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Impotence is on many people's minds. Alexander CockburnsGuillotined! The Bohemian Club 's mascot is an owl, here cast in masonry, and perched over the main club entrance at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco. Jeffrey St. Clairis editor of CounterPunch. If it all sounds eclectic, it is. The club's famed annual gathering has been held for more than 100 years at the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. It was posted in a locked glass case during the day, and was removed every night. Bohemian Grove, a secluded campground in California's Sonoma County, is the site of an annual two-week gathering of a highly select, all-male club, whose members have included every Republican president since Calvin Coolidge. Big business shows up: Thomas Watson Jr. of IBM, billionaire John Kluge of Metromedia. At this point some hamadryads (tree spirits) and another priest or two appeared at the base of the main owl shrine, a 40-foot-tall, moss-covered statue of stone and steel at the south end of the lake, and sang songs about Care. In 1953, when he was vice president, Nixon led a ceremony honoring Herbert Hoover's 40th year as a Bohemian. After that I began working a dead West Coast relative's promise to have me out to the Grove one summer into a shaggy-dog story about my invitation. The participants seem to enjoy the isolation and the opportunity to let their hair down in some way. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. The mystery was over. I'm admitting for the first time in my life having no willpower," a man was saying to his wife on one of the public phones. Fireworks went off at the lakeside, and a brass band in peppermint-striped jackets and straw boaters came out of the woods playing "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.". Some day the walls will fall, though it's hard to see why any woman would want to join a crowd of old Republicans chewing cigars and reminiscing about potency. Then, eerily picked out by torchlight, robed tycoons move slowly into a clearing with a bier supporting the effigy of Care. It took place at the Waldorf-Astoria, in a room piled with redwood bark and branches shipped to Manhattan from the Grove. They spoke of "fairy unguents" that would free men to pursue warm fellowship, and I was reminded of something Herman Wouk wrote about the Grove: "Men can decently love each other; they always have, bur women never quite understand. The sexism and racism of the Jinks were of a peculiar sort. It tells the productive they can drink, it tells the drunks they're productive. MONTE RIO, Calif.When Gerald R. Ford, Henry A. Kissinger and A. W. Clausen joined 2,000 of the richest and most powerful men in the country at the annual ritual known as the Summer Encampment at Bohemian Grove near this sleepy hamlet of 997 last month, did they make decisions that will shape America's destiny, or was It merely the greatest men's party on earth?. The meal (tournedos of beef) was festive and communal. The other two plays, called High Jinks and Low Jinks, are original stage productions produced, directed, ley, president of Union Oil, the company responsible for the spill. Separating the Red and Blue. If the avenging posses mustered by the Bohemian Grove Action Network manage this year to burst through the security gates at the Bohemian Grove, they will (to extrapolate from numerous eyewitness accounts of past sessions) find proofs most convincing to them that here indeed is the ruling crowd in executive session: hundreds of near-dead white men sitting by a lake listening to Henry Kissinger, plus many other near-dead white men in adjacent landscape in a state of intoxication so advanced that many of them had fallen insensible among the ferns, gin fizz glasses gripped firmly till the last. He got the pa-pers San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, New York Times. The waiting lists for membership are so long it takes years for the novitiate . He was surely influenced by Prime Minister Rocard's Saturday afternoon Lakeside Talk, in which he dangled the most sanguine business expectations of the new European order. Just as the priests set out to torch the crypt, a red light appeared high in a redwood and large speakers in the forest amplified the cackling voice of Care: "Fools! "Who was going to offend the president?" While president he had avoided the Grove, a custom Nixon cemented in 1971 when he canceled a speech planned for the lakeside in the secret encampment after the press insisted on covering it. What the Bois de Boulogne was to the ancien regime, the Grove is to America's power class. They told of how a man's heart is divided between "reality" and "fantasy," how it is necessary to escape to another world of fellowship among men. Bohemian, they agreed in their early annals, didn't mean an unwashed shirt and poetry; it signified London, the beau monde, men of eminence whose purses were always open to their friends. Membership in the Bohemian Club is by invitation only, and no women are allowed, either as members or guests, except for an occasional picnic for club wives. Tunerville has all the members of the camp orchestra, Monkey Block many of the artists, and Sons of Toil the university faculty members. ", Proudly Kissinger reeled off the names of some of his fellow campers: "Nick Brady and his brother is here." When they got up to go to dinner, one hugged another around the middle from behind and trudged up the bank with him that way, laughing. Scenting power, press lords skip in from all over the country: Joe Albritton, former owner of The Washington Star; Charles E. Scripps and Otto Silha of Cowles Media; the McClatchys of the McClatchy chain; and David Gergen of U.S. News & World Report all obey the Bohemian command of keeping the goings-on from their readers. Theres skeet-shooting on the private range. No, Section 8, Article XVIII was too fine a screen for me. For Republicans the club is an antechamber to the White House. A college kid well call Tom the arm of the Secret Government is, after all, far-reaching worked at the Bohemian Grove each summer for three years in the middle 1990s. In fact, the encampment has always had political significance. Tycoons vie eagerly for the privilege of shifting a stage prop or securing the bestcomputerized lighting system that money can provide. A speech to the industrial and financial titans clus-tered for one of the Groves famous lake-side talks could make or break a candidacy. The cremation is intended to put the busy men of the club at ease and banish the stress of the outside world, but it arouses critics of the encampment because they interpret it to mean that Bohemians literally don't care about the outside world. He cleaned up the mess left by the Bohos nocturnal revels. ", "You know, they've got a lot of liberal faculty. "Are you going to show it?" No one was supposed to know that Rocard himself would be speaking the next day down at the lake, under the green speakers' parasol. No one inside acted suspicious, but paranoia about the Grove seemed justified, and I brought along my own version of cyanide: Interol, a tranquilizer used by actors to counteract stage fright. "He's dead." When Ronald Reagan came to the green parasol the next day, the organ player broke into "California, Here I Come." The Bohemian Club, founded in 1872, was originally composed of journalists and musicians ("bohemians"). Many of the Boho rituals and its first play, The Triumph of Bohemia, were worked up by a real estate speculator called George Sterling who took to poesy and Boho-dom late in life and banished Care permanently in 1926 by taking strychnine in the Clubs city premises. The sensibility of the Grove recalls an era before the surgeon general's report on smoking, before the death of God and duty, before the advent of cholesterol and Sandra Day O'Connor (whose husband, John, bunks in Pelicans camp). This same caller moved from shots in the arm to shots in another location. This year's speaker was Henry Kissinger on The Challenge of the '80s." Maclean's magazine, March 23, 1981 reported: "Each summer, for three weekends - this year's will be the 103rd - nearly 2,000 Bohemians, with guests in tow, speed in by car and corporate jet to their guarded Grove, close by the hamlet of Monte Rio (population 1,200) on the . So are Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon -- though club directors are said to be miffed at Nixon, a longtime Bohemian Grover, who's still listed as sleeping in Cave Man, one of the Grove's 119 curiously and sometimes appropriately named camps. I would like to make the two-year congressman's term four years, to reduce the number of elections that we have, because I think that's one of the reasons that only about 53 percent of the people vote. His new book is The Big Heat:Earth on the Brink co-written with Joshua Frank. ", Then the crypt of Care was poled slowly down the lake by a black-robed figure in a black gondola, accompanied by a great deal of special effects smoke. The Bohemian Club's waiting list, which had first appeared away back in the 1920s, grew to ridiculous lengths. Dole wasnt even a member and with Bill and Hillary in office, journalists dashed off each year to the Carolina coast to write about the Renaissance Weekend at Hilton Head where the idiom was of the 1990s self-awareness, being in touch with your inner self, networking rather than the 1890s making merrie, getting drunk and us-ing the Old Boy Net. He said, 'What are you talking about?' Some of the notable members of the Bohemian Club include former presidents Richard Nixon, George H.W. Typical attendees range from high-profile big boys like former Nixon cabinet member Henry Kissinger to powerful corporate chieftains whose names wouldn't draw a twitch of recognition from most folks on the street. Upon arriving to the United States, he excelled academically and graduated from Harvard College in 1950, where he studied under William Yandell Elliott. It urged its followers to form "Boho Clubs" to study members so they could be "held accountable by the American People" for participating "in the maintenance of the process of plutocratic patriarchy which threatens the planet Earth with omnicide from the nuclear menace." Of course you must be with us," I heard his summons, too. The papers are open for research. Amid stentori-an chants, a blare of music and leaping flames, Care is finally cremated. My imposture included misrepresenting myself in conversation with other campers, and my story kept changing as I learned more about how life inside was organized. My first full-strength dose of Bohemian culture took place two weeks earlier, the first Saturday night, when after a long day in the Grove I took a seat on the grassy lakeside among 1,500 ocher men for the encampment's famously surreal opening ritual. On the blackboard near the bootblack stand there were phone messages for corporate raider Henry Kravis and Bloomingdale's chairman Marvin Traub. The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions In The U.S. Interlocking Directorates in the Corporate Community, The Power Elite's Foreign Policy in WWII & Vietnam, The Rise and Fall of Diversity at the Top, 2005-2015, Can Corporate Power Be Controlled? Noted and hoary writers and personalities are members: Herman Wouk, Art Linkletter, Fred Travalena. Kevin McCarthy is No Edward Snowden, But He Should Find the Comparison Flattering, Assessing Nicaraguas Long Haul toward Liberation and Economic Democracy, A National Divorce? Care went up in blazes. It was set at crotch level, so you had to sort of crouch. Other references aren't so subtle. By the time I got back into the central camp ground, they'd announced the next day's Lakeside Talk. He persisted in putting in too much rum to see how many guys would pass out. Let my friends remember me by it when i am gone, reads a plaque left by a Bohemian at the base of a 301-footer. When one character; a PR executive, expressed a desire to make his mistress an honest woman, she objected, reminding him of an old Bohemian saying: "If it floats or flies or fools around, don't buy it, rent it." "Bill Simon had room on his plane." If he fails, he must wait three years to try again. The Grove was still there. Richard Nixon, like Hoover a mem-ber of Cave Mans camp inside the Grove, got a raptur-ous reception in 1967 and pressed forward to the nomi-nation and the White House. Cutting in line is distinctly un-Bohemian behavior. Of the top 800 corporations in the U.S. in 1980 30% had at least one officer or director at . Instead of Deltas and Pi Etas there are camps, some 120 in all, stretching along River Road and Morse Stephens canyon. User ID: 78001158. Who are the members, and how do they join the club whose reason for being is the Summer Encampment? My neighbor suggested that someone ought to "shoot the fucker down," flashing the press hatred that prevails in Bohemia. And inside the Grove the guest list was well guarded. Bohemian Club literature is pious on this score. PodClips brings you the best podcast clips All clips from this episode: https://podclips.com/e/edz?ss=y___Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/podclip. Senator Charles Percy, Republican of Illinois, William Buckley, Bing Crosby, Phil Harris and William Randolph Hearst Jr. belong, as do the presidents of the Wells Fargo Banks, the First National Bank of Chicago, the Southern Pacific Railway, The Los Angeles Times, Pacific Gas and Electric, Levi Strauss, Stanford University and the University of California, among others. Shultz, George and Stephen Davison Bechtel with Kissinger at Bohemian Grove [includes correspondence] 1 of 6: 2 of 6: 3 of 6: 4 of 6: Download PDF (3.23 MB) Full Folder View; Collection Information. Particularly in the more sumptuous camps even this takes plenty of money, sharing bills for retinues of uniformed servants, vintage cellars, master chefs and kindred accouterments of spiritual refreshment. Come out, Bohemians. But if publishers are allowed in, reporters are kept outan irony considering the club's antecedents. Carried by pallbearers and high priests in bright red hoods and flowing robes, the coffin burns as chants give way to a band playing There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight.. But when again ye turn your feet toward the marketplace, am I not waiting for you, as of old? Was there one secret government or two? Wheres the fashionable rendez-vous for the Worlds Secret Government? Demonstrations outside the Grove a few years back often centered around the "Resurrection of Care.". The sociologists who had studied the place were right; there was no real security. When I got to Monte Rio, only a couple of signs of protest remained. Like all such institutions the club has its rituals, its ceremonies, its hallowed rules. Notable members over the years have included Clint Eastwood, Henry Kissinger, Walter Cronkite, Richard Nixon, Read More I used my real name. Kissinger was a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938. Though he cursed now and then, he seemed uncomfortable with the word damn, which he said almost sotto voce. Nonetheless, the ideal of equality is comforting. Building a, Left and Right in Thinking, Personality, and Politics, Alternative Theories: Pluralism, State Autonomy, Elite Theory, Marxism, C. Wright Mills, Floyd Hunter, and 50 Years of Power Structure Research, Teaching about Corporate Power (London et al. Waiters and servants are brought up from San Francisco for the sessions, but many members insist on bringing their own servants and in some cases cooks. Rumor had it that Reagan was going to give the next day's Lakeside Talk. I heard a 50-ish Bohemian, the "captain" of Pow Wow camp, call out one day as young George went to pee off the deck. I waited till my last day to bring one in.) Also, it was Walter Cronkite talking. A visitor once said of it: You don't just walk in thereyou are summoned.. At least six inches." The traditional 7:00 a.m. gin fizzes served in bed by camp valets set the pace. ), Zweigenhaft on Teaching about Class & Social Change, Interlocks and Interactions Among the Power Elite, http://whorulesamerica.net/power/bohemian_grove_spy.html. Tom fixed the early morning gin fizzes and kindred cobweb banishers. At Faraway camp a guy beckoned me into the camp to enjoy "a little orange juice." Here are to be found members of the Bechtel clan owners of the largest engineering contractorship in the world, veterans of Republican Washington of the era of Gerorge Bush Sr (former Treasury Secretary Nick Brady, former Secretary of State George Shultz), souven-irs of industrial might (Leonard K. Firestone. "Your agricultural policy.") George Shultz, the former secretary of State, wearing hiking boots, had listened while sitting under a tree. But the charges were dropped, and the man is remembered fondly in the Grove. Wine gets passed around (though members must sign for the bottles on a chit). You know you are inside the Bohemian Grove when you come down a trail in the woods and hear piano music from amid a group of tents and then round a bend to see a man with a beer in one hand and his penis in the other, urinating into the bushes. The long-range planning commit-tee of the club decided to buy a grove some sixty miles north of the city near the town of Monte Rio. In the same year Secretary of the Treasury David M. Kennedy visited Rudolph A. Peterson, then president of the Bank of America; and Edwin Pauley, an oilman, had Paul Rand Dixon of the Federal Trade Commission as a guest. Bohemian GroveWhere Big Shots Go to Camp, https://www.nytimes.com/1977/08/14/archives/bohemian-grove-where-big-shots-go-to-camp.html. Every year since 1879, the club holds its two-week Annual Summer Encampment, dubbed by President Herbert Hoover "the greatest men's party on earth." The gathering takes place on the exclusive. Owl's Nest is sort of an old Hollywood-corporatist camp. A high point of the middle weekend was the performance of The Low Jinks, the Grove's elaborate musical-comedy show. Henry Kissinger? As the Soviet Sagdeyev said in his speech, "There is no glasnost here.". At dinner I sat across from a young broker who shared his wine with me and complained about his girlfriend. Hugh said that an old college friend came to stay in Bohemia and took over the mixing of the drinks. The long tables are lit by gas pipes that spring from the ears of wooden owl silhouettes three feet above the table, a half dozen of these per table. It would seem that this year's encampment was useful to him. Being from New York was fine; the Grove limits retreat guests to out-of-staters (though clamoring by well-connected Californians to visit the forest has resulted in the rise of the June "Spring Jinks" weekend). Henry Kissinger in a pink tut getting rammed up the old dirt road by Chuck Connors? Tom Watson, the builder of IBM, once took a long weekend off from his retirement job as US ambassador to Moscow to fly to San Francisco to dine with a Bohemian Grove board member and discreetly lobby for membership. Kissinger had lolled on the ground, distributing mown grass clippings across his white shirt, being careful not to set his elbow on one of the cigar butts squashed in the grass, and joking with a wiry, nut-brown companion. The club was founded in 1872, just three years after the transcontinental railroad was completed, by a group of newspapermen and artists who plainly felt social anxiety about their surroundings. The following list of Bohemian Club members includes both past and current members of note. Vaguely homosexual undertones suffused this spectacle, as they do much of ritualized life in the Grove. Summer after summer BGAN stoked Grove conspiracy theories by getting hold of the guest list. Late in the Low Jinks the elevator doors opened and a man came out wearing a rubber Henry Kissinger mask. checks to shame. There are less elaborate stagings by the individual camps, which really exist as separate societies with members of each paying for their facilities. In its obsession with the encampment, BGAN has unwittingly taken on Bohemian traits, becoming a kooky mirror image of the Grove. "It would screw everything up, excuse the pun," said an old-timer sipping a drink by the river. Here William Buckley described how he had sat at his desk and cried upon learning of Whittaker Chambers's death. The encampment got even looser as the third and last weekend approached. [This is not entirely accurate; "Bohemian Grove" is labeled as such on USGS topographic maps. Just as you have to be sponsored for membership, you have to be sponsored for a camp. Larry Kramer is a reporter for The San Francisco Examiner. See the article in its original context from. The club's "men of talent" (i.e., artists and writers) included writers of a populist bent: Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Henry M. Stanley. ", At lakeside the grass was crowded for the day's talk. The Club took certain measures and things are now under control. At the opening of each summer season proper, on July 14 this year, there is the traditional masque, representing the banish-ment of Care. After being nominated by two sponsors, a prospective member must fill out an application form that puts F.B.I. The right-wing Hoover Institution at Stanford attended in full force and brought along the president of Washington's Heritage Foundation. I'd made it in that day for breakfast at the Dining Circle, the most lavish meal of the Bohemian day, an experience redolent of moneyed western ease. The Bohemian Grove hires young men. I was told that if a Californian is not admitted before he is 30, he can despair of membership unless he achieves commercial or political prominence. "I need the B-2.". To be quite frank, replied the Bohemian Club member who had disclosed that Mr. Ford had spoken, he put me to sleep.. I might last three hours before they put me in the Santa Rosa jail for trespassing. One afternoon, for instance, the Valhalla camp deck was crowded with men drinking Valhalla's home-brewed beer and listening to singers. But in fact, class and status differences among camps are pronounced. The woman on the line now asked about the friend. Voyage to Sonoma County and muster against Secret World Government which, lets face it, isnt exactly secret. Bilderberg mastermind Henry Kissinger is also a reported regular at the event. They wore bright red, blue and orange hooded robes chat might have been designed for the Ku Klux Klan by Marimekko. Since 1980, Moore and as many as 400 other demonstrators . Individual melted into group, but what a group: George Shultz was seated below me, and word in the camp was that a year and $75,000 or so had been spent for a production that would be seen just once, just by them. I said when we got back we'd talk about it. ", It was in the phone circle that Henry Kissinger alienated some brother Bohemians on the middle weekend. In the Grove's Club Med-like plan, the meals are covered in the fee for the encampment, which, judging from schedules I'd seen from two years back, ran about $850 on top of annual dues. Sempervirens indeed. This amalgam of pop Druidry, Klan kitsch and Fraserian mumbo- jumbo stems from the nineteenth-cen-tury passion for ancient ritual. Two thousand miles away, at the other end of the continent, the same impulse produced Mardi Gras in New Orleans, with its Mystick Krewe, its Elves of Oberon and the tribute paid by Rex to Comus. He didn't ask Reagan my question, of course. '", The only surprises came when he took questions. A poster for one Grove play, Pompeii, featured a mighty erection under a toga, modelled no doubt on the redoubtable organ in the Pompeiian fresco photographed by many a touring tycoon. ", With that, Care spat upon the fires, extinguishing them. So spare yourself the expense of travelling from Quebec to the next session of the WTO. As for Jews, old membership lists suggest that they have taken a very small part in the club for decades. . When the wheeling and dealing was over, the club owned 2,700 acres of redwoods a grove of the mightiest of thou-sand-year-old Sequoia sempervirens: We are grown men now, a piece of club literature announced in the early 1920s, but each year in the hard procession of our days there comes, thank God, to us Bohemians, a recess time it is upon us. Bohemian Grove, 1991. "Hey, knock it off, this is Bohemia," Hugh had to tell him. But Tom worked for an independent con-tractor supplying food and help and got $125 a day plus tips (officially banned at the Grove) and ended up with $3,000 for his three-week stint. Three other men discussed a friend of theirs who had left early that morning for New York. The state has established a beachhead at the Grove's front office, a hundred yards outside the main gate, where, under legal pressure, seven women have been employed. When Seymour Hersh Strained to Keep Up With CounterPunch, Nichole Stephens, Administrative Assistant. Bohemian reminiscences describe such bizarre initiation rites as escorting new members to the redwood at which one of the founders "did his morning ablutions." He sneered too, though more deferentially, at lordly Mandalay camp, inaccessible save by written invitation by a member, luxuriously appointed and stocked with the Membership Committees most determined stab at the pretense of Secret Government. The Proposed TikTok Ban Goes Too Far. Inside the Grove there is a feeling of mournful inevitability about the day women will join the encampment. Because the regular members require entertainment, "men of talent" pay greatly reduced fees. They come by limousine through the woods or by corporate jet to the tiny Sonoma Airport, where they are met by waiting cars.

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