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Michelle Spire For a company as big as Regus to not have a complaints procedure this is appalling. This is not the case. Meet in any city. Dont know how many days youll need? Same here. You have not been charged fees for no reason, you have been charged correctly. Assistant Global Customer Service at Regus, They no longer allow phone access for anything but Sales. I stayed with regus for a few years, everything is good despite the high price until I decided to cancel We apologise if for any reason you didnt receive these reminders. How regus allowed to get away with their hidden automatic renewal. If you need further help, pleasespeak with our team member who is already in touch with you. Alternatively you can contact the Account Helpdesk by raising a case through the Help section of your online account. I would like to request you to cancel my membership with you kindly. These days, DragonPass focuses on annual lounge memberships which are almost identical to Priority Pass. Who has the free mental bandwidth to keep track? We have a team of specialists available 24/7 to help you find the best solution for your business. It's supposed to be about 'convenience' which does not include the stress of finding somewhere to park ahead of an important meeting. Once your agreement with us has been renewed, well confirm it via email. I signed a virtual office agreement only 2 days ago and after finding out i will have to pay 2 months in advance. !At 30/09/22 we agreed a virtual office use for a monthly rent, we only need to use the address for post collection. After being in my new office they are increasing rent by 8.7%. Regus offer serviced office space, virtual offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms in centers across the world. Can I use a business lounge if I have a coworking or a private office booking on the same day? Press J to jump to the feed. Should you want to discuss the situation and/or have any other questions, I am here for you; you have my details. Upon receiving your comments, I immediately checked with your centre manager and they confirmed that they have contacted you with a resolution. We sent them proof by email confirming that we could use the machines. And that`s not the case. From,Hedy GreeneAp. Choose your new virtual address now and build your own plan with mail forwarding and call answering services available. It should have been very easy to secure me as an advocate for the company. It should also state the reason behind why you want to cancel the membership. Or you can upgrade at any time. If not, let us think for a moment about the case law. All of our services and costs are detailed in the agreement you signed. Thank you for your consideration. Work from a private office by the day or for 5, 10, or unlimited days a month. They sited the non renewal clause but I have no copy of the contract in my account. i made an account a day ago and i tried contacting them to cancel my account. Some of the staff that work the front offices are nice but the good ones leave quickly. Membership: 2.3.1. you pay $100 for membership for your first five months. On the other hand, this lease does not prevent Regus from suing the member unless it stops terminating the agreement by not making the agreed payments. As a Community Sales Manager, you'll be responsible for the smooth running of your Regus centre while finding ways to increase sales and revenue, helping more and more people enjoy the benefits of flexible working. Looking forward to getting your confirmation receipt. dont give them ur credit card info under any circumstances2) Renew your contracts without permissionin all of office rental company, renewing contracts must have ur signature but not regus. Kind regards, Lorraine BruleGlobal Customer Service at Regus. I WILL SHARE THE TIME AND DATE OF NY CONVERSATION.FOR THOSE READING, I HAVE YET FACED ANOTHER ISSUE WHEREBY I BOOKED A MEETING ROOM AND WAS CHARGED FOR AN IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION (MADE WITHIN 2 MINUTES OF BOOKING) YET ACCORDING TO THEIR POLICY THE POLICY STANDS AND FULL CANCELLATION FEE APPLIES!I ALWAYS FEEL A COMPANY SHOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO RECTIFY ISSUES IF IT IS AN OFF CHANCE BUT I HAVE TAKEN THE TIME TO WRITE THIA REVIEW AS THE REGUS PRACTICES ARE TOTALLY INADEQUATE! They are scammers, and incredibly dishonest. If you would like to cancel your Member Benefits, please enter your email address and we will send you an email immediately with instructions. If youd value having further assistance, please send your contact details to me at Fully equipped spaces for gatherings of any size. We apologise for any inconvenience youve experienced following the closure of the Regus centre in Chicago. I rarely review any business but those are literally thieves WATCH OUT GUYS, Hi Mouhamad, Your language and other settings can be amended through your online account i. E., Hi Shannon, is written with the sole intention of informing an institution, a service provider, or a vendor that the sender of the letter is not happy with the services, subscription or membership and would like to withdraw his or her name. If youd value a deeper investigation into the matter, or have any further concerns, Id be happy to assist you. I havent been able to identify your account. In April of 2021, I tried to set up a virtual office with Regus. It was an outstanding experience at the gym. You can provide notice at any time during your agreement term through your online account ( and your termination will be immediately confirmed, as long as it's in line with the required notice. 2023 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. endstream endobj 181 0 obj <>/Metadata 24 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 178 0 R/StructTreeRoot 39 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 182 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 183 0 obj <>stream Regus are not transparent with their pricing. Is it through the same avenue as mentioned in this guide? With a Spaces Coworking Membership you can access thousands of Spaces and Regus centres, all at an unbeatably low price. It seems the discounted GBP payment option is no longer available payment is now US27. We may have received incorrect data. But what`s hard to find is someone who has actually figured out how to do something about it how to get out of an unwanted Regus contract. Then get in touch with our team to make your next move. If you want to continue visiting Plaza Premium lounges in Australia and across the world, then DragonPass could be an option to consider. Do not do business with this company! If you refuse to pay their bogus invoices they will send you to collections. I am surprised that youre now challenging this known process. they have absolutely no respect for the customers4) threaten u with lawsuits and debt collection agencythis is perhaps the most disgusting and lowest act regus IWG can do. Therefore, well make the relevant enquiries and aim to put matters right as soon as we can. So it seems that a lot of people end up with an extra three-month rent when they probably thought they were done with Regus. It is also worth checking that our emails are not landing in your spam folder. In case, there is any cancellation fee or refund, make sure to include the same in the letter. So, I don't think there won't be an issue with it. Make it brief, not elaborate. Pricing and eligibility depends on the lounge operator. Hannah in California Please go to and click the I want to report a problem button. We understand that this is not always possible, so we agreed as an exception for you to pay via an alternative method. Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. The MD has no care to his customer and just passes it back to the phone robotseeking legal advicelorraine under the email address we have done this and very much doubt it will conclude this mess as we have done everything you have requested in the past, Hi Dawn,Im sorry if you felt the need to escalate this.You can quickly and easily end the agreement through the online portal ( by going to Account > Workspaces and services > End Agreement. Though the pages T&Cs havent been updated for COVID-19, the FAQs do state that you can contact DragonPass for a refund of an unused pass if you are unable to enter the lounge. The pandemic should not effect anyone in the medical field with the use of masks and vaccinations. Please remember that the retainer is refundable at the end of your agreement. AvenueErie Rhode Island 24975. I really thought that this company would be a good option for expanding our business. Again, I am an extremely low-maintenance individual that wanted to rent an office for four weeks. Regus does not communicate with customers via telephone. I further replied that the copies of the renewal email she sent me (which was in French, not in English) I clearly speak English mentioned months not years. They hide behind the fine print.LOOK AT THE BBB - RATING F - THEY DESERVE AN F. Hi Trevor, Im very sorry to hear of your disappointment.All of our services and costs are detailed in the agreement you signed. Trustpilot is assessing this review in accordance with our flagging process. It is not actually possible for our systems to take out more than the invoice amount or the outstanding balance as amount is set by these parameters. So I had the opposite problem. Membership: 2.3.1. Could you please email me at with your company name or account reference (as displayed on your invoice) along with all relevant details regarding your concerns? The part that upsets me, is that we signed a contract for what we were to pay. Make it brief, not elaborate. Service 110 Value 107 Shipping 48 Again, I was given no information about the impossibility of terminating this agreement until the end of 2022. I contacted Regus immediately to explain the situation and cancel my service. Not only they refuse to return my deposits they also threaten me with lawsuit They only communicate via email. So, I don't think there won't be an issue with it. While we have successfully purchased and used a lounge access pass via this method back in 2019, we cannot guarantee that your selected lounge will still be open or accepting DragonPass passes in 2021 or beyond due to COVID-19 restrictions. I have had no regrets having my office here and am committed to staying with them. So, if something causes a problem for you, like additional fees, missing or rejecting deliveries, issues with your payment method, they dont care. You're definitely smarter than them, Hi Samantha, Weve tried to identify who you are in order to assist you to no avail. Otherwise, Preferential is better for those who visit 8-13 lounges a year. It is unfortunate to hear that youve encountered a system error on our website during the purchase of the agreement. Frustrated I shut down the second account as well. Regus Luton have a very devious way to prevent full deposit return. They shut down my location with 2-day notice and then cancelled my agreement retroactively. Thanks again for everything I will be happy to recommend your services! We cant guarantee you will be able to use the same office over consecutive days as these are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, but you can ask the on-site community team if they can help reserve the same office for you on the days you need. Access thousands of coworking spaces by the day or for 5, 10, or unlimited days a month. If processed correctly online, we would not be able to ignore your requests. They are requiring a TWO month retainer, which is almost $4000! If you sign up on monthly then it should remain on a monthly plan. Best, Lorraine Brule Global Customer Service at Regus Hi Andrew, at least on my Regus account I am not required to have card details entered. If You have subscribed to a Membership Agreement, You will have access to all participating centers worldwide during standard business working hours and subject to availability. He shares his travels under, The dragonpass offer from Regis is still valid. Are there other similar companies to regus that are less expensive or better? How easy is it to get a hold of customer service at regus?

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