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I will not bother to strat bomb an area that I know I can break and take quickly. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Do you think they are as important as CAS aircraft? The bonus has a base value of +25%[3], scaled linearly by the number of planes actually in the battle compared to the maximum possible. Even though the medium airframe can be designed to have more CAS damage than small airframe CAS, it is much less cost-effective, so not recommended. The effects are scaled inversely by the size of the wing relative to 100 planes, to a maximum of 10x at 10 planes. The attacks are resolved as between land units, but they ignore defense, hardness and armor. Doctrines can increase this penalty by multiplying the final air support penalty by 1 + the bonus from doctrine (ex. Pushing with infantry and CAS often works against a weak enemy. common/defines/00_defines.lua NAir.CAS_NIGHT_ATTACK_FACTOR = 0.1 should mean CAS are only 10% effective at night. Another fun fact is that this is in global hours, but day/night is calculated in local hours. Use the attrition graph to determine how much reliability your variant equipment needs. Heavy tanks are similar to mediums, but have low speed, the same armor and higher breakthrough, but very high base cost. Heavy tanks are much more expensive than Medium Tanks, and suffer from very harsh combat penalties in many terrain types. Its also silly to have to whittle down Britain's nearly 20k plane reserves by 1940. The effective and hard cap that scout planes can contribute to intel are. Hearts of Iron 4 1.12.6 patch notes reinforce HoI4 War Effort. But AI UK is actually pretty good at protecting convoys (one of the few things HOI4's AI does really well) so you take a lot of casualties for little gain. If there are no appropriate targets for a mission type, the mission selection process will continue to the next lower priority mission. Try to capture an enemy air base as quickly as possible, so that the player can redeploy some fighters and CAS there. Example below: As the UK player, there is 60% intel about Italy's air force. Do you like to use Strat bombers, . Calculations on Infantry to Artillery ratio, General notes on infantry division designs, For many more beginner tips, I strongly recommend the. An air wing can support any land combat in provinces within its range. Btw the current war score from strat bombing is completely broken and overpowered. Air supply. Disrupting enemy support planes (and protect allied support planes). For some mission types, there are modifiers improving their effectiveness which are also called "mission efficiency": Air Superiority Mission Efficiency, Interception Mission Efficiency, Air Support Mission Efficiency, and Naval Mission Efficiency. Earthquake relief sale gives you $1000 worth of Steam . Mission efficiency icon: Effects on mission efficiency of an air wing: Effects on mission efficiency in a strategic region: Missions will be conducted regardless of weather, but bad weather reduces detection and efficiency and increases the risk of an accident at take-off and landing. I've been told that you should use either CAS or Strats. They are meant to be used en-masse, the goal being to inflict damage faster than your opponent has the ability to repair and completely cripple them for as long as you want to bomb them for. If you spot a mistake then you are welcome to fix it. You miss 'em when you don't have them, especially multiplayer. The only times they shine is if you allow the Allies and Soviet Union to fully mobilize against you as an Axis powerbut people around here have an extreme aversion to mid-war scenarios where the game actually presents something that offers more resistance than a dried-up old rubber band. Tactical bombers have more versatility and can be just as deadly as Strat bombers to infrastructure provided you have enough of them. Strats can completely cripple the enemy, but requires a lot of IC. Valve Corporation. They can perform Air Superiority and Interception air missions. Up to -30% movement speed to enemy divisions. 20% is from air recon (scout planes) and 10% is because of their fascist ideology. By holding the "shift"-key and clicking pilot exercises, the air wing will exercise until it reaches maximum training experience and then stop automatically. . This detection percentage is modified by other variables. Every 1 point of air superiority advantage in a strategic region gives a +0.7% air support penalty (called enemy air superiority on the combat screen) to enemy land combat defense and breakthrough. As Germany trying to bomb Britain into submission just doesn't really seem to do anything or have any lasting damage (which I think is due to how fast things repair in this game). I have recently been getting back into Hoi4 after playing for a couple weeks post launch then shelving the game until a few patches could come out. Tactical bombers have an advantage over naval bombers in terms of max speed, range, air defense. If the total number of stationed planes exceeds the capacity, every additional percent of planes causes a 2%[3] overcrowding penalty. Would you recommend to use 21 width tank divisions? Are tactical bombers worth it hoi4? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Flame tanks, support equipment, anti-air, anti-tank and tank destroyers are vulnerable to attrition due to their low quantities in divisions, so put extra factories on them to prevent shortages. When in a stalemate, but you have superiority in the air, logistics strike will cripple enemy supply. An ace can generate on a wing if it does not already have an alive ace, under two circumstances: In the first case, ace generation is only considered in 1%[10] of cases. Bomb their airbases until they've no room to fly from. Each land-based air base can support 200[1] planes per base level without any penalties. Does this modifier work ? Is this true? The 'max Speed' is just the base speed of a division; when travelling, this number is typically lower due to various modifiers. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America), https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/Combat_tactics, https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/Attrition_and_accidents, https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/Land_battle, https://github.com/Vezachs/hoi4-combat-guide/blob/main/combatwidth.py, https://trinket.io/embed/python3/a5bd54189b, https://www.codabrainy.com/en/python-compiler/, https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/hoi4v-1-10-8-province-summary-spreadsheet.1496152/. If so what priority should they be given compared to other aircraft? A region's air superiority is determined by comparing your air power (plus allies) to the enemy's air power. In HOI3 you could decide whether to target factories, air bases, infrastructure, ports, etc. Strategic Bomber II 1940 170 days Strategic Bomber I Bombing has proven effective at reducing the enemy's capacity to wage war. In aircraft-dense areas where the frontline airbases might be congested, they, like Heavy Fighters, can act as "second row" aircraft adding even more air power to the frontline regions from airbases behind. Then invaded, and send in CAS. This might cause enough damage to their air bases to "even the odds" by reducing enemy mission efficiency. Bomb the infrastructure behind German lines. When attacking ships, the probability is [13]. What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; Ad Space Strategic bombing. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The wing may be assigned to an air region and given missions immediately, but it will not carry out the missions until the planes arrive. 1. bombers but in multiplayer you do need them, atleast if youre meeting "good" players. Air bases can be damaged by strategic bombing missions . Use transport planes to supply your troops advancing into enemy territory: railroads require quite some time to repair themselves. Wings with this mission target enemy ships, both inside and outside of naval battles. Every plane that joins a battle produces 0.0005[13] country air experience. The minimum size of an air wing is 1 plane, and the maximum size is 1,000 planes. The technology, Aerial Minesweeping, must be researched before aircraft will become capable of detecting and neutralizing enemy naval mines. ac valhalla asgard choices thor tyr or freyja, 25 Febbraio 2023 , 25 Febbraio 2023 on average half as much) but at least one plane always gets shot down. I thought that stat-wise regular fighters were superior, not the least because of the higher production numbers. Cripple that economy. The number of airplanes involved in a port strike is increased by the port strike value (e.g. Defending the Soviet Union from invasion? State anti-air can also reduce air superiority in an air region. supposedly this was fixed in v1.9.1 in an. If there are none, then reinforcement will take place when new planes of the correct equipment type are produced by military production lines. I agree about that. Well, the main problem isn't that they're bad at what they do, but that you rarely need them. See, PDXCON All this bomber does is Strategic Bombing, with modules on it that amplify its night-time effectiveness, and an armor plate (optional) to make it take fewer losses. For the King of CAS, it keeps saying the weight exceeds the thrust. The maximum allowed CAS in the battle is adjusted by the type of terrain in the province where the land battle takes place (see the "enemy air superiority" column). If no missions are assigned, air wings will remain idle in their air bases. Close Air Support planes are designed to provide support in land combat. In my experience they're a bit pointless. If you build air, you do it for strategic bombing or supporting your ships. Decreased soft attack, hard attack, breakthrough and defense. the left side's bonuses, if they worked fully, would also obviously be even more impactful if you happened to have two of your sorties run at night - not all that uncommon. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Only NAV2 and NAV3 have a sufficiently high naval attack value to sink troops convoys. . Strategic Bombers can be capable of large damage to your opponents economy if used well, but cost a lot to produce. A division consists of 5 combat regiments and 5 support companies. To perform multiple missions simultaneously, create multiple smaller wings and assign a wing to each individual mission. How so? They can perform Air Recon air missions. All rights reserved. Scout plane: Provides intel on enemy troop compositions. Their capacity is determined by the deck size stat of the ship and they only support carrier-capable aircraft. support artillery specifically is stupid cost effective. Mission efficiency bonuses (e.g. From Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki. For this reason it is advised to hold air superiority as much as possible. you can target certain structures with your strategic bombers. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forug-and-strategic-bombers.1450114/post-27193574. If you're the USA I think they can be useful, if you're anyone else I'd say just go for Tactical bombers. https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Air_technology&oldid=56072, Play I love tac bombers. Strat bombers aren't as overpowered as they were from before 1.5.1 but they're still highly annoying and hugely powerful when microed. Air wings have a base 4% chance to detect or find an enemy fleet. Creating a variant of mechanized equipment can reduce its cost from 8 to 4 IC, halving its cost. Does this work ? Light tanks have virtually no armor and a low cost. Does it affect just CAS or any aircraft with a CAS mission available, i.e. Typically, the ratio of attacking planes to fleet frontage is 1:1. The reinforcement level of an air wing represents the amount of planes an air wing has at full strength. The maximum penalty without doctrine is 35% at 100% air superiority. Wings of 500 bomb the shit out of any zone. In this section, well list the most-used types. The air support bonus can be observed in the tooltips that appear when you hover over icons for land units stats shown in the battle display. Naval Bombers are able to perform attacks against enemy ships. That's really useful information. What is better: large or small divisions? When you have, it becomes an unending nightmare where you haven't enough military factories left to build enough planes to stop the bombing, or enough civilian factories left to repair them. Retweet. What I do is I take over Newfoundland, set up a level 10 airport and spam fighters to gain near 100% air superiority. In addition, combat width, reliability and support companies are discussed in detail. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Information, Frequently Asked Or if you just love roleplaying with night bombings then yes!!! The poor AI can't defend well against bombers. I have been wondering, wouldnt the efficiency of small vs big divisions heavily depend on your doctrine and support companies? Drops supply from the air to units without supply, preventing attrition to your units. Same goes for AA. I only have 25+50 hours in the game though, so would love for someone more experienced to chime in. Available for: Naval Bomber, CAS, Tactical Bomber, Jet Tactical Bomber. The biggest drawback of strategics are that conquered land takes ages to rebuild. Information, Frequently Asked Heavy fighters have a long range and powerful weapons. It is VERY effective, but numbers play a big part. Or is it just lend lease? Its also silly to have to whittle down Britain's nearly 20k plane reserves by 1940. Intel advantage + air superiority can go from 25% to 40% bonus. Is it worth building strategic bombers? Then, prepare for an actual naval invasion in which you replace the strat bombers with CAS. Is there any data out there about how much damage bombers can do to their targets and how much of an effect that has on the nati9n being bombed? All planes in an air wing must be of the same type; it is not possible to mix fighters with bombers, for example. There are many battalion types in the game. Are strategic bombers worth building? Naval strike. Transport plane: Deploys paratroopers and drops supplies. JavaScript is disabled. The details pane of that window provides numbers across a long time frame. Naval bases are located within provinces on land, therefore, port strikes can only take place in a region which covers land. I am struggling to find a reason to get purely strategic bombers when a tac bomber can do the same job plus do ground. They are super expensive and need to be escorted by Fighters to be worth the cost. You do need to throw a few fighters over the island to help prevent excessive disruption, but once you get to the point that you're bombing their airfields faster than they can repair them, their entire air force will unravel. All rights reserved. I sieged down the UK by using thousands of strategic bombers to destroy everything on the island. Though expensive, they can be well-worth the cost. Press J to jump to the feed. Bomb Scotland's infrastructure into dust and watch them all die. They're generally pretty useless. If the current number of planes is lower than the reinforcement level, new planes will be added to it as long as there are sufficient stockpiled planes of that type. The amount of intel that scout planes can contribute to the overall intel about a nation is capped. For an effective bombing campaign, youll need at least 1000 of them, as the auto-repair of buildings can be too great to overcome. They may get targeted by naval anti-air. The enemy frontage (width of non-reserve divisions) is 20 which allows 3x20*(1-0.1) = 54 planes on CAS mission to join this battle. They improve the following stats of aircraft executing the respective mission type[1]: Escort Efficiency belongs to the same family of modifiers but has no effect. At least 30% air superiority is required to perform port strikes [15]. from air doctrines) only for that mission type get applied to the wing for that mission. These variants are able to launch from and land on aircraft carriers. the night penalty isn't -50%, as you guessed, but -90%. Tactical bomber: Can be outfitted for any role, but is best used as CAS. Wings with multiple assigned missions will fly exactly one of the selected mission types per mission opportunity. Bombs enemy buildings to cripple their industry. The air superiority mission doubles as escort mission, protecting bombers operating in the region by reducing disruption from enemy fighters. Make sure your tanks have at least 80% reliability, preferably 90%. At 50% over capacity, the penalty reaches 100%, so it is very important to manage the available capacity. 1 Anti-air decreases damage from CAS by 75%, so Anti-air is quite strong. From my experience the British AI doesn't really focus on their army the same way Germany or the USSR does. Hearts of Iron 4 MP in a nutshell(Hearts of iron 4 multiplayer)Too many bombers.Go check out: https://www.twitch.tv/unhistoricalEpisode 186Mods: Spot opti . Air wings can be assigned to various missions. What I noticed is that playing a game as Germany and owning all of Europe, the USA is a pain to get. Mission efficiency in a strategic region is shown in the strategic air view window, that is shown if you click a strategic region in the strategic air map mode. i was responding to that second part. Trying to get air superiority over the UK but can't beat their vast numbers of aircraft? Only heavy fighters have enough range to escort strategic bombers deep into enemy territory, but they can be beaten by light fighters. Design tip: maximize soft attack and breakthrough. The following effects apply to each mined strategic region, scaled according to the quantity of mines: Available for: Naval Bomber, Tactical Bomber, Jet Tactical Bomber. Interactive corporate website. Example: The enemy side of a battle has four divisions with 1936 support anti-air battalions (15.2 air attack) and four divisions without any anti-air. Since you can't tell your bombers what to target anymore, they're useless. If the plane from carrier hits, it does damage equal to the plane's naval attack (naval damage) value. Scout Planes on this mission perform aerial scouting and intel gathering, adding additional intel to the total intel from all sources on the countries in the target air zone. Usually, by the time I get a real air force going, I don't have enough nearby airbases for fighters and CAS. Players carrying out strategic bombing should note: Players subject to strategic bombing can respond in several ways: Players can assess the impact of their bombing and their defenses in the region's air combat screen (number of buildings bombed, percentage of bombers disrupted). Each type of an air wing has a defined air superiority power value that describes how effective it is in domination of the sky (see table below). Command points are automatically used for these missions and and costs permanent 0.3 command power while mission is active. Questions, Paradox Their lower agility however means that they will struggle against regular fighters. Some of them I'm sure they get from America but in the last patch they tweaked the AI so that it builds more fighters. I meant that the doctrine reduces night bombing penalty by 50% (or is at least supposed to reduce it). I've been comparing the two branches and the way I understand it, the night bombing branch is superior in every situation. If you like it, I would very much appreciate if you'd follow me on Spotify. As mines are laid, some mines will graphically become visible on the map. ), and due to night penalty, I have always thought that the air force performs better if they do all of them during the day rather than at night. Up to -35% defense/breakthrough to enemy divisions. Unless anything has changed, the prime reason they are effective is because they bomb all the airfields in a strategic region first, crippling the defender's ability to respond with fighters and after that they just turn out free damage every month. open.spotify. Bombers are much slower and less agile than fighters, so players designing defensive fighters will find guns are most effective. the infantry category). Combats close to its air base are prioritized as well as (to a lesser extent) battles with more divisions. Trains your pilots, increasing the stats of the planes in the air wing, at the cost of some accident losses and fuel usage. It might even be worthwhile if the player captures a state without an air base to build their own level 1 base there as quickly as possible. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. However, different models of plane within the same type (e.g. Unless anything has changed, the prime reason they are effective is because they bomb all the airfields in a strategic region first, crippling the defender's ability to respond with fighters and after that they just turn out free damage every month. Scout planes can only contribute up to 20-30% of intel in a given area. Solution? Anti-air capabilities are averaged across all divisions including the reserve. The range also means they can easily be assigned to air missions in different regions without having to move to another airbase. What does it affect ? Dropping a nuke is done from the Default Map view. I only start bombing if I know this would be a even fight or I might even lose if I don't slow down the enemy war machine. This page was last edited on 21 February 2023, at 12:35. Note that your bombers may get targeted by State anti-air . That is, the battleship will lose 1.5 hit points out of its total of 150 hit points. This means they can perform CAS missions against targets CAS aircraft can't reach, which is particularly useful in areas without lots of airbases, like Africa or Asia. Using carrier fleets might also be very useful if the region has a coast where the player can (safely) anchor the fleet. All air stuff is worthless except heavy fighters. At 4000 allied planes versus 500 enemy planes, adding 1000 planes to the allied side only increases allied air superiority by 1.3 percentage points. Air wings are a group of planes forming an air unit attached to an air base. Would make it easier to build them. This ratio is stated as a percentage and results in a color applied to a region (can be viewed using the Strategic Air map mode). In order to unlock these airframes, jet engines in the engineering technology research tree must already be researched. Railway guns decrease enemy attack, defense and entrenchment. Read our Hearts of Iron 4 DLC guide. Strategic bombers can be fought in the air by fighters. For example, with 60% air superiority the enemy will suffer a 7% penalty to . Btw the current war score from strat bombing is completely broken and overpowered. the night penalty is -90% for planes, not -50%. Similar to air superiority, but does not engage enemy fighters and stays on the ground if no enemy bombers are active. Even though tank divisions are excellent are attacking, you will want to spend the majority of your production capacity on planes, since without planes any offensive will be hard to execute. The stats of a unit are displayed when editing a unit in the template designer, and the current stats of a division in the field can be inspected by clicking on their icon. Interactive corporate website, Lidiya 'White Rose of Stalingrad' Litvyak, a port strike cannot be performed unless the enemy has less than 30% air superiority, a nuke cannot be dropped with a Strategic Bomber or Jet Strategic Bomber unless you have at least 75% air superiority, paratroopers cannot be dropped unless you have at least 70% air superiority, bombers deal more points of damage to a ship than they lose in the attack. Through research, the engineering team will also increase the general attack and defense of the division, particularly in rough terrain, i.e. Aim for 30 ORG or higher when designing your tank divisions. Since you can't tell your bombers what to target anymore, they're useless. CAS gives your divisions a up to 25% bonus to attack and defense/breakthrough. Lovenought 6 yr. ago. In HOI4 you can't decide what to target and you potentially find yourself advancing into states that you just bombed into oblivion and run out of supplies and incur in attrition because of this. there is no (functional) mechanic in game for escorts/escort efficiency. For modules, try to get more defense, without compromising range too much. Some people mention building bombers, others say they never do, and I can't seem to find a good way to see the effectiveness in game. The 'Industry Liasons' Spirit and the 'Light aircraft designer' should be used for increased research speed and agility bonuses! The enemy side's average division air attack is . Their first unique selling point is their range, which is much higher than CAS aircraft. This is a community maintained wiki. on Paradox technology, Legal You must log in or register to reply here. Night only bombings are actually useful if you dont have many bombers to lose - one of the few obscure features that's worth anything. Wings can be split or multiple wings of the same type merged into one in the air base view. An ace can increase the amount of attacks, while weather might decrease it (stacking multiplicatively). Available for: Strategic Bomber, Jet Strategic Bomber, Tactical Bomber, Jet Tactical Bomber. Through Corpo di Truppe Volontarie focus. 2019, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W_h_CVZMOw, Defines NAir LAND_AIR_COMBAT_MAX_PLANES_PER_ENEMY_WIDTH = 3, Defines NMilitary AIR_SUPPORT_BASE = 0.25, Defines NMilitary LAND_AIR_COMBAT_ORG_DAMAGE_MODIFIER = 0.04, Defines NMilitary LAND_AIR_COMBAT_STR_DAMAGE_MODIFIER = 0.04, Defines NMilitary LAND_COMBAT_ORG_DAMAGE_MODIFIER = 0.053, Defines NMilitary LAND_COMBAT_STR_DAMAGE_MODIFIER = 0.05, Defines NAir ANTI_AIR_MAXIMUM_DAMAGE_REDUCTION_FACTOR = 0.75, Defines NAir ANTI_AIR_ATTACK_TO_DAMAGE_REDUCTION_FACTOR = 1.0, Defines NMilitary ANTI_AIR_TARGETTING_TO_CHANCE = 0.07, Defines NMilitary ANTI_AIR_ATTACK_TO_AMOUNT = 0.005, Defines NAir HOURS_DELAY_AFTER_EACH_COMBAT = 4 (double because of roundtrip), Defines NAir CLOSE_AIR_SUPPORT_EXPERIENCE_SCALE = 0.0005, A forum discussion on the effectiveness of naval bombers against convoys, Defines NAir PORT_STRIKE_ENEMY_SUPERIORITY_LIMIT = 0.3, https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Air_missions&oldid=60437, Articles with potentially outdated sections, Play Tank designs before 1940 are not included; their design should be similar to the designs listed below. r/hoi4. on Paradox technology, Legal Excess breakthrough is useless, but luckily breakthrough is a cheap stat. The technology, Aerial Minelaying, must be researched before aircraft will become capable of air dropping naval mines. It's a harrowing death spiral.

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