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Welcoming her future husband; Jim Johnson, with open arms despite his fragile and somber state of mind at the time. Sal, having completed his math examination well ahead of the rest of his class, distracted himself with doodles before dozing off. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, dropped out of the University of Illinois and at the time of . In the battle, Kenneth attempted to overpower her with the strength of the Void but he was stabbed by his own son and plummeted alongside him to his death. Sally Face | Larry Johnson Sal Fisher Travis Phelps | Fanfiction. Unfortunately, their happiness was cut short by Sal after they were infected by Red Eyes. Basic Information Nickname(s) The next day they discover that Packerton had been killed by a drunk driver. His prosthetic now has what are presumably pieces of adhesive tape holding the pieces together. Sal retrieves a piece similar to Jim Johnson's puzzle box. Ash took a picture of Larry's ghostly form, but the flash scared him away before Ash departed. Todd agrees to help Sal by modifying his Gear Boy to better detect supernatural activity. After conferring with Todd, Sal asks Larry for his police scanner antenna. However, it's revealed that the "dog" was, in fact, a man wearing a dog mask (presumably Kenneth Phelps) and wielding a shotgun. Chronologically, Larry is the first person outside Sal's biological family to see Sal's face without his prosthetic and he knows what happened to Sal. How much did Larry Johnson weigh when playing? In his last session, Sal shared his encounters with the Red-Eyed Demon and the ghosts of Addison Apartments with Enon who rejects the idea of supernatural involvement in his patient's life. I had to make this cause yeah . The real name of the character is Sal Fisher. He also wore the Deadstone around his neck. Sally Face has been overall positively received by critics. sallyface . After being devoured by the toilet, Sal meets the Glitter Pony he used to incriminate Charley, begging for water. She was also playable in Memories and Dreams. Version: V v1.5.31-5. Little Misfortune. He has blue eyes, the right one being an ocular prosthesis. The game consists of 5 episodes that were released between 20162019. Ashley has brown hair and green eyes. Please see our returns policy. Ghost Sal Fisher Deserves Love. Sal plays electric guitar, as shown by the guitar and amp in his room. Later, Ash received a series of calls from Sal, detailing the unfolding plot of the Devourers of God and the spread of Red-Eyes' infection. Several months later Larry tells Sal that he feels he has been cursed by a demon in the building. Complete the Past to Embrace the Future 30. She also had very droopy eyes due to her work. Willing to lend a hand to Sal even after only just initially meeting one another. With the combined efforts of the three, the Void was vanquished and the Plague of Shadows was stopped. Sal opens the freezer to find the deboned flesh of his missing classmates. Ashley is knocked unconscious from a collision with a pile of bones that likely once belonged to the missing students. It is heavily implied that Sal's facial disfigurement may have been caused by D.O.G. Upon entering Todd's apartment Room 202, Sal meets Ashley Campbell. Sally Face (Video Games) Relationship: . Larry could only watch in horror while Sal murdered everyone, including his mother and step-father. For the years to come, Sal would maintain that his mother was killed by a man, not a wild animal, even if his psychiatrist and father didn't believe him. That night, Sal receives strange messages from Larry and rushes to the apartments, only to find that Larry has committed suicide. Over The Rainbow [Sally x Ashley] kiss~ Camelia. Two other ones are Ashley Campbell and Dr. Enon. When Lisa falls asleep from the cold medicine, Sal asks Larry to accompany him to the restroom of Room 504 to meet the ghost of Megan Holmes. He also appears to care a lot for his friends (an example being him threatening to hurt others to protect Sal). Sally Face is an online game that includes characters such as Sal Fisher, Larry Johnson, Todd Morrison, Ashley Campbell, Travis Phelps and more. Steve Gabry said that Sal's favorite fruit would be applesauce since it would be easy for him to eat with his mask on. how tall is larry johnson sally face . Larry Johnson (stepbrother) Age 15-22 (throughout the series) 28 (at death) Born December 20th, 1976 Died 6:33 pm, 2004 Cause of Death Electrocution Game Information Living Appearances Episode 1: Strange Neighbors Episode 2: The Wretched Episode 3: The Bologna Incident Episode 4: The Trial Deceased Appearances Episode 5: Memories and Dreams After a particularly nasty batch of bologna is served at Nockfell High, Ashley agrees to help Sal get to the bottom of the lunch meat's origin. He was sentenced to death (a ruling that Ashley strongly fought against) and sent to the electric chair three years later with a distraught Ashley Campbell as his only witness. In the years that followed, Henry and Lisa got married and moved into Room 402 of Addison Apartments together. He had a mole under his right eye and a gap in his teeth. He has a mole under his right eye. Emo Art ! Instead of leaving the matter a mystery, Sal opted to investigate and his group (excluding Chug and Maple) agreed to help. Please help improve this article by editing it. Steve Gabry equated the feeling of his prosthesis being taken off in public to the feeling of your pants being removed in public. That is until she meets a mysterious visitor in the form of Jim Johnson, where she welcomes him, clothes him, shelters him, and later, marries him. Ashley then cleans up the wound and offers to get even with the bully; an offer that Sal declines. Sally Face Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Vinyl MSRP: $11.99 $5.00 Save: $6.99 Sold Out Delivery & Returns If I'm not completely happy with my item? Considering this, his birthstone could be ruby or peridot. The Matrix was the last movie that Sal and Larry have watched together. Sally Face Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. larry johnson Sticker By MweaverM From $1.35 Sally face sanity falls logo Sticker By Stormys-art From $1.35 Sal's Dress Sticker By Skeletood From $1.35 Sally Face Crew Sticker By verymerrymart From $1.40 Free Sally Face Sticker By TheGFig From $1.35 Sally Face Sticker By cursedramen From $1.23 Sally Face Sticker By Mewwilljun From $1.40 Sal was an adventurous teenage boy. Browse and download Minecraft Sallyface Skins by the Planet Minecraft community. When his step-brother didn't answer his cell phone, Sal rushed to the treehouse behind the apartment building, only to find Larry's suicide note detailing the purpose of his actions: the darkness was starting to infect him. In an interview, Steve Gabry said that Larry is a Leo. Johnson-Fisher Relatives When the murder of Sanderson is brought up, Larry confides in Sal what he had witnessed. After successfully completing his task, Larry met up with Todd and Ashley in the labs. Deceased Appearances When her father returns home early, she quickly drives to Addison Apartments to further aid in the ongoingly peculiar investigation of the meat. Larry Johnson is one of the main characters of the game. One particular dream places him at the picnic where his mother was murdered, and later shifted into Larry's shoes when he was fixing the toilet for Sandy Sanderson on the day of her demise. His accent wouldnt be strong, only being noticeable in his pronunciation of certain words. He wore a beige Sanitys Fall shirt, not unlike the one he wore as a teenager, albeit with a slightly altered logo. Larry left Sal to retrieve a crowbar from David, a former drug addict, while he returned to care for his sick mother. Sals crying in the same episode was recorded by Steve himself since he could not find a suitable crying sound. - for someone so skinny, He can fight and his one hell of a dirty fighter. "love you too champ, but try to hurry it up, it looks like your friend is . After yet another brief interaction that revealed a friendship between Jim Johnson and Megan's father Luke Holmes, she is scared away by the demon, leaving an awestruck Larry and Sal behind. As Sal discovered the remaining pyramids hidden in alternate realities, she entered the codes to activate the pyramids' full power. Before returning the crowbar to Larry, Sal solved the box to discover an odd Computer Chip inside. The game also includes various minigames that break up the regular gameplay. Ashley had arrived at the apartment complex moments before, and upon opening the door she unveils a covered-in-blood Sal and calls the authorities. Though distraught, Ashley, alongside Todd and the spirit of Sal renewed their efforts to cleanse the Earth of the Plague of Shadows and never ceased their efforts to find Larry's Ghost. After safely extracting Ashley from the temple, the group wanted to know what they should do to ensure Packerton can't harm anyone else. Sal is immediately arrested as they come. Episode Four: The Trial was released on November 30, 2018. He seemed to be resourceful and had the ability to keep his cool during stressful situations, as seen through his interactions with ghosts. Ashley Campbell He's about to realise how hard it really is everyday for his best friend, Sally Fisher. How tall is Larry? When Sal Fisher arrives at Addison Apartments the day of Sandy Sanderson's murder, Lisa shares her sympathies with the newcomer and affirms that things aren't usually this gruesome in the building. His compassion and willingness to help people regardless of their appearance or standoffish behavior was demonstrated time and again. Ashley is sympathetic to Sal's recurring nightmares and troubles finding genuine peace even after the local cult had gone underground. Sal placed the piece he stole from Packerton into the pedestal which opened the gate, leading to a room filled with piles of bones from the Cult's victims. She also wears grey fingerless gloves and a necklace with a silver pendant. She learned that Neil and Maple were slaughtered along with two other people while Todd was being offered as a vessel for The Devourer of God. Todd and Ashley agree, but Sal protests, insisting that they sleep on the decision. Friday Night Funkin': Funkin' Of Memories (VS Sally Face) [FNF Mod/HARD/Larry Johnson/Sal Fisher ]CreditsAuthor Of The ModeLimb0rmx - CreatorMusicianlevelcx. Epic Art. After a fateful visit to the hospital, Sal had to adapt to a new life with his prosthetic face and internalized the nickname bullies would later give him: Sally Face. Dorothys friend Estelle enters the novel with a comic crash of surrogate cars, supermarket carriages; the narrator subsequently describes her"with transparent symbolism"as a natural speeder.5 As she drives, so . How tall is Larry Johnson? Nockfell Prison, 2004 at 6:33 pm Teen Later, when she sensed that Sal was awake, she came to see that one of the pyramids had been activated. They enter the temple of the Devourers of God and station Todd at the entrance to keep the entrance gate open. My mother always told me it was polite to . Michaels had previously been playing with Stephen Stills and Richie Furay in the Au Go Go Singers, prior to the formation of Buffalo Springfield. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. The following day during lunch, Sal notes that the bologna being served tasted funnier than it usually did, causing his friends to spew their speculation over the meat's origin. During their brief period in hiding, Larry found a keyring for the other locked room. Larry Johnson Sally Face Crochet Amigurumi Doll Fernporium (34) $60.00 Four Horsemen Sally Face Cross Stitch CraftingTonic $7.87 Sally face pins Gekkonidart (471) $3.12 Sally Face Larry Johnson Video Game Poster Print Chris Oz Fulton ChrisOzFulton (3,184) $12.75 $15.00 (15% off) FREE shipping Sally Face Sal and Larry Hand Painted Game Shoes Using the crowbar to break into Room 403, Sal conversed briefly with the spirit of the recently deceased Mrs. Sanderson, before she too was frightened away by the demon. Si no te gusta este contenido te recomiendo que NO lo leas. They were already behind due to a lecture from their art teacher, so they decided to work on sketches at Larry's apartment. Larry calmly refuses to tell Sal anything as they had just met. Born From what has been seen of his face: he has a large scar that runs diagonally across the right side of his mouth, splitting his lips and exposing his teeth; a scar on his left cheek, as well as several other smaller scars scattered across the rest of his face; a dent on the right side of his lower jaw; and the cartilage of his nose is completely missing. After the deed was done, Sal left the building to be greeted by a horrified Ashley Campbell and the Nockfell Police Department. Sal is jolted from sleep when Charley's skin peels off to reveal a coal-black demon with red eyes. A few months into Sal's stay at Addison Apartments, he began to become plagued by nightmares. As time passes, breakdance battles begin and Sal works his way up the ranks joining LJ and Queen C at the top, who he . Before the demon could do anything it was removed with a special device created by Todd and used by an intervening Larry. I absolutely do not know. Larry proceeded to take everything his father owned and hide it from his mother in his treehouse, hoping that one day he would return. Larry had long dark brown hair and yellow-toned tan skin. Nickname (s) Ash Physical Description Gender Female Hair Color Brown Eye Color Green Height 5'5" (teenager) 5'8" (adult) Biographical Information Relatives Benjamin (brother) Unnamed Father Unnamed Mother Unnamed Cousin Unnamed Grandmother Age 16 (The Wretched) 18 (The Bologna Incident) 23 (The Trial) 28 (The Trial Epilogue) In the days leading up to the Bologna incident, Ashley, Larry, Todd, and Sal have become inseparable friends and she willingly stands up to Travis Phelps for bullying Sal in the halls. It is confirmed that Sal takes medication (which is seen in his room) for anxiety, depression, and migraines. Sally Face is an indie adventure game created by Steve Gabry a.k.a. Depois de fornecer Sal com a bolsa, Larry confrontado por seu segredo sombrio. His eyes had glazed over, almost becoming milky white, and his veins were visible through his skin. Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes 29. AVISO: LAS IMGENES, FANARTS, COMICS, ETC. Here they find that the bologna is being made of human meat and that Mrs. Packerton's husband is possessed by an unknown entity, who they euthanize. Continue right to place the C4. Larry tells Sal of the Dance Club ,Ghost Nabbers that dwell under the basement and how Mr Addison hates it. She loves art and is the best artist in the group. As an adult, Sal appeared to be significantly more jaded and less trusting of others and opened himself to others with great hesitation. Game Information Much to Sal's horror, his friends suggest killing her. Steve cites 90s cartoons and personal nightmares as his main inspiration. Larry Johnson was born on March 14, 1969. With aid from Jim Johnson and Ashley Campbell, Sal returned to the physical plane as a spirit and latched himself onto the dying form of the latter, granting her unique abilities that could hurt The Dark. Sal helps Larry find evidence that the murderer was one of the other tenants, Charley Mansfield. Mansfield is arrested and hauled away. Larry Johnson Nickname (s) Lar-Bear (by Lisa) Larry Face (by Sal) Physical Description Gender Male Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Height 5'8" (teenager) 6'1" (adult) Biographical Information Relatives Lisa Johnson (mother) Jim Johnson (father) Unnamed stillborn Sister Unnamed Grandfather Unnamed Grandmother Evelyn (aunt) On the top floor, which is under renovation, Sal enters a secret room, where he encounters the demon. She places explosives in the main cult temple, however, she is unable to bring herself to detonate them. He is about average height, wears glasses, and has curly orange hair. In Sal's childhood, he lost his mother in an accident and got his face scarred, for which the reason isn't known. After turning up nothing in the Devourers of God's temple, the two-part ways as Sal had a date with Ashley Campbell. Delve into an unsettling adventure following the boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. Sal's favorite types of music are rock and metal, though he likes a little bit of everything. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is Sal's best friend and later step-brother. The Trial. Just For Fun Video Games Ashley Campbell Sal Fisher Larry Johnson Sally Face. His . He only succeeds in scaring Enon and accidentally causing him to plummet to his death, and unintentionally sealing Sal's fate via a replacement for the doctor from the Devourers of God. Episode Two: The Wretched was released July 7, 2017. Lisa Garcia (Maiden name)Lisa Johnson (First Married) Eventually, Red-Eyes began to torment Jim and misfortune befell the family when the daughter was stillborn and her husband later vanished without a trace. In the three years that followed, Ash desperately searched for evidence to prove Sal's innocence and retract the death penalty. Larry steps in to save Sal and eliminates the demon with a gadget made by Todd. Lisa Johnson-Fisher, born Lisa Garcia and her first married name Lisa Johnson, was the janitor for Addison Apartments, ex-wife of Jim Johnson, and mother of Larry Johnson. Reluctantly, Sal obliges and murders all the residents. In The Bologna Incident, he was revealed to have a deceased baby sister that was stillborn. He finally met Sal's ghost in the chamber, exchanging a heartfelt hug before helping Sal and Ash defeat the Devour of Gods and rescue Todd, using the amulet to stop Endless in the battle, putting strain on the entity. 6'1. Sal is from Northern New Jersey. Born Before the lunch period was over, Sal and Larry broke into Packerton's classroom and opened her desk drawer to find many cult-like objects, including an item similar to Jim Johnson's puzzle box. Sals most prominent feature is his prosthetic face mask, which is primarily white with a light pink patch over the right eye. Jared Taylor and his co-host learn that our elites are afraid that the dissident right "has quietly become edgy and cool." The hosts also discuss Scott Adams, Sally Field, Lori Lightfoot, and Al Sharpton's delightful half-brother. Benjamin (brother)Unnamed FatherUnnamed MotherUnnamed CousinUnnamed Grandmother In "The Wretched", he wore a red hoodie when outside. It is heavily implied that Sal has romantic feelings for Ashley. 16 (The Wretched)18 (The Bologna Incident)23 (The Trial)28 (The Trial Epilogue)28- (Memories and Dreams) He reluctantly surrenders it. Personality Before being infected by Red Eyes, Todd was very pragmatic, intelligent, and calm. When questioned about her wellbeing, Lisa explains to Sal her concern for Larry's adamant beliefs that he was cursed. Full Name Despite this, Larry takes Sal to his tree house to tell him the story of his past. While Steve first invented the concept and world of Sally Face around 2006/2007, development on the game didn't officially start until 2015. They go to the temple, where Ashley, Sal's spirit, and the ghost of Larry defeat "The Endless", the core entity of the cult, saving Todd from the cult's possession. After being forced into hiding by Ashley, whom they had mistaken for Packerton, Larry found a key to the next room: a butcher shop stained with blood, decorated with newspaper clippings of missing children, and a pentagram-decorated footlocker fridge. From what has been seen of his face: he has a large scar that runs diagonally across the right side of his mouth, splitting his lips and exposing his teeth; a scar on his left cheek, as well as several other smaller scars scattered across the rest of his face; a dent on the right side of his lower jaw; and the cartilage of his nose is completely

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