or to be precise at the arc reactor. After Voldemort's death, he is among those who hugged Harry for his victory over Voldemort, Harry's lack of protest showing his better views of Percy. [34], Chris Rankin as Percy in Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Percy as seen in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, The Harry Potter Wiki has 111 images related to, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Luc Laurent - Son in law. Male. The behaviour was noted by his siblings, who found it strange. He remained at Hogwarts during the Christmas period in 1991, and sat his O.W.Ls at the end of the year. Hair colour Percival is also one of Albus Dumbledore's middle names, and Albus formerly had reddish (auburn) hair, suggesting a possible link between the two families. "Description?" On the same day, Percy gave an interview to the Daily Prophet concerning Dolores Umbridge's appointment as Hogwarts High Inquisitor. He thought all you lot - muggles, were below them. 332 guests Percy's estrangement from his family continued, although he did write a letter to Ron, congratulating him on becoming a prefect and urging him to stop associating with Harry (who he felt was a bad influence) as well as believing that his family would one day realise their mistake for believing Dumbledore and apologise to him. He packed his bags the same night and left. You even listen to and act on her recommendations and secretly hate my recommendations. Does it only apply for us or also any random people in Midgard? Weasley familyPrewett familyHogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryGryffindorBritish Ministry of MagicDepartment of International Magical Co-operation (formerly)Department of Magical Transportation Clint answers hotly. Tearfully Reckless 105 pages March 1, 2018 Determined Mind Rating: M. The Dragon's Bride by Rizzle - Draco and Hermione wake up naked, hungover, and tattoo'd. So- you're going to do what I can't.' I don't even know how to reply to that. Like Draco Malfoy?' I prefer the classic Bram Stocker's Dracula. [14], In his fifth year, Percy earned twelve Ordinary Wizarding Levels, an achievement his brother Bill also earned. During the Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw Quidditch match, he caught Jacob's sibling in the Gryffindor common room with Jae Kim using magic outside of class. He was responsible for authoring a dull report on standardising cauldron thickness. 'Draco? I'm doomed! "Luckily, my brother and I kept in touch, something which means you fuckers are now gonna have to get all up and personal with magic. Why didn't I name myself Vibranium Man. [25], The Weasley family gathered round Fred's dead body, Over the years, Percy was particularly proud and protective of his youngest brother, Ron. Having been the hero of not on After the war, everything ended well. When the truth was revealed, he felt ashamed about his actions and guiltily shunned his family until the moment that he might have lost them during the Battle of Hogwarts, even though he had been wanting to apologise to them for some time, at which Percy sincerely apologised to them and was forgiven by them all. Proud and ambitious, he could not conceive that Fudge would be using him to spy on Dumbledore. Regardless, the damage that Fudge had caused to Percy's relationships with his family was done and it took 2 years before Percy was finally able to reconcile with them. How flattering! Fury said pointedly, causing Harry and Draco to glare at him. Fury Potter is the twin of Harry Potter and hated by her Aunt and Uncle more then Harry and often kicked out by them. Following the hearing, despite Harry being cleared of all charges, Percy believed that Harry only got off due to a technicality, and he also ignored his father, who was waiting outside for Harry. His mother went to London to try to talk with him, but Percy slammed the door in her face. He took a pet rat named Scabbers with him, which turned out to be an Animagus named Peter Pettigrew. He was also present when Voldemort announced Harry's "supposed" death, looking shocked and saddened, as he had once again came to consider Harry a friend. It's actually quite a scary sight. [13], Percy severed all ties with his family, wanting everyone to know that he had nothing to do with them. If we haven't found a name in the first round, we can go to the second round and so on. Harry was sandwiched between Wanda and Tony as Fury paced the room. Twelve years later the Avengers Initiative is put into play after the Tesseract is stolen by visiting alien, Loki. Harry Potter Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. "Certainly, sir. (sorry, I still love Sally!) Blood status Who would have thought that even people out of our realm and Capsicle read Harry Potter? JARVIS, could you please count how many times each of us mention Loki's name?" harry potter is nick fury's brother fanfiction. Steve blushes and wonders why he has become the object of winking and eyebrow wriggling the whole morning. ", Loki looks genuinely interested and says, "And you complained when I wanted to take away Midgardians' free will. ", Tony says, "Yeah right, your knowledge of Midgardian must be so rich. Enter into a world where Harry Potter meets Marvel. I know my genius will be my downfall. Dark Revelations by beastlybeauty945 reviews. Not really at a specific point in the story ( after harry reunites with Draco but before Dumbledore and Snape meet the Avengers ), Rough Draft give me suggestions on how to improve this x. [7], Percy Weasley as a prefect in his sixth year. As a reward for this, Percy was given a Screech Owl whom he named Hermes, and new robes by his parents. Thor asks with concern. When Fudge's folly had been exposed and he was forced to resign as Minister in complete disgrace, most likely Percy became bitter and resentful that he had supported Fudge's completely disastrous and wrong campaign against Dumbledore and Harry against his own family. The avengers glanced at each other, Harry had been to prison? Just after her Sorting, Hermione talked to Percy about her enthusiasm about learning magic, particularly Transfiguration, and it is likely that she admired him for being a Prefect, and being as academically brilliant as her. "Whoa Fury! Steve thinks that the guns will be useless against magic anyway. Although Harry attempted to make light of the letter's content, Ron promptly tore it to pieces and threw it in the fire, calling Percy "the world's biggest git". ", "Yes, sir, I'm aware of that. Family members Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. He considered Harry a bad influence for Ron and sent him a letter encouraging him to sever ties with Harry and to stay on Umbridge's good side so that he could become eligible for Head Boyship in a few years. Percy Apparated to the Hog's Head, and travelled down the secret tunnel to the Room of Requirement, hoping he hadn't missed the battle. While he remained loyal to the Ministry, it is apparent that he felt no sympathy for Fudge's dismissal and may have even supported it some ways. Kid with sea green eyes interrupts meetings, Morning questions, gym sessions and school, Flashbacks, flashbacks and more flashbacks, SHIELD's spy, Percy's school trouble and Downtown's warning, Nico's trouble, school fights and worried avengers, Sacred oaths, a talk with dad and blood results, The tests, check-up and avoiding flashbacks, Death-anniversary, depressing birthday celebrations and ice cream with war's kid, Ice-cream chats and dangerous flashback preventing, Reuniting with old friends, the plan and the confusion. Tony cursed, how was he supposed to be a genius if he wasn't given all the facts about the people living inside his tower. Percy introduced himself and his pet rat to this individual. Recueil de Drabbles - L o la Magie passe, la paix trpasse ! It was revealed in Captain Marvel that Fury lost his eye when Goose scratched him. 3. Clint asks. Tony, at first, thinks it's a ridiculous idea and tells Fury just that as he calls the unformed team a super-secret boy band and doesn't really think that it would work. At least some content in this article is derived from information featured in: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery& Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.As such, spoilers will be present within the article. Penelope Clearwater, his Hogwarts girlfriend, Percy began dating Penelope Clearwater, a fellow prefect, sometime during his fifth year. [4] Crouch, however, cannot remember Percy's name: as a running gag, he referred to his protege as "Weatherby". [27], Harry Potter first met Percy Weasley at King's Cross Station when he saw him go through the barrier to platform 9. 22 August 1976) was an English pure-blood wizard, the third child of Arthur and Molly Weasley (ne Prewett). However, their relationship remained distant as while seeing both of his sons go to Hogwarts, Harry thought he overheard Percy talking loudly about broomstick regulations, and was glad to have the excuse not to stop and say hello but while he apparently preferred to not interact with Percy, he no longer hated Percy and had forgiven him and apparently decided to leave how badly Percy treated him once in the past. Finished. linkffn(Master Of Death And What It Means), linkffn(God Of Magic And Master Over Death). ", Tony uncharacteristically shrieks, "Arrgh, Pepper is really on to me this time. I followed your movie recommendation and ended up watching Hostel. Do you use the Norwegian or American calendar?". "Well, that's why you need me," Natasha answers with a smirk as she also lowers her guns. Crouch was supposedly ill and taking time off to recover, and it was being blamed on the stress caused by the debacle following the Quidditch World Cup. Red, greying and balding[7] (as of 2014) Perhaps now is the time so he can be called away. "The child was the only person to ever survive the killing curse which, I believe you're smart enough to figure what it means yourself.

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