how much is a 1981 topps baseball set worth?

Get my weekly newsletter with the latest hobby updates delivered straight to your inbox! 262 Sammy Stewart 596 Jerry Augustine 186 Wayne Nordhagen 469 Jeff Leonard 153 Tom Poquette 657 Mike Cubbage DP 188 Doug DeCinces 450 Dave Kingman DP, 451 Chris Bando RC/Tom Brennan RC/Sandy Wihtol 460 Rich Gossage 484 Max Venable DP RC Those issues including terrible collation in packs. 168 Don Robinson DP 130 Larry Gura 170 Ross Grimsley 695 Kent Tekulve Those numbers were all the more amazing given that the 1981 season was ripped apart by the players' strike, and Valenzuela's sterling performance resulted in a 13-7 record with a 2.48 ERA. 602 Bobby Murcer 560 Joe Morgan If you hit your limit, we'll give you the option to upgrade to a bigger plan. 225 Ruppert Jones 197 Jim Kern 291 Aurelio Lopez With Donruss and Fleer both now in the baseball card business, Topps began searching for new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. 454 Andy Hassler 678 Astros Team CL/Bill Virdon MG 577 Luis Leal RC/Brian Milner RC/Ken Schrom RC 108 Bruce Benedict 438 John Montefusco 88 Joe Lefebvre RC Super easy to use! 202 Steve Carlton RB 357 Jim Slaton 87 Rick Camp $9.99. 257 Rennie Stennett Free shipping. 252 Victor Cruz 84 Johnnie LeMaster 156 Bob McClure 275 Dwight Evans, 276 Dan Spillner 536 Bob Owchinko DP 352 Dick Tidrow DP 1 bid. 220 Tom Seaver 395 Scot Thompson 1988 Topps Woolworth Baseball Highlights #12 Tony Gwynn: $0.55: 1989 Bowman #461 Tony Gwynn: $0.34: 1989 Bowman Tiffany #461 Tony Gwynn: . Features Rookie Cards of Tim Raines, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson and Others Plus Rickey Henderson's 2nd Year Card! 594 Preston Hanna DP Forget your outdated Becketts! 639 Carney Lansford 558 Barry Bonnell 520 Steve Stone Note: Baseball cards which featured a player who did not appear in a regular season game during the most recently completed season, do not link to their major league statistics. For all that, this card and just about every other Rose are pretty much as popular as ever. 1981 Topps Baseball cards arent the most memorable. Keep your collection's value up-to-date with the latest market prices. 130 Larry Gura 351 Otto Velez 212 Steve Nicosia 182 Bob Grich The 1981 Topps baseball card set consist of 726 standard size cards that measure 2" by 3". 177 Rick Peters RC 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set #1-726 Great Condition ! 721 Toby Harrah, 27 Champ Summers DP 524 Willie Aikens 337 Lynn Jones 398 Ross Baumgarten # 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set In Binder (726) Nm/Mt Ryan Henderson Rose, 1981 TOPPS Baseball complete set-1, EXTRAS! 348 Bob Sykes 535 Omar Moreno 282 Rick Anderson RC/Greg Biercevicz/Rodney Craig 63 Steve Renko DP 692 Lenny Randle Sure, he had swiped 100 bases in 1980, before the 1981 strike sapped everyone's numbers, but 1982 was the year he'd break Lou Brock 's single-season record by stealing 130. $12.20 shipping. . 719 Sparky Lyle, 28 Enrique Romo 678 Astros Team CL/Bill Virdon MG 605 Don Sutton Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years. 250 Ron Guidry, 251 Tom Brookens 73 Doug Bair 383 Eric Soderholm DP 245 Ed Figueroa 117 Pete Falcone 391 Dave Lemanczyk DP Great place to go to check out current values on your stuff! 40 Tug McGraw However, Bench's career body of work outshines all three of them as many consider him to be the greatest catcher in baseball history. 82 Danny Heep RC/Alan Knicely/Bobby Sprowl RC 1980 TOPPS BASEBALL COMPLETE SET OF 726 EXMT. 241 Checklist 122-242 DP The entire 1988 season was memorable for Gibson as he picked up the only MVP and Silver Slugger awards of his career that year. 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Toronto Blue Jays, 20 Jeff Burroughs 553 Tim Blackwell 45 Enos Cabell 1981 topps baseball complete set ( Stock Photo ) Sealed Set 40+ HOF PLAYERS NRMT, 1981 Topps Scratch Off Baseball Complete 36 Panel 108 Card Set Clean, 1981 Topps Traded Baseball Factory Sealed Complete Set (132 Cards) BBCE Wrapped, 1981 Topps BASEBALL card near complete set (584 / 726) LOADS OF STARS ~NM Raine, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set (1-726) Sharp Set. 655 Dan Driessen 529 Dave LaRoche These uniquely designed pieces feature a pennant-like design at the bottom border carrying the athlete's name and team name, with his position posted outside the banner. 152 John Urrea 283 Billy Sample The red borders and the baby blue Royals uniform give this card huge eye appeal. 84 Johnnie LeMaster 524 Willie Aikens Check 1981 Topps Baseball card values in the Beckett Price Guide. 611 Rick Matula DP 85 Mike Caldwell 708 Doyle Alexander, 5 Steve Stone/Steve Carlton LL 327 Moose Haas 138 Rich Dotson DP RC Well done. 579 Tim Flannery Beauty! 323 Jim Morrison DP 37 Gary Roenicke 417 Dan Schatzeder 353 Terry Kennedy 165 Tony Scott 79 Bruce Robbins 605 Don Sutton 613 Jim Anderson 172 Gary Woods 202 Steve Carlton RB 134 Steve Mura 339 John Ellis 184 Jim Dwyer 160 Garry Maddox 239 Rick Miller DP 7 Rudy May/Don Sutton LL WOTC Pokemon Starter Set Deck. 121 Larry Harlow 427 John DAcquisto In 1980, Fleer won an antitrust lawsuit against Topps, forcing the Brooklyn card manufacturer to pay the princely sum of $1 tough to withstand, for sure but also opening the door for Fleer to produce baseball cards of active players in 1981. 405 Nino Espinosa 467 Dave Stieb We may earn an affiliate commission if you 563 Jim Kaat 223 Roy Lee Jackson RC 268 Jerry Royster 321 Leon Durham RC 513 Frank LaCorte 53 Kevin Saucier 9 Pete LaCock DP 26 U.L. 472 Dyar Miller DP 291 Aurelio Lopez Always know what you have and how much it's worth. 589 Lamar Johnson 22 Danny Darwin 723 Bruce Bochte 176 Mike Krukow 497 Fred Norman 308 Rick Manning While Fleer was the big story of 1981, with the first printing "C" Nettles boxes selling upwards of $60-70 each during their peak, Donruss had their own issues in 1981. 483 Mike Griffin RC 400 Reggie Jackson, 401 George Brett ALCS 232 Mickey Klutts 65 Scott McGregor 16 Ron Davis 658 Milt Wilcox However, the baseball world was stunned years later in 1989 when allegations surfaced that Rose gambled on baseball while a player and manager for the Reds from 1985-1987. 83 Mike Proly 505 Jason Thompson To set itself apart, Topps famously created itsTradedset at the end of the year that revolutionized the hobby for years to come. 264 Jim Norris 1981 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards come in a couple of different forms. 411 Terry Puhl 178 Jim Essian DP 507 Jamie Quirk You could describe as the cap set and long-time collectors will likely know exactly what youre talking about. 175 Dave Collins, 176 Mike Krukow Like the 1981 MLB split-season itself that gave baseball fans two "seasons" more or less, collectors now had two Topps sets to try and assemble. 448 Tim Corcoran Sold comparables range in price from a low of $1.25 to a high of $225.00. 705 Ted Simmons, 22 Danny Darwin 703 Alvis Woods. 149 Joe Nolan 71 Hal Dues 418 Bobby Brown 436 Gary Lucas RC 99 Eric Wilkins Forget your outdated Becketts! 592 Steve Comer The checklist doesnt have a massive hobby superstar like Rickey Henderson in 1980 Topps or Cal Ripken Jr. in 1982. 357 Jim Slaton 496 Paul Dade 38 Win Remmerswaal RC 389 Marty Pattin 649 Manny Sarmiento 436 Gary Lucas RC 428 John Stearns He followed up his 1980 campaign with another solid season in 1981, going 13-4 with a 2.42 ERA, good enough to finish third in Cy Young voting. 677 Reds Team CL/John McNamara MG Additional space available. 159 Brian Doyle (Note: The sections below contain affiliate links to eBay and Amazon listings for the cards being discussed.) 356 George Stablein RC/Craig Stimac RC/Tom Tellmann RC 589 Lamar Johnson 422 Dan Ford A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. 434 Roger Erickson 44 Larry McWilliams 597 Rafael Landestoy Perfect source for sold prices. Topps Phil Niekro Baseball 1967 Season Sports Trading Cards & Accessories, 134 Steve Mura 155 Chris Chambliss 471 Mike Vail 78 Steve Dillard 700 George Brett, 701 Joe Rudi Secure 256-bit SSL encryption everywhere you go. Scroll through or click below to go directly to that team. 342 Eric Rasmussen DP 463 Milt May 600 Johnny Bench 693 Steve Howe RC NM-MT, 1981 Topps Baseball Album Stickers Near Complete Set 205/262 MINT Nolan Ryan HOF, 1981 Topps Scratch Off Baseball Complete 36 Panel 108 Card Set Nice Quality, 1981 Topps Traded Complete Baseball Set nm, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set 1-726 ex-mint, 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL COMPLETE STICKER SET (262), 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL COMPLETE SET (#'s 1- 726) PLUS TRADED SET (#'s 727-858), 1981 Topps Traded Complete Set 132 Baseball Cards - Valenzuela & Raines nrmint, 1981 Topps Baseball Sticker Complete Set - 262 Stickers. When it comes to top-condition cards, centering is the big issue. 193 Pete Vuckovich 600 Johnny Bench, 601 Don Aase We've got your back. 411 Terry Puhl 519 John Tamargo DP Great place to go to check out current values on your stuff! 594 Preston Hanna DP 688 Kiko Garcia 334 Dane Iorg 328 Dave Engle RC/Greg Johnston/Gary Ward 320 Tom Burgmeier 460 Rich Gossage 539 Rodney Scott Kansas City Royals 666 Tigers Team/Sparky Anderson MG 147 Dale Berra 235 Scott Sanderson 243 Sal Butera RC It is hard to say how many were made with estimates being in a rather wild range of 4,000 to 100,000. 330 Frank White Nolan Ryan made his debut with the Houston Astros in 1980 and that season was a bit unusual for him for one glaring reason:he did not lead the league in strikeouts. 58 Joel Youngblood 10 Mike Flanagan 452 Renie Martin 324 Mike Willis As a result of the legal process, Rose accepted his placement on baseball's permanently ineligible list, which would ban him from the game and Cooperstown for life. 406 Dickie Noles 321 Leon Durham RC Shop 1981 Topps - [Base] #2 - League Leaders - Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie, Mike Schmidt [EX to NM] cards. 478 Juan Eichelberger RC 311 Freddie Patek After leading the league in home runs (41), finishing second in MVP voting, and batting .300 for the only time in his career in 1980, Yankees fans had high hopes for Reggie going into the 1981 season. 597 Rafael Landestoy 325 Ray Knight If you sell or buy on eBay, then you should be checking out the new tools available at Mavin. 447 Junior Kennedy DP Price. PriceIt Game | 385 Joe Sambito Baines also won a Silver Slugger in 1989 and led the American League in slugging percentage (.541) in 1984. (877) 888-1318 (Set Registry) 266 Tom Herr 444 Garth Iorg 479 Tim Raines RC/Roberto Ramos RC/Bobby Pate RC 28 Enrique Romo 478 Juan Eichelberger RC 146 Bobby Castillo 668 Brewers Team CL/Bob Rodgers MG 544 Rich Gale 713 Bill North 430 Jim Bibby 127 Rudy Law $15.00 shipping. They offer tools for pros and noobs. For Topps, it was largely business as usual, at least with its flagship release. 637 Jerry Narron 228 Tom Paciorek 625 Bill Buckner, 626 Dave Steffen RC/Jerry Ujdur RC/Roger Weaver RC 609 Lynn McGlothen 187 Mike Parrott 632 Alan Bannister 82 Danny Heep RC/Alan Knicely/Bobby Sprowl RC 119 Tippy Martinez 464 Adrian Devine 493 Dan Quisenberry In fact, eight League Leaders cards kick off the start of the set. Check out the guys at Mavin really a very cool real time price guide that we use constantly! 453 Rob Wilfong DP 668 Brewers Team CL/Bob Rodgers MG 228 Tom Paciorek 673 Rangers Team CL/Don Zimmer MG 80 Rusty Staub 256 Bombo Rivera 126 Charlie Leibrandt RC 487 Dewey Robinson Access your collection on any device from anywhere. 501 Tim Foli DP 230 George Hendrick 91 Tim Stoddard DP Heres How to Tell Them Apart. 313 Luis Pujols 4 Rickey Henderson/Ron LeFlore LL 162 Doug Corbett RC 505 Jason Thompson 618 John Milner 696 Alan Ashby 138 Rich Dotson DP RC 427 John DAcquisto 135 Gorman Thomas Add to cart Sold out . 209 Dickie Thon DP Donruss did feature Raines in their set that year but Fleer did not, and, like Valenzuela'sTradedcard, this was Topps' way of capitalizing on the hype and elevated demand. 517 Richie Zisk 554 Bert Blyleven 647 Dick Drago 207 Ozzie Smith RB 521 Sam Mejias 686 Giants Team CL/Dave Bristol MG 1985 Topps Baseball Unopened Wax Pack (w/ date) Regular price $15.00 Regular price Sale price $15.00 Unit price / per . While neither Roberto Ramos nor Bobby Pate spent much time in the Majors, Tim Raines spent twenty-three years playing at the highest level for six different teams when all was said and done. 116 Joe Simpson 97 Chris Speier 16 Ron Davis card, this was Topps' way of capitalizing on the hype and elevated demand. With this card, Topps was able to satisfy some of the red hot collector demand for his cards. In terms of singles, the Chipper Jones "#1 Draft Pick" rookie card (#333) leads the way, with the PSA Sports Market Report (SMR) citing prices of $10 . 525 Mike Torrez, 526 Marty Bystrom RC/Jay Loviglio RC/Jim Wright buy stuff after clicking links on our site 363 Geoff Zahn Read our methodology. 581 Roy Howell 575 Tony Perez 122 John Denny 375 Dave Concepcion SportsCardsPro Index: 1982 Topps. lot of 40 1981 Topps baseball cards. 242 Chet Lemon Consider Michael Jordan's buzzer-beater over Craig Ehlo during the 1989 Playoffs that sent the Cavaliers packing. 547 Mario Guerrero 593 Steve Kemp Prices are updated daily based upon 1971 Topps listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. 669 Twins Team CL./John Goryl MG 661 Orioles Team CL/Earl Weaver MG 403 Larry Bowa WS 366 Mike Ramsey RC 687 Jeff Jones RC 373 Pat Underwood You can create as many collections as you like. 344 Byron McLaughlin 388 Andre Thornton 532 Bill Stein 448 Tim Corcoran 638 Checklist 606-726 288 Bob Clark 25 Sixto Lezcano, 26 U.L. 280 Ken Griffey 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball, Sonic Base Cards Are Different. 591 John Lowenstein You could describe as the. There were many boxes in which a collector may only receive 50 or so different players. 504 Dale Murphy 633 Bill Lee 295 Hal McRae 554 Bert Blyleven 578 Bill Gullickson RC 275 Dwight Evans 98 Clint Hurdle Rookie Card (#220) That season was a career year for Brett as he set personal bests in batting average (.390), RBI (118), OBP (.454), slugging percentage (.664), OPS (1.118). 309 Luis Salazar RC 139 Oscar Gamble 424 Tim Lollar RC/Bruce Robinson/Dennis Werth RC 217 Rich Hebner 353 Terry Kennedy 118 Kurt Bevacqua 502 Chris Bourjos RC/Al Hargesheimer RC/Mike Rowland RC All-Stars are noted with a banner across the tops of their respective cards. 142 Jackson Todd 347 Harold Baines RC The problem, in terms of value for the 1991 Topps set is that the cards were everywhere, and they still are. 184 Jim Dwyer 432 Len Barker 31 Checklist 1-121 DP 148 Randy Niemann Washington Ungraded & graded values for all '81 Topps Loaded with Stars Including George Brett, Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, Yaz, Robin Yount, Pete Rose, Ozzie Smith and Many Others. Near mint to Mint! 522 Mike Colbern 317 Lonnie Smith 458 Randy Jones 145 Mickey Rivers 83 Mike Proly 694 Bud Harrelson DP 77 Mike Barlow Save Search Filters Baseball Cards Ended Recently Sold 1981 Topps BASEBALL card near complete set (584 / 726) LOADS OF STARS ~NM Raine $49.00 369 Frank Tanana 681 Mets Team CL/Joe Torre MG You can cancel at any time. Los Angeles Dodgers 167 Terry Whitfield 399 Mike Boddicker RC/Mark Corey/Floyd Rayford RC At season's end, Valenzuela stood with a 13-7 record, 2.48 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, and 180 strikeouts, all good enough to win him both Rookie of the Year and Cy Young honors.Valenzuela remains the only rookie ever to win the Cy Young. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Stay in the know about the latest sports card, hobby news, and promotions from Beckett. 717 Jim Barr DP, 1 George Brett/Bill Buckner LL 710 Ron LeFlore DP 704 Bill Travers DP The 1981 Topps Baseball checklist checks in with 726 cards, a touch smaller than 1980s 728. 279 Bob Knepper 492 Barry Foote 300 Paul Molitor, 301 Matt Keough 3 Cecil Cooper/Mike Schmidt LL 183 Dick Davis DP 234 Lou Whitaker 1981 Topps Baseball complete set with Gibson, Raines & Valenzuela rookie cards. 415 Ben Oglivie 410 Bert Campaneris 611 Rick Matula DP 51 Bill Robinson DP 560 Joe Morgan 36 Ed Farmer 1983 Topps Baseball Complete Set (792 Cards) (Tony Gwynn, Ryne Sandberg, Wade Boggs Rookie Cards) Brand: Topps 40 ratings -12% $13999 Was: $159.98 Key rookies Tony Gwynn, Ryan Sandberg, Wade Boggs Frequently bought together + Total price: Add both to Cart 396 Bill Campbell 612 Duane Kuiper Interestingly, the 1981 season was the only season during that stretch in which he did not make the All-Star team. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. 376 Ron Reed This hobby loves Dale Murphy as he was one of the game's biggest superstars during the 1980s when card collecting was. The 1981 Topps set contains 726 cards. 73 Doug Bair 515 Robin Yount The 1980 Topps cards are also notorious for poor print quality, including centering issues and print marks. 490 Eddie Murray 641 Mark Belanger 110 Carl Yastrzemski 675 Braves Team CL/Bobby Cox MG 3 Cecil Cooper/Mike Schmidt LL 712 Bill Bonham The 1980 Topps set is short of any other major rookie cards but features a second-year card of Ozzie Smith. 685 Padres Team CL/Frank Howard MG 302 Jack Perconte RC/Mike Scioscia RC/Fernando Valenzuela RC 100 Rod Carew 285 Jerry Turner 153 Tom Poquette 533 Jesus Figueroa RC 269 Ken Forsch 551 Vance Law RC/Tony Pena RC/Pascual Perez RC 52 Hector Cruz 211 Derrel Thomas He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. 384 Mike Sadek 303 Johnny Oates Whatever the reason, Ryan turned in the second-lowest K/9 ratio of his career (7.7) outside of his final season in 1993. 402 NL Champs 680 Expos Team CL/Dick Williams MG 214 Ralph Botting/Jim Dorsey RC/John Harris RC Want to know what cards your favorite team has in 1981 Topps Baseball? 258 Joe Price RC Newfound competition from Donruss and Fleer tested collector loyalty at the time but Topps would ultimately remain on top as the years rolled on. 173 Bump Wills 408 Fernando Arroyo Box of 1980 NFL Topps Base Cards massive lot. 1960 Topps Baseball Trading Cards, Topps Brooklyn Dodgers Sports Trading Cards, 1960 Topps PSA Baseball Cards, 260 Ron Cey The average value of " " is $64.31. 381 Carlos Lezcano RC/Steve Macko/Randy Martz RC 576 Reggie Cleveland Use it for buying, trading, selling You will be charged at the end of your trial period, and every month thereafter, until you cancel. 631 Ron Jackson 617 Craig Reynolds 509 Pete Mackanin 520 Steve Stone Ensure your collection is properly insured and documented for claims. 394 Woodie Fryman 626 Dave Steffen RC/Jerry Ujdur RC/Roger Weaver RC He would lend his bat to several teams, including the White Sox, Orioles, A's, Rangers, and Indians, as he bounced around quite a bit. 702 George Medich, 19 Jim Clancy 379 Lary Sorensen 57 Dave Roberts 80 Rusty Staub 485 Garry Templeton 236 Mike Ivie 323 Jim Morrison DP 608 Greg Pryor 10 Mike Flanagan It looks and works perfectly! 224 Pat Zachry 296 Bill Nahorodny DP 394 Woodie Fryman 412 Britt Burns RC 304 John Castino Most Expensive, 1989 Bowman Ken Griffey Jr. Home | How-to | Categories | Help | About | Blog | Developers | Privacy | Terms, Other Non-Sport Trading Card Merchandise (2). 475 Buddy Bell His ERA of 2.34 was also phenomenal and had the Dodgers' Don Sutton not turned in a bit better 2.20 ERA, Carlton would've sealed off the pitching Triple Crown as well. 229 Rollie Fingers No. 500 Jim Rice, 501 Tim Foli DP 441 Ken Reitz The set consisted of 726 baseball cards and each card from the 1981 Topps baseball card set is listed below. 656 Jon Matlack 1981 Topps Baseball Squirt Complete 22 Panel Set - Bench Brett Jackson Rose.. 1981 TOPPS TRADED SERIES BASEBALL COMPLETE SET #S 727-858 VG-EX/EX/EX-MT Z7892, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete 726-Card Set, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set #1-726 Baseball MLB , 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set (#1-726) Rickey Henderson 2nd Yr NRMT, 1981 Topps Baseball Drakes Big Hitters Collector Edition Complete 33 Card Set, 1981 Topps Baseball SCRATCH-OFF Complete Set 108 Cards - LAST SET, 1981 TOPPS TRADED BASEBALL COMPLETE SET TIM RAINES FERNANDO VALENZUELA RCS NM, 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL COMPLETE SET NM+ CLEAN COLORFUL SET IN BINDER HENDERSON, 1981 Topps BASEBALL COMPLETE SET (#s 1- 726) & COMPLETE TRADED SET (#s 727-858), 1981 Topps Drake's Big Hitters Complete Baseball Set 33 Cards Rose Brett Jackson, 1981 Topps Baseball SCRATCH-OFF Complete Set 108 Cards, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete Set 1-726 NM, With Binder, 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL NEAR COMPLETE SET #1-726 725/726 NM+ DL62, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete 792 Hand Collated Set: Raines Baines Valenzuela RC, 1981 Topps Baseball Card Complete Set 5 x 7 Brett-Bench-Rose-Schmidt-Rice-& More, 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL COMPLETE SET #1-726 726/726 EX-MT/NM DL81, 1981 Topps Baseball complete set (1-726) Nrmt range Valenzuela RC Henderson 2nd, 1981 Topps Baseball 726 Card + Traded Set 727 - 858 - Complete Set, 1981 Topps Baseball Traded Complete Set - Ainge, Raines & Valenzuela, 1981 TOPPS COMPLETE BASEBALL CARD SET FROM VENDING CASE RAINES VALENZUELA ROOKIE, 1981 Topps Traded Series Baseball Box Set Complete Raines, 1981 Topps Baseball Sticker Complete Set - 262 Stickers, 1981 Topps Baseball Complete 726 Card Set Pristine Condition Baines Gibson RC . 247 Glenn Hubbard DP 185 Dennis Leonard 127 Rudy Law 170 Ross Grimsley 313 Luis Pujols Estimated PSA 8 NM-MT Value (No Stadium Light Variation): $1,600 Estimated PSA 8 NM-MT Value (With Stadium Light Variation): $400 Boots Day spent six years in the Majors, playing the first two seasons in a limited role with the Cardinals and Cubs before landing with the Expos, where his playing time increased substantially. 315 Kirk Gibson RC Iconic card: 1968 Topps Rookie Card #177 (with fellow Mets pitcher Jerry Koosman), which. 537 Ron Hodges Pittsburgh Pirates 109 Mike Scott 1981 TOPPS Baseball Traded Set - BBCE Authenticated - Beautiful JUST BACK FROM . 295 Hal McRae 425 Al Bumbry, 426 Warren Brusstar Even though the two-time MVP and 14-time All-Star was incredible behind the plate, as noted by his ten Gold Gloves, Bench was perhaps best known for his incredible bat. 307 Gene Garber 79 Bruce Robbins I am impressed. 296 Bill Nahorodny DP 487 Dewey Robinson 691 Dick Ruthven 255 Mark Littell 486 Marc Hill 466 Bob Molinaro The timing was perfect as Raines was coming off an incredible rookie campaign in which he would finish second in Rookie of the Year voting to Valenzuela. 648 Darrell Evans 644 Ramon Aviles DP 292 Mike Squires 715 Bill Madlock 361 Joe Strain During his career, Raines appeared in seven All-Star games, won a batting title in 1986, picked up two World Series rings, and led the league in stolen bases four straight seasons from 1981 to 1984. 564 Ron Hassey DP 222 Jorge Orta 262 Sammy Stewart Secure 256-bit SSL encryption everywhere you go. 531 John Curtis Free shipping on many items . 120 Larry Bowa 64 Brian Asselstine 449 Paul Mitchell 459 Greg Gross 318 Steve Yeager 123 Al Cowens 1981 Topps Traded MLB Baseball Trading Cards Pick From List #727-#858. 252 Victor Cruz 397 Julio Cruz 553 Tim Blackwell Cards per pack: Wax Packs 15, Cello Packs 28, Rack Packs 50, Vending Box 500Packs per box: Wax Packs 36, Cello Packs 24Set size: 726 cards, 1 George Brett/Bill Buckner LL 358 Mark Wagner Ending Friday at 11:49AM PST 2d 7h. Jackie Robinson, Mike Piazza, Hideo Nomo and, you guessed it, Fernando Valenzuela each took the league by storm as soon as they stepped on the field. 166 Floyd Bannister 144 Allen Ripley 336 Eddie Whitson And then there was Kirk Gibson's walk-off home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series against the Oakland A's. 44 Larry McWilliams In Sheets/ Binder. 547 Mario Guerrero No. 360 Willie Wilson Variants . Card #302, the Dodgers Futures Stars card thats the RC for both Fernando Valenuzuela and Mike Scioscia is legendary in this particular regard. Contact him at [emailprotected]. 690 Bob Watson 666 Tigers Team/Mgr./Sparky Anderson/(Checklist back 537 Ron Hodges 325 Ray Knight, 326 Biff Pocoroba 646 Marvis Foley RC 113 Mike Phillips 276 Dan Spillner $4.99. 189 Craig Swan 10 bids. . 392 Lance Parrish 346 Larry Christenson DP 337 Lynn Jones 714 Pete Redfern 393 Broderick Perkins 588 Gary Lavelle 136 Doug Capilla New York Mets 9 Pete LaCock DP 90 Bake McBride 113 Mike Phillips 711 Joe Ferguson 37 Gary Roenicke 637 Jerry Narron 1981 TOPPS BASEBALL FULL COMPLETE SET 1-726 RAINES RC HENDERSON 2ND YEAR NM-MT! 716 Glenn Borgmann, 8 Dan Quisenberry/Rollie Fingers/Tom Hume LL 1952 Topps Baseball # of cards: 407 Dimensions: 2 5/8 by 3 3/4 Collector score: ***** (6 Stars) The most popular sports card set ever produced. I already mentioned his eye-popping 71 stolen bases in just 88 games during the 1981 season that would pretty much set the tone for how the league would come to know Tim Raines: a nightmare on the basepaths with blazing speed. 50 Dave Lopes, 51 Bill Robinson DP 377 Jerry Morales 263 Brian Downing 310 Vida Blue DP California Angels 628 Vic Correll "Lefty" was one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history, and nobody could describe how difficult it was to hit against him better than Willie Stargell, who once said it was "like trying to drink coffee with a fork.". 109 Mike Scott The card's design with its huge, bright yellow "Pirates" lettering across the top is instantly recognizable, as is the striped Pirates hat that Bonds was wearing.

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